How To Start An Online Marketing Business – 4 Steps

Are you earnest on finding how to start online marketing business?

You are, but, not sure with the amount of uncertainty and untruths floating about; Yeah, I can understand that. However, the truth is, they are the biggest misconceptions or myths facing the online industry.

Noisy obstacles like this create doubt and the reason why some have a second thought. The confusion stems from the so-called affiliate experts who claim they are there to help; But, in reality, they are just pretenders; And, that is the single most significant factor why people fail to make a start.

The Real Deal Affiliate

For this purpose, I have compiled a simple exercise on what online marketing offers and how it could change your life forever; You might say, It’s a bit like a roadmap to success.

In my few words, I will walk you through the process in a way that you will understand the real honest to goodness meaning of marketing. A simple exercise that will give you a better idea of how it all comes together.

The Four Step Process In A Few Words

Here are the four entities that make up the inline marketing process.

1. The Merchant (company or product owner)

2. Affiliate Network (allows offers for the affiliate to choose)

3. The member or Publisher (being you)

4. Customer(visitors people who buy the product).

How it works, you apply to join a legitimate affiliate program, and once accepted by the Merchant, you can promote a product/service or a variety of products or services attached to that Merchant. Once issued with your unique system link, called, “affiliate link”; That is what you will then use to promote their goods or services — the same unique link gets used for the tracking of your sales and record keeping purposes.

Using your new custom link, you are now able to send buyers from your blog post to the Merchant, where they (visitor), can make a purchase; You earn a percentage commission or a flat rate sale on purchases connected to your custom link. The commission rate generally ranges anything from, 1% up to as high as 75%. The commission is dependant upon the Merchant’s commission structure.

For instance, joining the Amazon Associates network, you have the freedom to promote any of their product range; By the way, Amazon, promote more than 500 million products.

Look at it this way, and using the Amazon site, as an illustration, a prospective buyer views my website or social media account or email for that matter, and if they click on my link, they get redirected to Amazon. Where they can make a purchase, and I receive a commission for the sale.

Here is a typical example; someone is interested in buying an outdoor Patio setting, sale price $229.00. They then go ahead and make a purchase I earn 6% commission for the sale on $229.00; My commission would be, $13.75 The Real deal affiliateas a one-off, doesn’t sound much.

However, if I sold 25 settings every two weeks (and that is a conservative number in the summer months), then my commission would be $343.75; This is just a snapshot of what is possible, and only on one item; So, let’s not lose the thought of what the power of marketing offers.

Looking at it from another perspective, people will never stop buying, and, if we take the Amazon example, for instance, the potential, to earn a sizable income every month is more than feasible.

Besides, the great thing about marketing it’s never going to slow down, that is why the cold hard facts speak for themselves; So by using the enormous power of internet marketing, you can completely change your life forever;

That’s more to the reason why you should keep going and not quit. Look at it from another angle; the way we think and react has a profound impact on everything we choose in life. That is why this opportunity isn’t beyond the reach of you and every other potential marketer.

How To Become an Affiliate; And at What Cost

Becoming a member of affiliate programs are free. There are, a few cases, however, where an affiliate program does charge a nominal fee. The fee is designed merely in an attempt to deflect fraudulent affiliates (used mainly to verify your identity).

However, it’s worth mentioning that such situations are quite rare. Apart from those tiny few, all other programs are free. So, if you are asked to pay a nominal joining fee, then you should query the reasons why before paying.

If the response appears rather strange with the explanation being out of the ordinary; There is every chance they are not an ideal affiliate program, and you should look elsewhere.

The reason I say this, more than likely the program is being run by scammers or for that matter something different such as MLM. It’s in your utmost own best interest to be very careful when deciding what you want to do because there are so many shoddy operators who are ready to rip you off.

The Real Deal Affiliate

The merchants who are upfront regarding their program (and there are thousands), will be free to join; Once having been given the okay, it’s then a matter of you writing content based around your product promotion.

Affiliate Network – How It Operates

The affiliate network, which is the broker, acts between publishers (affiliates) and merchant affiliate programs.

It allows website publishers (you), to more easily find and participate in affiliate programs which are suitable for your website and to generate income from your commitment.

Merchants use the Publisher’s websites who are participating in the affiliate network as it gives them scope to reach a greater audience to promote their affiliate programs.

Long established affiliate networks make it easier for merchants to offer publishers a commission that results from visitors who purchase after visiting the Merchant’s site. The affiliate network also takes care of all the recording details that include, payments – tracking and reporting.

The Role Of The Affiliate Network

The affiliate network records all the statistics which are generated automatically; Instantly creating the availability of information. The Publisher (you) have access to your personal information pretty much as soon as it happens. That means your tracking movements are instantly refined and full of detail. That allows you the ability to track all of your conversions and in real-time.

You depend upon the affiliate network to work with the Merchant concerning support tools because the success of your campaign rests upon the promotional material available.

Separate to your online campaign, there are other ways to leverage your website; things like banners – plugins – widgets; You can also use the social platforms as they are a further way of driving some extra traffic to your website.

The Value Of Using Affiliate Network

The one thing that most don’t know about affiliate networks; They fail to understand how they can enhance their business by using the variety of benefits on offer. For instance, the bigger systems work with several merchants providing more significant opportunities for the Publisher (you); With the means of having choices allows you an in-depth look, before choosing a merchant best suited to your campaign.

Let’s take a peek at one of the biggest networks so that you will get a better understanding of what I mean., renowned for being the biggest in the world, is associated with, over 6,000 companies where you can promote any of those companies services which are associated with Awin,

moreover, all in the one location — not only that, there are several other affiliate networks in the 100’s, who offer a similar type of service?

The benefits that affiliate networks provide are so valuable, things like time-saving, management hassle, passwords, links and payments and more. Are super important.

They are not only time saving, but can ultimately enhance your development and turbo charge your campaign toward a successful online business.

What I like best about supernetworks though, everything that you require to run a successful online campaign is all in the one place. If we take a look at the smaller micro-networks, for instance; For you to fulfil multiple marketing campaigns might require you to join several to satisfy your needs; And, more especially if you are operating many different websites.

Here Are Other Bigger Players Similar To Awin

1. Commission Junction


3. Amazon Associates

4. eBay partners

5. Shareasale

With many others

How Do I Get Paid As An Affiliate?

Affiliate payment is wholly dependent upon the program/network you have joined. With so many systems operating, there is a mixture of days of the scheduled payment day and form of payment. Although you will find, most pay in USD. With the emergence of the “US” dollar being the most recognisable form of payment and used by the bigger networks many of, the lesser networks are now following suit. It’s worth a mention, some systems will, however, offer payments in your currency using conversion houses whom will calculate from USD to your money. Typically, they will use PayPal;

You will find networks like to maintain a payment system where everything operates in a streamlined fashion because the least complicated it is better for everyone.

How Can I Make A Start

A question I once asked and now I have the answer to; When I first started, my biggest misconception, I never carried out research into online marketing, nor did I plan the road; The result spoke for itself, as I ran into many dead ends.

Now I realise, had I taken the time to plan my starting point and built projections and goals based on that; My starting would never have been anywhere as puzzling to what I first experienced.

I have put together a little something that will help take away the possibility of going down the same track as I did; This is a platform that I believe will get you started, and be a terrific beginning for now and into the future. A platform that has served me well over my journey, and, something that I will always be grateful for; So, I’m sure, it will do the same for you.

Let me say, platforms full of unique opportunities, are not easily found. You may disagree, and that’s fine; But, how many offer an A -Z of how to get started? Very few…

Building the foundation in online marketing is relatively straight forward if you know how; On the other hand, starting from scratch not quite so easy. Because without a roadmap it’s a bit like starting a voyage without first planning.

The point I’m making here is this, without a plan, how can you build a solid foundation? Formulas are therefore crucial, and that is the reason why I have suggested starting with the same one that helped me.

Online platforms that are elite are matchless in every way. Especially those that have been specifically designed to cater to the beginner and onwards. Besides, what you will learn by connecting with a platform that wants to teach you how to start, then what to do next and so on are priceless.

Why I suggest the Wealthy Affiliate is simple; Where else will you get a free membership, with readily accessible tools and training programs; And, to add to that, two websites, website hosting, interacting support with other members, who are ready to help you start and grow your business.

An affiliate platform designed explicitly for learning online marketing from the ground up; And, I am grateful for what I have gained in my association, and not only that, it has propelled me way beyond expectation. I can say in all honesty; There is no way I would be where I am today without the help I received along the way.

Let me shine some more light of what’s on offer; Free starter membership, full set of training tools, community help, free website, website hosting; All this and to boot, they offer a one month free trial, just to see if you are suited to online marketing, because they realise one size doesn’t fit all.

Click Here And Take Advantahe Od Free Membership Today

Should you have any questions regarding online marketing, I am more than happy to help. Finally, Please feel free to leave your questions below, and I will be sure to get back to you right away.

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