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updated August 2019

Many Platforms Provide Tools In Helping Simplify The Process Of Being An Affiliate Marketer


But, Will They Help You Get Started?


The Real Deal Affiliate

Generally, they will offer in their way, many different angles of getting started. And while that may be true. It doesn’t necessarily mean that everything related to affiliate marketing will be included as part of the package and for what you need to get started.

Unless the packages contain a full set of tools, then they are of no use to you.

In my free guide to affiliate marketing, I intend showing you how to build a successful online business that will get you up and running in no time at all. Tools that have the potential to escalate your business to levels that you never thought possible; And, why they essential to leverage into your business.

Furthermore, the free guide will walk you through each process in a way that is easily understood. While at the same time, give you an enormous kick start on having a successful online affiliate marketing business.

Affiliate Marketing is Not Just a Process.

One of the most important points that most affiliates miss, as they get deeper into understanding the affiliate world, is the process required to be successful; Therefore, become lost or overwhelmed in what they are actually doing. Whereas, other marketers think by automating their business, allows them the freedom to step aside with the belief that the operation will take care of itself. Automating every aspect of your business is fraught with danger; Because, I can tell you, that it is the furthermost thing from the truth as every business requires the hands-on approach, or it will fail.

I can attest for that myself, as I was under the belief that getting started was going to be the hardest; Once that was conquered, then the whole show would start making money and I could sit back and watch it roll in. What a shock I got when I realised that wasn’t going to happen; So, back to the drawing board for me. Starting anew with the now full-on realisation that success requires hard work and plenty of it.

I remember so vividly, my first affiliate marketing experience was to go in hard at the start, the setting up of everything, and get to a point where I would be in a position to oversee the money machine tick along with around 4/5 hours a week input from me. How wrong was I, because it just doesn’t work that way.
For you, starting out in affiliate marketing, never remove yourself from the business and expect that you will make a go of it. Why would you want to do that? It just doesn’t make sense, does it?

Also, there are many tools at your fingertips that are readily available to help you leverage your business; However, they will only be as effective, as if you use them in parallel to your own personal input and not try to automate.

5 Points Why Working Your Business Leads To Success


Human Connection
• Comments/Engagement
• Content Creation
• Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
• Idea Development

From my experience, I can’t think of any website or business for that matter that hasn’t failed when they try automating some or all of these elements. And by that, I include certain outsourcing parts of their business using some whiz-bang gizmo tool. My warning here, think before falling for these automation traps. Because you’ll be doomed to fail.

Now for some brighter news; You will, however, be able to safely automate some things that will assist in speeding up and compartmentalize, risk-free into your affiliate business.

Analyzing Your Affiliate Business First, Then Automate.

Understanding your business is usually a good starting point, and what I mean by that is analyse it and the processes. Which things are you doing regularly, that you consider are eating into your time because you are manually processing them. Simple things like writing things down, when they could be automated. They are the sorts of situations where automation is beneficial.

Moreover, look at the activities that you are routinely spending time daily. Ask yourself; Are there one or some things that I’m doing that would be best sourced to another tool.

Focusing on More Of The Essential Points Allows More Time To Streamline Certain processes.


• Keyword and Niche Research
• Managing Logins/Passwords
• Website Management
• Tracking Rankings in Search Engines
• Goals/Task Management
• Writing/Proofreading
• Email Marketing
• Affiliate Link Management/Cloaking

However, You Are Not Limited To These Only.

There is a secondary set of topics in the categories that undoubtedly can help. However, when first starting out your primary aim will be to keep it as cost-effective as possible or free if possible; Or at the very least keep the cost down to a minimum.

6  Affiliate Tool Ideas For You To Use InYour Business

Basically, the availability of free tools are in the thousands, and they, without a doubt are there to utilise within your business; And all “FREE.”
Nevertheless, some offer immense benefit while others are just a time waster.
What if I said to you, rather than take all the time with a “trial and error process” of the free tools, but instead were able to guide you down the path within affiliate marketing.

(1) Affiliate Marketing Training / Help

Are you fed up with the affiliate marketing merry-go-round?
Are you by now ready to settle into elite marketing?
A cost-effective, educational forum; A forum where you can start for free? I can then say to you, there is no other option that you should be considering.

Welcome to “Wealthy Affiliate”. I ask? Why wouldn’t you want to become a member, when you can tap into 1,000,s of resources, be part of more than over 1 million ambitious, successful affiliates who are ready and willing to help out those who require help? As far as I understand this is the biggest, yet most successful affiliate marketing platform in the world.
As I mentioned earlier, there are two memberships on offer; One being completely a FREE STARTER, and the other premium membership.

For those who are not a Wealthy Affiliate member, no matter your level of affiliate marketing (Newbie – skilled), why wouldn’t you consider taking a look; Kickstart your business by taking out the starter membership and get your business off to a flying start.

Wealthy Affiliate is the place where I associate myself with other like-minded affiliates and all with the same cause in mind. For what it’s worth if you join our free membership, I will be available to personally help overcome hurdles that pop up during your journey toward success.

The Teal Deal Affiliate

(2) Keyword, Niche & Website Research (plus rankings)

The most critical part of success in affiliate marketing is being able to research keywords, niches and analyse websites properly. Moreover, this requires tools that provide such resources that will allow you to do this.

The Real Deal AffiliateThis is a quality affiliate tool with a reliable-most up-to-date/useful data output; this is so hard to find; It’s like striking gold. Tools like this that offer so such quality are costly and can quite easily set you back $1,000 per month, and that is a conservative estimate.

The value of Jaaxy, is allowing you to be able to carry out affiliate marketing research, from “keyword search” to “low competition keywords”; Also, manage keyword lists, examine competition, locate and buy domains, plus, where you are ranked within all the search engines, with many other valuable features.
You would, of course, expect to pay a hefty monthly fee for such a powerful tool. At Wealthy Affiliate, you get 30 searches, completely free to test drive.

Get your 30 free searches here.


(3) Last-Pass – A Tool To Manage Your Logins

The internet is growing at such a rapid rate, and as a result, there are so many passwords that require management. And “YES” if you are like me, it’s dam downright frustrating and time-consuming. Being an affiliate marketer, you will have cause to be joining heaps of services, with many suggesting that you use a unique login; That’s when the fun begins, mainly if you haven’t recorded it somewhere. So, to overcome this you best use a centralised management software tool, whereby, all your passwords are stored in the one location, and I would suggest that you use Last-Past.

Furthermore, some browsers are better than others in managing passwords; But, what I’ve found, the effectiveness isn’t quite up to the standard as it could be; That is why I use Last-Past.
It has a plugin that is available in, Safari – Windows and Google Chrome.

Three Download Suggestionss For Your Convenience


Download LastPass   For Google Chrome
Download LastPass   For Safari
Download LastPass   For Windows

(4) Website Management and Hosting.

The hallmark of a successful online business all starts with having a website. Therefore, being an affiliate marketer choosing a company who you will want to be using as your website platform and hosting features is essential.
With the volumes of options that are available, don’t assume that they are all equally created; Because that’s not so. The same can be said for website-platforms who offer a completely free service, as again they are not all created equal. Additionally, you most likely have heard of or about WordPress – – Wix; these all have respected platforms; But, there is a side effect with using free websites, as they use lots of advertising, resulting in some limitations as an affiliate marketer.

Something else to ponder, hosting isn’t created equally either. So, you’ll want to use Managed hosting; that way you have total access to the appropriate support along with hosting. With, speed and upload being two main factors (among many others) in website success you will need to be using a hosting platform that you can rely on.
I have for some time now, been using a platform called SiteRubix and because if its uniqueness, I can comfortably recommend it to you. SiteRubix is a platform within Wealthy Affiliate, and by you creating an account with Wealthy Affiliate you receive Two ( 2) FREE websites to use for starting off your affiliate marketing campaign. Moreover, Premium members have access up to 50 sites, including more than ten related website platforms for use in your business.

Get 2 Free Websites w/ SiteRubix @ Wealthy Affiliate.

(5) Writing for the Web.

Being a focused content marketer, it’s essential in having an environment that is contributing to productive writing; furthermore, encourages and motivates you into proper goal setting.
More likely you have heard SEO, but, never fully understood its fundamentals. Almost every successful affiliate marketing business use SEO in all of the marketing campaigns.
With having suitable tools that will assist you with your writing endeavours, ones that present insight into SEO is most vital in your rankings.

Starting out from scratch and dollars are tight, there are a couple tools that are available to use and free; I suggest they will best suit you, as they offer free versions and are of very high quality.
• SiteContent @ Wealthy Affiliate (focused on web content)
• Grammarly (suitable for all types of content)
High-quality content creation plays a pivotal role in success in your business; therefore, quality content is crucial for affiliate marketing success.

(6)  An Amazing Affiliate Platform, Free to Try


Still Pondering The Thought What Platform Will Provide You With The Best Outcome In Affiliate Marketing.

Make a life changing decision by clicking here NOW and be part of the World’s number ONE Affiliate Marketing Platform

The Real Deal Affiliate

With an all-inclusive environment and the uniqueness for creating – growing and managing your business, it rates second to none.
Where else will you have access to a community of over one million like-minded members for coaching and support; An environment that you can leverage a partnership – build a network of followers.
Any confusion in how to manage a variety of different tools and with varying environments, and it is even more difficult to speak to each other efficiently.

Let me cite an example; It is helpful for your website platform in being able to communicate directly with your hosting platform; which would then be able to speak directly with the support channels – keyword-research platforms- website analysis and then your content platform.

They are the capabilities offered to you through an all-inclusive environment; However, there is something to like about other platforms, but, with a Wealthy Affiliate membership they are all included, and it is entirely free to use for a trial run where you can start building a business, And all for free.
Myself, I’m an active member of Wealthy Affiliate where I conduct the platforms for utilisation in my business. Not only that, I’m actively involved in supporting other members as the need arises. As was the situation for me when I first joined. Why is help freely forthcoming? Because, we are in this together, with all the same goals in mind.
Building an affiliate marketing business is a tough gig left to your own resources; With Wealthy Affiliate, all the tools are readily available, with a support backup that is recognised universally as being the best.
I strongly suggest you consider, or at the very least setting up a Free Starter membership.

The six tools I have recommended, you apply to your business are what I believe will kickstart your business and propel you toward success online.

Traditionally, and in the past, internet businesses were a lot more expensive with all the start-up costs. And-to-add-to-that, here is where you can start up an online store on a shoe-string budget way less than $500.00 per year
I throw out the challenge to you? Do you want to make full use ofFREE TOOLS AND SOFTWARE? Start up your own website Free? Or, do you want to go on spending money on overpriced services, likes of, coaching, websites, hosting, education and other money wasting things?

In The Final Analysis To Sum Up. I hope I have delivered insight into affiliate marketing, while, offering benefits for you and your ventures moving forward.

If you have any queries about the affiliate tools I use, or you would like to offer up some other tools that you use in your business that are free (or little cost), I recommend that you leave these below.

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