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The Real Deal Affiliate

Keen on finding how to start affiliate marketing? However, not convinced, with so much uncertainty and untruths, that surround the affiliate marketing world; Generally speaking, all of the confusion, mainly centred around the so-called affiliate experts. They are the ones who claim they are there to help; But, in reality, they are just pretenders; Their primary focus, to rip-off as much money, from unsuspecting people in the quickest time possible. More often than not, offers are in such; they convince you into making a purchase, I mean with all Glossary to fancy screenshots of earnings; All designed to influence the unwary how easy it is to earn money in Affiliate Marketing. You take the bait; And, they have just made themselves another sale.


Come with me, and we’ll take a walkthrough, and I’ll show you why I intend to remove the so-called myths by simplifying things and set the annals straight; in a way that you will understand the real honest to goodness meaning of affiliate marketing. More importantly, not only will you have a greater understanding of affiliate marketing, you’ll have an armchair seat that will catapult you into an affiliate marketing career.

Are you ready? Cause I am!

The Process Of Affiliate Marketing In A Few Words

Affiliate marketing is a foundation of three unities. The affiliate being you, – affiliate program (company or product owner), and finally the customer(they are the people who buy the product).

Becoming an affiliate requires you to join a legitimate affiliate program where you can promote that product/service or a variety of products or services.

The affiliate program allows you a special or unique link, called, “affiliate link”; After joining their network, you are given the opportunity in promoting their goods or services, using their unique link for tracking purposes.

You, (the affiliate), are now able to send buyers to their website, and where they (buyers) make a purchase, you earn a percentage commission or a flat rate sale. Typically, it ranges from 1% up to as high as 75%. The commission is dependant upon the company’s commission structure.

From a simplistic point, let’s take a bird’s eye view of a chart spelling out or laying down, correctly how the process works.

The Real Deal Affiliate

Let’s put it to you this way, say I register to become an affiliate using Amazon, (also known as Amazon Associates). I, and now I’m able to promote over 500 million (no I didn’t make a mistake) products, being one of their affiliates.
That alone is beyond the thinkable! Moreover, that is just with Amazon. There are thousands upon thousands of other products to promote outside this conglomerate (Amazon).

Prospective buyers view my website or social media account or email for that matter. Click on my affiliate link, and they are re-directed to Amazon. If they then make a purchase.
Let’s say they buy, for example, a Black and Decker ceiling fan with a light and Brown fins; I earn 6% commission for the sale on $116.00. My commission would be, $6.95. I know that doesn’t sound much, but if you look at the big picture, there are hundreds of fans sold daily (more in the summer months). People never stop buying with Amazon the biggest seller of goods worldwide. So the potential to earn a sizable income every month is insurmountable.Let’s take a more realistic approach to the Ceiling Fan scenario. Say you were able to sell 20 fans a day? That then relates to a daily income of $139/day. Extrapolate that out over seven days by 30days your income would be more than $4000.00 a month.

The Real Deal AffiliateThat is the nature of affiliate marketing, and that is on just one item. Remember; I said earlier they stock over 500 million products?
Now that you understand the power of affiliate marketing and the process. Let’s begin talking about YOU, as an affiliate.

How To Become an Affiliate; And at What Cost.

In general terms, affiliate programs are free to become a member. However, there are a tiny few cases; an affiliate program does charge a nominal fee. The fee is designed purely in an attempt to deflect fraudulent affiliates (mainly to verify your identity). Moreover, I should stress that such situations are quite rare.
Overall, affiliate programs are free, and there shouldn’t be any joining charge; It should be free.

Should you are asked to pay a joining in being able to promote their goods/services, then every chance they are not a good affiliate program. More likely they are a scam or for that matter something different.

The stunning part with affiliate programs, they are entirely free to join, allowing you as an affiliate to promote many goods/products/services, that you can ever imagine; And the best part you earn a commission in the process.

Affiliate Programs How Do They Work?

In essence, an affiliate program is a tracking software technology system which allows you (the affiliate) to promote companies goods and services and earn a commission. The technology system tracks all the clicks – sales transactions and calculates your commission. Not only that but they also control your payments and become custodians of all your personal information.

For example, affiliate stats are a useful tracking device for you. Let’s look at some stats from Wealthy Affiliate’s program.
The Real Deal Affiliate

The above affiliate program stats are the most accurate and generated automatically. With the advent of technology advancing at such a rapid rate; The availability of information is instant with affiliates getting first-hand information almost as soon as it happens. Consequently, all your tracking campaigns will be, instant – elegantly refined and knowledgable. Moreover, you have immediate control by way of tracking conversions and its source in real-time.

Typically, promotional material programs for affiliates, such as banners, widgets and for that matter, plugins; they are the types of enhancements available to leverage your website or even social platforms.
The more extensive the affiliate program is, then the more equipped are affiliates in promoting those particular goods or services. Generally speaking, it’s in the company’s best interest to offer the highest of quality experiences for their members.

Affiliate Network – What Is That?

Affiliate network in simple terms, is a grouping of affiliate networks, all operating under the one umbrella. Let’s use one of those networks, for example,, renowned for being the biggest in the world, are coupled with, over 6,000 companies where you can promote any of those companies services and all under that one roof — furthermore, there and affiliate networks in the 100’s offering a similar type of service? There are benefits to be had by joining an affiliate network; They include the likes, time-saving, less management, i.e. passwords, links, payments, but, to name a few. Another advantage removes the hassle of having to join dozens of independent programs. Whereby, joining the like Awin and others; all the mundane stuff is taken care for you with the management of payment, controlled by one company, rather than many being independent.

  • Listed are some of the more popular networks operating similarly to
    Amazon Associates
    eBay partners
    With many more

How Do I Get Paid As An Affiliate?

That all depends upon the program/network you aline yourself with as they all have different payment methods, including a variety of scheduled payment days.
Nevertheless, affiliate companies offer various forms of payment.
By and large, your payments will be in USD.
That is now becoming the more recognisable standard of payment for affiliates to be paid in US dollars. Furthermore, there are, however, some companies that will offer payments in your currency with some conversion houses whom will calculate from USD to your money.
PayPal is a typical example of converting with the likes of:

Cheque Form of Payment

  • Bank Transfer
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Payoneer

Similarly, with the Wealthy Affiliate program. Payments principally go through PayPal, but, also offer cheque payment, should you meet a certain payment threshold, then a bank payment will be provided. In a nutshell, affiliate programs have no desire in making payments difficult, but, more to the contrary, they have you (the affiliate) as in their best interests. Because if their payment system is complicated or difficult, then surely, no affiliate member in their right mind would want to promote such a program.

If I Want An Affiliate Business Where Do I Go?

Where do I Start? Getting started in the affiliate marketing scene isn’t as complicated as it may seem, even though there is a continual flow of programs who claim to be the best.
A large number of these services, are not even what you would call “Affiliate Marketing”.

Research What Is that?

Let’s begin by drastically fast-forwarding research for you. There happens to be an elite platform in the affiliate marketing space, in which I am involved with called Wealthy Affiliate.
It is the most suitable affiliate marketing platform for getting started. It’s a bit like the “who’s who”; Where, not only affiliates hang out; moreover, it’s where they all manage their businesses, just like me. An affiliate platform explicitly designed for learning affiliate marketing properly.

The Real Deal Affiliate

It’s a bit like the “Must Have Mentality” Furthermore if you plan to learn affiliate marketing with an environment where all the tools and training programs are readily accessible. Not only that, you get websites, website hosting, interacting support with other members who are there to help start and grow your business — moreover, all under the one roof.

Free Starter Membership

With two membership offers available, including a free “Starter” membership. (A try before you buy approach). There is a more advanced Premium option with quite a low per-month fee. I suggest that you take up the “Free Starter Membership”. It’s always good practice to try something before committing yourself to purchase upfront.
It is very little doubt that from the beginning and within the first few lessons you’ll see for yourself, all the training and coaching that’s on offer you’ll go from beginner to an expert within affiliate marketing in no time at all.
There is a welcoming video that walks you through the process of affiliate marketing and how it all comes together.
Strongly suggest, check it out for yourself; don’t take my word for it — an opportunity begging your call.

The Real Deal Affiliate


Should you have any questions regarding affiliate marketing, I am more than happy to help with you. Finally, please feel free to leave your questions below, and I will be sure to get back to you right away.


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