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Having some trouble understanding why there’s so much fuss about “Keyword Research”; And, why everyone bangs” on about it. I remember when I first started, to me, it just seemed like trying to learn another language that was impossible in relating to its correlation.

Hi, there, Tom here, from, The Real Deal Affiliate.

There is “NO Trade Secret” to its interpretation.

Understanding what your audience wants and how to go about offering a solution to their problem. That’s It.

Even though I have made it sound so easy, there are, however, a few other essential things to understand before conducting any keyword research. First, comprehend what your audience is searching and the specific keywords they are using; I find this the zenith of keyword research.

Given that Google has the tendency to update its algorithms on a reasonably consistent basis, keyword research remains relatively stable.

Keyword Research What Is It?

A process of determining actual search terms visitors enter into the search engines when searching for information that will help solve a problem.

Information of this nature is “GOLD”. Because, the details you’ll uncover will be a contributing factor in revealing content strategies and marketing strategies, that will help you in crafting your content to satisfy both users and search engines.

With the prevalence of internet marketing, we are now hearing more and more the words SEO being bandied around and the importance it contributes to the ranking of keywords in the search engines.

Why Is Search Engine Optimization SEO Important?

It relates to the technique used for increasing your website’s position within the search engine pages, referred to as (SERP’s), by, Google Yahoo and Bing. Growing an SEO business plan of action will help attract more consumer traffic that ultimately helps grow your business, moving forward.

Generally, it has been identified that most users trust search engines. So, the benefit of having a presence within the first four spots on page one, means that your keywords are valuable to what the user is searching, increasing your website trust.

These are just a few ideas about why SEO is vital to the success of your online business. Once that you recognize the importance of how SEO works and the potential it has on the outcome of online success. There is little doubt that you’re well on your way to a bright future.

Ultimate Guide To Understanding SEO

Keyword Research

Identifies lots of detailed data that answers many questions that otherwise wouldn’t be available to you. This is mighty potent stuff in reaching your target audience, such as:

  • What is it that people are searching?
  • What is the keyword competition?
  • Monthly Searches?

Uncovering information with your keyword research and applying those tactics will help to bypass weaknesses that would otherwise be unavoidable’ And will help with building strong content that is well thought out.

Welcome to the New World of SEO Strategy.

Ask Some Questions In Advance – Keyword Research

Using search engine optimization (SEO), firstly, you’ll need to understand what SEO is, who the customers are, and what are the searches (goals). Ahead of any online business growth.

Please don’t fall into the trap as many have done by cutting corners as they see it as not being critical. Yet, within itself, it’s the ultimate pivotal blueprint that sets everything up for later on. The main reason they ignore this step seems to be they already know what they are trying to rank for. So why waste that extra time? So, they avoid this critical step altogether.

Know What You Want

Knowing what you want to rank for and what your audience actually wants are, in most instances, poles apart. Concentrating your full focus toward your audience, then applying your keyword data appropriately makes for a far better outcome. Not only that your campaigns will yield more favourable results.

For instance, Joe, from Joe’s Pizza Shop, has his business listed online. And, he stumbles across, SEO. So, he wants help in understanding how many times it shows up in organic search results. Steady on Joe, not that fast. For Joe, he needs to firstly understand much more about his customers and what the customers want. Therefore, he needs to ask some questions.

For instance, are searchers all that interested in the nutritional value of pizza? A pizza restaurant to take the family for dinner? Google doesn’t know what they are actually looking for, so it offers the broader pizza term to help them refine their search. In reality, the word “PIZZA” suggests that the one keyword, pizza is too general.

The one or two keyword terms are known as, “Short Tail Keywords”, and are OK, but they also will attract traffic that isn’t explicitly related to your niche. They will draw lots of online traffic because of the broad nature, but not the type of traffic you are expecting.

Long-tail keywords, on the other hand, are more specific in detail, and although they will reach out to lower volumes of traffic, they have the tendency to covert at a much higher rate. Because the keywords used are precise, it tends to attract high converting traffic into sales.

Let’s look at an example, people searching for the two-word term, Golf Clubs, more likely are just browsing. However, if they entered the words, “Professional Golf Clubs For Putting”, then their search will be refined to golf club putters only. Apart from that, they are more likely ready to buy, because their search term is precise.

Search engine optimization is crucial if you are running, or intend to run a web-based blog online, as will assist in attracting organic targeted traffic through the search engines.

Here are a few examples:

SEO Importance

  1. There are more than 70% of the search engine users likely to click on the top four listings on page “ONE” of the search engines. We’ve touched on this earlier why they are attracted to just so few options.
  2. The only way to build authority into your marketing, all boils down to user trust in both the search engines and the marketing provider.
  3. The higher the user experience, the more search engines are attracted to your marketing. In a nutshell, SEO isn’t be all and all, user experience plays a significant hand in the overall outcome. So, the bottom line all reverts back to writing quality content, based around your keywords that are aimed at helping the user.
  4. Undoubtedly, your goal is to get on page “ONE” of the search engines, and knowing that users place lots of trust in the search engines. So, the best way for you to accomplish this is by using “Long-Tail Keywords that are relevant to your content and aimed at helping the user.
  5. The ultimate challenge in being ahead of your competition, and that all rests on achieving high SEO ranking outcomes.
  6. As a reverberation of following along these principles, the more likely you’ll be of being in that number “ONE” spot in all the search engines.
  7. SEO is also a valuable social promotional tool for your web site. People who find your website when searching Google or Yahoo are more likely to promote it ocial mediaon Facebook, Twitter, or other social media channels.
  8. In essence, the smooth running of your website hinges on SEO and high-quality keywords. The more that you can master this, then the likelihood of success will surely follow.

I rely heavily on keyword research, only because of the benefits derived from its use, use a tool called “JAAXY“, and have done so from day one in my affiliate marketing journey.

Take a few seconds to look at some of the benefits that are at my fingertips:

SiteRank, An SEO Dream Feature

This platform is Jaaxy exclusive, and it will let you monitor and track ANY rankings in Google, Yahoo, or Bing for ANY website!

You’ll also have the ability to being able to trace fluctuations. Plus you will be automatically notified upon achieving ranking metrics in Google, Yahoo or Bing. No doubt, this is a real SEO dream tool and is essential for affiliate/internet marketers, blog owners, local marketers, and merchants.

Billions of Keywords at your FingertipsJaaxy Billions Of Keywords

Every day in Google alone, there are over 500 million BRAND NEW keywords searched.

That is the real power of the keyword market, and to accurately leverage billions of keywords that exist, you must have a keyword tool powerful enough to fulfil your expectations, dig as deep and as far as you want to go. Then you need a tool like “JAAXY”. Imagine the hours saved per week on your research.

To Be Ahead of the Competition, You Need to Understand Them

For you to master keyword research and rank ahead of your competition for specific keywords that will create a real competitive edge. JAAXY, has you covered.

The Ultimate in Keyword Management

Manage all your keyword research activities with Jaaxy’s state of the art keyword management platform, for saving, storing, sharing and exporting.

It has never been more efficient to manage your research activities and leverage this data for your own personal or business insights, but also to hand off to your marketing and content development teams.


You’re by now starting to understand why there is so much hype with SEO. In real terms it’s the nourishment of your online existence if you treat it with disdain, then there is a real possibility you site will wither away through lack of visitors or paying customers.

Recognize your potential when it comes to earning money online. After all, it all rests on your own inventiveness.

Globally, the medium of internet marketing has never been as easy to earn extra cash as to what it is in today’s environment. Applying all the training skills that you have gained over time and engaging them into working for you will pay dividends now and into the future.

Always keep insight options that will potentially get you to where you want to be.

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