ARIIX Opportunity MLM Review

Why is MLMs so screwy?  Because every MLM business tells the same story. But in all different ways. You’ve all heard the same catchphrases before. So, you know what I mean. Things like, earn extra money, work your own hours and say to the boss to shove his job. They that all sound familiar. Right? I thought so. And do you know what else? They all beat the same drum. But, with just a different drummer. So, why are they so desirable to people. Well, lots of people have the need to earn some extra cash. And selling a few products with flexible work hours is the ideal solution. And that is why they are drawn to MLMs. But, is it the answer? I don’t think so. Be that as it may. ARIIX is another of those MLM company’s that prey on your tender spot. With this ARIIX MLM review, we’ll delve into the company background. Look at the products, and see whether it’s an ideal choice for you. But, don’t be surprised what we may uncover.


The company was founded in 2011, by ex-senior executives of USANA Health sciences. The company has a presence in over 23 countries worldwide. And are based in Utah.

ARIIX is somewhat unique, in as much, that they don’t create any of their own products. And that is very different from the standard MLM model. Over time they acquire other MLM businesses, rebrand the products for onselling. That provides a variety of choices for their presenters.

Oddly enough they brand themselves as being the “Opportunity Company”.

They are astute in the sense of making sure every product that finds its way onto the consumer market. Has gone through an exhaustive amount of product testing. Such practices have earnt them an enormous amount of respect. And are highly regarded by consumers.

Rebranded products include the likes of, Nutrifii, Priime Jouve, Puritii, Reviive, Nucerity and Slenderiiz.

ARIIX Superior Products

ARIIX has for the past 4 years been included in the top 5000 Companies by Inc. magazine. And considered one of the fastest-growing companies in terms of revenue.

In 2019, Inc magazine estimated its turnover to be around $219.8 million and therefore ranked them in position 3,629 of the top 5000 companies.

A cursory search of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) reveals that ARIIX has an A+ rating with no listed complaints.

ARIIX Products Are They Worth The Price?

ARIIX has a lot of product brands, with no particular one that stands out. So, that makes it hard to say one way or the other. What this does do though. Allows you to diversify. So, you can customize your portfolio line of products that you think will best suit you and your business.

Product Range

The product range is quite diverse, such as

  • Nutritional Supplements, energy booster drinks, calcium therapy, mineral support, and heart and brain support.
  • Weight Loss Management is understood to control appetite and increase metabolism.
  • Air And Water Filters, including individual water bottles,
  • Hygiene Products, that include, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and toothpaste.
  • Essential Oils, likes of Pure Heaven or YL.
  • Skincare asserted by ARIIX to help with dark spot correction and colour brightening. Plus many other skincare products.


MLM businesses where their products are somewhat a little below market expectation may find it hard to penetrate the market. Let alone create repeat business. And, history supports that theory.

So, the distributor can only be as good as the quality of the products. But, it is pleasing to say that ARIIX products are right up with some of the best on the market today.

Independent Advisory Board

Why are ARIIX products considered among the best on the market?

Because ARIIX, top personnel, are much aware of the value in quality products. So, what they have done is set up and independent advisory board, consisting of four members. They have the task of testing and approving all products.

As claimed by ARIIX each and every product must pass the advisory board inspection, before it receives the stamp of approval. That way they know categorially, every catalogued product is of the highest quality.

Are They Real Value For Their Selling Price?

Gee, that’s a tough question to answer. Considering, there are many factors to be taken into account. And, what makes it even harder, they have such a diverse range of products. So, I did comprehensive research and was unable to come up with anything to substantiate the pricing one way or the other.

FDA Approval

What I did uncover though, all products, ARE NOT FDA approved as nutritional supplements. So that is something worth remembering. Because products that have been approved by the FDA does help with sales.

 OTC Approval

However, ARIIX has successfully achieved a higher ranking. Over The Counter Standard (OTC). That means that ARIIX products are manufactured to the same standard as over the counter medicines.

What Does The ARIIX Opportunity Offer?

Becoming a member of the ARIIX business isn’t cheap. For instance, just to sign up will set you back… Well, to be completely truthful, I’m not sure. So I’ll leave you to judge for yourself. But, this is what’s stipulated on the ARIIX compensation plan.

From that, it appears that you would need to purchase a Business Orientation System – for $29.95. As the orientation system is required to be an Ariix Independent Representative.

Then spend a further $150.00. That will double all ARIIX bonuses for life.

And that’s just for starters. So now you’re a member, what’s next? Guess what you have to spend some more money buying a business kit. They are all listed here.

Once you have decided, and chose a package that suits you, and have it activated. You’re ready to go.

This is the Points Value (PV) attached to each of the packages.

Member Pack 200-499 PV (Base Package)

Business Pack 500-999PV

Elite Pack 1000-1499 PV

Ultimate Pack 1500+ PV.

Enrollment packages start at $240, Base Package minimum requirement, up to, $1,310 Elite Package.

Also, to retain your income standing and be eligible for commission status. There is a sell or purchase requirement, for each level of the package. For instance,

Member Pack, rated at 150PV

Business Pack, rated at 500PV

Elite Pack, rated at 1000PV

Now here is the catch, to retain your commission eligibility on each cycle you must sell 75% of PV in the first week of each monthly period.

And here’s another twist, you’re able to sign up with another active representative, and still retain your position with whoever you first joined up with. I suppose you could say it’s a dual membership with the same organization. Whether that’s good or bad, I’m not sure.


Soon as your membership has been accepted, you can set up your eCommerce store. And start advertising products to generate retail sales. I also believe direct selling is available through Amazon.

What Does It Cost To join ARIIX

As I mentioned earlier, with each of the four packages has a minimum monthly PV requirement. So if you’re considering joining it would be in your own best interest to familiarise yourself with the different PV levels.

Launching your business compensation plan has a bit of a queer connotation to it. But, this is how it works.

Launching Your Business

  • 200 PV – Sell, use or purchase 150PV to activate your income position
  •  100PV – Sell, use or buy 75PV every for weeks to keep your income position commission eligible

ARIIX Launch Your Business Comp Plan

Reaching Your Business Level In Four Weeks

Achieve your Business Level based on your accumulative sales within your first four weeks.

ARIIX Launch Your Business Comp Plan

This is just another one of those stereotype MLM models.


One day will need to be set aside for orientation training. And you will be required to attend. And, YES, there is a training fee you’ll have to pay.

Are You Able To Earn Money With ARIIX?

The compensation plan ARIIX use is called ACTIVE8. Given that the program has a generous payment system, and that is great. But, your position with them remains precisely the same as any other MLM business.

Sell products and continuously recruit. And, above all else, reach your weekly/ monthly sales targets to obtain a commission. Sure, there are some decent bonuses to be had with fast sales.

But in reality, it’s just the carrot being dangled in front of you to encourage sales. Besides, the real money undoubtedly is linked to recruitment. Why is that?

ARIIX has no seal on how wide you can go. And what that means the wider your downline becomes, the more significant is the possibility of infinite width.

Then ultimately, that will over time create enormous depth to your downline. And That’s where the real money is earnt.


Independent Advisory Board

Quality products require strict production controls. ARIIX has taken the unusual steps of enlisting an independent advisory board to oversee the quality control of production. That way they know categorially, every catalogued product is of the highest quality.

I understand there are no other MLM businesses who have such a stringent measure during their product production. Apart from the fact they are using a separate board. Each of the four members is highly educated, professionally trained in their particular field of expertise.

Annual Cost Of Living Allowance

Inflation affects everyone, and ARIIX has recognized it also has an impact on their representatives. Therefore have enclosed a yearly cost of living adjustment into the commissions. How it is applied coincides with the representative’s annual commission balanced against any cost of living adjustments of any upward trend.

There is no other MLM business which offers its distributors such an added benefit.

Product Range

Again they are unique with having a variety of products for which its representatives. The beauty of this, you’re in a position to select different lines of products that are in alignment with customer expectations. When you have such a variety to choose from, it gives you the flexibility to mix and match until you hit across the right combination that will consistently create sales.


 FDA Approval

ARIIX products are not FDA approved as nutritional supplements. So that is something worth remembering. Because products that have been approved by the FDA does help with sales.

Terms And Conditions

Your agreement is for one year, and if you fail to renew your ARIIX business agreement, you will automatically lose all rights as a member

Clause 16. of terms and conditions stipulated,

“You authorize ARIIX to use your name, photograph, personal story in the advertising and or promotional materials without any remuneration for such use”. This may not be too much to worry about. Therefore it’s in your best interest to understand and read all the conditions and terms for signing.

Out Of Pocket Expenses

ARIIX has the same out of pocket expenses as do all other MLMs. What that means any cost that associated with running your business is at your personal liability. So, when calculating your monthly earnings, make sure that running costs are deducted from that amount.

They will include food, accommodation, travelling, phone and office expenses, among other incidentals.

ARIIX Is It A Scam?

When all is taken into account, there many more positives than there are negatives with likes, cost of living, product range, commission plan and independent advisory board scrutinizing the quality control, then they are not an MLM scam.

As I said earlier, they have many different ways of benefiting all representatives, and that is something that lacks in most other MLMs operating within the same industry. Please don’t get me wrong, for sounding like I’m beating their drum. Because I’m not.

Fundamentally, they are an MLM business and work on precisely the same principle as any other MLM Selling and Recruiting. And for that reason, it’s hard for me to suggest that financially this is a viable option for you to earn any stable income.

Final Thoughts

MLMs have a high demand for recruitment and sales, and not everyone has the sales or recruitment ability to match such requirements. Never lose sight, no matter what you may be told, MLMs are notoriously high-pressure businesses. Whichever way you look at it, earning some money will require selling and recruiting.

And, by the way, they go hand in hand when it comes down to the nitty-gritty of what you’ll be expected to do.

Look at it like this, they have a monthly commission qualifier. And, if you’re not able to achieve the benchmark set, then there is no commission. Not to mention you’ll be hounded to recruit.

Your membership is focused around your sales, and if you fail to maintain the minimum, they’ll have no hesitation in cancelling your membership—bottom line.

Also, getting started requires a hefty upfront expense. And there is no guarantee you will make it pay. So you stand the chance of losing a sizable chunk of money, and a whole heap of product that may be of no use to you. Should you be contemplating the opportunity, go in with your eyes wide open.

Check everything out, read the terms and conditions, challenge yourself. Ask yourself, would I be able to reach all the expectation that will be expected of me. Study the compensation plan and understand what’s on offer. And most important ask lots of questions.

If you are uncertain or feel uneasy about any one of these points. Then the opportunity is definitely not for you.

Looking To Start Your Own Business

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ARIIZ Opportunity MLM Review






Quality Overall



  • Independent Advisory Board
  • Annual Cost Of Living Allowance
  • Product Range


  • No FDA Approval
  • Annual Renewal Membership
  • Out Of Pocket Expenses

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