Can You Really Make Money From Affiliate Marketing – YES See How

Does everyone like to earn some extra money, YES?

I know I do. However, you’d be surprised at the number who look elsewhere soon after realising that hard work and dedication are involved. Without even accepting the fact, that’s what success is based around, and affiliate marketing is no different.

Those who do try their hand in affiliate marketing; toss the towel in way too soon. Why is that so? Simply because they want to see success immediately after starting.

I can tell you here and now, it ain’t just gonna happen without hard work, and lots of it.

It’s unfortunate, but right.

Now then, the question is, can you make money with affiliate marketing?  The short answer is yes; Anyone is capable of doing it.

But, it won’t happen without lots of effort, devotion, and an unrelenting time commitment focused on success.

The more in-depth success solution is a little more complicated as you need to possess three success traits.

  1. Persistence
  2. Patience
  3. A Thirst For Knowledge  

They are the three combinations of mixed strategies needed.


By the dictionary, persistence relates to the following, persevering, tenacious, unrelenting, enduring and the list goes on.

While the meaning says, continuing to leave no stone unturned, and insist on standing firm.

If you wish to be successful with affiliate marketing, these words ring home to what you need to possess.


Requires you to stay calm, exhibit tolerance and perseverance in any situation.

A Thirst For Knowledge

Be like the proverbial dishcloth; soak up as much information you can handle.

When the time arrives, apply that knowledge to the task at hand.

That’s enough of the school lecturing stuff. Let’s focus our attention more on those who are just starting, and I will guide you through the steps of the process.

Fact Number OneTheReal Deal Affiliate

Will make mistakes. It’s something that most won’t tell you, yet it is absolutely right. Mistakes are bound to happen as they are where experience is gained, among many other factors.

Because of this, pushing through and overcoming mistakes will take time before you’ll iron them out every. For that reason, implementing patience and consistency and lots of it will be necessary.

Only then will you start to get a taste of what success is and more of it as you move forward.

Is Affiliate Marketing Unique

NO, it isn’t unique. It sits about on par with any other home-based income business when it is all said and done. Home-based businesses are all individual irrespective of your preference.

I say this is because they all work in a similar style, with each having its own peculiarities.

And to add to that, monetary remunerations aren’t just achieved from what you choose; it’s more about getting everything right in an accurate and uniform.

If you showpiece all of these characteristics, then you are on your way to becoming a super affiliate.

The Real World of Affiliate Marketing

Like so many other online businesses, affiliate marketing continues to grow steadily, with separate surveys finding that the industry is expected to reach somewhere around $6.8 billion by the year 2020.

The study also pinpointed that approximately 90 per cent of the current advertisers believe that affiliate programs are pivotal to the overall strategy; The report went on to say the majority of the publishers suggested that affiliate partnerships were responsible for more than 20+% of the annual revenue.

Other studies have taken a more in-depth look at the potential incomes attached to the affiliate marketer.

Details suggest that around 10/15% are generating way above $50,000 a year.

It went on to say that a vast majority of affiliate marketers believed that somewhere in the region of 25% of their income generation was from affiliate programs. Contrary to the many claims bandied around the affiliate network, suggesting that you will earn 1000’s of dollars for doing almost nothing.

The most famous line, “just by a few clicks here and there”, and you’re on your way to wealth and fortune abound; Sounds too good to be true, and that is what it is TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE.

Steer clear, don’t get sucked in.

Those who see out the distance are the ones who experience the golden casket at the end; Why? Because affiliate success is hard-earned, and there is no escaping the fact that it will all take time and lots of effort;

 Let’s Look At Ways To Create Some Extra Income?

Recognise that becoming a successful affiliate marketer will not happen overnight. Set yourself realistic expectations (goals) right at the start and carefully observe your history to see what is working and what isn’t. Make changes when and where necessary, and you’ll likely start getting some rewards.

Your thinking, but, hang on a bit, I haven’t an ounce of experience and, besides, I haven’t any idea where or how to start? That’s understandable yet, quickly answered; Set yourself up with a reputable affiliate network. I’m a premium member at Wealthy Affiliate.

The ideal platform for beginners or those who want to increase their affiliate knowledge is something for everyone.

Your perfect launching pad personal for starting in the affiliate marketing platform. The principal objective of the affiliate marketing platform is for you to promote other peoples products; and, generally through an affiliate network.

Because for every sale that your campaign realizes, you earn a commission. It’s derived from distribution allocation. For instance, some already have a product selling base but would like to sell more.

So, offering promoters a financial incentive through an affiliate program has the potential of increasing sales. You, the affiliate marketer you are preparing, don’t have any products usually, but you want to earn money.

In that case, you will need to promote other’s products (merchants). Products that you highly regard as having the significant potential of earning an income from it as an affiliate marketer.

The part that I like best about being an affiliate marketer, you don’t have to worry about creating or preparing your own product/s because all the heavy lifting has been done by someone else.

Plus, by not wasting time creating product/s to sell, the benefits are enormous.

All that is required of you, design and develop a platform to sell products; you are then in the position to start making money as an affiliate.

Now It’s Time To Decide Your Business Model

There are two flagship business versions from which to make a choice, and both have relevance to the potential affiliate marketer;

  • Resource Site
  • Review Site

Depending upon your experience with the product/service and the path you elect to follow, both offer long term success.

  1.  The resources site generally is associated with being in company with merchant/s connected through a linking or Unlock Ideas For Your Budiness growthbanner promotion on how-to goods and services and posts alike.
  2.  Review site where you write innovative reviews concerning a particular product/service, and, where you can authenticate your first-hand knowledge of its value. All reports require either a link/banner or both that will direct the visitors to the merchants’ website.

Website Creation

Progressing as an affiliate marketer, you’ll need a website and/or blog to promote and advertise your chosen product/service. Also, you’ll need links and banners connected to your merchant of choice.

  1. Conversely, should you already be set-up with a website, you would ideally then use that as your primary site.
  2.  On-the-other-hand, if you are just starting out, more likely; you won’t have either a website or blog, so, you’ll need to put them in place.

The Advantage Of A Blog

Blogs are perfect from a starting viewpoint as the establishment is straightforward, and the set-up costs are quite low. With the blogging itself being totally free, it makes for a fantastic venture for just getting into affiliate marketing.

As an Alternative, you are more interested in starting with a platform that specialises in online marketing where everything is set out for you. A platform that gives your website independence and self-control.

Full training includes comprehensive coaching modules, such as video training, weekly webinars, and a free start-up website fully assembled for you within one minute and maintained 24/7.

Designed with the beginner in mind and through to the highest level in marketing.

Finding a Unique Niche

The common mistake with many affiliate marketing aspirants is that they try to offer everything, and all at once, rather than focus on a specific niche market. With so many profitable niches available, it’s no wonder they get swept up with the euphoria.

Whereas I believe a level-headed approach is much more rewarding in the long term.

No matter how obscure your niche, with a little research, you will uncover the hidden treasures. On the other hand, be wary of the more popular niche’s as they are usually pretty crowded, such as; health, fitness, wealth, money, and romance.

From my own experience, I use a tool called Jaaxy to uncover these gems.

I find it’s the best way of honing my focus toward a niche that has less profile. At the start, it may seem that you are doing a lot of work and getting nowhere, but you are. All the hard work at the beginning is what lays the foundation for later.

This is where exercising your willpower from within is essential, as it will grow now and harvest future success. All that you need to do is stick at it and not give up, as success will be just around the corner. Something else, whatever you do, don’t try and scatter your efforts because that is a recipe for disaster.

Choosing Products And Services

You’re all good to go in search of your chosen product/service that you can promote on your website.

Depending upon your niche of choice will dictate the preparation work required from your end.

The marketplaces that I found who work well in conjunction with affiliates, and most other members use, are Commission Junction, now (CJ Affiliate), or ShareASale; Both are first-class places and offer a mixture of merchants with an array of products and services.

There is little to no doubt you’ll uncover a niche that is just the bee’s knees, ready and waiting to promote Both marketplaces will connect you to a vast assortment of merchants, who will provide a gambit of advertising material, that is rather simple to upload into your website. Some will even offer hints on what to do.

Choosing A Blog And Niche

It’s something that can be really handy if you haven’t yet, fully refined your niche product. In contrast, for those who have chosen to follow the digital path of Ebooks or software, then your marketplace will more likely be Amazon, Clickbank, E-Junkie, or PayDotCom.

Then there will be those who choose to go in the direction of, Pay-Per-Click (PPC). Your marketplace will then be the likes of Google AdSense, as they seem to be the main attraction in this particular arena. If you are considering the PPC model, there are then a couple of points worthy of mention.

  • PPC will pay much less than the other models mentioned, and can very quickly eat away at your savings with little or no result.
  • PPC I have found is best left for the more experienced marketer who has already established themselves within the affiliate marketing arena.
  • From a maintenance viewpoint, they require little to no maintenance as they will stay evergreen for as long as you run the campaign.

 Working With Seasoned Affiliates

Growing your business requires lots of ongoing work, and that is where seasoned affiliates can be very useful. Myself, I work with these types of members every day with total access to a one-on-one basis as required.

If that appeals to you, you can also enjoy the same uplift with your business by clicking here. The knowledge they can pass off is profound, not only that you’re ready to outshine those who struggle away on their own steam.

If you elect to go it alone, then linking up with affiliates prepared to help will come at a sizable cost.

There again, developing a blog that you want to be famous and attract a large following will take time to generate into an authority website. It’s much more comfortable having access to the necessary training.

On the other hand, you may decide to be the sole author of a book or series of articles and publish them in the hope of attracting authority.

Either way will take time, so if you are in the mindset of not wanting to follow down this rather arduous path. Then look at the alternatives

From my own personal experiences, the simple plan of action where you can connect with other like-minded affiliates with the ability to tap into their vast knowledge are:

  • Connecting with bloggers and online marketers, where you are in the favourable position of being able to ask questions that relate to your objectives.
  • Also, other associated matters that will help in escalating your knowledge and aspirations.
  • Affiliates and bloggers can be found sharing ideas and tips through forums and affiliate networks. Usually, they, (forums, networks) are easily located just by doing a simple Google search on your related topic.

Traffic And Affiliate Programs

Hold on a minute before you get too excited. You’ll need to drive traffic to your website, so how will you do that? Why, of course, through forums and networks, You will have most likely built your platform and have a direction that you wish to pursue.

After all, that was where you linked up with affiliates and bloggers in the first place; and they aren’t there for no reason. They understand the real value and significance networking offers.

So if it’s good enough for them, it has to be OK with you as well. Besides, the grounding you are focusing on you will have gained through both of these mediums, and your authority will shine from start to finish. Your confidence in writing blogs and web articles will be working in overdrive. There are a couple of other ways worth considering, such as:

  1. Sharing content as giveaways that contain external links with other websites. The theory behind this is to encourage or drive traffic to your site.
  2. Preparing newsletters with external links. The method behind this, motivate your readers to pass to their readers efficiently for attracting extra traffic.

 Amplifying Your Business

The most efficient way to develop and increase your understanding as an affiliate marketer. Research and master the art of what the top affiliates are doing.

One of the best ideas, as I mentioned earlier, join online community forums and participate in general conversations in a way that will broaden your horizons.

The value of community forums is enormous, and, the beaut part, they are all free to join. Apart from that, the advice you’ll gather will be invaluable in developing your level of experience.

And for good measure, forums, in most cases, provide networking possibilities of connecting with lots of like-minded affiliate marketers.

Relationship Building

Building relationships that create trust involves a lot of hard work with a potent dose of patience; and, that ain’t gonna happen overnight. Trust Me.

You are responsible for the professional relationships with other affiliate partners that will be long-lasting. And, “YES” goes with the territory of driving traffic to your website through your marketing programs.

There will most probably be a requirement to search for other partnerships that will further enhance your business from time to time. In the early stages of establishing an alliance, it’s wise to understand how they prefer to liaise.

Otherwise, somewhere down the track, unwanted problems could creep in; and, that would be the last thing you want. Employing, and demonstrating your understanding of the various needs, likes of, scheduling work and with an open line of contact will foster harmony.

It all boils down to being considerate and what they can expect from your approach.

 Targeted Traffic

Generating an income from your website needs visitors and visitor conversion. Having people visit your website is good in itself, but your goal is to convert as many as possible of those visitors into paying customers.

Principally, the plan is to attract visitors and turn them from prospective customers into paying customers.

Here are four ideas that you can apply to your business. However, this may not be something that you try straight up.

But, instead, wait until you are quite comfortable with, and understand the workings of affiliate marketing.

Funded Advertising

This approach draws a combination of ideas, such as graphics, profound clickable links, and ad copy; this isn’t your traditional affiliate marketing strategy. Paying for advertisements using PPC (pay-per-click) has a relatively high degree of return on investment. As I mentioned earlier, the most likely choice would be Google and/or Adsense.

Their set-up is moderately simple in getting started. A word of warning nevertheless, if you are unfamiliar with the PPC concept, then avoid it. You can very quickly lose money if you don’t understand its inner workings.

No Charge Advertising

Those of you who are considering advertising will suggest this will be the best starting point. This technique consists of placing links and advertisements on free websites.

There are several sites where you can place free ads, and it’s just a matter of doing a little research. Chances are, it won’t be as profitable as PPC, but a heck lot safer, especially if you are low on cash.

There are a couple of others you may want to investigate, and they are article advertising and Email advertising.

The reason for not going into more detail is for those who are reasonably well established and have been working in the affiliate arena for some time.


These ads are considered part of the affiliate marketing backbone. That requires you to be familiar with the layout and put together a well-constructed ad because that may well be the difference between success and failure.

  • For instance, focusing on a distinct problem that your audience may be experiencing, and, who are looking for a solution or benefit that the product offers.
  • The inclusion of excellent, strongly-worded keywords will assist in driving traffic toward your ad.
  •  Work with an authoritative or call to action to tactfully urge consumers to click through your link.

Make Quality Over Quantity The Objective

According to some experts, the key to affiliate marketing success is finding the right-minded members. Because having a massive network of affiliates will not necessarily help you earn more money. Undoubtedly, affiliates will vary in size and structure; however, the essential factor being, build a secure connection and maintain it with your members of choice.

Understanding Your Expectations

Like I said from the get-go, affiliate marketing demands a heck of a lot of hard work and dedication. I see so many fail mainly because they expect to become rich in a short space of time. If that being the case in what you are looking for, then Affiliate Marketing ISN “T FOR YOU.

Getting your business off the ground is no different to brick and mortar businesses. They all take time to develop. Even more so when just starting. Why? Because you need to learn and understand the ins and out of what to do.

The affiliate marketing entrepreneurs of the world will all tell you, in their early days of starting, they worked way more than 10 hours every day. Today’s field has become a competitive marketing ground where companies employ professional marketers with large amounts of money to spend in attracting traffic.

Final Word

If you have reached this point with me, you’re ready to start the new Platform Affiliate Marketing. Hopefully, you have enjoyed the journey and are now armed with all the essential points of affiliate marketing.

Not only that, I expect that you have been armed with the knowledge, tools and strategies. So, I ask, are you now ready to take the next step in this beautiful world of affiliate marketing.

Let me put it this way, the vital mix between success and failure comes down to your approach. For instance, if you see it as another online business, you’re not going to be successful.

History suggests that you will only get back the same amount that you are prepared to put in at the start.

And, if that being very little, then your return will be ZERO. On the other hand, to build a business based on trust, integrity and hard work,

then the sky is the limit.

The Real Deal Affiliate


Should you have any questions regarding affiliate marketing (or affiliate marketing in general), I will appreciate hearing from you.


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