How Can I Start With Affiliate Marketing

Before I became familiar with affiliate marketing, I always thought that becoming involved was a breeze and a quick way to earn some passive income.

Have you ever seen money fall out of the sky? Neither have I.

Helecopter Dropping Money

Don’t be duped into believing that its a piece of cake, because it isn’t; it isn’t any different to starting any other kind of business – HARD YAKKA and  DEDICATION, they are the pillars of success.

So before you throw yourself head-first into this business, take a moment and ask yourself two crucial things.

  1. Am I willing to commit 100% into this opportunity?
  2. Am I committed to some  HARD YAKKA and DEDICATION?

By interpretation, “Affiliate Marketing”, is a process of earning a commission through means of promoting other person’s products, (i.e.), “Individual or Company”. 

Usually, this is done by you selecting a product (niche), that you want to promote to visitors, and for every sale, you earn a slice of the auction. “Sound as easy as ABC, right?

Well, strictly speaking, it’s not as easy as it all sounds. You need to be totally committed and unwavering in the learning process or steps that will lead you to become an authority affiliate marketer. ACTION controls all outcomes.

Here are Five Essential Steps as to How I Got Started:

Choosing the Right Affiliate Network

Choosing an affiliate network requires chemistry between yourself and the merchant whose products you will be promoting. Otherwise, it just won’t work. Choosing the right affiliate network at the beginning is the easiest way for the long term.

Although there are many networks to choose from, it is crucial to line yourself with a merchant who sells products, (niche) that best suits your campaign.

There are two types of products that you can promote:

  1. Physical
  2. Digital

For instance, if you are looking to develop a physical product, then you would be looking at merchants such as Amazon, Google, ShareaSale or Commission Junction (known as CJ).

And, digital products you would then probably source out Clickbank because around 95% of their product is digital.

Commissions for both options will vary considerably. Mainly being that physical products are manufactured, therefore, attracts an associated cost before it arrives at the marketplace. In this instance, sale percentages for the affiliate usually range from as low as 4% – 75%.

Digital products are reproductions with little to no cost, so the affiliate’s commission will be offered at a far higher rate somewhere around 30% – 85% dependant on the digital product on offer.

In many instances, digital information products can be more favourable to sell because people can get instant access with immediate satisfaction when purchasing a digital information product.

If you are intending promoting physical products as an affiliate, then can be an excellent starting point. The range is significant, and their promotional banners are beneficial. Although the commission in most instances is low and ranges from around 4% – 8%, dependant on the product.

Choosing Your Niche

As you learn more about affiliate marketing and continue moving forward; So, starting out with a very sound strategy will pay dividends later on.

Preferably, it’s best to select a niche (product) that is known to you, (i.e.) a hobby, tools, furniture, clothing etc. The more first-hand knowledge you have about a product, the much easier it is to write up a review and pass on your first-hand experience.

Starting out is always the hardest, so it is best to place all your efforts to say one or two products. That way it won’t become complicated for you, and you’ll find your mark much more straightforward.

The secret when just beginning is to become an expert with product/s you’re slowly promoting, in other words, an authority; And, over time this will give you branding while at the same time building your thrust with customers.

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Researching Your Niche Product

In reality, deciding on a niche product is best if you choose something that you have a particular interest in or have background knowledge about the product.

Before you start out, ask yourself the following:

  • Would I use this product?
  • Will my visitors derive any benefit from this product?
  • Will my product resolve the visitor’s issues?
  • Will my buying process be easy for my visitors?
  • Is my promotional campaign informative?
  • Does the product attract a fair and reasonable commission?

If you can positively answer, “YES” to these questions, then you are good to start your promotional campaign. On the other hand, you’re feeling a little unsure about some of the items, then don’t move on until you have addressed those concerns and have a feeling of complete satisfaction.

Writing Reviews About Niche Products

So, you’ve reached this point, and now it’s time to create content for your campaign. Your content must be relevant to your niche but also interesting and engaging enough to keep your audience coming back.

Product reviews are a fantastic way of building lots of trust with your audience, and not only that, you’re becoming an expert in that field, and that leads to website branding.

However, reviews are seen as an accurate and fair report, so always be on the front foot. If there is something about the product that isn’t appealing, then report as it is, you’ll win more business than what you’ll lose.

People understand that nothing is perfect, so they look for faults in your product review.

The more honest you are with your report that expectation of trust will develop, so they are more likely to buy from you for being honest.

It doesn’t matter the product type because trust works in every facet of all online promotions, And that’s not me just saying that history demonstrates over and over again that belief is the overriding factor in affiliate marketing success.

Signing Up to an Affiliate Program

We touched on this earlier where I suggested promoting physical products you will be best served with a merchant, (i.e.) amazon, Google, ShareaSale or Commission Junction (known as CJ); And digital, Clickbank will best serve your needs.

However, some other aspects deserve consideration, such as an email campaign. Although it can be a very effective way of generating a customer database, it also can be an absolute minefield if you are new to affiliate marketing.

However, I’ll touch across email marketing for those who are interested in its online value.

You’re about or have reached a point with your affiliate campaigns and have built a sizable list. That’s great, but what next? Start creating a series of email product promotions, works exceptionally well with digital (information) products, as customers love getting their hands on something very soon after buying it. A great way to generate quick income that really works.

Email Marketing Strategy

Primarily, it works best with the suggestions below:

  • A minimum list of at least 1,000 customers
  • A product you have used and found it offers a massive benefit to your readers, or have a very familiar understanding of the product
  • The product rates very highly with other users and carries a high satisfaction rating, so it converts well

Best results are achieved using a cautious approach. What I mean here is sending out the initial email, then a follow up a few days later and sending the third round a week later. Usually, you’ll find that customers acknowledge the first, then when they receive the second or the third one they’ll respond to your offer.

WARNING, to those who are just getting started, don’t go down this path unless you have some Email marketing knowledge, or until you have a far greater handle on the affiliate strategies we’ve talked about.

Final Say

If you have been struggling to make a start, then the information in my post will go a long way in helping you to get started in affiliate marketing.

Because there is a substantial amount of data to digest, I have only touched across the more critical issues that more likely have been holding you back.

So, now then, it should be full steam ahead for you; And, it’s all a matter of generating an income online.

The enticement of affiliate marketing is indisputable; who can resist any passive income? Nobody?

But, before that, passive income can happen, you have got to put in some work first. The steps listed above are well…not passive. It would help if you committed; take action and persevere to see success.

The affiliate marketing key to success isn’t that complicated. It’s all about making a start and begin the learning process as you move forward. As you grow, you’ll pick up on marketing strategies, including a few tricks and tips here and there.

Affiliate marketing is not dissimilar from anything else; it all takes time and effort.

However, what I found when starting, was getting connected with an affiliate platform where all the training was provided; and, that’s why I joined Wealthy Affiliate and have never looked back.

Are You Up To Starting Your Own Affiliate Business

After reading my post, and you’re still in some doubt about starting your own affiliate marketing business. Please hop on over to Wealthy Affiliate and take a test drive; It’s free to join.

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