How To Boost Results Using This 8 Step Formula

You’re about to learn how to create an affiliate marketing business.

Not just any marketing business?

Certainly not what qualifies for an “Online Affiliate Marketing Business” these days.

But an all-inclusive system.

One that transforms and delivers and not just mere information. But results.

A marketing system you’ll enjoy day after day.

Sure, you could get away with an average online system. 

And you might even make money with it.

But do you genuinely want to do that?

Ponder for a moment. If you built an average system, your brand would erode over time, even if it performed well.

Why Some Affiliate Marketing Systems Suck

You’ve probably used one or more of those marketing systems that suck.

Some Affiliate Marketing Systems Suck Simply Because They Don't Work

They suck, simply because they don’t work!

Why not?

Well, they pledge to solve your problems, and you may acquire a reasonable amount about what to do. 

But in the end, it doesn’t help you change your performance, so the problem persists.

You see, very few people realise that learning isn’t just about acquiring new knowledge. It’s not even just about growing new skills. Sure, both are valuable and necessary, but wisdom is all about changing your behavioural skillset.

Let’s face it. Most affiliate marketing courses don’t get you there on their own.

And do you know why?

The reason is, it’s hard enough to change personal behaviour, much less somebody else’s. 

Yet, most online courses quite don’t know any better.

So, in reality, the only other reason is that they are in it to “make money online” and earn passive income.

Their method is simple, create something once and make a profit while they laze around the beach.

Not inherently because they’re greedy, but because that’s how some online business gurus position themselves. 

Why? Because they’re selfish

And so they purpose themselves as marketing creators, with a sole mission to design marketing systems that draw people’s attention to buy. 

No surprise they’re not around after they make the sale!  

Whereby, if you’re in this for the long haul, creating a mechanism of business success boils down to creating valuable outcomes for your customers.

And that means focusing on giving your visitors what they are looking for in solving a problem.

The Key To Real Success

Helping them to resolve a genuine problem, then turning visitors into customers.

And, that is just the beginning of the process. 

Once you have customers, you need to continue servicing them with outcomes that deliver results.

Generating an enormous amount of trust with visitors turns them into your long term customers, who will want to buy more things from you.

Even better than that, customers who experience a positive outcome tend to tell others, spreading the word and bringing more visitors into your marketing circle.

So the complete picture of a successful marketing strategy goes like this:

Strangers to customers, customers, get results, then bring in more strangers into your customer fold.

That’s the proper thinking cycle you have to build if you’re in this for the long haul.

So You Want To Build A Great Marketing Plan?

Ok, it now seems that we’re on the same page with similar principles of building a fantastic marketing plan.

However, the ideas used by most people set them up for failure.

The typical methodology formula goes something as such:

For weeks on end, or could even be months, you barricade yourself in your office, unpacking your total energies, on this massive affiliate marketing challenge plan.

How To Build A Great Marketing Plan

You even summon all your spare cash in producing the most modern meanest, glossiest plan possible. 

It comes launch time, so you take the gamble and set it in motion, unaware if visitors will entertain your offer.

And besides, will those who purchase receive the perceived outcome expected.

More often than not, the high risk involved doesn’t reward effort because it just hasn’t worked.

And will leave you out of pocket and in despair. 

In this post, you’ll discover a way to create an 8 step marketing plan that doesn’t require any of that because you’ll be leveraging a powerful concept that’ll set you up for success.

Passionate About Your Marketing Skills

Always retain this as the primary attribute.

If you’re not in love with what you do, it’s almost impossible to become successful.

If money is the driving force, then best if you move to the shiny fast money objects.   

Affiliate marketing is rewarding for those who have a passion for marketing. And practise the essential ingredient vital to success as an affiliate marketer.

Be prepared to sacrifice all the time and energy it takes to succeed.

Outside that, you won’t muster sufficient enthusiasm to promote new ideas and marketing plans.

1. Baby Steps Will Be The Main Criteria Starting Out

It takes time. You cannot expect money to land into your bank account after a few days of starting affiliate marketing.

So, don’t expect a three or four-figure profit within that first month of marketing. 

It just won’t happen.

Baby steps will be slow in your first weeks or months, depending on your learning abilities to comprehend the ins and outs of marketing. 

But, you’ll be constructing a solid foundation that will put you in a very sound position in the future.

   2. Understanding The Psychology In Marketing

Understanding your customers’ psychology and their behaviours is wise, which takes time and lots of practice.

Understanding customer psychology can be rather tricky and something more likely to take time to grasp.

Therefore, as I’ve said earlier you can’t expect a three or four-figure profit within your first months of marketing.

   3. Watch And Learn From Other Successful Marketers

Such is this step. It can’t be stressed strongly enough. 

And one step that most fail to understand, let alone follow.

Learning from topline marketers who know their stuff saves time and energy. 

The last thing you’ll want to do is re-invent the wheel when it’s not broken. 

Follow in their planning, layout, writing and how they approach every blog they write. 

And you’ll quickly grasp the finer points of skill required for a successful marketer. 

There are many ways to approach:

For instance, you can either pay to learn all the skills or join affiliate marketing forums.

Likes, Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest and Skype, are also ideal learning forums.

And sure, there are many others.

But, how you broach the training is up to you.

   4. Knowing The Product, You Are Supporting

Wise to develop a comprehensive product knowledge ahead of any promotions. That, for sure, skyrockets you ahead of the competition as visitors see your product knowledge more than helpful.  

Time has shown marketers who identify disadvantages in equal fairness to advantages develops a responsible attitude. 

Make no mistake. Online shoppers are very savvy these days. So, before they secure a purchase, they will regularly compare other sites.  

That’s why a proven knowledge base will shine above your competition, giving you the upper hand.

Promoting a product with no knowledge is a recipe for disaster. It may even result in long term damage to your online authority.

   5. Become An Expert In Your Market

Becoming a market expert boils down to researching market demands, what the competition offers, and how you can offer the visitor a better outcome.

I know I keep banging on about why market knowledge is vital. 

Well, in a nutshell, customers go online with a credit card in hand, ready to purchase. 

And, if your research is a class above the competition, then you are more likely to secure their decision to buy from you. 

   6. Failure Boosts Success

Failure boosts success. Now, that’s a rare statement indeed.

But, assuredly, they do go arm in arm.


Failures will eventually happen and believe it, or not success will follow.

Failure doesn’t mean you have failed. 

It’s the opposite. 

Failure is only one part of many processes you’ll face over your time as a thriving marketer.

It’s more about taking it on board, treating it as part of the learning curb. 

Then, move ahead.

Don’t worry. Every top marketer experiences failures, and more constantly than you might think. 

But the difference, they see failure as the yardstick to success.

So, in reality, all it does is hinder your progress.

The great thing about failure those who are consistent will find a way to arrive at a solution.

However, and unfortunately, many lose the traction of consistency.  

Fall behind and ultimately give up. 

Don’t be one of the losers. 

Keep going, work at it, find a way through. 

And turn failure into success. 

You can do it so long as you remain committed.

    7. Plans! Why Have A Plan?

Plans are an essential ingredient to success.

Without a properly prepared marketing plan, It’s a bit like preparing an exotic meal without following directions.

Look at it like this.

Suppose you were a product owner and ready to go to market. What would you do?

Would you launch into the marketplace without any plan and hope for the best? 

Or first, develop a marketing strategy that best suits your range of products.

On that basis, it’s reasonable to assume. It makes sense to have a plan.

Affiliate Marketing Business Plan

Well, Affiliate marketing is no different.

A marketing plan is your roadmap to arriving at your destination without losing your way. 

   8. Build A Niche Of Influential Status 

Your reputation as a marketer has a profound influence that reflects your chosen niche.

And, with online marketing propelling to a level of refinement, customer awareness has also emerged. 

On that basis, It’s fair to say the landscape has changed forever.

Therefore, rather than just building a one-page campaign, work on building assets, funnels and things that have value.

Would you mind sticking to one niche and mastering it?

Follow this rule, and over time you’ll realise the rewards for effort.

It helps you earn your visitor’s trust and work with exclusive advertisers to access no one else.

Your Journey Is About To Begin

Awesome! You now have all the basic principles to begin your journey as a top-line affiliate marketer.

There’s less than a tiny bit of doubt in my mind. 

This unique eight-step process will take your affiliate marketing success level to a new high.

Your Journey Is About To Begin

As I believe you understand affiliate marketing but never knew the necessary steps in arriving at your destination.

Now, you have the proper steps to propel you beyond your current level and into the next phase as a successful marketer.

Final Thoughts

The eight-step formula Is a unique process that yields impressive results.

If you create your marketing endeavours this way, you will have a more extensive prospect of succeeding.

Now all you need do is to use what you’ve learned. Go back to STEP 1 of this page and implement, step by step, beginning with determining the direction of your marketing system.

I’ve done my best to make this report comprehensive, helpful, and actionable, but I recognise that maybe the detail may not be enough. There’s a possibility you’re someone who needs more steady and personalised direction.

If so, then sign up for the  Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp

The extensive training program walks you through the steps I’ve just written.

I offer you the utmost success as you learn to create an online marketing system that doesn’t suck!

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