How To Turn Affiliate Marketing Into Full Time

It’s Far Easier, To Turn Affiliate Marketing Into Full Time, and become a top affiliate marketer When You’re Set-Up with The Best Affiliate Platform.

“With The Beginner Starter Kit, you’ll have all the tools and templates top marketers use every day in their business, so you can be up and running with the same efficiency and confidence in as little as a few weeks!

— Tom, The Real Deal Affiliate

Dear Reader,

There is one thing every top affiliate understands that separates them from others:

If you want to be a recognised marketer, you need more than just a few basic marketing skills.

You also need to establish your marketing as a business.

Now, in the past, that meant spending years in the trenches, wasting countless hours figuring out the best way to arrange your projects.

Discovering how to reach out to customers through trial and error. And much more.

But not anymore.

On account of today, you can get your hands on the same skilful tools and templates that successful marketers use in the industry daily.

That means no spending years trying to figure it out on your own.

Learn How To Become More Productive Marketer

No trying to reinvent the wheel every time you have a project.

Instead, you can simply follow the step-by-step blueprint that’s been proven year after year to be the fastest and most efficient way for beginners like you to break into the top marketing level.

Here’s How It Works

Every Single thing You Need to Set Yourself Up As a Top Affiliate Marketer With No Embarrassing “ROOKIE” Mistakes!

The Beginners Tool Kit is designed to be the easiest, most accessible way for creative people like you to start aspiring to work as an accomplished marketer in the fastest time possible.

It demonstrates to you how to set up an actual program for yourself.

It walks you through the resources you’ll want to have on hand before you land your sale. 

It shows you how to set clear and achievable business goals, straightforward ways to keep track of your marketing endeavours, and even the best ways to approach prospective clients and where to find them.

It’s all laid out for you. 

Giving you a head start in generating an income as a marketer as quickly as possible.

Everything has been distilled into bite-sized pieces of information that are super easy to follow.

So, you’ll get a true sense of progress with each and every step you complete.

Designed to Launch Your Profitable Marketing Business — On-Demand

You get EVERYTHING you need to set up your marketing business… in the quickest time possible!

  1. All the tools.
  2. All the forms.
  3. All the checklists.
  4. All the templates.
  5. All the instructions.
  6. All the guides.
  7. All the tutorials.

Everything from how to set up your workspace, to how to structure your business, to the pros and cons of affiliate marketing, to structuring your workday for ideal productivity, to the tools, software, and equipment you’ll need.

All the way to market yourself, so the very best clients come to you!

It’s all here.


The Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp

Your Beginners Tool Kit will show you everything you need to do and when to do it.

The first thing you’ll want to do is scan through all the 7 Phase Tutorial Training Modules.

It’ll show you how to get from Phase 1 — getting your business rolling, to Phase 7 — genuinely being a fully equipped affiliate marketer.

After watching The vast array of webinars, you’ll have answers to pressing questions such as

How to Get Your Business Rolling

Why Content, Words, Conversions Are Important?

How to Give Your Site Social Media Value?

How Aesthetic Gets Your Brand Through Media?

Why Getting to Know Your Audience is Important?

How to Be visual on Bing and Yahoo or PPC

How to Scale Successful PPC Campaigns?

Next, you’ll want to start the Wealthy Affiliate training they’ve prepared for you, so you can ensure you haven’t missed a step.

Open each phase in your starter toolkit, go through the training of each tiny piece, and check it off after completing it.

Your Step-by-Step Guide

to Being a Professional Affiliate Marketer

Just a tiny sample of what’s in store.

  • A simple test at the end of each phase identifies your progress. Recognises where you should start the best kind of affiliate marketing business (that’s 100% aligned with your long-term goals).
  • How to determine you’re taking a bold step from novice to a top marketer. Doesn’t matter what you choose, you’ll know exactly what to do next.
  • How to really “zoom in” and get laser-focused on creating a super-successful affiliate business that works for YOU.
  • A simple way to set your marketing goals in such a way that you’ll practically assure success.
  • Checklists for making sure you’ll have an adequately prepared foundation for your success. 
  • The most reliable way to achieve a crystal-clear understanding for yourself as a marketer is to build an effective business in the shortest time possible, just by doing simple exercises. 
  • You’ll launch into some of the most profitable and “in-demand” projects available for marketers today — so you can quickly pinpoint what you’d have the most fun doing while making a great living from home.
  • The “ABCs” of any successful business and whether you should form a legal entity around yourself. Nonetheless, this might be something for later on.
  • How to craft a simple response to questions within a reasonable time frame.
  • A simple method to “clear your mind” so you never feel pressured when gazing at an empty page again.
  • How to deal with “don’t deserve to be successful Syndrome” — something every new marketer faces. 
  • You’ll learn how to put those kinds of doubts aside and concentrate on being a well-paid marketer.

The Best Place To Write From

  • Maybe your home office? Local café? Unearth how to “create” YOUR optimal environment. It doesn’t matter where you choose.
  • Uncover the nuts and bolts of any six-figure marketing business — and how to keep track of all your 
  • marketing income.
  • What do you think you can do now. How to maximise your productivity and output as a marketer. Set achievable goals to double that. 
  • How to bring to the surface a simple marketing plan that attracts clients to you fast.
  • The proven process for committing and staying committed to your marketing plan.
  • The website you need to be on to easily land clients.
  • Why understanding the different kinds of customers you’ll encounter is critical to the success of your marketing career.
  • You land your first sale — now what? Prepare to work with your first customer and act like a total pro.
  • Do you know the Top Marketers jargon? Take control of your marketing plans by understanding standards, and marketing terms, systems, and more.
  • How to beat writer’s block every time.

By the time you’ve checked off the last item, you’ll be set up as a professional marketer, ready to go.

Just Use This System And Make Your Life WAY Easier!

Final Thoughts

Frankly, I think no aspiring marketer should pass this deal up.

It’s packed with everything you could ever need to get set up and start generating an income almost immediately.

And as I mentioned earlier, you could go through the 7 phase beginners toolkit over the next few weeks and be ready to hit the ground running soon after.

Best of all, everything will be available to you online, 24/7, whenever you need it through your Wealthy Affiliate Member Page.

So once you start landing customers and want to use a particular proven template, it’ll be there for you.

If you ever wonder if you need guidance, help or feedback, it will be there.

I could go on and on. There’s just too much to list here.

So if you’re seriously considering setting yourself up to be an acknowledged marketer, then this is your first step.

Right now, you have a chance to make it all happen. It’s all up to you.

It’s literally less than one cup of coffee a day over the next year to set up what could soon be a six-figure marketing business.

This way, you can take action NOW — and position yourself for a nice windfall once your marketing skills and trends take hold in the affiliate industry.

You won’t find another complete guide for new marketers anywhere else.

It’s value-added, but it’s yours for less than one cup of coffee a day, just for giving The Wealthy Affiliate Beginner Starter Kit a try.

So, what do you say?

Order today, and let’s help you get set up for a top marketers life.

See you on the inside!

To your success.

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