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Multi-Level Marketing attracts two types of people—those who register and consistently hassle relatives and friends to do likewise. And those who enrol or buy something from a multi-level marketing system. Not always family members are continuously badgered about an extraordinary marketing chance; instead, wait for an opening where they can arrange a coffee with them and present you yet-another concocted sales-pitch. Driven by sheer greed and desperation, not realizing, they are offending those closest to them in the process. In this Multi-Level Marketing Review, I’ll take a look inside and uncover the hidden facts they hide from you.

What Is Multi-Level Marketing?

Multi-level marketing, commonly understood as network marketing or direct selling. Do you join a program as a sales representative because they have promised you things like “financial freedom” and “being your own boss.” Along with many other ideas that appear fantastic. Whatever the product, it might be essential oils, diet supplements, lingerie, and many others. It doesn’t matter how they get marketed; they all have the same underlying similarities.

Odds are the majority of your revenue isn’t going to happen from the sales.

MLM No Longer Resembles a Sensible Method

You’ll be earning money from a share of the sales of the others you recruit into your “down the line.” Like you’ll, be sacrificing part of your sales from those above you. Those at the top level the ones we’re making the most substantial wealth. By and large, this principle is just fluff.

Exploiting your family and friends to be successful is, at best, selfish and the quickest way to alienate them.

However, there are probably some genuine business models where you truly can earn money marketing to everyone you know without relying on a revenue stream of recruiting only.

MLMs are closely related to “Pyramid Schemes”, and splitting the difference between the two can be challenging.

What Is The Telltale Distinction?

The telltale difference is profound, chiefly if the opportunity is based entirely on recruiting and with a product of no weight toward the system opportunity’s benefit.

What is the Telltale Clue

Despite that, recruiters are quick, telling you exactly why it isn’t a dodgy system. They undoubtedly tie themselves in hitches sharing some rather complicated and official-sounding marketing arrangement to you.

What Is The Difference 

A legitimate multi-level marketing system, the income for members, are based purely on product sales alone, not recruiting new members into the system.

Products usually get used by the consumer at a price not grossly inflated and real value.

Mind you, MLMs falling into this category are like “hen’s teeth”, being few and far between.

However, it becomes confusing when deciding the legitimacy of products, and the MLM for that matter.

Besides, how many times have you heard or confronted a member about how good this product, or whatever is, and claiming it as the best thing since sliced bread. Yet, in reality, it’s nothing more than glorified “snake oil.”

Moreover, and indeed the seller has products available elsewhere, at a fraction of the price.

 Stay At Home Mums

Another of their prime targets is staying at home mums, preying on their financial vulnerability, who desire to supplement the family income. With the family budget already stretched to the limit, they are keen to work from home part-time to ease the money dilemmas, making for the ideal catch.

Mums Working From Home

Let’s be honest about this; obtaining a genuine part-time opportunity for mums in a financial bind, who needs to work, is a challenge.

Usually, they finish up being misled, telling a pot full of trash, and finishing up worse off than before they started.

Those mums who do the sums quickly realize the opportunity isn’t feasible nor profitable.

Desperation encourages them to continue the search in the likelihood something of substance will turn up.

None the less, here we’re in the 21st century, the hangover from the 20th century prevails at many companies’ wheel, which preys on those looking at work from home possibilities. Why do they become prime targets, put merely legitimate jobs working from home, are a rarity?

Should It Appear Too Good To Be True, Then It Probably Is?

Littered everywhere across the internet and social media, you’ll see content dollied up using a smart sales pitch enticing you to take the next step. Things like enrol for this fantastic chance to be your boss and work from home on your schedule. At the same time tossing out the line for their next catch using images of someone retiring on a beach with palm trees, and how you too, can create wealth in a few months and all sorts of other encouragements. Why? They’re enticing you to believe, you too can have the lifestyle you always dreamed of. So, if it appears too good to be true, then more likely it is.

They’ll never disclose what the business is, of course. Also, use a bogus email address to gather additional information, and most likely be linked to a HotMail address, which in most instances, is untraceable.

That’s the first “Red Flag Warning,” as that’s telling you, be careful, as most likely it’s not a genuine business, but clearly, a marketing sham tarted up.

Take major fast-food franchises, for instance, they all provide new franchisees with a business structure complete with brand named stock, menu template, logos, cafe layout, full startup support, and hands-on training, including email address reflecting the franchise business name.

In contrast, dodgy marketing companies do business totally in reverse.

The obvious reason details are obscure; they don’t want you to know the agenda’s hidden facts. To be truthful, they don’t want to reveal the many pitfalls connected to the business. So it’s much easier to hide them away from you until you join, then all is exposed.

What Are The Red Flags?

Red flags are aplenty, signs that you are trading with a potential scam system, the fast highway to draining your bank surplus to zero while alienating relations with companions & family.

Behind Scenes MLM UneditedBeware Red Flags


Before considering an application, investigate the business registration authenticity with the direct selling association in your country.


recruiting new members in place of selling real products is a recipe for disaster. It doesn’t work, never has, and never will. They avow sourcing new members in place of products is absolute nonsense. It’s difficult enough earning an income selling quality products, but much more difficult to continually recruit people. Impossible.


Familiarise yourself with the line of products the business is selling. Carry out some investigation into what buyers are saying. Do they have a history with the FDA (Federal Drug Administration)? Or any pending or past legal proceedings. And what were the actions encompassing?

Sellers typically make bold assertions about the gains, covered up with pseudo-scientific proof. The merchandise is there solely to mask the reality that you are buying in a pyramid system.


Suppose the company cannot reveal the source of earnings or give particulars about the products’ technology.

Suppose there’s no permit to confirm your authority or contractual arrangements to others. Then, they are hiding all the particulars away from you. Why? Because the marketing product is next to worthless, and earning rests with full-on recruitment. Unaquavily, this is a definite “Red Flag,” a telltale to move off in another direction.


Don’t settle for “registered” or testified, “US technology”, or secret ingredients. It’s all vapour and glasses.

Recruiting Family And Friends 

Assuredly, friends and family will be the prime target for enrolling, or that’s what the scammers will tell you. I put this way to you, would you ask the same people to give you money for no purposeful reason. Of course not? Well, that’s what these shady operators are telling me to do.

Paying To Become A Member

You joined in the first place to earn money, not expecting to put your money upfront. But NO, you must pay, instead of getting paid, that’s mysterious, wouldn’t you agree?

Anytime you’re required to pay a membership fee, training fee, administration fee, or buy a huge inventory, that’s when you need to be too suspicious.

Your cash will go to the head of the pyramid, and you will nevermore see it again. Likewise, be wary when your full commission goes to your recruiter because you fail to make your quota; you lose out. In contrast, an authentic MLM business will reinvest into its members, not the other way around.


Products retailed exclusively by that business is another significant red flag. Given that may be so, you can almost bet there are other similar products available at a much lower price and offering the same outcomes. It all gets back to research, understanding what you are dealing with, and potential earnings.

Why then, if it’s such a great commodity, how come other carriers don’t stock it? Possibly because those carriers don’t permit you to hire new members, they want to protect their character versus fake or low-quality products?

Wobbly MLMs

Shady MLMs or pyramid systems are wobbly because every new level demands more increased recruits for the system to grow and maintain its existence. For example, they need to develop new ideas on sustaining existing levels while encouraging new members to join in on the scam. Otherwise, new money into the system would dry up and eventually, the system would topple over.

Top Level Recruits

Here is another example; let’s pretend the founder who holds the top level of command recruits five new members. He then tells those five to repeat what he has done. They will increase the system of new members to twenty-five. And the top dog now earns a commission from 30 members, and every new member enlisted after that he collects a commission. That is how shonky pyramid systems work. Is it any wonder they are illegal?

Those at the top, just like the top dog example above, blatantly surround themselves with luxury items, expecting to appeal to your desire and envy in anticipation of blocking you from thinking plainly.

Final Word

Presently, MLMs are preying on lower-income neighbourhoods, often those that can ill afford the genuine possibility of losing money. And, these so-called scammers take advantage of their lack of knowledge and finances and fleece them to the point where some need to borrow to pay back the debt inflicted on them.

Greedy companies use these strategies in low-income communities because they are easy targets.

These gatherings value family and neighbourhoods, are upwardly portable, and have close, trusting relationships. A single hold in a tight-knit community is invaluable for recruitment because businesses know they value connection. And are more likely to produce more recruits or, at the very least, more buyers — friends and family purchasing items out of a sense of neighbourhood or social commitment.

Recruiting New Members

As remarked earlier, MLMs rely massively on recruiting new members. Often, the only way to reach the high sales numbers guaranteed in the offering is by accumulating an extensive downline, not by marketing the products. If your company’s performance relies on how multiple people you deliver, it’s unquestionably a scam.

The most trustworthy training you do is look into how sustained the business has been in marketing, whether the industry has ever gotten sued for “dishonest business systems.” And review with your country authorities for accusations against the organization.

If you find numerous remarks about recruitment, get the heck out of there. You don’t need to get crumpled when that pyramid comes tumbling down.

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