Bentley 6-1 Stroller Trike

Updated 3 April 2021 – Bentley Balance Bikes New Release

Who says you have to be old enough before you can get your very own Bentley? Not anymore.

In 2017, Bentley Motors designed and built a stroller-trike for babies from six months old, to 4 years of age.

Bentley Motor Company

Bentley Logo

Forged in conjunction with the Bentley Motor Company, this groundbreaking licenced Stroller has reached unprecedented market demand for parents and kids.

Full of everything, it’s a stroller of rarity, unique in style, and combined with loads of, out of this world fun and joy.

The very first of its kind, in design and feature, no wonder it’s grabbed the attention of parents around the world.

Bentley Balance Bikes

New Release Bentley Balance Bikes

Invented in partnership with Bentley Motors, these Balance bikes embrace the same well-defined attention to detail and captivating manner known to the luxury automaker over an extensive period. The Magnesium structure extracts inspiration from the smooth lines of Bentley vehicles. Together, the etched Bentley logo, eco-leather seats, and carbon pattern front spokes inspire the luxurious heritage of the Bentley Brand.

The Bentley Balance Bike is classic for children as young as 18 months. These pedal-less bikes do considerably more than help educate your children to self-support. Additionally, provide years of fun as they grow confidence and ride and glide securely into more uneven terrain. Unlike most balance bikes, the Bentley Balance Bike arrives with a unique safety locking brake system. These reliable brakes give your child more exceptional stopping power and a junior brake lever for those future motocross riders.

Anniversary Model

A limited-edition anniversary model is no ordinary stroller. With uniqueness and classy, the difference stands alone in distinction and released to coincide with Bentley Motors centennial anniversary.

The 6-in-1 Stroller: 

Tricycle is the perfect connection between elegance and sophistication with stylish features identical to the Bentley Continental GT. The
Bentley Trike is even down to replica wheels made from the rubber compound and filled with air, ensuring a sort after, comfortable experience for every child.


A cup holder and storage basket that may magnetically attach, are included as part of the package, designed to make every parent-child outing a much less stressful experience—also guaranteed with a five-point harness, nonslip pedals, and a safety guard. Safety is always the most critical consideration, and the Stroller – Trike is no exception.

Tricycle frame finished in a Matte Black colour with Golden Stitching, including a GT replica seat, satin detailing, touchpoints in eco-leather. And the gold Bentley branding and the Bentley logo on the frame.

Other features include reclining and swivel seat, several footrest positions, adjustable handle positions, including a freewheel and handle function. They are combined with superior quality in craftsmanship during production by ensuring a fun and enjoyable experience for several years. Get 10% off when you sign up for our newsletter!

Balance And Co-ordination

Just the same, it’s not all about the looks. The Trike offers better quality in balance and co-ordination and is a cut above the rest with a smooth ride, in contrast to other strollers.

A by-product of the replica GT, and with rubber wheels.

Apart from looking and feeling like a top-line Stroller-Trike, the quality finish is with class distinction.

Bentley Innovative Stroller – Trike

Undoubtedly, Bentley has designed an innovative Stroller-Trike that transforms as your child grows. A design never is seen before and has taken the Stroller market by surprise.

From the infant age of 6 months, you have the most up-to-date Stroller, providing comfort, security and assurance. And, as your child grows, it converts from a stroller into a trike. I suppose it’s a bit like getting two items for the price of one.

It’s easy to understand why this ultra-modern Stroller-Trike, has taken the world by storm, with its versatility and features speaks for themselves.

Assemble the most spot-on fit that’s enjoyable for your child, starting from six months to 4 plus years old.

And all by accommodating the four-stage process.

Truly, When it comes to Strollers, this one offers the complete package, catering for infants, a few months old up to four-plus years of age. Receive a free decor soft rug when you purchase a Bentley Trike!

Stage one

Six Months Up To 18 Months

The back support has reclining points.

Parents are in total control of all adjustments, including parental removable push handle.

May also rotate the seat up to 180 degrees. So your child is facing your person.

These functions, including the additional footrests, are ideal for infants to familiarise themselves with the Stroller.

The Stroller has quite a large canopy, with settings adjustable in two positions. And, it’s a waterproof UPF-50 fabric—ideal for all weather conditions.

Stage Two

18 Months To 24 Months 

Depending upon your situation, either or both the necessary footrest and canopy are removable.

Luxury Bentley Trike for Kids

When your child starts to place their feet on the pedals, you’re able to use the freewheel functionally. That gives them self-confidence even though they won’t be controlling the wheels.

The free handlebar function can also be enabled, allowing them to move the handlebar but not control the tricycle.

Benefits of this nature give them the feeling of self-control and adventure. Anything that offers an exciting fun-packed stroll that has a rewarding outcome for both of you is priceless.

Stage Three

24 Months To 36 Months

Once they have gained the confidence to pedal by themselves, they can remove most control accessories.

Stage Four 

36 Months To Age Four/Five

By now, they will be controlling the Trike under their own steam. So, it’s time to remove the remaining accessories so as they can have lots of fun and enjoyment.

Added Benefits

  • Freewheel function for safe parental control
  • Rear brake for safe stops; 5-point seat belts for extra security
  • Rotating ergonomic seat for precious eye contact Adjustable back support for different sitting positions
  • Detachable safety guard for comfort sitting process Air wheels (Front 12″, Back 10″) for a smooth ride
  • Wheel Fenders to protect for dirt and dust
  • Foldable canopy for all weather conditions
  • The window for parental supervision
  • Additional footrests for the minor passengers
  • Anti-Slip Pedals to prevent any slippery accidents
  • Age recommended: 6 months to 5 years

Product Description

Designed in partnership with Bentley Motors and your toddler’s needs in mind, the Bentley 6 In 1 Stroller – Tricycle is the perfect combination of elegance and function. Not only that, but it’s also a Stroller that will grow with your child.

The Trike proudly displays the world-famous Bentley badge of honour, embedding a commitment to quality and craftsmanship.

An honour that the Bentley Motor Company has so dearly and proudly upheld over many years. And is the same distinction, with the Bentley name.

The Stroller:  Trike displays some of the many features synonymous with the Bentley style. Such as:

Self Stopping Milkbe Stroller

Identical features to the Bentley Continental GT. Even down to replica wheels made from rubber compound, and filled with air, for a smoother ride.

The Trike finished in a stylish Black Matte colour corresponding to the Bentley Continental cars. And attached, to the Trike’s metal frame is the Chrome Bentley logo.

Dual-purpose Stroller, transforming into a Trike as your child grows.

Bentley has expertly manufactured a Trike with the present and future functionality in mind.

A rare one of its kind, ensuring your infant or toddler is safe and comfortable with every experience.

A Stroller-Trike with a rare piece of history to behold. Something you’ll both reminisce as the years pass by.

Customer Questions

Following are a few Q and A’s from customers.

Bentley Q & A


Freewheel functionality for safe regulation by parents

Foldable all-weather canopy no matter the conditions

Detachable safety guard for light sitting

Luxury Bentley Trike for Kids

Additional footrest for the minor passengers

Rotating ergonomic seat for visual eye contact

Air wheels (front 12″, back 10″)for a smoother ride

Anti-slip pedals preventing any slippery mishap

Window to be on the alert for any required supervision

Protective wheel fenders to protect from dirt and dust

Rear brake for safe stops

Adjustable back support for sweet naps on-the-go

5-points seat belt to secure the baby

Final Word

All in all, this Stroller-Trike has been thoroughly researched well before manufacture.

And what I like about the Stroller overall is how designers have thought up the unique idea of developing a Stroller and Trike and wrap it all up into one single package.

Apart from that, they have included futuristic features, making it one only of its kind anywhere in the world.

Not only that, but you can rest assured that if Bentley Motors have put their name to this Stroller-Trike, then everything associated with the manufacture will take worldwide first class.

Sure, you’ll initially pay more, and that you would expect, considering you’re not just buying a stroller.

The Bentley has your baby, from six months old to four-plus years old, covered. You see, if you purchase the Bentley Stroller-Trike, then you don’t have to rush out and buy an infant tricycle once your child gets older. And that is why? By purchasing the Bentley, you’re not just buying for the moment, but instead for the future as well.

So, if you pause and take a few moments to remember on what you’re getting, it will soon become apparent that the price doesn’t reflect all the value you’ll get.

So, now you ask where I can get my hands on a Bentley Stroller-Trike. I’ve got you covered there as well. All you need do is follow this link, Bentley Trike, and you’re on your way to arriving in style with a Stroller success story.

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