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How Hard Must It Be To Start An Online Blogging Business?

If a teenager can do it, why not you too, right?

Well, starting an online blogging business isn’t hard at all, but starting a successful onlineblogging  business is very difficult.

At first, my blogs were crap, and readers didn’t care to read the material or engage in the conversation.

So I went about understanding what I needed to do and the steps that I needed to take to achieve success and I want to share my experience with you.

Starting a successful onlineblogging business offers lots of benefits, so, people, of course, jump at the thought of making money, and lots and lots of it.

That is the single most reason what motivates them, but the reality is it is never going to happen overnight.

Lots of people have many other reasons; Individual freedom also has a critical priority; As does having your own online business, because that allows you the freedom to control your own time, apart from the fact that you are also your boss.

There is an untold number of times where people starting a business go for some considerable length of time before they are getting themselves a reasonable income.

What I’m saying, money isn’t the single most motivation in starting your own online business.

Of course, there is the alternative, if you want a constant income flow, then I guess, it means putting your head down at a desk, working 40+ hours Monday to Friday; And, hope that you get paid enough to start up a savings plan.

We all know how irritating it is working with the frustrations of co-workers.

Are you discontent with the attitudes of working for someone else; And, are you unhappy of providing your hard work to build your employers’ dream; These are also strong motivations to consider.

The thought of financial freedom is also enormous, and that is what attracts people to the online world. Who knows, you, one day could be the next millionaire.

Presumably, a better life is what you want, and blogging can offer you that and also a balance of control over your finances.

It’s a known fact when you work for someone else; you are making them wealthy.

For each day that you offer your services, you are generating money, but, instead of your revenue making, going directly to you, it is flowing into the coffers of your employer.

By starting your own business, every cent that you generate, goes directly to you and not someone else; So, in other words, you are being rewarded for the effort.

Is it possible to live the dream: You bet it is — provided your ideas are genuine.

The Real Deal Affiliate

Eventually, you are going to be moving from full-time employment to running your own business, and that offers many avenues; Such as, business creation, and what a buzz.

All of a sudden, you will have gained this newfound control over your own life, instead of someone else’s.

You make the rules, and schedule the direction of your business; And, to add to that, you are totally in control of the incoming money: and besides, you have your freedom to do what you choose.

Naturally, there will be new challenges along the way, but they are better than working for a boss.

The difference now is the online market becomes your employer, as will all your customers and clients be your new bosses.

There are also other things along with revenue setting and growth to contemplate; And, of course, there will be the constant flow of accounts to consider.

While it’s okay not having to work for someone else, that weekly pay envelope will no longer keep coming in, so you are now faced with a new challenge; Make a profit or fail.

So the time will arrive where you will need to meet and beat those challenges; They can be overcome by asking serious questions and be prepared to find and work hard toward answering every one of them.

You might ask? Is this all possible while I’m working in full-time employment? The answer to that is “YES”, as there are benefits by staying full time employed.

Starting up your own business and continue working full time is more than achievable, and in most instances, this is typically how the bulk of first-time business owners start out.

Getting your business off the ground is going to take time, so you will need money coming in to bide you over until your business is fully established.

Not only that you will have that financial security, that you will need if your business fails.

There is no time parameter as to how long it will be before your online business begins to outstrip your full-time income.

For that reason, there is no way why you should put yourself at a significant financial burden.

Stay fully employed until you are completely satisfied that you are very comfortable in relying on your business as your only source of revenue.

Starting an online business from scratch

It’s quite staggering to see, many people who are interested in starting online, have the belief that writing is the hallmark to success; Well’ it is, and it isn’t.

The Real Deal AffiliateIf you like writing and this what you love doing, and it comes quite naturally to you, then, that won’t be a problem.

For those who see it as a roadblock, then there are other means that you can utilize that will blend in with your writing;

Things like imagery, videos (becoming quite popular), internal links (links to other posts within your website), external links (links to external sites), social media, i.e. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Then, there are, of course, magazines, newspapers and advertising material. They all are accommodating, that you can use for your writing, just so long as whatever you choose does relate to your niche.

The best way for success when writing is to keep your content original, and in line with your niche headline, otherwise, rankings will be that much harder come by;

Headlines Featuring Your Keyword

Favourite headlines are critical, as they need to be captivating in a way that it entices your visitor read your content. And, there are many in creating headlines. Here are a couple of headlines that start with the following; How to, Ultimate, and starting with figures, also attract interest. Besides, there are a variety of ways how you can write a captivating headline.

Content Creation

Another secret, posting content onto your website on a very regular basis creates authority. Not only that, it helps in attracting visitors; Also, Google looks for originality, quality, and consistency when crawling your site.

There are several ways in what type of content you can use; The best content needs to engage readers; so, your writing should go along the lines as if you were telling a story about something exciting that you experienced.

However, before you can start writing content, you will need to find a product/item that you have some knowledge in; But, you should never run short on content ideas as there are heaps of choices that you can write about

The Best Advice I Can Offer

When starting out, and sticking with a formula that has been proven over time, you won’t make the same mistakes as what I did; I chose to ignore a few simple steps because I was trying to short circuit the system; And, cost me dearly; Besides, I paid the penalty by having to learn the hard way.

Four Great Examples Of What You Will Need.

1. Finding a Niche.

Finding a topic one that you are passionate about or ideas that you have some considerable knowledge; Usually, a hobby or something that you are quite familiar with is an ideal starting point.

Later on into your online journey, you’ll learn more about how to research other niches. Start by keeping it as simple as you possibly can until you find your comfort zone.

Before you can start writing content, you’ll need to know what you are going to writing about.

2.Market research.

Researching products that best suit your niche is the key; For instance, you wouldn’t have a niche, “how the groom your pet dog’ and have your content-based around “how to lose weight in 30 days”.

Can you see what I’m saying always write your content that is relevant to your specific niche?

3. Analysis of your competitors.

By researching your competitors and finding out what they are doing will give you a leg up in preparing and refining your content.

4. Analyzing your target market.

Market research plays a significant role because the more you dig and the deeper you go, the better your understanding of your target market.

By following the four steps above, you’ll uncover things like, who is my audience, what do they like, does my product and website reflect on the expectation of my visitors?

How to Market Your Online Business

So now you have a niche and sorted reliable product or service.

You’ve set up your online store and filled it with great content that is unique and reflects your niche and also your keyword. And, you’ve just hit the publish button. Great

So what do you do next, put your feet up to sit back, relax, and marvel at those sales roll in and the dollars ticking over, right? Well, just not yet.

The hard part of building an online business is hardly started, and now’s the time roll your sleeves up and get stuck into work.

Earning those first few dollars is quite a challenge and far from easy. None the less, your efforts haven’t been in vain;

Setting up and starting an online business from scratch is testing enough; However, you’ve made it this far, so from here and into the future, those sales will start rolling in.

The Real Deal AffiliatePros

• Personal freedom: Why spend 40+ hours every week working for a boss. Once you take control of owing and running your

own business, you are in control of your destiny.

Every single hour you invest into your own business takes you a step closer toward a successful outcome; Whereby in reverse every hour you work in full-time employment, you are investing into your boss’s retirement fund.

Not only that, you choose your hours, and every ounce of energy you give goes toward your retirement fund.

• Leave behind that 9 to 5 grind and all the other things associated with the job.

You’ll have the power to dump all the rules and regulations set by others. You will have a new purpose and desire to follow the dream and concentrate on what you love doing.

• Financial freedom, what’s better than that? Running your own business gives you direct power and control in every aspect of your business.

You regulate your finances in the way that you earn and spend, giving you complete control of your life moving forward.

The Real Deal AffiliateCons

• Working for an employer, some deadlines have to be met, meeting that you need to attend. While all the time you have other work that needs attention;

And, if that isn’t bad enough, you have someone peering over your shoulder checking on your work. Pressures that you can do without.

Operating your own online business releases that pressure valve; However, you will survive; Provided, you motivate yourself and keep a watchful eye on the bottom line, as that will be your original key to success.

• Gone will be the interaction with other people from the office because you are now on your own in your own environment.

Mixing with people away from your home office will need to be a regular occurrence.

• No longer will you be getting that regular pay slip; Therefore, away goes that financial security that you once had; Money that was always there as a business back up.

What you will have is the vulnerability of the market as your only source of income.

None the less life throws up many challenges, and it’s how we react is the secret. Not having a go, you will never know what could have been.

What From Here? Open Up Your Door To Success

Online marketing has exploded in success and popularity among online businesses.

Creating excellent content informs your audience that you want to educate, communicate, and equip them as much (or more) than you want to sell to them.

Also, it tells your story and draws in organic traffic. Skilful content builds trust and further establishes your brand’s authority.

There is no need for content marketing to be complicated. Just leap into the world of content, Begin, by writing for your blog for your online business.

That way, you are building yourself a platform to share articles and ideas that resonate with your audience.

Using your blog to determine what topics are performing best based on traffic; Inspires ideas for evergreen content.

By no means feel intimidated by the world of content marketing. Especially, when you’re starting out, just be you, write about something that you have a passion for.

Don’t worry about being perfect because we all make mistakes, so being exact doesn’t really matter. This tells people reading your content that there are real people behind your brand.

Creating content around your brand also helps populate your social media feeds and entice email opt-ins. Gathering up ideas for social media posts and lead offers can be tough.

Just by creating a few excellent content resources can inspire many social media posts and serve to collect email responses.

These are just a few ideas to market your online business and get your first sale, on your own with a low budget.

Any new tactics take time, but, eventually will pay off as they will support each other. Besides, an active social media account is a great way to promote a content offer that encourages email to opt-in, and so forth.

There are myriad other ways to market your business, and our Ultimate Marketing Startup Strategy Guide offers some more great marketing advice.

Should you have any questions regarding online marketing, I am more than happy to help. Finally, Please feel free to leave your questions below, and I will be sure to get back to you right away.


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