Affiliate Marketing for Beginners – Debunk The Myths

The more commonly asked questions by beginners who are attempting affiliate marketing for the first time are centred around the uncertainty of what it is; What are the benefits; And, what’s in it for them.

I will in my post explain the process. What are the benefits, and how they will help you in understanding what makes an honest, successful business?

The Real deal Affiliate

Grasping the basics isn’t all that difficult if you get guided through a system with a well-structured plan; One that explains all the processes; and, in a way that any beginner can easily follow.

Because there are several variations of marketing which in their way are very successful, I, have, therefore, compiled a list of the more essential steps to follow and what each represents. Generally speaking, most of the general concerns have a similarity in all aspects of the marketing platform.

Before we get started, I would like to share a concern with those who are wanting to get started but haven’t any real idea of what is involved. Like any other business, starting there are pitfalls to avoid as they have the potential of ruining your plans before you can get off the ground; And, online marketing is no different.

My goal is to alert you to be cautious of the many scam artists, who sit back and prey on your lack of understanding of affiliate marketing. They sell dodgy software packages with all the glossary; all wrapped up in a well-worded newsletter that looks so inviting; Knowing full well that most beginners will be unaware of their nasty scam; Not surprising what you’ll get if you buy; Useless software or system that isn’t even going to get you past first base.

The Real Deal Affiliate

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

A business association between four parties;

  1. The Merchant: who is the retailer or brand
  2. The Network: The in-between party for the Affiliate to choose a product to promote, and also takes care of the payments
  3. The Publisher: That’s you the Affiliate
  4. The Customer: Are visitors who buy the productchant: who is the retailer or brand

Three Central Steps To Affiliate Marketing

I have assembled the three steps that explain the role of each party so that you will appreciate the marketing model and recognize how to be successful;

  • The Affiliate Marketing Chain
    Is the link between all groups;
    Namely; The Advertiser-The Publisher – The Customer.
The Real Deal Affiliate
  • The Advertiser

Merchants, who supply products or services to sell. So as to gain more opportunities in boosting their sales; Typically, they will use the affiliate marketing network as one of their core mediums of advertising. Not-withstanding-the fact, they have realized that the online marketing platform is now the most popular place for shoppers to conduct their shopping transactions; And, the demand is growing at a rapid rate.

  • The Affiliate

The Affiliate is the controller of the website, where they promote product or service; Their role primarily is providing information (blog content), with external links to the Merchant’s site for visitors to make a purchase; And, in return, they earn a commission from each visitors purchase.

There are several different affiliates including bloggers, coupon sites, influencer networks or loyalty websites and more non-traditional members too, including paid search, on-site tech solutions and remarketing, to name a few.

  • The Consumer

People who buy goods from the advertiser by using the Affiliate’s text-link, images or banners. In most instances, there will be a variety of all three, dependent on the website visited. The links automatically send the visitor to the Merchant’s virtual store where they can browse the products and make a purchase.

How Do Affiliate Marketers Get Paid?

In a variety of ways in which they can earn a commission, and the Merchant decides the structure.
However, the more common methods are; commission-per-sale, pay-per-lead (ppl), pay-per-click (PPC).
Commissions get allocated on the completion of each transaction month; Payments are deposited into a bank account by the network; And, usually at the end of each month or the beginning of the following month.

Is There Any Cost Joining An Affiliate Program?

It is a joint partnership; therefore, there is no cost associated with joining a program. The benefit of this type of networking allows you the opportunity to join as many merchants you consider essential or connected to your product creation.

Affiliate Program Companies

Companies connected to the program are in the thousands, covering every type of product imaginable. There are high-end retailers to the less prolific, smaller seller. Brand types currently used in the program, are estimated to be more than 85% and continue to increase.

Understanding Network Affiliate In Four Easy Steps

• Tracking of yours a sales are all made by the affiliate network. For that reason, keeping a log of transactions isn’t necessary; Unless of course, you have a right to keep a personal transaction log.

• At the end of each month or the start of the following month your payments get processed; With all commission payments getting direct deposited into the bank of your choice.

• If there are any disputes, (however that is most unlikely) the network takes control of all such conflicts on behalf of both parties.

• The benefit of using the network, you are able to tap into a large pool of merchants and brands. In a sense, it is a bit like having a massive marketplace that stocks a plethora of merchandise and is all waiting and ready to be promoted. Take Amazon, for instance; they have millions of products that affiliates can use in their promotions; With their daily sales in the tens of thousands.

The Real Deal Affiliate

How Do Links Work?

When you get accepted by the Merchant, you are provided with an exclusive link to use in your text, images or banners. The link is coded with your details so that any sales generated are funnelled to you through the particular coding system. In essence, the tracking code alerts the network whenever a transaction gets created, and the sale system automatically credits that sale to that individual Affiliate.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

There is a similarity to a brick and mortar business, the only difference; One is a fixed shopfront, and the other is an online business. Conducting either business, you must first learn everything there is to know and understand before starting because there are many things to learn before any success can follow. Many times over I read about lots of affiliate networks, who say, “How you can earn commissions within the first week of joining”. If that were the case then, I can assure you, I wouldn’t be going to all the trouble of writing this post. That type of rubbish is systemically set up by those, “Expert Scammers”. The ones that I mentioned earlier.
Having been involved within the affiliate marketing world for over three years, I believe I have sufficient understanding regarding the many pitfalls that lurk around the industry; I get so annoyed in seeing all the garbage and lies floating around. So that’s why I’m telling you because I don’t want you to fall into their scamming web traps.

Another high line they use; “Buy This System Today “, and within a week you’ll be able to tell the boss to keep his job because you are earning more in one day than he can pay you in one whole week. We all know that is a complete dribble, and they do too. Because it just isn’t possible.

Admittedly, there are other steps attached to the marketing platform, I, however, believe that the fundamentals as I have explained are the foundation in getting started in affiliate marketing.

As a beginner or even an existing marketer, the most crucial aspect is having access to a solid knowledge base,
and also, by joining an honest affiliate platform that operates on a legitimate stand. That’s where you’ll benefit the most.

If I Want To Become An Affiliate What Do I Need To Do?

Although several service providers are not what you would call an “Affiliate Marketing Platform” and therefore cannot be trusted; That doesn’t mean every platform, operates in the same way. Consequently, it’s best to take a cautious approach.
In building an affiliate marketing business in the early stages, you need one with a sound base that has been built around an easy to follow training course with all the necessary steps. In simple terms, getting yourself involved with a reliable affiliate marketing platform straight up puts you in a sound position; One that will genuinely help in getting you started with a reasonably straightforward process.

The Real Deal Affiliate

Once you have completed all the training, and have reached a level of achievement, then you are ready to turn your affiliate marketing into a thriving business.

I commenced my venture into affiliate marketing with a platform called, “Wealthy Affiliate”. It is a platform built around the above principles, with the focus directed toward its members; By-and-large, it offers all newcomers the same opportunity to learn affiliate marketing in the same way as I did.

What Is Wealthy Affiliate?

A community platform built with a focus, and being driven toward its members. An “all-inclusive” environment where training consists; live classes, research tools, websites, hosting, coaching and networking under one roof.

They understand that tools and training sessions are the core starting blocks as being the all-important components when starting in affiliate marketing. They also recognize the importance of providing them in a way that is straightforward and in an easy to follow manner; And, therefore, there isn’t anything else you need to get started.

Understanding their line of thinking, because this is the same way I got my start, is the reason why I support the Wealthy Affiliate as being the most suitable marketing platform for learning; Being taught the correct processes in an easy to follow, step-by-step format from the beginning is the ultimate foundation to becoming an elite marketer.

Why Do You Say That?

Wealthy Affiliate is a platform designed explicitly for learning affiliate marketing properly. Teach you to understand there are no shortcuts, no simple cut and paste methods and no get rich schemes; Above-all-else, you are taught how to respect your visitors in a way that is of the most courteous imaginable.

If I Want To Get Started What Do I Need To Do?

There are two types of membership available.
1. Free Starter Membership
2. Premium Membership
Starting in affiliate marketing is somewhat a, “Not Sure Thing”. Moreover, and for that reason, I suggest that you take up the “Free Starter Membership”, as a starting point, (A Try Before You Buy Approach).
Being able to test drive the system without having to make any commitment is something unique that they offer.

Three Top Reasons Why They Make This Offer

1. If a wealthy affiliate or affiliate marketing isn’t for you, then you’re not locked into a financial commitment.
2. They are so confident of what they have to offer, and therefore have no reason to ask for your credit card upfront without first letting you see for yourself what they have to offer; And, that’s what makes them stand above all others.
3. From the outset and within the first few lessons you’ll see for yourself, all the training and coaching that’s on offer; And, how you can go from beginner to an expert within affiliate marketing in no time at all. There is a welcoming video that walks you through the process of affiliate marketing and how it all comes together.

I expect this has furnished some clarity on what is required when starting as an affiliate marketer. I have identified those individuals who pretend to be affiliate marketing platforms when they are not. Plus, how to get started without any fear of being ripped off.

I would welcome any stories you have had, or if you have any questions about the legitimacy of any program (or affiliate marketing in general), I would be more than happy to help you out.

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