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Updated 8th November 2019

YEP-Starting your own online business is very much achievable.

But there are some essentials you need to overcome first.


For whatever reason, “Concern” remains one of the biggest myths people face, of not being aware of what they need to do to get started. Actually, it is one of the leading motivations of why people give up without ever really seriously giving their business idea a chance.

 Sure, there is a whole chart of things to learn. Be that it may, every new venture has a gambit of new things to learn, so affiliate marketing isn’t any different.

But, if you have the will to learn, then you’ll have the desire to succeed. 

I remember when I first started affiliate marketing, everything seemed a whole lot of mumble jumble, and my first thought was, “This isn’t for me.”  Despite that fact, I stuck at it; And, I’m pleased I did; otherwise, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Immersing yourself with the workings of affiliate marketing will take time. However, the beauty with affiliate marketing, there is no set time frame for learning, nor is there success.

 It all boils down to your all-inclusive approach. For instance, things like dedication, effort, and the amount of time necessary in building yourself an excellent little online business, is the hallmark for creating an income for now and into the future.  

Success from any online business is no different to a shopfront business they both take time to establish.

Starting your online business comes with a sizable checklist of items to do. For instance, computing through to web design, and many other things in-between.

In fact, success won’t come quickly, as it will, at times, toss-up its challenges. But, if you have the appetite and true grit to succeed, then moving forward, your outcome will be that of a positive one.

There are, however, few instances where earning an income in a short space of time is possible;

In my review I have listed five ideas, but, there are of course many more options than you could use as a starting point.

  1. Find a need that people want and fill it.
  2. Write appealing copy – good content sells.
  3. Design and build an easy-to-use website.
  4. Use the search engines to drive traffic to your site
  5. Establish your own brand and reputation for yourself

Why Start An Online Business

Many people today are struggling to survive from the income they receive from their 9 to 5 job.
So, they are looking at other ways in which they can supplement their income and create some freedom.

With online marketing gaining traction it has become an option for those who are willing to give it a go;
However, running a business isn’t everybody’s cup of tea, therefore, the more that you read and understand affiliate marketing the better equipped you’ll be in deciding whether it is for you or not.

The great thing about affiliate marketing when you are learning the ropes there is no need for you to toss in your full-time employment.
That is why the more research you do gives you a clear understanding of what is involved and what is required of you.

Many successful people today, started in the exact same position of learning while retaining their full-time jobs.
I know you’re thinking, after reading about their success stories how on earth is that possible. But, you see for every success story there has to be a beginning.
They all started through having a passion, hobby or idea that they had been harbouring for a long time. So, they applied those thoughts to learning and understanding what is required to be a successful online business.

For instance, when I first started back in 2016, I had no idea where to start let alone what to do in becoming a success. What I did throughout all my spare time was be consumed in learning, because I quickly realised this the only way this was going to work was for me to work harder, and that I was prepared to do.

Nevertheless, there were challenges, but, exhilarating in learning the art of navigation and blogging and many other facets of the industry.

Understand The Simplicity Of Ideas

For instance, if you believe that your idea to be great, but, you also think that you will need the money and some outside help.

Well, that in itself is great, however, if you are just starting out then spare cash would be a problem. So then, it would be best to scale down your idea to something that you can manage by yourself.

  1. There is nothing wrong with dreaming up ideas that you would like to pursue, but until you become more familiar with affiliate marketing, it’s best to keep them down to a more manageable size.
    One of the biggest common causes I have noticed over time; people come into an online business not realising what actually is involved, so when they attempt to apply their ideas and thoughts into a system, they virtually hit a brick wall resulting in a belief that it doesn’t work.

I point this out because there is nothing more irritating than being led to believe it’s all so easy, when in fact there are lots to understand, so learning the ins-and-outs, takes time.
Therefore, the best form of approach is starting small and putting your goals into bite-size chunks, pieces that you can manage, then everything will work out just fine.

How Do I Start A Business Online

  • The internet is a great business model as it provides an even playing field where anyone can learn with no knowledge and very little money;
  • And below I have listed 5 ways that will help to get you started. But, just before we get stuck into that. I need you to understand a couple of things first.
  •  Starting out in your own business requires a certain amount of your own skillset, so keep the first start to what you can understand.
  •  Begin with small ideas that are a pleasure to work with and not something that is a slog, just like your day job.
  •  Be patient in the early stages but also be persistent, as you’re not going to be earning big money straight up. Remember one thing; little acorns grow into big trees, but that all takes time.

5 Ways To Start And Grow A Business With No Knowledge

  1. Find a need that people want and fill it.
  2. Write appealing copy – good content sells.
  3. Design and build an easy-to-use website.
  4. Use the search engines to drive traffic to your site.
  5. Establish your own brand and reputation for yourself.

The Real Deal Affiliate

Step 1: Find A Need That People Want And Fill It.

People search the internet because they have a problem that they want to solve.
However, those who are just making a mark in marketing tend to make the horrible mistake by putting the product first and market second, when in fact it’s the other way around -“People’s Needs (first) – Fill The Need (second)”.

Your chances of success are based on the visitor’s needs and how you can help to solve their problem.

Keyword research is the key – search and find out what people are looking for, visit forums. Also, research how your competitors are fulfilling the customer’s needs.

There are many ways of finding out what they are searching for. Once you are armed with all the information, then you go about solving their problem.

This is the best formula that has been used in the past and continues today because it works; Follow this formula and if applied correctly it will without doubt guide you down the path to success.

Forums are a valuable research platform because you’re able to find out what people are searching for, then you go about solving their problem.
There are many avenues of finding keywords, such as Jaaxy at wealthy affiliate. The keyword research at Jaaxy is comprehensive and thorough.
From all the research that you have gathered, you can now assemble that knowledge into an informational post within the market you are targeting.

The Real Deal Affiliate

Step 2. Writing Captivating Content Attracts Visitors

Writing content isn’t as difficult as it may seem. Not unless you complicate it yourself;

I say this because writing good content is no different from that of having a discussion with a friend or neighbour about something that you are interested in.

If, you start writing in this frame of mind then what you are thinking begins to flow out. Plus, this type of content is classed as, “Organic”, and favourably viewed by Google and other search engines.

Every part of your content is essential, but nothing is as crucial to captivating the reader as the opening sentence. Something that many people overlook. Write an enthralling first sentence based on and around your main keyword, something that will make people want to continue reading.

Describe your product and its benefits and how it will solve their problem. But, In a way that it entices them to continue in wanting to read on;

The more they understand your content, the better are your chances of getting them to buy.

Create your own brand as this gains creditability.

Direct your content toward your keyword and how it will benefit them; Focus of the solving of your product as people like to read and do research just like you.

The bottom line, when you begin to think like a customer, then you will write with that focus in mind.

Step 3: Designing And Building A Website That Suits Your Brand.

At this stage, you will have done the research, sorted out what your product target will be, then the next step will be building and designing a website.

This part of the process can be a little tricky as you need to find a website seller to buy a site. Then you will need to find a platform to use for launching your website.
Sounds a little hard, then it doesn’t need to be, at wealthy affiliate this is all done for you.
Over time it has been proven that using a standard font with white background has better results than mixing font size and adding too much colour.

Remember people are reading your content because they have a problem that they want to solve.

Graphics are an added bonus to enhance your site; But, used in the wrong places or if they are totally unrelated to your website content then they will distract the reader’s concentration resulting in losing a potential sale.
Think like bricks and mortar store owner, because that’s what your website is. Make it easy for the customer to want to buy from you.

Step 4: Use The Search Engines To Drive Traffic To Your Site.

The search engines like organic traffic that is original and how it will help the reader.
By creating content in your own words and not copycatting other sites attract the search engines in taking notice.

Use your keyword strategically when describing your benefit, doesn’t just help your rankings but, also encourages the reader to continue.
If you overuse your keyword that will be seen by Google as keyword stuffing, or over-using links is also viewed in the same manner.
They are both viewed as a class of overselling and will harm your rankings.

The Real Deal Affiliate

Step 5: Establish Your Own Brand And Reputation.

By now, you will have a firm grasp of why people use the internet to find information and how to go about solving a problem.

Offer your information to the best of your ability and knowledge, and this will attract higher visitor numbers and better rankings.

Don’t be afraid to use both internal and external links. When you have a few posts on your website, it’s a good policy to use an internal link if what you are currently writing, cuts across something that you had previously written.

Then use the internal link to that page, because it gives your visitors another option. External links are used for other websites externally.

The more that you research and write content based around this the more experienced you get and to a point where you are seen as an expert in that particular field.

Five Steps To A Successful Business Online.

The five ideas that I have highlighted in starting from scratch sounds daunting; Well yes it can be if attempting marketing without any background or starting without any mud map to follow. On the other hand, you can simplify this by short-circuiting the process by becoming a premium member at Wealthy Affiliate.

Like everything in life we humans have a sync of try before you buy attitude; You can do just that as there is a FREE startup membership for everyone who would like to try before they commit.

Therefore, put away your wallet because joining for free, you won’t need it. Click here and see for yourself because it’s at least worth a look; After all, you have nothing to lose, other an some of your time.

Should you have any questions regarding online marketing, I am more than happy to help. Finally, please feel free to leave your questions below, and I will be sure to get back to you right away.

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