How To Build A FREE Affiliate Website – Unlock The Secret

Free Affiliate Website

Getting started with a free affiliate website, is it possible? 

“Yes” it is possible to start with a free website, and I’ll explore the possibilities of how to get started.

Starting in affiliate marketing for free isn’t difficult, but there are a few obstacles that need to be dealt with before you can get rolling.

You will need a basic idea on how to set up WordPress hosting, choosing a free theme, add content to your website, and how best to utilize the service of merchants.

On the flip side, we’ll also look at starting affiliate marketing with your domain and how to build a solid foundation from scratch. Plus, what your website will look like as you build it out.

WordPress Hosting

Deciding what the best web hosting provider for your website is can be a little confusing. With pricing varying according to what your requirements are, and the length of a plan needed.

Statistics speak for themselves, and what I mean there, almost all the big hosting companies offer a WordPress plan in some way or another.

More often than not, the plans they offer to you usually are a dressed-up, with the headline or subtle changes to the headline. Now-and-then, they dolly them up with a nicely arranged price for extra services. Or-on-the-other-hand, they are nothing more than straight out upsells camouflaged with some perceived features.

It’s disappointing, but it does happen because WordPress performs very well on a typical web hosting platform.

The thing is with this; there is no need for WordPress Hosting because you don’t need it to run WordPress software as it will run OK on standard web hosting.

Some companies, however, do offer an auto-installer that will make the process that much easier.

Here is what the WordPress Hosting plans should provide in the way of features.

  1. The hosting company can perform at a better “global level” than you can.
  2. Does the hosting company provide consistency?
  3. Will the hosting company provide a better value bundle that is superior in value to what you can buy separately.

If the hosting plan does not offer these three conditions but wants to charge you more money, then the deal isn’t suited to your requirements.

You as the customer needs to know what you want because

there’s a possibility you may not require all three features offered;

I know it all sounds confusing and mind-boggling to someone just starting. But, from experience, there is nothing, in my opinion, that matches WordPress.

I recommend that you click here and you’ll be up and running in less than a minute. PLUS, you’ll get started for FREE, and without having to deal with any of that techy stuff; Get started hassle FREE, within one minute.

WordPress Themes

More likely than not, you have heard someone mention WordPress themes, and that they are free to use. While that is true, they are free to use, and there is something like three thousand for you to make a selection.

Starting for the first time can be a bit of a challenge, not knowing which one to select. However, there’s no need to get alarmed, because if what you choose at the start doesn’t suit later, then that’s OK because it can be changed later. However, be mindful that changing themes will alter your website looks and function.

Setting up WordPress themes isn’t as complicated as you might think; and, the great thing, WordPress provides a fully detailed step-by-step instruction on how to go about installing the themes. Plus, there are three different ways in which to connect them.

Again this may sound a little confusing to the average person starting. And for that reason, I recommend that you click here and you’ll be up and running with a theme loaded into your website, and all within one minute hassle FREE. We take care of all that techy stuff, so you don’t need worry. PLUS, you can get started for FREE.

Organic Traffic – Content

Organic traffic is a term used for visitors who visit your website from an unpaid source or search results. It is the flip-side of paid traffic generation, where visitors get redirected through paid ads.

Organic visitors find your website through search engines (i.e.) Google, Yahoo or Bing, which means they are not referred to your site by another website.

Organic traffic plays a significant role in the success of your business; and for that reason, you must treat it with respect, because it accounts for more than 60% of website traffic.

The visitors who land on your webpages is the process that happens via the standard searches engines.

Therefore, the significant benefits of organic traffic help you generate trust and credibility in achieving valuable rankings from the search engines.

Quickly the best way to increase the organic traffic of your website is to publish quality and relevant content on your blog regularly.

Why Use A Personal Domain For Affiliate Marketing?

An excellent question, because it’s not necessarily the easiest way to get started. However, there are many advantages had by beginning with your website.

Having your website as soon as you start as an affiliate marketer, your business goes a long way to establishing a solid foundation from the outset.

Since the affiliate marketing journey began, there have been and still, are, marketers who are bandying the idea that you don’t need a website for affiliate marketing.

While it is true, there are problems associated with embarking such a challenge.

Setting-Up Your Business

Once you have built your website and inserted some content, you are setting up an affiliate marketing home for your future aspirations. That’s why focusing your content around your niche becomes so vital. Plus, why starting with the correct process is also essential.

My Question Is; Why Do People Google?

Mainly because they have a problem to solve, so they search the web for information that will help them solve it.

If your content provides a solution or satisfies their need, the chances are, they will click through and make a purchase (problem solved).

The Real Deal Affiliate

Creating A Niche

What is a niche, and how does it work? 

Niches are primarily denoting or relating to products, services, or interests that appeal to a small, specialized section of the population.

An ideal niche starting point will come in many different forms. However, for those just starting hobbies or interests are a perfect way of getting started.

Most people, including yourself, share some common interest in one form or another, and because you’ll have some intermate knowledge of its workings. Writing content should be reasonably straightforward, while at the same time will go along way to creating your brand awareness.

Your high-level of understanding/experience will help make a difference because you’ll come across as an authority, and people will trust you.

Signing Up With Merchants Are Important

Merchants play a substantial roll in the selling process as they offer their wares using the affiliate as the go-between for attracting customers to visit their online shop.

The affiliate promotes the merchant’s products/services using their website. It’s of a similar to the advertisements you see in newspapers or magazines — the advantage of online shopping.

Potential buyers, not required to do anything other than click on the link provided by the affiliate. That takes them through to the merchant’s online shopfront where they can purchase without leaving home.

Merchants provide all links that are specific to your website promotion. So when a visitor makes a purchase, you are credited a commission for that sale.

Commissions vary from merchant to merchant and usually range from as low as 1% to 75% or more. The commission depends on the percentage the merchant is happy paying for your service. For instance, most merchants using Amazon pay somewhere around 5 / 7% per sale. Whereas, Wealthy Affiliate pays 75% for referrals to premium membership.

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, because to promote a merchants products/services; you must first apply to become one of their approved affiliates. Generally, this isn’t such a big deal, none-the-less a process you must perform.

In most instances, from applying to receiving a response takes around three to four days. However, not all applications get approved.

So it’s vital that your application is in sync with your website and that you have live content published of the web. These are two criteria merchants look at before evaluating your request.

Not only does the merchant see your approach toward affiliate marketing in a severe manner. It also highlights your honesty, and you are prepared to offer legitimate content that is of value to their business.

Lead Generation

They are essential to your business if that is the track that you intend pursuing. The benefit of qualified leads provides flexibility for future sales promotions.

Or for that matter, you can offer frequent newsletters, and build a substantial contact base as you build out your website.

However, a newsletter needs to be kept fresh, and up to date; otherwise, it will wither away.

It’s a known fact and echoed by the marketing entrepreneurs best sales conversions are generated through qualified leads, or referred to as organic leads secured through website promotion.

Apart from that, because they are your leads, you have complete control over the content offered.

Social Media

Any content generated through social media outlets is somewhat of a different outcome. Mainly because everything published through them, becomes the domain of that particular outlet, and you lose control.

Several affiliates have had their content removed, or their accounts have been closed down. That could have a devastating effect if some of your lead-generation captured through social media.

Social Media

From the point of interest, Facebook of recent times, have turned away from small to medium business promotion and are concentrating purely on general conversational material of a personal nature.

Developing Your Brand

Developing your website affords the moment where visitors get to know and trust you. Once that trust becomes accepted the chances of repeat visits is enhanced considerably.

Given that people have never met you personally, they feel so much more comfortable in building a relationship. Consequently, you have created a brand that can be trusted.

Mainly because of the trust that you have built into your website. And, over that time, you will have developed considerable confidence, resulting in a steady income.

The Real Deal AffiliateThere are many examples that highlight trust; for instance,

new parent blogs attracts enormous interest. There is an overwhelming interest from new mums who appreciate reading how others are coping with parenthood.

And, content that provides valuable – insightful information is considered by mums as being trustworthy. More often than not, they will return for hints that may help solve a problem. Not only that, because they trust your site, they’ll often make purchases.

That, in a nutshell, is how you develop your brand.

Low-Cost Start-Up

Keeping the start-up cost to a bare minimum attracts importance because, in most instances, you’ll still be learning about the workings of the affiliate marketing. Not-only-that, paying out extravagant amounts of money, in the beginning, can be a distraction in so far as believing that you’ll get a quick return is flirting with financial danger.

The ideal way to get started is opting for a free sign up and a trial period where you can test the waters without parting with big chunks of money. Click here and take a look for yourself.

Once you have developed yourself as a marketer, then it is time to crank it all up.
Your website is by now operational loaded with content and attracting substantial volumes of traffic, (visitors).

Using a free website and access to affiliate tools is possible to get established. However, remember, how I mentioned earlier, the most reliable way of starting is with a personal domain.

Imagine this; you have gotten your free website to a stage where it’s attracting good numbers of traffic and generating the odd sale here and there.

Along comes the owner of the platform where you are hosting your website and without warning closes down.

Guess what? All the traffic, content and webpages you have developed over time are gone never to be sighted again. They are enormous risks for that reason alone.

Free website start-ups are fantastic to begin your journey, but, they must be viewed only as a temporary starting point.

On-the-other-hand, purchasing a website remains your property, including all the content and traffic. For instance, you might have a reason in wanting to move to another platform provider, and everything will go across with you. You haven’t lost anything.

Whereas, a free membership would mean that you would need to start all over again. That’s right to start from scratch because all the content and traffic details you would have previously generated is lost, GONE FORE-EVER.

Allow me to say this: it’s a very hollow feeling no matter how experienced you are losing everything is devastating.

Starting Online With Secured Domain

For peace of mind and a mere $49.00 per month, you’ll have all the security knowing that nothing gets lost into the infamous cyber world.

The Real Deal Affiliate

From a business perspective, where can you start your own online business for as little as $49.00 per month?

Liken it to a brick and mortar business. I’m sure you will appreciate that such a small amount monthly, pales into insignificance to that of static companies.

And-to-boot, You have full sales access to the whole online world. “YES” that’s correct access to the world.

Affiliate Marketing Part Of Our Everyday Life

Affiliate marketing has become ingrained as part of our day to day lives, whether we accept it or not; it’s a fact of life.

For instance, why do we do searches online? In the expectation of finding a solution to our problem. Every purchase-including social media, in one way or another, are more likely created through affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketers are the brains trust of a variety of industries online. Without any doubt, when it comes to authority bloggers, they lead the way as an overwhelming source of communication.

They are YOU, and this is what your focus requires understanding and accomplishments; You concentrate on becoming an authority, now and into the future through establishing your brand within the industry.

Your aim is that you help people in solving their problems. You connect and interact with them; by providing words of approval on a product or service; that will assist in solving their problem.

The most potent monetization affiliate marketing methods used today; are among the most lucrative industries online.

You are the creator with significant powers to promote any product/service to an audience worldwide and receive generous payments for your efforts.

People go online with one single purpose in mind; to buy. And, more likely than not, an affiliate marketer will be connected to that sale.

I presume you have secured some clarity regarding the real to life affiliate marketing opportunity.

Any stories you have, or if you have any questions about the legitimacy of affiliate marketing in the main, I would be more than happy to help you out. I will appreciate your input.

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