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Looking for a simple process to earn some extra money is common these days, and that’s what makes the MLM system look easy. With a lot of the work is already done for you, it serves as a natural link for selling a few products. MLM businesses are already well-established, so basically, the only thing you need do is set yourself up and start selling. However, that is where the hands-down simple part ends. Nerium, (now Neora) is another one of those MLM companies who promote a variety of skincare products and hair care products, that may have an appeal to an assortment of people and look as though they may be reasonably easy to sell. With this Nerium MLM review, I’ll take you through many of the different products they offer, and reveal whether it is worthwhile you’re taking on this opportunity or not. There is every chance that it’s not as good as first seems.

What Is Neora Formerly Nerium MLM?

Neora formerly Nerium International is an MLM company, founded in 2011 by Jeff Olson and one product. Headquarters located in Addison, Texas.

Top executive Jeff Olson founder and CEO, Deborah Heisz Co-CEO.

Olson’s sole collection in 2011, was one product, Age-Defying Night Cream. That has now grown into an International MLM marketing company. There are more Neora Logothan 75,000 distributors, and as claimed by Heisz, Nerium, are no longer a single product company, as they are now an anti-ageing company selling skincare and nutrition into over 13 countries worldwide with 12 products. Neora was listed in the number 12 spot of the 2014 Top 500 Business review with an annual turnover above 400 million dollars sales in 2014.

Neora-Nerium Products Are They Worth Their Price?

Neora products are primarily anti-ageing skincare products and hair care systems; however, they also sell other products in the wellness area. The Neora starter and quick-start kits include the following products.

When you look at the prices, it’s quite evident the products are rather pricey in comparison to products elsewhere. For instance, a product of similar to the Neora Age IQ Night Day Combo is the Kremotex New Formula with potent anti-ageing cream with potential CellXcomplex. The Kremotex product costs $120 with a high recommendation from Skincare reviews who say it provides a lot of exclusive benefits using only natural ingredients, and ranked as currently the best available; And, that was also supported by clinical studies.

The Kremotex Formula can directly target the root cause of ageing by reducing the general appearance of wrinkles, thus boosting thickness and elasticity of the skin; it retails 67 dollars cheaper with a proven track record of effectiveness.

The Neora-Nerium MLM Opportunity

Neora business opportunity is like all MLMs they involve selling products and recruit new members into your team. It also allows you the flexibility to schedule your work around your home life. Income benefits are based solely around selling lots of products, and continually building and maintaining your network. This is all achievable but will demand lots of your spare time, unless you really get serious about it, and go full time.

For you to start, you will need to purchase a starter kit, and included in that is a personalised website, marketing materials and digital tools. With the site, you are in a position to be promoting products online 24/7, and even while you sleep, you can be earning an income.

Neora sells the products to you at a wholesale price, and then you can set your own selling price, although they do have a recommended retail price of selling.

Neora products are not available in retail outlets and can only be purchased through the distributor network.

Building a team provides you with another avenue of income from sales of those you have recruited. Also, if you can work yourself up the hierarchy order that opens even more benefits.

How Much Does It Cost to Join Neora-Nerium?

Neora has four starter packs for you to get started, where the basic kit will set you back $49.95, with no products included.

The other three are:

  • Starter Pack: Includes marketing and training materials, and 13 products $500.
  • Builder Pack: Includes marketing and training materials, and 25 products $750.
  • Premier Builder Pack contains marketing and training materials 32 products $1,000.

Neora Quick Start Kits


Other costs apart from a starter kit will be classed as additional charges and will be required to be managed by the distributor. Such as car costs, fuel, phone charges, venue charges and all other accessories necessary to run your business are deemed by Noera as not recoverable expenses, and must be finalised by the distributor.

Can You Make Money with Neora-Nerium?

Neora products are purchased at wholesale prices somewhere between 25% and 40 % lower than the recommended retail price, and the difference between the two prices is your profit margin. However, there will be times where you’ll have preferred customers, so to keep them buying you may consider dropping the retail price by 10%-15%, that will then eat into your margins, but if you need some sales, it most probably would demand consideration. They offer several ways to earn a commission and will supposedly show you many ways to get there. Neora, make it abundantly clear there is no guarantee that any distributor will receive an income.

Recruitment is another way to earn an income. By getting other people to join, and any sales they make, you will receive extra commissions from products sold by them because they are part of your recruited sales team.

Neora Hard Work Recruitment

To be considered an active member, your sales must reach the required selling benchmark for you to continue to earn commissions, you also have to sell or purchase a minimum amount of products each month.


Preferred Customers

This is now becoming a buzz word within the MLM network and has, in fact, become quite trendy. Selected customers are those people who take out a membership, allowing them to gain access to the discounted products, and may also get free shipping.

It sits quite well with the distributor as it generates another layer of monthly income, provided the preferred customer continues to receive a monthly order.



The preferred membership package, a $49.95 is reasonably priced, but it doesn’t have, and products included.

Retail Sales

To earn a retail profit, you can sell Neora products through your personalised Neora website and to home customers. If someone places a retail order on your site, you will gain the difference between the price paid by the customer and the wholesale price you pay. For example, if a retail order equals $290 and your buying price is $200, then the difference of $90 will be your profit margin. You can also sell Neora products from your personal inventory, and the difference between the two prices, wholesale and retail, is your margin.

Rewards for Selling

For you to make an income, you need to remain an active monthly member with a minimum of 120PQV (personal quantity volume) in sales.

Refund Policy

If you decide that being a Neora-Nerium distributor isn’t what you thought it was going to be, and you want to return the products, and or inventory. There is a thirty-day return policy based on commercial arrangements with up to 90% of your cost refundable.


Volume Objectives

For you to earn a personal commission and a team commission, you have high standards in sales that must be met every month. If they are not reached, then there is no commission on any purchases that you may have made for that month. And that also applies to your team member sales, the required sales criteria must be reached for you to receive an extra bonus.

Products Carry High Price Tag

Any product that demands a hefty price tag can be quite a difficult sell. Especially when others in the market are much cheaper and similar in quality.

No FDA Approval

Neora-Nerium products are not FDA approved. The FDA didn’t recommend because it was deemed it as having potential and serious adverse effects from certain ingredients used.

Below Standard Customer Service

Customer service standards are below expectation and supported by the many disappointed customers who complain about pricing and products. As reported to the BBB (Better Business Bureau) customers have received an unsatisfactory support form Neora and the return of goods policy, and continuously receive advertising materials even after they have requested not to receive future promotional material.

Legal Action

The FTC (Federal Trade Commission), November 2019 have taken legal action against Neora-Nerium, who they allege are operating an illegal pyramid scheme. They also claim that Nerium’s BPs (Brand Partners) are making little to no money, and in some cases losing money.

Is Neora-Nerium a Scam?

If the pending court allegations by the FTC, are proven, then it can be considered as being an MLM scam. This business model is typical of many other MLMs. You invest your money into their scheme with full intentions of earning a few dollars, but the sad irony very few make enough to cover costs; And, in most cases lose lots of money. Opportunities such as this one shouldn’t be considered if you are looking for work that will provide a full-time income.

Final Word

There will be one thing for sure, out of pocket expenses because Neora-Nerium won’t reimburse you, so they shouldn’t be overlooked.

So it’s worth keeping in mind these additional costs, such as telephone, order deliveries, vehicle running charges, fuel, servicing, etc., will be paid using your own money.

And that needs to be subtracted from your earnings, and, most likely, there won’t be sufficient incoming funds to meet your running costs.

Neora Out Of Pocket Expenses

With so many hidden factors, it pays to uncover them and establish their implications ahead of making any decision. You may find that being your own boss and working flexible hours may not be such a good idea.

Additionally, the pressure to perform will come soon after joining with the likes of selling and recruiting, an influence that many find hard to overcome.

Not-only-that, they’ll encourage you to start with family and friends, and that just adds to more pressure of becoming alienated with people who are dearest to you and trust.

If you have a keen interest in looking for an opportunity that will walk you along the path to success, with flexible hours and work from home, check out my #number one recommendation. You’ll have all the tools you need to be successful, including a website, hosting, training and 24/7 support.

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