How To Use WordPress For Beginners – 7 Steps

Up Dated, Sept 25 2021

Have you ever wished installing WordPress could be made accessible and without all the anxiety, fear and anger? I know what you mean. That’s why I’m writing this post, How To Use WordPress For Beginners. Inside, we’ll look at seven reasons why seizing the benefits of using WordPress may help you.

What Is WordPress?

WordPress was established in 2003 by an American, Matt Mullenweg and an Englishman, Mike Little. Since launching and up to mid-2021, over 41% of website traffic worldwide has used WordPress. It is one of the most sought-after content management system solutions in use.

How Does WordPress Work?

WordPress at a glance has several optional benefits where you can enhance your website utilising many of the theme applications, pages and posts.

Although many users have opinions or ideas for website layout, others don’t enjoy the same luxury. So, they need to rely upon a platform for ease of setup and use. WordPress certainly does that.

Most users agree when it comes to content management, WordPress stands alone as the reputable home for beginners entrepreneurs and many well-recognised affiliate platforms—mainly seen as one of the more respected user-friendly platforms.

What Makes WordPress Appear Complex?

With so many options available and the platform’s vastness, new marketers may see it terrifying to understand the potential benefits. Structured With Users In Mind has been structured with users in mind, as the user-friendly platform allows you to customise and format the website in many ways. The likes of optimisation for growth with built-in SEO;,

WordPress got designed and created as a user-friendly platform with uses being at the forefront for customising and formating websites with an abundance of ease.

Also, WordPress factored in growth development, SEO efficiency, including social media facility and sharing of many features.

Sure it will be daunting on your first visit, as most things are. But, once becoming familiar with the layout and ease of operation, it’s only a matter of plugging into the network to reach out to new readers.

Let’s take a more in-depth inside look at, and look at the features and benefits.

I’m sure you will soon understand the value of benefits and why it is the perfect choice of platform for beginners to entrepreneurs.

Seven Reasons Why Is The Ideal Choice

Create whatever you want that accommodates your readers 

1. ) allows you also to build a website that covers your sole requirements. For instance, starting a blog, building a business website, beginning an online store or anything else you can imagine.

Enjoy the website all-in-one hosting, design, trouble-free software updates, With domain registration and secure hosting.

There are no limits to who you can reach with your new website with the built-in optimisation and responsive, mobile-ready themes. Besides, if you want to build a straightforward website for your family’s enjoyment or sell products around the world—it’s entirely up to you.

Is Free?

2. ) Downloading, installing, and using WordPress is entirely free to use. There is no credit card needed. You’re able to remain on for free as long as you want. As you grow your business, will allow your site to increase with your requirements.

Anyone can create any website they want. However, you will need a domain name and web hosting if you want total control over your WP installation; And, that will come at a cost. Although there are free WordPress hosting options available, you won’t be able to change your WordPress installations.

Grow Your Business With WordPress

Even though they suggest, the site support is excellent. Experiences see otherwise as you tend to get lousy tech support with free hosting. Indeed leads to asking why WordPress is complicated? It all comes down to the lack of reliable technical support.

If you want, no, you must have hosting if you expect excellent access to technical support; signing up for site hosting is a no-brainer.

That is if you want to get a much quicker response time from the technical people. You’ll find; also, they are only too willing to help you solve any WordPress related issues.

That, by far, is better than spending an entire day trying to sort out any problems that are creating a problem. The answer to that is simple, and you can’t do anything about your crisis because you don’t have complete control over your website., Vs

The more common question raised starting with WordPress; What is the difference between and is open-source software that you can download and install to any web hosting server. has a more limited version of WordPress, which gets hosted for free, more like WIX or Squarespace.

MOST sites that use WordPress or discuss WordPress and how powerful and flexible it is are talking about the Open-Source version.

Not The fact that it’s open-source makes it so flexible because a developer can customise it to do anything they want.

Customising WordPress

3. ) You don’t require a computer science degree, using the content management system (CMS) at WordPress.

Once you learn the ropes, customising is relatively easy to use and understand. With the ease of understanding, many people are self-taught in mastering the WordPress dashboard, themes, and plugins and find it relatively easy to follow.

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However, for some who are just starting, then learning could well pose a small problem, as that is a normal reaction.

But, as soon as you understand the various functions, everything will start to fall into place.

Trying to get your head around things, such as headers, loop function, sidebars, and footers, will most likely be the ones that will cause the most concern.

However, after a few days, you should have a good idea of what they represent; Then you’re on your way.

That’s pretty much everything that you’ll need to know to customise your WordPress website.
It’s surprising the number of people find it so easy to learn WordPress just by reading the literature about the themes on WordPress

There are a substantial number of free themes and plugins you can download, check under the hood, and see how WordPress works.

Before using the free WordPress theme, you’ll need to consider the purpose of my website; Will I use it for pleasure only or as an actual business?

By determining the purpose of your website will enable you to choose what is best for your needs. Because if you intend to use your site for business, then a paid theme is the only way to go.

WordPress offers a selection of themes for both options, and it’s just a matter of you deciding what you want.

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How Secure Is The WordPress Site

4. ) WordPress is a popular platform with thousands of users; It attracts its share hackers and is no different from any of the other significant sites.

The team behind the scenes at WordPress, being in the thousands, spends endless hours developing and testing every aspect of the content management systems.

With a continuous surge of hackers, the WordPress technical staff frequently updates to stopgap any potential flaws within the content management systems.

Because of the sophisticated technology, they are always one step ahead, thereby protecting their users from being hacked.

There will always be a chance a hacker gets in because they are no different to all other significant sites; Instances like this will pop occasionally. Unfortunate but true, that’s just the nature of the online world.

On the other hand, users who don’t secure their passwords or fail in updating sites to the latest version put themselves and others at risk.

Apart from that, others who tend to be quite loose with the WordPress credentials attract the attention of hackers. With several thousands of sites getting hacked daily.

Keeping your site secure, especially when first starting, will give you the best mechanisms of safe security.

Ideally, before embarking on any changes, it is best to talk with the WordPress people; And more so if you are unsure what impact the changes will have on your website.

Can contact the support department through your hosting platform.

However, there are other options available.

You could hire a professional developer, for instance, who’ll take care of your website maintenance and security.

But be mindful as that will come with an extra expense, and that maybe not be ideal if you are only beginning.

Mobile And SEO Friendly

5. ) Your goal is to have people visit your website and go on and make a purchase.

For that to happen, then you’ll need to attract some traffic; And, you can never have too much traffic as it is pivotal to your success;

How Do You Get The Traffic?

The most important aspect of traffic generation, you must have your website search engine and mobile compatible and user-friendly.

Mobile Ready

Create a mobile-friendly site with WordPress responsive themes for mobile and desktop apps. You’ll enjoy a seamless experience on any device, as will visitors to your blog. Plus, the items look great.

With mobile and desktop apps, you can update your site from anywhere with mobile and desktop apps for iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, and Linux systems.

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That’s the advantage of using WordPress; there’s no need for you to worry about making your site accessible to smartphones and tablets. That is already part of your package.


6. ) Having trouble with your WordPress installation?

You can google your WordPress problem, and you’ll get thousands of informational tutorials on how to resolve the issue; Or, maybe not.

Also, there are lots of forums dedicated to WordPress, providing solutions to a variety of issues. That will, on your part, requires some effort; So be aware of that.

People on WordPress forums are usually quite helpful, but they also rely on you having some idea of your problem. Therefore, be mindful that you’ll need to have done some research beforehand.

With the wealthy affiliate’s in-house site support, I ask you why you would go to all that bother. Besides, help will have you up and running in no time at all; And with no hassle.

How Easy Is It To Use?

7. ) If you are prepared to take time in learning the WordPress system; Eventually, everything will naturally become more comfortable.

If you take the time to learn the WordPress core structure, you can make WordPress do many beautiful things.

You have an automatic updater to keep your site secure.

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There’s no need to go back to the download page after installing themes or plugins to check for updates.

Thinking of Going for WordPress?

WordPress is not the only CMS. There are others suited for different needs.

Besides, if you don’t want complete control over your website and access to advanced functionalities, others, like WIX and Squarespace, should serve the purpose.

They are two website builders that allow you to get a website up and running in a couple of minutes, with drag and drop elements on the screen.

However, I must point out. Both platforms are not mature enough to run sophisticated membership or e-commerce sites, though.

If you pick up one of these options, all of that ‘ease of use comes at a monthly premium and lack open-source customizability. You’re just a renter with access to the sitting room only.

WordPress can run your social media site and all your online traffic simultaneously and without any disruption to your operating functionality.

Moreover, if you’re not hunting for all these advanced options and configurations, WordPress might not be the CMS for you.

Many businesses opt for WordPress, and why? Because it’s limitless to the customisation it supports; The site, therefore, can grow and expand in parallel to your business does.

WordPress is vastly scalable, has a long history, an active community, and best of all, it’s free.

Is WordPress For You?

By now, you’ll have a clearer perspective of the inner workings of WordPress and how it could help you.

However, should you decide to use it, then be aware that there will be several functions that you will be required to set up by yourself?

Navigating certain functions could be troublesome if you lack the technical nouse, as most of us do.

Wealthy affiliate, take care of WordPress techy stuff for you; And, your site set and ready to use, all within a few minutes.

If you’re struggling to understand WordPress, I’m more than happy to answer any of your questions; And walk you through how to get the most out of your WordPress website.

Reach out today, and open a new world of other possibilities.


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