About Tom

Being an affiliate marketer is something that I’m quite passionate about and have for a considerable period.

Hi, my name is Tom, and I’ve for over the past four years, been in affiliate marketing, and during that time, I have gained a varied amount of experience and witnessed how much the industry has evolved. 

Over that time, I find affiliate marketing to be an intriguing beast, yet can say with authority; I’m no overnight millionaire because stories like that belong to “Make Money Fast Sites.” And, there are many, should that be what you’re primary focus is.

Aside from that, I’ll offer my story and how I became associated with affiliate marketing.  

Growing Up


I had an immense feeling that someday I would achieve something of greatness. And, at that point, I hadn’t any idea what it was nor how it would unfold into something of realness.

Living in Australia, I developed a passion for playing league football, like many other boys of my ilk.

Unfortunately, my first full-time job included working Saturday mornings. So, that put the kibosh on my footy ambitions.

Fast Forward Over Fifty Years 

When I finished full-time work, my passion for succeeding was still burning inside. So, I went online in search of ideas that may be of interest, and that’s how I stumbled across affiliate marketing.


After extensive research, it was evident, others were earning money online, and I thought, well, “Why Not Me”. It’s around that same time, and I got to thinking this affiliate marketing thing, must be a real deal for earning money online. But, just “HOW” was it possible?

What exactly, did I need to do to make it work. 

So, my first task involved grasping the concept itself, how it worked, then glueing all the other bits and pieces together.

First Three Months

So, my first task, over the first few weeks, involved grasping the concept itself, how it worked, then glueing all the other bits and pieces together.

After that, I was familiarising myself in what I needed to do if I wanted to be a success. The best way to describe it, being a bit like starting an apprenticeship.

I mean, things like understanding the fundamentals and groundwork were essential before moving into the next phase of training.

Next Nine Months

I evolved around increasing the training levels on how to approach affiliate marketing. Toward the latter part of the nine months, I was starting to believe, and affiliate marking does work. I’d built a webpage, written content for my blog, and things were now beginning to move along. And give me every opportunity of becoming a success. 

Starting with a reputable affiliate marketing network, to me was such an important step, and I’m glad I did.

Next Two Years

Everything is moving along quite smoothly, although training and a better understanding of finer points continued. And, sure, there were times I’d forgotten how to do something, so, I’d revert to the training to brush up on that particular segment.

The benefit of reference training has so many advantages because the provision allows me to refresh where and whenever necessary.

Refresher training at any given time from anywhere around the world is like “GOLD”. 

OOPS… I don’t think that I have mentioned, Wealthy Affiliate is where I began my journey in affiliate marketing. Training is first class, and the ideal platform to start—one of the very few companies that provide such facilities.  

My Mission With; therealdealaffiliate.com

Unfortunately, there’s lots of information floating about that is either outdated or “False”—my Mission’s to provide informed, detailed honest analysis relating to affiliate marketing. 

While at the same time, offer insights into the current perception of sometimes over-opinionated content that sweeps the online world today.


I offer you the opportunity to join me on this beautiful journey. I also encourage you to, Follow me – Ask me for help – Offer your own opinions. 

Your story can be just as incredible and exciting.

Let’s make the affiliate magic happen.

I appreciate your dropping in and reading my story. Thank you.





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