Affiliate Marketing It Works – See Why


One of the uttermost powerful yet simple ways to generate income online is Affiliate Marketing.

The added benefit of affiliate marketing is never-ending provided its approach is in the most effective way. Regardless of the niche

The enormous advantage with affiliate marketing there is no downtime in having to create products for presenting to visitors. And do you know why? They (products-services) most likely already be in use. For that reason, affiliate marketing avails itself as a resounding opportunity where anyone can take pole position. And, “YES,” it’s so easy to get started.

However, before we delve into the masses of why affiliate marketing can do astonishing things for both you and your business. We first need to understand the basic layout of affiliate marketing, and why that’s so important.

Having a solid foundation in place straight-up, you’re putting yourself in a sound position in implementing affiliate marketing properly; and in a way that genuinely contributes value toward your audience.

The Everyday Benefits Of Affiliate Marketing 

More likely at one time or another, you’ve come in contact with affiliate marketing without being aware of its existence.

How often have you googled a link connected to a blog post in search of a product/service on offer through another website? At a guess, many times.

And, how many times have you went on and made a purchase through those links? Each of those website owners would have received a commission from your investments.

What I’m hi-lighting, affiliate marketing is all around us. It’s everywhere—yet surprisingly enough, very few people grasp the concept or take full advantage of its offering. Actually, from a personal viewpoint, it’s a market overwhelmingly untapped, considering the benefits of creating a passive income.

The Everyday Benefits Of ffiliate Marketing


In fact, and as I’ve said earlier, it’s the most underutilized resource in the universe of human potential. And, that’s why I’m excited in wanting to share with you precisely how it all works.

In my little rant, we’ll take an inside look at affiliate marketing, determine if affiliate selling is the most suitable fit for you. Your earning potential from affiliate marketing. Plus the pros and cons.

Ready To Make A Start— Then Let’s Go.

This is what you can expect in this post.

  1.  Affiliate marketing in detail? (done)
  2. The nitty-gritty of affiliate marketing? (Done)
  3. Templates of affiliate marketing? (Done)
  4. Who/What is an ideal fit for affiliate marketing? (Done)
  5. The footprints to becoming an affiliate marketer?
  6. Pros and Cons of affiliate marketing?
  7. Potentially how much you can earn with affiliate marketing
  8. Utilizing affiliate marketing correctly?

Affiliate Marketing In Detail

A quick update; Affiliate Marketing, is a means of earning a commission through the promotion of someone else’s product. As an example, you locate a product of choice and promote to your visitors. Every sale that your website promotion generates, you earn a percentage of that sale.

In essence, it’s no different than walking into a brick and mortar shopfront and making a purchase, more often than not, the salesperson will earn a small commission for that sale.

However, in this instance you’re not working for someone else, you are working for yourself. Therefore, you are being rewarded for sending a new customer to the company you are promoting.

How to Secure Your Affiliate Commissions

You may be already aware, there are two types of affiliate marketing, being either the product owner or the affiliate marketer. For this setup, we’ll be focusing on how to do affiliate marketing from the affiliate marketer angle.

The Nitty-Gritty Of Affiliate Marketing

Let’s connect with the details of how affiliate marketing comes together.

There are three leading players or components attached to the affiliate marketing platform:

  1. Yourself / website—the “affiliate.”
  2. The affiliate company (or network).
  • In the most effortless approach, you being the affiliate will work exclusively with one single company in promoting one or more of their product range.
  • There is an abundance of affiliate systems which support and offer affiliates a range of products to promote and earn revenue using their methods. Such as Amazon, Rakuten, ClickBank, and ShareASale.

3.  Your audience member, “the customer.” 

  • Someone who uses your affiliate link to make a purchase from the affiliate company or network through your affiliate promotion.

There are some companies which offer an affiliate marketing program, and may very well give it a different name title. These programs, in most cases, are called partner or referral processes.

Here’s How Each Party Gains From Affiliate Marketing:

  1. Through your endorsement, your audience gets to know about a product, course, or tool that may be useful to them;
  2. From there, the company selling the product, class, or device benefits from new customers that they otherwise may not have gained;
  3. Resulting from the sales derived by your visitors, the company pays you a commission on the sale.

When affiliate marketing is organized the right way, it’s a win-win for all involved. However, there is one central point, Visitor Trust.

When your visitors acknowledge that you are putting their best interests first, they then will place full trust in your recommendations. That creates an unrelenting partnership for the three affiliate parties that and a considerable benefit around.

Templates Of Affiliate Marketing

What does affiliate marketing resemble? If you have visited my website, you will then have noticed a full list of my material. It displays—products, services etc.

I have laid it out like this because I want to make it easy for my visitors to navigate their way around my site. Also, it helps them in understanding how they can build their own online business.

The material on my home page contains affiliate links for visitors to make a purchase for any of the articles connected to my promotions. My visitors are taken to the merchant’s landing page of the product or service that I’m recommending.

Several of my links are direct affiliate links. So, when my visitors make a purchase, I receive a commission for those sales.

For example; this is what my visitors see when they click on my affiliate link for Wealthy Affiliate. The affiliate marketing company where I’m a premium member and endorse.

My affiliate landing page on Wealthy Affiliate’s website.

 If a customer purchases a premium membership from Wealthy Affiliate after visiting this page, I receive a commission from Wealthy Affiliate for the referral.

Who/What is an Ideal Fit For Affiliate Marketing

In all likelihood, affiliate marketing may well be a superb choice for anyone who has a website.

Especially if you are prepared to build it into an online authority site that genuinely helps its visitors.

If this portrays your ambitions, right now products and people within your target market are more likely buying.

How To Get VisitorsTo Your Blog

So why not become the facility creature who endorses such products that can generate a profit from the sales.

The great thing about affiliate marketing you don’t have to create your own product; and, this becomes an enormous advantage just starting out.

Given that you are organized and ready to promote and recommend product/services that will be helpful to your visitors.

Apart from that, it also can be the perfect fit for a significant scope of people. Why is that? You can implement a gaggle contrasting marketing approaches to promote products and services.

More likely, you’ll be able to apply the same methodology currently being used. Such as; search engine optimization (SEO), email marketing, display ads, and content marketing.

There are, of course, other marketing ideas that you can use to full advantage, the likes of product reviews etc.

Lastly, it’s essential to recognize that affiliate marketing works better when you demonstrate sincerity and confidence concerning all products you wish to promote.

If you knew it would help people, then, and only then, you’d consider selling your own product. Clearly, the same goes with affiliate marketing. If you start out with a get-rich-quick mentality, you’re not going to be impressed with your results.

Lastly, it’s pivotal to understand, when you demonstrate an air of confidence, willingness and sincerity. All of your affiliate marketing promotional outcomes, success is sure to follow.

In the early stages of affiliate marketing, you’ll lack the understanding of what people are searching for. In these situations, it would be foolish to consider preparing and selling your own products. Very much the same as offline shopping, stores carry stock that people are looking to buy.

Should you have the get-rich-quick persona, then chances are you will fail. Online marketing today is far different from what it was a few years ago as the scammers today are quickly identified and removed from the platform.

The Footprints to Becoming an Affiliate Marketer

There are a few steps to becoming an affiliate marketer, so, I’d like to give you an idea of what is involved. The internet is densely packed with blueprints on how to become an affiliate marketer. A series of steps identical these:

  1. Locate a company/product you wish to promote.
  2. Sign up as an affiliate with an affiliate network.
  3. Secure your unique affiliate link and add it to your site.
  4. Visitors to your website who click on the link takes them to a third-party page.
  5. Visitors who make a purchase, you receive a percentage of the sale based on the value of the item.

As simplistic as they may seem, clearly, and because of their accuracy—there’s no way that you will generate sales nor earn any money without following these steps.

The Footprints To Becomming An Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing success is and will always be placing your audience first and foremost. Otherwise, you will be wasting your time, and quite possibly shouldn’t be in affiliate marketing.

Similarily A Successful Affiliate Marketer Methodology Follows Along These Lines.

Make your very first task a relationship builder with your visitors.

  1. Establish a product link that corresponds with the needs of your audience
  2. Next, in order, use and test the product yourself, to be in no doubt, it’s indeed deserving of promoting to your visitors. Don’t take any risks or be seen that you are seizing the goodwill of their trust.
  3. Demonstrate genuine proof to your visitors the product performs according to its conclusions. This can be done in other ways. Such as a blog post or a short website video, plus using YouTube as another means of delivering your message.
  4. By this stage, if you have completed the above steps, you should be in the perfect position to start promoting the product to your visitors. And, you will begin seeing a return for your efforts.

The particular five steps have withstood the test of time because of the visitor first approach. Not only that, placing your visitor needs as the centrepiece of your promotion can only lead to success now and into the future.

The Pros and Cons of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is no different from any other type of business, as there are always ups and downs, that’s just the way companies perform.

I have described my guidelines in a straight forward, yet concise format, you need to take, to place yourself in the best position in taking advantage of the opportunities that will present to you.

At the same time, how to identify the potential pitfalls and get around them.

Below, are my pros and cons of affiliate marketing.


When you have fully entrenched yourself as an affiliate marketer, you are potentially opening the door to passive income.

  • The gateway to affiliate marketing is straightforward, with little to no cost, and the majority of affiliate networks offer a free joining fee. The enormous benefit of joining an affiliate network, you don’t have to be bothered with creating a product, nil product responsibility, and no hassles with shipping goods.
  • Not being the product owner leaves you free from any financial loss, so your risk is zero.
  • You are potentially creating avenues to a passive income when you have fully vested yourself as an affiliate marketer.
  • Passive income offers freedom for you to work whenever you choose, and not only that from anywhere you want, providing you have access to the internet. Life doesn’t get any better than that.


  • Affiliate marketing is no quick solution.  The amount of traffic you’ll require to produce a substantial income will all take time
  • Because you’re not the owner of product or service. You have little say over the quality control or customer experience for the service/s you are promoting.
  • Customer competition. Dependant upon the niche product or service you are promoting will have an impact on your competing with other affiliates for customers.
  • Customer fatigue. If your ongoing promotions become too much too often. You stand the chance of giving your customers “Offer Fatigue.” And, they’ll switch off in droves.
  • Not every affiliate program is created equally. Even though the bulk of networks who offer affiliate commissions are reliable and trustworthy. The not so good companies are still around and lurking in the shadows, who will try and diddle you out of not paying you as promised. I strongly suggest that you do research before committing to any network.
  • Link seizing. Make no mistake there are shameless mavericks who operate by highjacking affiliate links. Such practice is known as “Linkjacking,” where they steal your links and commissions.

How Much With Affiliate Marketing You Can Earn

The attractiveness with affiliate marketing you are not harnessed with having to invest time nor effort in creating products to sell or worry about customer discontent. As an affiliate, you can begin selling the moment you have created yourself a platform for selling. No hassles, no upfront cost, there is no better way to earn some extra income than affiliate marketing.

Mind you, affiliate marketing is not in any way a get rich quick scheme. Every passive income system will take time, patience and effort in creating a respectful revenue stream. Given that affiliate marketing has been my principal source of income, and rightly gets my total priority. However, to be perfectly honest, it took me some time to get to where I am today.

Given that my focus wasn’t based on the revenue, it was more about understanding what I needed to do. So my first few months were dedicated to learning the principles of affiliate marketing.

How Much With Affiliate Marketing Can You Earn

Affiliate marketing will continue to be my supreme source of revenue.

As you can, by now, fathom for yourself, affiliate marketing will and does work, but it requires lots of hard work and dedication.

All the hard work I did at the beginning has now paid off, although there were many times on the way through that I could have quite easily quit. I’m now so pleased that I didn’t. 

Now, I ask you? How much do you reckon you can earn once you’ve established yourself as a genuine affiliate marketer? In fairness, it all depends on your overall commitment, as that will determine the end result. None-the-less, if you sacrifice all your spare time with lots of energy and remain focused, then who knows what you’ll achieve?

It also centres around a few other strands of detail:

  • The commission percentage you’ll receive for each sale of an affiliate product or service.
  • The overall size of your audience.
  • How effective you are at promoting products or services to your visitors.

Commission percentages will typically vary from sale to sale, as not all affiliate networks operate on the same per cent rate for their goods or services.

You’ll find that digital products attract a much higher commission value, mainly because reproduction cost is at a minimal. Also, there are no manufacturing materials costs, shelf space, nor any shipping charges involved.

It’s not uncommon to see the commission high as 70%. Whereas physical products attract a production cost, therefore, and naturally, the rate of commission will be significantly lower.

As luck would have it, as an affiliate marketer there isn’t any concrete ceiling in how much you’re able to earn

Affiliate marketing can be an enormous opportunity to amplify your current income. Or for that matter, become your primary source of revenue if you’re receptive to making a commitment.

If you are willing to do affiliate marketing the proper way from the getgo, you will be staring down the barrel of long-term success.

Affiliate Marketing The Proper Way From The Getgo

For some reason or another, some people are reluctant to get involved with affiliate marketing because it might make them look dubious or too sales-minded.

For these reasons, is why I’ve made it a part of my undertaking to inform people. When affiliate marketing is done the honest way from the beginning, it becomes a win-win all around.

The Most Significient Component With Affiliate Marketing TRUST

The most significant component for achievement with affiliate marketing?   “TRUST.”

Trust with affiliate marketing isn’t a given, it must be earned. And that can only be obtained from your visitors.

When your audience trusts your recommendations is the time that you will benefit from it.

What if I told you, so many people who conduct their affairs online, are doing it totally wrong. And do you know why? By putting income way ahead of everything else. Whereby putting the “Serve-First Approach.” 

Understandably, their mindset is fixated on randomly pushing lots of products, and saturating the market with full-on promotions. There is no respect or consideration in the offering of providing an accurate and honest valuation to their visitors.

People of this character are undoubtedly those who have given the affiliate marketing platform such a poor reputation. Fortunately, they are only a tiny fraction of the overall affiliate marking industry. The industry itself has many ethically minded, honest and genuine entrepreneurs who can be trusted.

Thank goodness you will be now capable of preparing a sincere and honest dialogue with your audience. Moreover, your visitors will respect your recommendations by acknowledging you.

I suspect you have gathered some clear definition about an authentic affiliate marketing opportunity. And, why it’s so essential to offer promotions to your visitors that are honest and accurate for long term success.

The Real Deal Affiliate

Should you have any questions regarding affiliate marketing, (or affiliate marketing in general), I will appreciate hearing from you.


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