How To Make Love To Your Partner Unconditionally

Have the days of real love experienced when courting passed you by? Are you ponding the thought, is unconditional love ever again at all possible? “Yes,” it is possible. But, because you’re, you are at the crossroads trying to think of ways to get your partner to love you again and without limitations or conditions. Is that why you are reading this? Looking for answers to solving your love problems, in How To Make Love To Your Partner – Unconditionally, we’ll look at how you can get your partner to love you just like it was in those courting days.

What Are The Essential Love Components?

What are the essential love components is a relevant question asked many times over. Quite simply, the vital ingredient that bonds an ideal relationship is unconditional love. It’s the glue that holds everything together. 

During a recent seminar, this very same question got raised. The question went along the lines of how to get love back into a relationship? It’s rather strange that those in a troubled relationship believe there is a magic wand. The answer is, there is no such symbol as a magic wand. 

What Are Relationships?

Relationships and unconditional love attract many conversations, mainly because so many are unsure about the difference between the two. Therefore, the seminar focused on both topics, which presented for a robust discussion.  

Those who attended the seminar were asked, had they in the last week or two experienced unconditional love. 

Next, they got invited to consider what made the perfect relationship, then reflect on what they believed created the ideal relationship?

Valuable Relationships Viewed By Males

Several male attendees held the considered belief relationships centred around cars, tool sheds, families, workmates, old friends etc. They felt these as the most comfortable and straightforward relationships. However, they also rated other relationships with objects such as their television remote, recliner chair, or favourite pair of shoes. They also believed these were things being most rewarding and easy to manage.

Valuable Relationships Observed By Female Attendees

Other things that appealed in their lives are the bond they had created between many different people in many walks of life or something they used in their lives. 

Several women rated favourite clothes, shoes, makeup, or the latest kitchen appliances as a valuable relationship. Also, they felt old friends, neighbours, were cherished life values. And to be of significant benefit. 

Also, honesty, trustworthiness, caring and support, held words, had a special place in their hearts.

Thought-Provoking Unconditional Love

One male attendee described his ideal relationships as thought-provoking of his dog. It seemed strange or left field, but he understood his dog had precise needs, 

requiring only food, shelter, and love. Yet, no matter how his day had been or what kind of mood he was in when he got home at night, He always gets greeted in such a genuine, open, and warm way. Why? Because his dog always gets excited to see him. 

It’s very humbling when you acknowledge greetings of this nature as genuine friendship. He couldn’t think of anything elsewhere where he was greeted so enthusiastically night after night.

He went on to say it didn’t matter how long he was away from home. His dog would be there to greet him: day or night.

His needs are few, yet he offers so much. I call this absolute love.

Does That Mean The Dog Approach Is Right?

Does that imply using the dog approaches? We all should have a dog to show what unconditional love means? Or, just maybe, there’s a lesson to be had. 


We all frequently tend to clutter our lives with negative feelings and emotions. And, more often than not, grief happens to be the lure of manifesting trivial issues into full-blown warfare. and, we lose the true feeling of real love.

Unfortunately yet so accurate, these types of tiffs become the norm rather than the exception. And, therefore, rule our lives to the point of no return. 

What Is Unconditional Love?

Absolute love is the kind of love that happens without limitations. It is the symbol of love that you have for your partner, way after the romantic, Hollywood-style love has long gone. Once that passionate love has gone, you make the shift to “real” love. Real love is love you have for one another despite the understanding that neither is perfect. 

Faults In Relationships

Co-inhabiting produces faults from both sides. And that is fine, but how those faults get handled becomes the focal point of a genuine relationship. Everybody makes mistakes, and that’s okay. However, they must not impact the power of your union. Eternal love is just that, eternal love, so imperfections need to be embraced, not scrutinised.   

Without any shadow of a doubt, this is unconditional love, no matter the situation.

The Principle Of Accepting Faults

Applying the principle of admitting you both have faults goes a long way toward appeasing past damage or possible future dispute. It will go a long way to strengthening and restoring the bond that was once there.  

For sure, you realise you make mistakes sometimes, and so does others too. That’s okay. It’s called self-acceptance. 

Mistakes will happen. That is inevitable. However, it’s all to do with overcoming them together is what strengthens the concept of unconditional love. 

Serious About Getting Love Back Into Your Marriage?

If you are the deciding peacemaker, find ways to place the emotional confusion to one side and let your outright love shine through without barriers. 

If You Are The Deciding Peacemaker Let Your Outright Love Shine Through Without Barriers - How To Make Love To Your Partner - Unconditionaly

It is alright to have faults and make mistakes. It’s okay to have thoughts and feelings too. But, it’s better to focus on handling disputes in a peaceful and friendly manner.

You are finding fault, or blaming others needs to be put aside. No one wins; what matters most and for all to see, the love you have for one another. Unconditional love conquers all.

Love is indeed a genuine feeling, something you hold dearly toward both, and whatever comes between, the marriage has a strong bond and remains constant.

It is plausible not to admire your spouse or not like what they are doing, yet still love them. 

The marriage path you have chosen requires ongoing adjustments to remain on track for your spouse to continue loving you.

  • Are you ready to reconnect? 
  • Are you prepared to resurrect and reconnect with the purpose that was once within your life?
  • Are you keen on rediscovering love and right now?  

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Final Thoughts

Encourage each other during unfavourable situations, and not let the depressing and dismal times mislead you into believing that you can’t be in the relationship. Saving your love is deserving and worth fighting for, even when it involves pulling together when times are tough. Work as a team, not as individuals. And fulfilment follows.

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