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Updated 11th July 2020

Being an affiliate is something that I’m quite passionate about, and have for a considerable period.

Hi, my name is Tom, and I believe by now, I can be rated as an experienced affiliate marketer as having been involved in the industry for three years.

With so much diversity available I find affiliate marketing to be intriguing.


I can assure you I’m no overnight millionaire because those sorts of stories belong to “Make Money Fast Sites” if that is what you are interested in and want to read. Instead, I am going to explain how I became associated with the affiliate world, including my path online.

Growing Up

I had this overwhelming feeling that someday I would achieve and be great at something. At that stage, I had no idea what that was going to be. Because I live in Australia, I always had a passion for playing league football. But, and, unfortunately, when I first started working full-time, Saturday morning was part of the working week. Therefore, out the window went my ambition of making the league football team.

Fast Forward Some Fifty Year

When I finished full-time work, this passion for succeeding was still burning inside. So, I went online in search of ideas that may interest me. That is when I stumbled across affiliate marketing.


After exhaustive research, it was evident that others were earning money online, and I thought if others can “Why Not Me”. It’s about then that the light came on and I got to thinking, this affiliate marketing thing, must be a real opportunity of making some money online. But, just “HOW” was it possible; what did I need to do to make it work. So, I got to work in chase of grasping the concept of affiliate marketing and what needed to do be done, in gluing all the pieces together.

My First Three Months

The first few weeks were part of the learning process. Consuming and familiarizing myself in what I needed to do if I wanted to be a success. It was a bit like starting an apprenticeship. Because all the necessary groundwork had to be understood ahead contemplating the next advancements. Throughout the next few months, and following through the comprehensive training modules; there were signs that the cloud was beginning to get lighter, and I could see some light poking through that cloud.

My Next Nine Months

Were pretty much training based, to increase my understanding of the affiliate marketing process. OH… And by the way, I don’t think that I have mentioned, what I had Learnt to that point; provided me with sufficient training in being able to start up my very own website.

By now, I was genuinely starting to believe that affiliate marking does work. Looking back now I realize how important it was starting out with a reputable company (as I did)  who have their members rated “FIRST AND FOREMOST”, and not how much money we can reap of them by tagging them along for to ride. Like dangling the carrot to say.

My Next Two Years

Having reached the three-year mark with everything now moving along quite smoothly; I am looking forward to the next three years. However, there are times when I forget how to do something, (Old Age) so, I will revert to the training brushing up on that particular segment.

The beauty of being able to refresh on any of the training at any given time from anywhere around to world is like “GOLD”. I understand this is one of the very few companies that provide such a facility.

OOPS… I don’t think that I have mentioned the company that gave me my start into affiliate marketing. That company is; WEALTHY AFFILIATE. If you have the desire to learn affiliate marketing in the proper way, then this is the place to start.

My Mission With; therealdealaffiliate.com

As the name suggests, I will bring the affiliate marketing world into some reality. It’s unfortunate, but, correct, there is a lot of information floating about that is either outdated or “False”. It’s there, because of to “Expectations” that people have without truly understanding what is involved in affiliate marketing. My post has been aimed and directed at shedding some light on affiliate marketing and provide you with a degree of the current perception and sometimes over opinionated content that sweeps the online world today.

Join the journey with me – Follow me – Ask me for help – Offer your own opinions. Thank you as I appreciate your dropping in and reading my story. Your story can be just as incredible and exciting with a little hard work and dedication.

Let’s make the affiliate magic happen




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