SeneGence Business Opportunity – MLM Review

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Cosmetic companies are becoming more and more popular, and are shooting up in large numbers globally, with the MLM industry seemingly, to be leading the way. The cosmetics industry has developed into an evergreen business, motivated by both women and men, who regularly spend lots of money on makeup to enhance their appearance. Most, MLM companies, manufacture and distribute their products, using the MLM platform, for tapping into a large network of distributors, as a means of promoting and selling. Also, it avails a source of income for people to earn some money in their spare time. The SenGence company has been around for over 20 years and is a multi-level marketing company. In this SeneGence business opportunity MLM review, I’ll look at the business model, products and uncover the business opportunity and reveal the possibility of whether it’s right for you.

What is SeneGence Business Opportunity?

SeneGence International, is a privately owned MLM ( multi-level-marketing) company, selling makeup and

SeneGence Logo

skincare products, that also includes the LipSense Line—founded by Joni Rogers-Kante in 1999, who also is the CEO and Chairwoman.

SeneGence headquarters are in California. Rogers established SeneGence by raising sufficient funds selling long-lasting lip colour product, Ultralux. The Ultralux name has been carried across into the current business model and rebranded as LipSense.

The company reported, in 2016, they had 50,000 distributors in 2018 that had risen to a staggering 500,000, and selling in over 11 countries. Outside of the USA, the CeneGence brand sells into countries that include, Australia, Canada, Mexico, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Indonesia, United Kingdom, and Italy, with distributors in each of these locations.

Are SeneGence Products Worth Their Price?

The range of products is comprehensive, covering almost every skincare need. Included in their inventory of products are anti-ageing, lips, face, eyes, body, perfumes, spa, and SeneGence for men. That is a, “who’s, who, of cosmetics. Aside from that, they put a lot of care and effort into the anti-ageing category, and it’s any wonder if it does as they suggest it will. SeneGence Anti-Aging Products

There are six Anti-aging packs with each pack being of specific needs to the end-user. For instance, take the Advanced SenePlex+ Renewal Serum with Retinol. They assert that it will supercharge your night-time skin for visible and sustained results for the likes of, wrinkles, sun spots, loss of firmness, and rough texture.

They also claim clinical results, as shown below.






LipScence was the inaugural launching pad for SeneSence and remained their top-tier line, with now offering 45 contrasting colours. Patented as Liquid Lip Colours and according to SeneSence, it’s waterproof, doesn’t smear, rub or budge off, and is kiss-proof; And, while it is on your lips, it will remain moist with a lasting effect somewhere between 4 and 18 hours.

A quick search of ingredients used in the LipSence uncovered several components that can be harmful to the user. Such as,
Propylene Glycol is a compound used in antifreeze, paints and electronic cigarettes, so it is recommended not to be used by women who are pregnant.

Paraben, a preservative used to extend the life of cosmetics, and, the Environmental Working Group (EWG) have found the preservative in breast tumours. With other links to hormone disruption, allergic reactions etc.

The FDA has very little control over the cosmetics industry and has openly stated that the industry is pretty much self-regulated. Below is an abstract from the FDA website.

The SeneGence MLM Business Opportunity

Joining the SeneSence network, there are two options,

choose to be a customer only and buy products at retail price, or become an independent distributor. The distributorship will set you back $55.00, and you will automatically receive a benefit of purchasing products at 20 – 50% off retail prices. It’s also, worthwhile you understand that you’re not an employee of the SeneSence; you are an independent contractor, so all expenses of running your business must be paid by you.

After you have become a distributor, there are a further five options to start fast with your campaign, ranging from $75.00 to $1,195.00 and assuming that you decide to startup with the full kit of products that will set you back a whopping, $1,195.00, plus the initial joining kit, $55.00. So the total outlay would be $1,250.00.

To quickly recover some of your money will give rise to lots of house parties. In essence, that would mean you would need to organise several hosts where you can demonstrate your kit of merchandise and turn that into sales.

Included In Your MLM Opportunity?

The membership includes the following

  • Free personal website. A virtual storefront 24/7
  • Free apps for your mobiles devices
  • Full training and support
  • Your own virtual office
  • Rewards for your business building efforts
  • Weekly profits, wholesale prices to retail sales 20 – 50%
  • The website provides an avenue for earning an income day and night
  • Social media, an optional path to generate additional income if you choose to go down that path. And why wouldn’t you, it’s free and may help to increase sales?

How Much Does It Cost To Join SeneSence?

After you have completed all the necessary paperwork, you are required to purchase the new Distributor Kit (NDK) $55.00. The membership kit is chiefly the privilege of being a member, which by the way is for one year only. So, to remain an active member, you must renew on your anniversary day.

The following is a breakdown of each of the five optional kits.

Lips Pack  $75

the LIPS Kit, designed for one-on-one presentations, including tester products and sample sizes.

Glamour Demo Pack $295

designed especially for group glamour demonstrations including samples and testers.

Qualified Distributor Pack $355

SeneGence Membership Kits

contains a slightly larger range of products than the glamour pack, with samples and testers.

Significant SeneSeller Pack $795

One step below top of the range kit, with a significant range of products.

Fast Start Pack $1,195

The fast start kit is the full range, with lots of products for demonstrations, samples and testers.


Can You Make Money with SeneGence?

Making money with the SeneGence opportunity comes down to you purchasing products at a wholesale price, then on-selling to customers at a retail price. The difference between the two values is your profit margin. The margin will range somewhere between 20% – 50%, depending on the product value and total sales.

Can you make money with SeneGence, will depend on several factors. But, the idea of starting from scratch, suggests that your best starting point will be, by calling on family or friends to arrange house parties and you do the demonstrations, and hopefully make some sales. You can, of course, have one-on-one demos—group settings, which would be much better, as sales opportunities would be that much easier.

SeneGence Potential Earnings


Senegence, like many other MLM networks, will expect you to commence building a downline soon after commencement. Not the perfect world while you are in the learning stages of your business, however, if you can manage both, it will, in effect, allow you to generate extra streams of income, in addition to any of your sales.

When you sponsor a new distributor, and they begin making some sales, you will too, start to earn a commission from their sales. To qualify for any commissions, you will need to meet the sales requirements of at least 100 (PV) when lodging your order within the same calendar month.

How the SeneGence point value (PV) works. An item’s point value is 1/2 of the retail price; for example, 210PV equates to $420 in retail sales. Take a Collagen Night Pak, retails at $85.00, that will give you a 42.5 PV, or the LipSence has a PV of 12.5.

Then there is the third income-generating stream, your website, and social media to promote products. Once your website is operational, it will be working for you 24/7 year-round.


LipSence Long Lasting

By reports from many users, the LipSence appears to have a long-lasting effect, as many are suggesting over 12 hours.

Colour Range

The colour range extends beyond 40 different shades, with three variations of gloss seal, Frost, Matt, and Shimmer.

Ways To Promote And Sell Products

MLM businesses were quick to acknowledge the value of the internet and social media as the best way of spreading the message quickly and efficiently. So, SeneGence in its wisdom, provide distributors with a personal website to be used for product promotion and auto-order taking ability. However, SeneGence recognises the value of social media and encourages distributors to make use of social media, yet, they don’t offer any direct support.

Product Range

The product range is significant and covers all of the skincare range. With such a range of products, there is lots of flexibility for distributors to hone in on one particular section of the market, upskill their knowledge in that area, and buy and sell products for that sector of the market.

Satisfaction Return policy

Senegence offers a 12 month, 100%, money-back guarantee to all customers, and, on all products. However, it’s worth noting; the return policy does attract a 10% administration fee, with the charge left up to the distributor.


Additional Fees Connected To Your Membership 

They include shipping, handling and sales tax. As a distributor, you will be responsible for meeting all cost associated with these items. Shipping fees, for instance, will depend on the size of the order and range from $7.50 up to $40.00. Sales tax, you can have SeneGence pay the taxes on your behalf, or, prepare and submit your details to the appropriate authorities independently. Either way, you will be responsible for paying all tax-related charges. These are direct out of pocket expenses that you need to deduct from your earnings.

Minimum Quota Requirement

You must spend $200 within six months to remain an active distributor. So, if you are struggling with sales, but, you want to stay an active distributor, you are required to log and purchase another order no later than six months from your last order.

Basic To Fast Start Kits

Your membership will cost $55.00, and then you are committed to the purchasing a demonstration kit somewhere between $75.00 and $1195.00. The $75.00 Lip Kit is essential and will get you started. The cheapest fast start kit after that, starts at $295.00, with a further three, $355.00, $795.00 and $1195.00.

LipSence Ingredients

Propylene Glycol found in LipSence may be harmful to users considering it to be a compound used in antifreeze and paints and, is recommended, not to be used by pregnant women. Paraben is another. The Environmental Working Group (EWG) have found the preservative in breast tumours.

BBB Rating

As attested by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), there have been 38 customer complaints in the past three years relating mostly to “Problems with Products/Service”. Also, there are 44 customer reviews with the vast majority dissatisfied with SeneGence, and they all hinge around customer service or lack of it. While others relate to the refund-exchange policy, and, that has resulted in SeneGence receiving an A+ rating, and a 3.5 customer review rating.

Is SeneGence a Scam?

There are a considerable amount of things I don’t particularly like about this company, especially the list of complaints from both customers and distributors. Products seem to be the head of the complaints with not doing as suggested, or they have some side effects that weren’t left unexplained to the customer. For instance, the LipSence has a chemical ingredient (Alcohol), that gives off a slight burning feeling, when first applied. Customers say it’s not painful or uncomfortable, but there is a unique sensation after applying the lipstick.

Those, just starting in the business, may find it rather challenging to make sales, given that the products have an average satisfaction rating amongst customers. That may force you to resort to some underhand selling tactics.

Final Thoughts

MLMs, in general, are complicated in many ways, especially when it comes to making money. They have compensation plans that, at times, are difficult to understand or at least quite tricky in the layout. It’s ironic most will recommend using social media, yet they won’t support it. Seems a little strange when you consider lots of sales happen through the social media network.

You may also be lead to believe that building a downline isn’t all that hard, while that may be true, especially if you have a pool of friends. But not everyone has lots of friends to call on, so it will then be difficult for you to start building a team. Without a team, then, you’re not making much money, if any at all. And, that could prove to be not such a sound investment.

When you consider what commission you earn, versus the money that comes out of your pocket, you may well find that you are not making money at all, you could be in fact, losing money. So, without doing a little research beforehand, and understanding all the bits and pieces that need factoring into your decision making, you might be left disappointed.

If having your own business is your core focus. And looking for an opportunity that will walk you along the path to success, with flexible hours and work from home, check out my #number one recommendation, you’ll have all the tools, and support you need to be dynamic, including a website, hosting, training and 24/7 support.

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doTerra MLM Review

doTerra Featured Image

Lots of people are reaching out to essential oils to replace conventional chemical applications. With the exponential qualities, therapeutic benefits, and healing powers they provide, has seen substantial growth in the wellness industry. Do Terra, has built a significant and highly successful essential oil business since its beginning in 2008, also, including other wellness products. There is every likelihood, at some point,

you have come across or heard about, do Terra essential oils, or maybe, have even been given a chance to sample or purchase them. In this do Terra MLM review, we’ll look at the products and the business, and see if it’s right for you and if you can make some money.

What is doTerra MLM?

doTerra is a multi-level-marketing (MLM) company and was formed in 2008, by the then group of seven people. With three of the group being former employees of Young Living essential oils, they were David Stirling, Emily Wright, and David Hill. Do Terra headquarters are based in Utah, selling essential oils and personal care products via the MLM platform.

The do Terra business served with a lawsuit by their former employer. (Young Living essential oils). The basis of the claim formed around the theft of trade secrets. In 2014 the matter was dismissed. Since then, and moving do Terra Logoforward, the company has mushroomed into one of the largest essential oils companies worldwide, and by 2017, selling products into more than 100 countries with more than three million wellness consultants.

Are doTerra Products Worth Their Price?

Processed essential oils claimed to be 100%, are subject to a specific testing procedure, ensuring the quality and purities well before they are available for use, and that makes an impact on the selling price. Even so, comparing the advertised purity of two identical oils, there are substantial price variations. Those sold through the MLM platform are more expensive than those available in conventional retail stores.

For example, doTerra Rosemary Essential Oil 15 ml bottle sells for $28.68 and wholesale price $21.50. From a quick search on the Walmart website, I found a USDA Organic 100% Rosemary Oil, 15 ml bottle almost half the price at $14.49.

doTerra Rosemary Oil

There is a considerable price difference in the two oils, yet they both appear to have similar qualities. How is it that, do Terra charge much more, when the Walmart Rosemary oil is USDA Organic? Below is a snippet of the term USDA Organic, that I found in an online search.

USDA Organic Oils

Potential customers who search for essential oil, and in particular, the Rosemary product line would have to ask. Why is there a substantial price difference, and what makes, the, do Terra more expensive? Is it just price, or is it better quality?

The doTerra MLM Opportunity

Considering that you now have an insight into the doTerra, and what the products offer. It’s now time to look at the doTerra MLM opportunity. doTerra doesn’t use an approved screening process similar to most other MLMs, especially in the wellness industry. With the doTerra chance, becoming a sponsor can be as simple as signing up online. Purchase a membership, and buy yourself a kit, and you’re ready to go. It’s that easy.

From there, being a registered Wellness Advocate, you can engage in all the monthly training, social activities and any other events that will keep you informed about the company updates etc.

How Much Will It Cost to Join doTerra?

Your initial yearly membership as a Wellness Advocate will set you back $35.00, and that allows you the privilege of purchasing products at a 25% discount off RRP (recommended retail price). Also, it will be necessary for you to buy a kit to get started.

doTerra Enrollment Kits

Renewing your membership, every year, after that, will be $25.00. And, the renewal comes with a free bottle Peppermint Oil. According to doTerra, this is one of their more popular lines and retails for $27.33.

doTERRA Sales Certification Course

Here is a bird’s eye view, what to expect from the course.

The certification course trains all Wellness Advocates in understanding the fundamentals of essential oils, such as, where oils come from, the science behind them, and using them with effectiveness. And how to use them most effectively. You will also get shown how to handle questions when asked, and, how to respond with authority and confidence. Also, included, are text examples, videos and quiz questions with in-depth guidance on information retention. When you have completed the certification course, you will be a doTERRA-certified essential oil specialist.

doTerra Certification Certificate


The principle behind the course is to help you be effective in promoting doTerra products and also protect you from offering in-correct information, relating to the products. While at the same time, pass off your knowledge and understanding of each product with the fullest of confidence.

All doTerra Wellness Advocates are responsible for paying all their out of pocket expenses. Such as phone calls, gas to/from customers, etc. As they are not reimbursable expenses by doTerra.

Can You Make Money with doTerra?

Becoming a doTerra Wellness Advocate provides you with few ways to earn some money. But, the easiest when starting, is to organise a group where you can display the products and hopefully sell a few essential oils. Also, carrying a few products either in your purse or pocket at all times can be an advantage, especially for those impromptu meets, you never know what others are looking or thinking. Or even have them available for social gatherings etc.

doTerra Three Oils

Having products readily available allows you to display them, and also discuss the business prospects. doTerra encourages the Wellness Advocates to carry them no matter where you’re going.

Apart from that, it will also help, with fine-tuning, and sharpening up your presentation and selling skills moving forward.

And the other way is to sell through an online website. That may be a little awkward if you haven’t a blog or social media accounts.

There isn’t any cost with setting up a social media account; however, there will be costs associated with setting yourself up with a website. So to begin with social media would be the best, and if everything goes well, then you can think about arranging a website.

Retail purchase to customers will earn you a 25% commission, so every sale that you can make will soon add up.

How To Become A doTerra Wellness Advocate

Once you have become a Wellness Advocate, you receive an allotted wholesale membership number, and you are then able to place an order. You have two options,

  • Standard Order

With the wholesale order system, you will receive 25% off your order.

  • Loyalty Rewards Program 

Is an auto-shipment setup with the 25% discount off your order, plus it allows you the opportunity to earn an additional 10 – 30% of reward points off your total purchase.


How Does Loyalty Work?

With the loyalty program, the reward points are incremental, so the longer you are a Wellness Advocate, your point percentage will increase up to a maximum of 30%, as shown below.

doTerra Loyalty Rewards Program

As an additional incentive order totalling 125PV or more, and processed on or before the 15th of each month will attract a free product.

Both loyalty advocates and wholesale customers will receive a 50% off shipping charges.

Why Recruitment?

Then there is that dreaded word, “RECRUITMENT”, doTerra operates no differently to any other MLM business, with the core of the company based around recruitment, and also is a crucial element of success for their consultants.

Your ability to recruit a downline determines your success, for a couple of reasons.

  1. You’ll earn a residual income.
  2. And help your chances of progressing up the hierarchy levels.

Of course, it will also be expected you help and train new members within your team, and in your time as well as reaching monthly sales targets for your required personal sales.

Once your team begin to develop and are making sales, then you will earn a passive income and bonuses through the varied doTerra compensation-plan system. And that will ultimately get you ranked to higher levels within the organisation.


doTerra Business Name Acceptance

The doTerra business has been around for several years, and like most other businesses has had its share of complaints. Based on customers concerns on the BBB (Better Business Bureau), all issues raised have been settled satisfactorily and to the satisfaction of all parties.

Pocket-Sized Products  

Most of the products are small in size, so carrying in your purse or pocket is convenient, especially casually meeting people. That provides a slight edge in being able to sell to almost anyone you come into contact.

Wellness Advocate Certification Training

Although the certification training will be an additional cost, the benefits will be of substantial use in the selling process. Plus, you will come away with a valuable understanding of essential oils, and know what you are talking about in this regard. That generates authority and trustworthiness.

CPTG Quality Testing

doTERRA created the CPTG (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade) protocol, to ensure that all of their products are of the purest of oils, contamination-free, and no synthetic filler. Products go through a rigorous examination, including third-party testing, to guarantee transparency.


Therapeutic Grade vs Organic

Pure grade therapeutic oils don’t always mean that the class is of the highest quality. The term therapeutic grade permits that anyone can use it regardless if they’re selling the right products or not.

USDA certified organic oils are a controlled industry to protect consumers. To obtain the Organic seal industries must prove to the USDA that the product is of Organic quality. That is something that doTerra cannot claim.

You’ve Been Demoted?

As a Wellness Advocate, you must, on your anniversary date, renew your membership to stay an active member.

During the membership period, it’s expected of you to recruit new members, and if you haven’t, there is a possibility you may get downgraded to Wholesale Customer. Seems a little “left field”, considering it is not something most other MLMs enter into, and nor could I locate any criteria to support the theory. So, it certainly is worth keeping in mind.

Product Misrepresentation

doTerra came under the spotlight of the Drug Administration in September 2014, and received an FDA Warning Letter, for permitting its Wellness Advocates to market its products as possible cures of severe sicknesses. A short time after that, a further check conducted to determine they are conforming to the FDA regulations. Nonetheless, some Wellness Advocates continued making such claims. It’s purported, in 2018 a few Advocates, offered personal stories to customers, claiming how their children had benefited from essential oils.

Final Word

Like other alternative medicines, the essential oil market is an unregulated industry. So, many claims based around the terms, therapeutic, pure grade, and of highest quality don’t necessarily reflect the actual quality of essential oils. On the other hand, the word “Organic” regulated by the USDA. Manufacturers need to prove to the regulating body their products conform to all requirements before receiving approval to use the term, “ORGANIC”. And, that is something doTerra cannot do.

MLM has turned itself into an enormous business and is so seductive it is attracting droves of people who are looking to make a few dollars in their spare time. Well, earning a few extra dollars might be all good in theory, but in reality, does it work? For instance, if you were to apply your hourly wage rate from your 9-5 job, and compare an MLM commission cheque on an hourly basis, more likely they will reflect a significant difference.

Given, doTerra offers flexible working hours to suit your home lifestyle; the focus seems to be around recruitment for you to retain your Wellness status. It’s also for you to advance to higher positions with more generous compensation, but that will all depend on the size of your team and the volume of sales your team produces.

If having your own business is your core focus. And looking for an opportunity that will walk you along the path to success, with flexible hours and work from home, check out my #number one recommendation, you’ll have all the tools, and support you need to be dynamic, including a website, hosting, training and 24/7 support.

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Arbonne Business MLM Review

Arbonne Featured Image

Health and beauty have gotten to be a trendy market. With so many products in demand by lots of consumers. The industry has grown into a big business, and many MLM businesses selling into the health and beauty market, tend to lean toward using the MLM platform simply because of its popularity. Online marketing has also developed into a large scale industry with users looking at possible opportunities where they can earn a few extra dollars, with ideal working conditions to suit their lifestyle. Arbonne is part of the online boom, who sell health and beauty products, with several years of experience, and that’s what we’ll uncover today within this Arbonne MLM Business Review.

I’ll survey the products, also the opportunity, and look to see if the Arbonne opportunity is the best offer for you. It’s not always as easy as many of these types of companies make it sound.

Most related products sold by MLM businesses are not available in retail stores, so it seemingly provides consultants with a slight selling advantage. That’s great. But, is it all that easy to earn a few dollars? MLM, network marketing is a large business, and it’s no secret they all claim to have the unique opportunity available. That, for the majority of cases, is the furthest thing from the truth.

What Is Arbonne MLM?

The Arbonne business was, founded in 1975 by Petter Morck in a small Switzerland village of Norway. In 1980 he moved to Irvine in California where he established his headquarters and started an international marketing company. Norwegian born, Morck is the founder of the Arbonne skincare MLM business.

His passion in the Arbonne Logoskincare industry started back in 1965, and, after some time relocated himself in Arbon, Switzerland where he formed Arbonne skincare with Pierre Bottiglieri. Morck and Bottiglieri created a line of products without using any petroleum or animal ingredients.

All the products are researched, developed and tested in Arbonne Institute of Research and Development in Switzerland, and produced in the United States.

The company has experienced several changes since its founding, and in February 2018 was acquired by Groupe Rocher in Paris. Since the takeover, the Arbonne company expanded into seven countries throughout the world. And, they include the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom, Taiwan and Poland.

The business model used by the Arbonne is moulded on the MLM platform using the direct selling platform where products are purchased only through their independent consultants. The latter is not a direct employee of the Arbonne business.

Are Arbonne Products Worth Their Price?

The Arbonne product range is substantial, which includes, Skincare, Bath & Beauty, Hair, Makeup and Nutrition. Arbonne claims all products are botanically based ingredients with scientifically tested formulas.

They promise the ingredients used, deliver a holistic approach to healthy living, and for better skincare results and plant-powered nutrition. Detailed information relating to the ingredient compound is available on their website.

Below is just a few of the listed products they sell.

Arbonne Skincare products

The RE9 Advanced Lifting & Contouring five-piece set above, retails for $388 or if you are a preferred customer $310.40. A mighty substantial price to pay for an advanced lifting & contouring skincare set. Your customers may be happy paying these sorts of expenses as they believe them as being value for money in consideration they don’t contain any petroleum or animal compounds. However, other available products provide a similar makeup compound and are much cheaper.

The Arbonne MLM Opportunity

Arbonne products are sold by independent consultants who are contractors to the Arbonne MLM business plan. In a nutshell, what that means, you’re not a fully paid employee, so if you don’t sell any products, then you don’t earn any commissions. In the seven countries where Arbonne have a presence, consultant positions are available.

Arbonne operates on the same basis as to all other MLM business, where the consultants are required to generate many sales every month. At the same time introduce other people into the system who become part of your team, commonly known as your downline. You’ll receive a commission calculated on sales of your own, and you will also earn a passive income from all the transactions made by members in your downline.

How Much Does It Cost To Join Arbonne?

The registration fee to become a consultant will set you back $49, and you will get a personal e-commerce website and a digital catalogue. Preferred Clients registration costs $29, and you will receive a 20% discount on single items and 40% on value packs. Both options do carry a renewal cost of $29 every 12 months.

Arbonne, like all other MLM businesses, independent consultants, are not reimbursed for everyday operating costs. Things like car costs, fuel, telephone, etc., and many other related expenses will need to be paid by the consultant. So, they need to be taken into account as they will eat into the commission margins that you might earn as a consultant.

Arbonne Membership

Can You Make Money With Arbonne?

Sales generate an income; therefore, your success hinges on making sales. They are the cold hard facts. Naturally, the more considerable amount of products that you may be able to sell will increase your monthly commission. Then there is, of course, building yourself a downline of other people and encourage them to replicate what you’re doing, and you will earn extra money from all of their sales.

But, there is also a catch, in your own time, you need to train every person that you recruit, and that means going out with them on the first few occasions, helping them through the sale process among many other things, and that will then eat into your selling time.

It does, of course, have long term benefits, because the better they get at selling then, the more sales they will generate, so that puts some extra cash into your pocket from these additional sales.

The other benefit of growing a downline will allow you to qualify for higher positions within the business—for instance, District Manager through to National Vice President. And every state within the hierarchy has set sale volumes before you can move to the next upper level.

Arbonne MLM Sales Ladder

Just in case you missed. If you take a more distinct look at the small print at the base of the image above, you’ll notice that it clearly says. “Earnings do not represent Independent Consultants profits as they do not include expenses incurred running and promoting their business”. That is why it always pays to allow for the out of pocket expenses. Also, rule of thumb suggests with potential commissions deduct at least 20% maybe even more, it just depends on your expense circumstances

Preferred Clients

Registering preferred client customers offers some benefits that they would otherwise receive, the likes of free shipping for all orders over the value of $100. And they also get a 20% discount on all single-item purchases and 40% on special value packs. For customers to become a preferred customer, there will be a 12-month subscription charge of $29, renewal each year.

And, if they wish to transfer to an independent consultant, they will be required to pay an additional transfer fee of $22. From your viewpoint, preferred customers are valuable to you, because you will receive a monthly commission on their sales provided they continue to make monthly purchases.

Arbonne Preferred Client Rewards

Your Website

Being an Arbonne Consultant, you can also promote and sell products through your designated website provided to you through the Arbonne independent consultant agreement. Your customers can go to your site and order directly, so you may be earning an income while you’re asleep.


Money-Back Guarantee 45 Days

All the Arbonne catalogued products come with a guarantee of 45 days, and that also includes preferred customers. However, the warranty doesn’t contain any return freight charges they must be paid by the customer or in some cases by you.

Commission Rates

The commission offered is much better than many other MLM businesses with a 35% profit margin attached to all sales, plus a further 15% commission for all purchases made by your preferred customers

BBB Complaints

When I wrote this review, and at that time, there are no listed complaints against Arbonne according to the BBB ( Better Business Bureau).


Getting Started

Given that you are not required to hold an inventory of products, you must, however, purchase a welcome kit $49, with an annual renewal of $29. On top of that, if you want to upgrade to the preferred client program that will set you back an extra $20, and that allows you the benefit of buying products at a 20% discount, and 40% discount on value packs. Preferred clients also have to renew their membership annually.


May 2017, a claim was raised against Arbonne, it was alleged, at the time, Arbonne was a pyramid scheme.

The statement of disclosure suggested that 86% of distributors lose money. In 2018 the company settled with the plaintiffs to end the lawsuit. There have been other lawsuits, for instance, 2009 a case was issued against them for refusing to employ a woman who was deaf.

Previous Bankruptcy

The company went into bankruptcy in 2009 but has since made a tremendous effort to re-invent itself in the market. Maybe a sign of the unknown.

Products Are Expensive

Given that the joining fee is relatively low to start, the results are not. Product prices customers have to pay is expensive. For instance, the average price starts around the $70 mark.


While the BBB has no registered complaints, that necessarily doesn’t suggest that there are no other complaints. Circumstantial allegations may suggest otherwise, as the skin cream damaged skin 2 hours after application. Below is what they had to say

Arbonne Complaints

Is Arbonne a Scam?

Possibly the Arbonne doesn’t quite fit into the scam category, but that doesn’t suggest it’s the best either. From my observations, selling skincare products can be a tough sell, with so many MLM skincare businesses and with a hefty price tag, and a flooded market earning money from this business model would be rather tricky. When you take into account, every MLM business operates on a similar basis of sales being “King”.

So, you may struggle to make a go of it, unless you have an extensive list of friends and associates who are willing to buy the products. Being your boss and having flexible working hours doesn’t add up to anything much if you’re not able to generate sales.

Let’s say you do make a start and begin building a downline, that too doesn’t help unless they also are selling, because if they aren’t selling they are not earning any income, and neither are you.

Final Word

The Arbonne business model appears to lean significantly towards women who show a very keen interest in health, beauty, and skincare. Their model isn’t the most practical MLM business where you can earn an income or for that matter build yourself a strong downline, given the harsh policies that require you to abide by and operate within the framework.

Realistically, the strict working guidelines for any MLM business all lies within the fine print that most people ignore or fail to read. For peace of mind, and in your own best interest, it pays to read and understand the terms and condition as best you can as it is fundamental and should be associated with any decision making before committing to signing on.

Arbonne offers a flexible work schedule to suit your home situation. It also claims you can advance to higher positions with more generous compensation, but that is all dependent on the size of your team and the volume of sales your team produces.

If you have a keen interest in looking for an opportunity that will walk you along the path to success, with flexible hours and work from home, check out my #number one recommendation. You’ll have all the tools you need to be successful, including a website, hosting, training and 24/7 support.

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Nerium Skincare MLM Reviews

Looking for a simple process to earn some extra money is common these days, and that’s what makes the MLM system look easy. With a lot of the work is already done for you, it serves as a natural link for selling a few products. MLM businesses are already well-established, so basically, the only thing you need do is set yourself up and start selling. However, that is where the hands-down simple part ends. Nerium, (now Neora) is another one of those MLM companies who promote a variety of skincare products and hair care products, that may have an appeal to an assortment of people and look as though they may be reasonably easy to sell. With this Nerium MLM review, I’ll take you through many of the different products they offer, and reveal whether it is worthwhile you’re taking on this opportunity or not. There is every chance that it’s not as good as first seems.

What Is Neora Formerly Nerium MLM?

Neora formerly Nerium International is an MLM company, founded in 2011 by Jeff Olson and one product. Headquarters located in Addison, Texas.

Top executive Jeff Olson founder and CEO, Deborah Heisz Co-CEO.

Olson’s sole collection in 2011, was one product, Age-Defying Night Cream. That has now grown into an International MLM marketing company. There are more Neora Logothan 75,000 distributors, and as claimed by Heisz, Nerium, are no longer a single product company, as they are now an anti-ageing company selling skincare and nutrition into over 13 countries worldwide with 12 products. Neora was listed in the number 12 spot of the 2014 Top 500 Business review with an annual turnover above 400 million dollars sales in 2014.

Neora-Nerium Products Are They Worth Their Price?

Neora products are primarily anti-ageing skincare products and hair care systems; however, they also sell other products in the wellness area. The Neora starter and quick-start kits include the following products.

When you look at the prices, it’s quite evident the products are rather pricey in comparison to products elsewhere. For instance, a product of similar to the Neora Age IQ Night Day Combo is the Kremotex New Formula with potent anti-ageing cream with potential CellXcomplex. The Kremotex product costs $120 with a high recommendation from Skincare reviews who say it provides a lot of exclusive benefits using only natural ingredients, and ranked as currently the best available; And, that was also supported by clinical studies.

The Kremotex Formula can directly target the root cause of ageing by reducing the general appearance of wrinkles, thus boosting thickness and elasticity of the skin; it retails 67 dollars cheaper with a proven track record of effectiveness.

The Neora-Nerium MLM Opportunity

Neora business opportunity is like all MLMs they involve selling products and recruit new members into your team. It also allows you the flexibility to schedule your work around your home life. Income benefits are based solely around selling lots of products, and continually building and maintaining your network. This is all achievable but will demand lots of your spare time, unless you really get serious about it, and go full time.

For you to start, you will need to purchase a starter kit, and included in that is a personalised website, marketing materials and digital tools. With the site, you are in a position to be promoting products online 24/7, and even while you sleep, you can be earning an income.

Neora sells the products to you at a wholesale price, and then you can set your own selling price, although they do have a recommended retail price of selling.

Neora products are not available in retail outlets and can only be purchased through the distributor network.

Building a team provides you with another avenue of income from sales of those you have recruited. Also, if you can work yourself up the hierarchy order that opens even more benefits.

How Much Does It Cost to Join Neora-Nerium?

Neora has four starter packs for you to get started, where the basic kit will set you back $49.95, with no products included.

The other three are:

  • Starter Pack: Includes marketing and training materials, and 13 products $500.
  • Builder Pack: Includes marketing and training materials, and 25 products $750.
  • Premier Builder Pack contains marketing and training materials 32 products $1,000.

Neora Quick Start Kits


Other costs apart from a starter kit will be classed as additional charges and will be required to be managed by the distributor. Such as car costs, fuel, phone charges, venue charges and all other accessories necessary to run your business are deemed by Noera as not recoverable expenses, and must be finalised by the distributor.

Can You Make Money with Neora-Nerium?

Neora products are purchased at wholesale prices somewhere between 25% and 40 % lower than the recommended retail price, and the difference between the two prices is your profit margin. However, there will be times where you’ll have preferred customers, so to keep them buying you may consider dropping the retail price by 10%-15%, that will then eat into your margins, but if you need some sales, it most probably would demand consideration. They offer several ways to earn a commission and will supposedly show you many ways to get there. Neora, make it abundantly clear there is no guarantee that any distributor will receive an income.

Recruitment is another way to earn an income. By getting other people to join, and any sales they make, you will receive extra commissions from products sold by them because they are part of your recruited sales team.

Neora Hard Work Recruitment

To be considered an active member, your sales must reach the required selling benchmark for you to continue to earn commissions, you also have to sell or purchase a minimum amount of products each month.


Preferred Customers

This is now becoming a buzz word within the MLM network and has, in fact, become quite trendy. Selected customers are those people who take out a membership, allowing them to gain access to the discounted products, and may also get free shipping.

It sits quite well with the distributor as it generates another layer of monthly income, provided the preferred customer continues to receive a monthly order.



The preferred membership package, a $49.95 is reasonably priced, but it doesn’t have, and products included.

Retail Sales

To earn a retail profit, you can sell Neora products through your personalised Neora website and to home customers. If someone places a retail order on your site, you will gain the difference between the price paid by the customer and the wholesale price you pay. For example, if a retail order equals $290 and your buying price is $200, then the difference of $90 will be your profit margin. You can also sell Neora products from your personal inventory, and the difference between the two prices, wholesale and retail, is your margin.

Rewards for Selling

For you to make an income, you need to remain an active monthly member with a minimum of 120PQV (personal quantity volume) in sales.

Refund Policy

If you decide that being a Neora-Nerium distributor isn’t what you thought it was going to be, and you want to return the products, and or inventory. There is a thirty-day return policy based on commercial arrangements with up to 90% of your cost refundable.


Volume Objectives

For you to earn a personal commission and a team commission, you have high standards in sales that must be met every month. If they are not reached, then there is no commission on any purchases that you may have made for that month. And that also applies to your team member sales, the required sales criteria must be reached for you to receive an extra bonus.

Products Carry High Price Tag

Any product that demands a hefty price tag can be quite a difficult sell. Especially when others in the market are much cheaper and similar in quality.

No FDA Approval

Neora-Nerium products are not FDA approved. The FDA didn’t recommend because it was deemed it as having potential and serious adverse effects from certain ingredients used.

Below Standard Customer Service

Customer service standards are below expectation and supported by the many disappointed customers who complain about pricing and products. As reported to the BBB (Better Business Bureau) customers have received an unsatisfactory support form Neora and the return of goods policy, and continuously receive advertising materials even after they have requested not to receive future promotional material.

Legal Action

The FTC (Federal Trade Commission), November 2019 have taken legal action against Neora-Nerium, who they allege are operating an illegal pyramid scheme. They also claim that Nerium’s BPs (Brand Partners) are making little to no money, and in some cases losing money.

Is Neora-Nerium a Scam?

If the pending court allegations by the FTC, are proven, then it can be considered as being an MLM scam. This business model is typical of many other MLMs. You invest your money into their scheme with full intentions of earning a few dollars, but the sad irony very few make enough to cover costs; And, in most cases lose lots of money. Opportunities such as this one shouldn’t be considered if you are looking for work that will provide a full-time income.

Final Word

There will be one thing for sure, out of pocket expenses because Neora-Nerium won’t reimburse you, so they shouldn’t be overlooked.

So it’s worth keeping in mind these additional costs, such as telephone, order deliveries, vehicle running charges, fuel, servicing, etc., will be paid using your own money.

And that needs to be subtracted from your earnings, and, most likely, there won’t be sufficient incoming funds to meet your running costs.

Neora Out Of Pocket Expenses

With so many hidden factors, it pays to uncover them and establish their implications ahead of making any decision. You may find that being your own boss and working flexible hours may not be such a good idea.

Additionally, the pressure to perform will come soon after joining with the likes of selling and recruiting, an influence that many find hard to overcome.

Not-only-that, they’ll encourage you to start with family and friends, and that just adds to more pressure of becoming alienated with people who are dearest to you and trust.

If you have a keen interest in looking for an opportunity that will walk you along the path to success, with flexible hours and work from home, check out my #number one recommendation. You’ll have all the tools you need to be successful, including a website, hosting, training and 24/7 support.

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What Is The Best Free Website Builder And Hosting – SiteRubix Review

SiteRubix Free Website

Building yourself a website from scratch can be quite a challenge, and could cost lots of money, but it doesn’t have to be. So then, what is the best free website builder and hosting, where you can save yourself time and money? SiteRubix is the best free website builder and hosting. You can create a Free website, and it is astonishingly easy to set up and is great fun. Building your own website from scratch dictates that you use the best tools and resources available, and that will be rather difficult to achieve without spending any money or as least as possible. Notwithstanding the amount of time, you’ll need to devote preparing and building, plus all the set up that will be necessary. Why would you even bother with all the hassle? In this SiteRubix review, you can see how it will do all that for you, and how easy it is?

What Is Required To Build A Free Website?

The list is quite substantial as there are many things that you will need in building a website, such as, Domain Name – Website hosting – WordPress, and they all warrant in-depth work in the preparation stage.

For example, a domain name, is your website address, and that is the link pin for all your online marketing, and always will be (i.e.) Researching, and sourcing out the best domain name provider can be taxing.

Website hosting, several companies provide web hosting, and there will be a monthly charge for using their hosting platform. However, WordPress is the most user-friendly platform, and they do have a free version. But, taking full advantage of the full suite of tools will attract a monthly fee.

Running and operating your website will certainly come at a cost because for your website to be functional, you must have a registered domain name and use a web hosting platform for your website to access to the world. Without them, it’s impossible to operate.

SiteRubix will do all the work for you, and you will have a ready-made site up and running within 2 minutes using the premium version of the WordPress platform.

WordPress hosting is intelligently robust and reliable, so websites will never be any more secure. The technical intelligence done behind the scenes is the brains that matter most. Therefore, hosting and running your business will always be safe and secure.

Who Is the SiteRubix?

SiteRubix is a website building platform that is extremely fast and efficient and will take you to an entirely new level that will allow you to turn your passion into a thriving online business. Siterubix is ideal for helping beginners get off to a quick start, as it takes care of all the technical jargon that would typically come with building your site. Removing all the technical aspects, and with full training provided, running your business will never be so easy.

Does The Free Version Get Me Started?

The free SiteRubix version will get you started, and there are no catches or hidden extras, it’s all just a point of choosing your domain name, and a website will automatically get built for you. Doing that by yourself could take hours if not days unless you are an experienced marketer, even then it will take a few hours in putting everything together. Why waste valuable time in building your website with little background knowledge, when you can have a fully functional site ready in a matter of two minutes, that’s how good the SitRubix is; And, it’s free to start.

 SiteRubix Images

The Free SiteRubix Opportunity Does It Work?

SiteRubix does work and works incredibly well. That’s the great thing about SiteRubix, benefits and features are all packed into the one combination, saving you all that would otherwise be left for you to do yourself. Apart from the benefits and features, SiteRubix provides, there is also a complete guide with step-by-step tutorials to help you along the way.

 Can My Free Website Make Money?

Your free website can make you money as its operational functionality is no different than any other professionally prepared site. It might have an edge on most other websites.

With the training that is in place you’re able to expand your website into profitable outcome for as long you like. Also included, is the ability to add internal and external links and run paid ads if that is what you want; And, that is all contained in your free website.

What Are Other Benefits Included In A Free Website?

Your website will run on the most powerful platform that is extremely fast and efficient. This platform delivers your content in such a way that you’ll be ahead of your competition and adds more exceptional experience to the user. All this leads to superior rankings that lead to more success.

Are There Any Other Costs With The Free Website?

There are no costs with the free website, nor are there any other hidden charges associated with the free site. However, if you elect to upgrade then, “YES” there will be a monthly fee, and that will open up a whole plethora of additional benefits that will take your learning to another level.

SiteRubix Pros

Quick And easy

Build a website in around two minutes, no longer is there any need to spend hours or days building a website, when you can have one created for you made in a blink of an eye. Don’t waste precious time messing about with how to’s and what if’s, when SiteRubix provides the flexibility that allows you to immediately focus on building out your website and show it off to the world.

Websites That Rank And Succeed

Search engine rankings rely heavily upon the development platform you are using. Sites that rank well are those who are using the most up to date and the most powerful platform. Siterubix and WordPress provide that, so it makes a lot of sense to be with what works, and give yourself the best opportunity to generate an income. Who knows, you could be the next success story?

Power To Deliver Results

With the SiteRubix, it is so powerful that it delivers results at an incredibly fast rate; Producing rankings that are ahead of the field, and that only means more chances of success.

Content Backup

Content gets backed up every twenty-four hours, so you don’t have to worry about the protection. All of that is part of the deal. Also, behind the scenes, all your optimizing and functionality is maintained.

Back Up 24 Hour

Mobile Ready

There is a requirement that your site is mobile-ready. With more than 50% of the online traffic is conducted on mobiles and tablets. That means screen sizes vary considerably, and if your site isn’t mobile-ready, then you stand the chance of losing traffic because your website doesn’t provide your visitors with excellent user experience.

SiteRubix Cons

One Free website


The free site is only a sub-domain to the However, they rank equally as well with the search engines subset—the only difference your not the owner of that sub-domain.

Final Word

Why would you consider building yourself a website when, SiteRubix will do it for you, and it will take your site to an entirely new level where you’ll turn your passion into a booming online business. All the techy jargon required in building a website has been removed, making it a simple two-minute process for you to have your website up and running.

The SiteRubix platform is a subset of the Wealthy, and they support SiteRubix with all the training tools needed to turn your creations into a success; And, that is something extraordinary. Then there is the community who offer support, training and help when it’s most needed.

Have you ever tried building a website elsewhere? If you have, then you will know what I’m saying, it is an absolute nightmare to think about the things needed. For example, technical jargon to understand, then there is design, web hosting, domain registration, the building the damn thing.

And that will take a mountain of time with many trial and errors along the way. SiteRubix, in a matter of minutes, will build something that will surpass your wildest dreams. Not only that, but you’ll also have a site that is ready to go, instant support around the clock with all the training modules to help you along the journey.

The Real Deal Affiliate - Features

Learn how to build a site that will rapidly introduce you to a brand new level, and surge you forward with such momentum, you’ll, in no time flat, turn your passion into a successful online marketing venture. Plus there is full training that will walk you through the steps all the way.

When you’re not spending time mucking about with technical jargon, and all the other bits and pieces in running your site; Then, YES, this is all achievable, and it’s free.

What happens if I get stuck and don’t understand what I need to do?

No worries SiteRubix and Wealthy Affiliate have you covered. The community support is there for when you need help most. That’s the great thing about the community support, you are never left to your own devices, as there are always friendly likeminded people more than willing to help get you through. That’s so comforting to have when beginning because there is nothing worse than being left alone when you so desperately need some coaching, help with technical issues, or talk with other community people and share some thoughts and ideas.

There is nowhere else in the world will you find a more active community who are so helpful and caring.

With Siterubix being a unique website builder, it’s the envy of most other website hosts. And, when you consider all that is required is follow the step-by-step training, in conjunction with the support tools as necessary, and slowly allow your imagination to kick in, then, undoubtedly you are headed toward tremendous success.

Building a fantastic website is critical in connecting with your target audience

The future of your site is the foundation you put in place right from the start, and they are the building blocks so to say; And, SiteRubix is just that, the building blocks. Not only that, starting with a core foundation will go a long way in getting ranked in the search engines, encourages visitors, and ultimately will generate revenue. Plus you’ll have the ability to advertise your site with the social media outlets. Call To Action.

Mobile Friendly

Web browsing has become significant in recent times, and if your site isn’t mobile-ready, then you are going to leave a lot of money on the table. Screen sizes vary considerably, and your website must be able to cope with the variations for it to be responsive and also adapt to the different screen sizes. The mobile feature is part of the SiteRubix package, so, that puts you way ahead of most others. The latest data indicates that as much as 50% of potential visitors are using mobile devices, so your site must be mobile-friendly for your visitors to receive a great experience.


Professional designs are another essential feature, and the idealistic scenario is for the design and themes to harmonise, so choosing a topic that will link in with your passion and design becomes another critical step within the overall building process.


All-in-all, it is challenging to find anything online that can match what the SiteRubix offers; And, the most significant thing about this, it’s all free. So, why wouldn’t you give it a try, what have you got to lose other than a small part of your own time.

Rodan And Fields Skincare Reviews

Rodan And Fields Reviews

Does working a handful of hours in your free time, to earn a few extra dollars, sound like a good idea? With the Rodan and Fields skincare business you can, and your part will be, to organise a home party, then arrange a host to run it. And, on the night of the party, you handle all orders for products sold, and you get a slice of the money. In my Rodan and Fields review, I’ll take a look at the products, including the business, and find out if it is the ideal opportunity for you to earn those few extra dollars.

Who Are Rodan And Fields?

Rodan and Fields are a Multi-level marketing business and are famously known for their skincare range of products. Rodan and Fields started with two Stanford trained dermatologists, Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields.

They began their marketing career with one single line, “Proactiv”, their primary objective at the time was to target acne-prone skin. It quickly gathered popularity, and, was as far as they were concerned the game changer because it worked.

The company, Rodan And Fields, founded in 2002, by Katie Roden and Kathy Fields began manufacturing a line of skincare products, selling the range through Rodan And Fields Skincare Reviewsthe departmental retail stores.

Twelve months later, they onsold the branding rights to Estee Lauder. Then, four years later, in 2007, they regained the branding; And, removed the selling rights from departmental stores to multi-level marketing; The Rodan and Fields headquarters located in, San Francisco California.

Are Rodan and Fields Skincare Range Value For Money?

The Rodan and Fields product range have an extensive line of skincare products that cater to needs, of all ages, but, mainly aimed toward women with the likes of sensitive or irritated skin. The range pushes out a list of renowned ingredients, likes of, retinol, a component that combats fine lines wrinkles and encourages cell turnover. Skin lightening contains alpha-hydroxyl acid, well-known for softening and smoothing of the skin, plus the kojic acid, a brightening agent. and there are no nasty surprises with the ingredients. Therefore, it’s reasonable to believe there is value for money.

Do Rodan And Fields Products Work?

It’s a question frequently asked, and seems always to come back to the same point, do the products work?

Well, It’s fair to say that the sales figures suggest that they do. Reports reveal the Rodan and Fields company is amongst the top-selling businesses into the US.

Gaining a more exact look at the ingredients used in many of the products, they have a range of quality ingredients with the likes of retinol, which is the gold standard for addressing fine lines and wrinkles and encouraging cell turnover.

The skincare products cater extensively to the needs of all ages, but, mainly aimed toward women with the likes of sensitive or irritated skin. One of the more famous lines is the redefine regimen, targeted toward the enhancement and appearances of fine lines/pores to get the skin surface to be firmer and smoother.

Also, there are the reverse regimens that address skin discolouration by lifting skin colour, while reducing or fading dark spots. And there is body lotions and active hydration eye complex. They also have a small derma-cosmetics range that is a skin improvement makeup.

They’re using ingredients that are renowned for having a positive outcome on the skin, and not those of unknown origins.

Are The Rodan And Fields Worth Their Price?

Rodan + Fields products are expensive, the redefine regimen, for the enhancement and appearances of fine lines/pores to get the skin to be firmer and smoother—kits retail for $199. Then there is the reverse regimens kit that addresses skin discolouration by lifting skin colour while reducing or fading dark spots, retails for $190.

Individual items also look too pricy, for instance, Unblemished Dual Intensive Acne Treatment which contains benzoyl peroxide compound used in the combating of acne, sells for $102, and the Active Hydration Body Replenish, a body cream, comes with a hefty price tag of $66.

What Are The Rodan And Fields Product Range

The jewel in the crown is the enhancement lash boost. Its impression gives off the similarities to mascara; And, it comes in a tube and gives off the sense of longer looking eyelashes.

Rodan + Fields Products

The Rodan And Fields Opportunity

Becoming a consultant, you’ll need to register through a Rodan and Fields sponsor. Once your application gets accepted, you will receive full training from your sponsor regarding the “Do’s and Don’ts”, including the presentation process required by Rodan and Fields. Also, you will need to purchase a kit valued at $45 that contains the journey of the understanding and philosophy in getting to know the R+F brand.

Most likely the more natural way to get started will to presentations on the use and benefits of the products to family and friends; And as you gain an understanding and improve your knowledge, you then will be able to branch out. Replenishment of products works on a monthly cycle. You will need to submit your sales figures and order requirements according to the procedure stipulated in the policies-procedures.

How Much Does It Cost To Rodan And Fields?

There are an application and registration process for joining the Rodan and Fields network, and that is free. However, before your application gets approved, you will need to agree to buy a start-up kit valued at $45. After that, three different kits contain various products for starting your business. From the information that I have collected the minimum kit cost will be $395. There are a further two kits available, valued at $695 and the $995. However, the third option is for (USA) consultants only.


Can You Make Money With Rodan And Fields?

Rodan and Fields use the MLM system mainly because of the majority of their income are from recruitment with the lessor income percentage from direct sales. Recruitment will be the primary focus rather than a full-on push to sell the products. Looking at a company disclosure statement from R+F that revealed around 95% of all consultants earn no more than $7,000, including a startling report that says about 62% gain on average $330 yearly. Based on those figures, you would need to have recruited lots of other members to generate any decent income. That is why the R+M place so much emphases on recruitment.

Rodan And Fields Skincare Reviews Compensation Plan


Joining Rodan and Fields is affordable?.

When you join Rodan and Fields as an independent consultant, you’ll have to purchase a $45 business portfolio, and a starter kit to start your business. Most consultants will not need to hold a business license for their activities when selling products to their community either. That means you’ll get to benefit from the branding, have instant access to social media tools, and can offer life-changing skincare items as a way to make some extra money.

Rodan And Fields Pros

  • Consultants Voluntary Termination
  • If you choose that you want to terminate your agreement with Rodan and Fields and request a refund. You have after sixty days up to one year to return the products and request a refund. The company will refund up to 90% of the original purchase price.
  • Products Available Three Countries  
  • Badon and Fields sell into three countries only, USA, Canada and Australia 
  • Consultant Training
  • New consultants receive full training from their sponsor
  • Skincare Products 
  • Badon and fields have an extensive catalogue of products such as, Redefine Regimen for skin enhancement, Reverse Regimen for skin discolouration, Unblemished Dual Intensive Acne Treatment, Lash Boost for longer looking eyelashes, and a Derma-Cosmetics skin improvement range.

 Rodan And Fields CONS

  •  Products Are Quite Expensive 
  • Being a consultant, you may be of the misunderstanding that you are purchasing the skincare products at a wholesale rate. Regrettably, no so. Rodan and Fields will impose consultant makeup on each purchase. They will always have a margin built into every bit of product that goes out the door. Most of the product range is more expensive than those of similar products sold in retail outlets.
  • Shipping Charges   
  • There is every possibility shipping will not be mentioned to consultants; nonetheless, all shipping charges will be the responsibility of the consultant and any other incidentals that may crop up from time to time. Although the shipping charges are not that expensive, they still erode part of your earnings. Therefore, to get an accurate estimate of your actual income, you’ll need to allow for these extra costs when calculating your net profit.
  • Desperate Times Calls For Desperate Measures  
  • I understand that this might sound a little crazy, but, if you are short of cash and don’t have a vast network of friends and associates etc., could prove difficult in retaining your qualifying status, and available commissions. That may then require you to purchase unsold products at the end of each month, and that could very soon eat into any personal savings you may have, or, push you into unwanted debt.                                       

Is The Rodan And Fields Model A Scam?

Are Rodan and Fields a scam? If you read many of the online trolls, it is hard to argue the full legitimacy of the business profile. One thing is for sure though, a lot of hard work and many unpaid hours will be required to get the business off the ground, and then there is no guarantee that it will be a success.

Any MLM business is a tough gig when your whole outcome relies on selling the Rodan and Fields products, and if it fails, you do too. On the other hand, if you are not reliant on how much you earn and are very comfortable in holding house parties perhaps, then this may suit.

Almost all products sold online through the MLM system are not approved by the FDA, and that is why, in most instances, consultants – distributors make so many rash promises about what they are selling.

Bearing in mind, you are very much relying on, (A) Recruitment (B) Personal Sales, and if you fail at the recruitment level, and left will sales only. Then it goes without saying, the pressure will mount, and you will wither away.

There are many questions you need to ask yourself, can I genuinely make some money from this opportunity. After all, success in any MLM business relies heavily on the recruitment aspect of the company, and if you are lacking, then the chance of succeeding will be slim. Plus, every month, you are expected to purchase product no matter your sales figures or stock holding. That alone may lead to unwanted debt.


Final Word

If you are comfortable with Rodan And Fields opportunity and believe that you have the ability to making it work; That’s great.

Despite that, some so many people get swept up in the euphoria of being their boss and earning enough money to set themselves up for life is just that “Sales Talk”. Once they have committed and very soon after they begin to feel the pressure to succeed, and it is one of the hardest obstacles to overcome, peer pressure, and many people find they are unable to handle it. Apart from that, the reliance on you to perform in both areas of recruitment and sales is enormous so you’ll be placing so much unwanted pressure on family and friends, to a point where they become alienated.

If you have a keen in looking for a path which will take you down the road to success with personal rewards you desire, a way that has proven to work time and time again for others, and one thing’s for sure, you won’t have to pay any money to get started, and you keep all the profits. You need to check out my number one recommendation. Even though this is a fantastic offer, not all people take advantage of it, and that’s OK because this offer isn’t for everyone.

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LuLaRoe Clothing Reviews

LuLaRoe Clothing Reviews


Selling an endless supply of boutique clothing could possibly seem like a good idea. Right? And after all, earn a commission in your spare time. So, why not? LuLaRoe Clothing is a Multi-level marketing business famously known for its bright and cheerful patterns, including the famous “Buttery Soft Leggings”. The luLaRoe line of apparel isn’t sold through retail outlets, but instead to independent “consultants,” who in turn sell the clothing at house parties and on social media. But, what you’re probably not taking into account, the amount of work and financial commitment that it occasionally takes to get started, and well before you can earn a commission; And, besides that, there is no guarantee of making money anyway. Throughout this LuLaRoe clothing review, I will look at the apparel, and reveal what your possibilities are of earning a few dollars.

Who is LuLaRoe?

LuLaRoe logo

LuLaRoe Apparel was founded in 2013 by Deanne Brady and husband, Mark Stidham, with a vision to succeed, while helping others do the same. It’s a Multi-level marketing business who supply a collection of unique clothing; And, their headquarters are located in, Corona California.

The face of the LuLaRoe foundation is Deanne Brady, and her husband Mark Stidham holds the position as CEO. Brady is the most unmistakable figure who is recognised for her acclaimed style of leggings throughout the social media outlet.

The centrepiece of the company is focused on boutique apparel with a uniqueness that is unparalleled anywhere else in the clothing industry.

LuLaRoe Apparel

LuLaRoe carries a variety of clothing in designs and styles to suit all family members. With an unusual form of ladies, brightly patterned and coloured leggings, dresses and shirts.

Their Morman religious beliefs have a partial impact on the clothing, as they tend to be on the side of modesty. Just the same, they do have quite a uniqueness of colour design and style.

The showcase of the LuLaRoe line of apparel is the ladies buttery soft leggings. Some customers swear by them because of their buttery-soft touch. Whereas, many others have claimed that after a few wears holes begin to appear or they tear very easily. But customers still buy them because of the feel and touch they provide.

LuLaRoe Buttery Soft Leggings

Amazon doesn’t have the LuLaRoe product. However, there is another available style that is almost of an identical. Ordering this product through Amazon, you more than likely be buying from the seller, who has their line of products listed with Amazon.

Is LuLaRoe Clothing Value For Money?

LuLaRoe makes around 5,000 garments of anyone pattern for release, and when it has sold, generally, it’s not reissued. As a consultant, you’re able to choose particular styles, including sizes, but, not patterns.

The monthly inventory shipment includes a combo of products. What seems to be more popular patterns with buyers are those labelled as “Unicorns”. 

Usually, most of the clothing range from $18 – $70, that, of course, will depend on a specific style and design.

Prices seem reasonable, and they do carry a warranty, so refunds shouldn’t be an issue, should a garment be faulty.

The Jewell in the crown are the leggings, and what appears to be the main attraction is their soft buttery feel.

This particular product does attract lots of criticism with complaints hinging on the poor quality as holes becoming apparent soon after a few wears. Claims don’t seem to get a quick or at least a reasonable response in a reasonable timeframe. And customers are left waiting for lengthy periods for refunds.

LuLaRoe - leggings

No-the-less, ladies still like them, so they remain the flagship of the LuLaRoe apparel. Even though the complaints are real.

MLM And The LuLaRoe Opportunity


As a consultant with the LuLaRoe business, you’ll become a member of their consultant network. Your responsibility will be to promote and sell apparel through the median of house parties, friends and family, also utilise the social media outlet for selling online.

What Is The Cost To Be A LuLaRoe Consultant

Getting started will attract significant capital investment. As the initial inventory purchase will set you back, somewhere between $4,925, and $9,000, with a recommendation that the regular inventory holding is around the $20,000 mark.

Inventory purchase prices quoted are at wholesale rates.

There are two streams of potential revenue. They are “Direct Sales” (customer sales) and commission derived from “Downline”. Other consultants, you have recruited into the business.

Your business success will be reliant on the amount of time you’re able to devote to building your business.

To offset your monthly auto-shipment costs, direct sales, and recruiting a downline team will need to be your priority. So, you will need to prepare yourself for lots of hard work, and whatever else may lie ahead.

Startup Fees To Join The LuLaRoe Group?

LuLaRoe is somewhat different from the general run of the MLM industry because there are no fees connected or for that matter, there’s no starter kit required either.

Before you can become a consultant, you’re required to complete and submit an application for approval, which can take a while before it is approved. This is the catchy bit, given there is no signup fee, there is, however, an inventory of stock to be purchased as part of your conditions relating to your application approval.

The initial inventory consists of 275 to 300 garments that are a variety of the LuLaRoe range. Now, that can set you back anywhere between $5,000 – $10,000 dependant of what your initial choice includes. But, the typical rule of thumb pans out to be around the $7,000 mark.

You read right, and it’s no typo error, the initial startup will be around the $7,000 mark.

And, you have no say in the design selection, that is all left up to LuLaRoe.

Retail Consultant

For you to remain active, the minimum monthly order has been set at 33 garments for you to qualify for any commissions on sales. And, that’s the lowest position.

Sponsor Consultant

The minimum order has to be no less than 175 garments for earning any commission from the personal sales and, one personally referred member in your downline team.

This level must be maintained every month to qualify for the bonus.

Trainer Consultant

The minimum order takes a significant leap as a total of 250 garments per month. Plus you’ll need to have referred three direct members personally. And, on top of that, you will need to have at least ten in your downline. That means that your overall team volume must be at least 1750 garments. Oh, and by the way, your personal volume amount is not counted in the total.

Consequently, you’ll continuously urge and encourage your downline team into making sizable inventory purchases; And, with recruitment being the ultimate aim, pushes lots of focus back on you to motivate them. Not quite so easy, especially if they are new and haven’t any genuine contacts, other than family. As a trainer, that is some challenge.

There are a further two levels that are higher than what’s mentioned, coach and mentor, but, to reach those two points, it almost seems impossible to achieve.

CEO Mark Stidham InterviewMark Stidham - Chief Executive Officer LuLaRoe

Stidham claimed, in August 2016, that the business was expected to exceed sales of $1 billion. April 2017, there were more than 80,000 consultants.

Can You Earn Money With The LuLaRoe Business?

Like many other MLM businesses, how much you can potentially earn, rests entirely on the amount of time you’re able to commit to selling and recruitment.

In the terms and conditions, LuLaRoe makes it quite clear there is no guaranteed income. However, the incentive to sell is vested in the amount of stock you are required to carry. Naturally protecting your capital investment and the monthly auto-shipment, growing your business will be your number one priority. Then “YES” you will earn a commission; However, on the flip side, if you fail, then you will quickly slip onto severe debt.


Specific Benefits

Once you become a consultant, you have the benefit of purchasing the garments at wholesale prices. You then onsell at retail prices directly to customers, or you may decide to keep some for yourself. That’s up to you.

There is a further 5% discount on all orders you place, provided you maintain the current consultant requirement; Also, all standard shipping requirements is free of charge.

Selling Online Or Offline

When first starting out how you want to sell is your choice. Some consultants choose the online method as it is less confrontational, and seems as though it is more convenient to customers, less hassle and easy to manage inventory. Whereas others prefer to sell offline because they do enjoy personal contact and find it’s the best way to develop customer relationships; And, there is the opportunity of splitting the two options.

Choosing Your Initial Inventory Shipment

You are given a chance to select the inventory of your choice to get started. The selection consists of skirts, dresses leggings, kids clothes and to a lesser degree men’s clothing. Each garment carries a limited production threshold, making them unique in lots of ways; Also provides style changes regularly.

In-Home LuLaRoe Clothing Parties

An opportunity to arrange hostess clothing parties, and reward the hostess with FREE items based on sales generated. Naturally, the more you can sell means extra bonuses for the hostess, so it’s a win-win for of you. The rule of thumb generally seems to be for every 10 garments sold the hostess receives one free item.

Plus there is a possibility of recruiting new consultants into the business, and that will help with building your downline.


Initial Investment

The minimum purchase for the initial order must be no less than $2,500; otherwise, you will be denied. Typically, you’ll find the order will be much higher than that; And could quite easily climb as high as $10,000.

Why is that? LuLaRoe doesn’t put any limitation on first orders, and with such a variety to choose from, it could be elementary to lose sight of how much you have ordered and its total value.

Given that the initial order threshold is lower than days gone by, it’s still significant in comparison to getting started among other MLM opportunities.

Selling Is Lots Of Hard Work.

Experienced consultants can make it look easy and give the impression that it’s reasonably straight forward, rather than what it actually is.

Selling is an art and requires lots of hard work mixed with trial and error in establishing yourself. If you are reluctant, unwilling or just, don’t have the time to sacrifice, then more likely this MLM business most probably won’t give you the success you are after. So, don’t let yourself be told otherwise, because this is not an opportunity where you can earn easy money.

Inventory Holding

Inventory holding or stock on hand most likely will mount as each month passes. Every month you will receive your auto-shipment, and undoubtedly, you’ll have a carryover of clothing from the previous months. Therefore, as the months pass the holding will increase, so, unless you have ample space, this could become concerning. In respect to the LuLaRoe recommended inventory holding you may well have a, 1,000+ items of clothing to store, and that requires a reasonable amount of room; Space that may not be at your disposal.

Tracking System

The tracking system LuLaRoe use will assist with the management and is quite helpful. However, this is something else that will demand adjustment, especially if you haven’t in the past been exposed to the aspect of retail inventory systems.

Refreshing Inventory

Because your current stock needs to stay fresh, it means that you will continuously be refreshing the turnover of all clothing. And that process suggests funnelling profits back into the system. Not a good situation for those starting out, because more likely than not, you will be dipping into your own money; And that may lead to unwanted debt.

Maintaining Minimum Orders

The minimum monthly order is 33 items, and if you find yourself struggling to reach the sales quota then you will lose the commission on what you have sold; Plus your active status in the business is also removed.

When it’s all said and done, LuLaRoe has no interest in whether you find the customers. The bottom line, selling the inventory all rest with you; And that can be very difficult if customers are not so easily found.

LuLaRoe Consultants

Every month there are thousands of consultants active, and, only about 30% earn a gross commission above $5,000 in sales. So, that figure will be much less as a net profit.

Is LuLaRoe Worthy Of Joining?

Working as a LuLaRoe consultant will demand lots of time, in fact, the hours required, are equal to that of having a fulltime job. Then there are the upfront costs in setting yourself up before making a sale. And, then there’s the balancing act of family life and work; So, there is plenty, which deserves consideration, especially those mums with young children.

The upshot here, there two substantial fronts to digest. The initial startup money and the balance between family and work. Then there is the uncertainty that you won’t earn any income until such time that the sales start rolling in. Without customers, there is no commission, and the ongoing debt will continue to mount.

LuLaRoe is a full-on recruitment business, so recruitment will become equally as crucial as selling as far as LuLaRoe are concerned. And that’s not going to be a walk in the park, because you’ll need to demonstrate some sort of success before others are willing to become part of your team; And, that will all take time.

Also, when you do get started, will the commission cover the auto-shipment costs plus any other out of pocket expenses required as you move forward. There are lots of grey areas, so I suggest that it’s not worth the hassle in joining.

Final Word

Any MLM business is tough work when you consider all the startup cost, family life and heaps of personal time thrown at the venture. And, that’s even without making a sale. Given, you are fortunate enough to build a team, then you will start to earn some commission. But, you will be still obligated to service existing customers and continue to find more avenues in attracting new customer business.

The new team members will also want to start making money, because if they don’t, they will then quit, and that impacts on the extra income streams you worked so hard to build.

Put it this way with so many variables you’ll need to undertake, you must weigh up all options before committing. It’s a hella lot of eggs to have in one basket without any assurances you’ll be a success.

If building your own business, and it is something that you are looking to do, then take a peek at my #1 recommendation for starting a business. Inside, you will acquire all the skills needed in how to build a website, unparalleled training, support 24/7, plus full hosting capabilities. You no need to have many sites to get started, because, everything you need is right there all in one place.

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Is LuLaRoe A MLM Scam – Or A Pyramid Scheme

LaLuRoe Feature Image

Chances are, you’ve just come across some beautiful dresses or clothing on Facebook sold by LuLaRoe Consultants. Or, you’ve ever attended one of their “pop-up boutique parties” trying out different clothes. Maybe you have been approached to join the network; But, without doing any research, how can you be sure if LuLaRoe isn’t another one of them MLM scams, or a pyramid scheme. 

A relatively young business that virtually stormed the online marketing world selling women’s clothing using multi-level marketing as the retail outlet. The cornerstone of the company is its unique brand and style of ladies clothing; During its short life, it has been subject to many questions asked, about its legitimacy whether it is an MLM Scam Or A Pyramid Scheme? Yet, it has continued to go gangbusters over as many years.

LuLaRoe is a US Based company Located in Corona, California, and was founded in 2012, by Deanne Brady along with her husband, Mark Stidman.

LuLaRoe Company History

They have over the past, been a very driven company, using an extensive network of women on an independent contract basis through the MLM network, selling women’s clothing.

Once the business began to rapidly take hold, it created lots of opportunities for stay at home mums, who could potentially earn a decent monthly income selling their clothing.

The company sales figures for 2017 back that up, reaching a staggering $2.3 billion US dollars.

So, here you have a company that was booming, and a line of clothing that was unique, naturally it attracted women, making the company a household name for its online style of dress;

This method of selling isn’t anything new to the MLM industry, especially where exclusivity is concerned.

If you are an avid Facebook follower, then there’s every chance that you will have at some stage came across LuLaRoe consultants selling this boutique line. Or, perhaps you have been invited to attend one of their in-home parties where guests can try on the clothes first hand.

Company Research

Maybe you’re thinking about being a LuLaRoe consultant, so you are checking out the company, its history, and the clothing. It doesn’t matter, because putting in a little time and effort, in most instances pays off handsomely, and research has proven that over and over. It’s always best to be sure and avoid getting being caught up in the many scams out there.

By the way, let me give you the heads up here; I am in no way connected to the LuLaRoe business, nor have I any association with them.

But, what I am going to do, is reveal to you, a few of the underhanded truths that LuLaRoe Fashion Consultants try their damndest to hide away from you.

What then is The LuLaRoe’s mission?

Produce a unique line of ladies clothing, while at the same time provide an avenue for others (consultants) to sell a stylish range of clothing that is unique in many ways; and, earn an income.

But, is LuLaRoe as they say, a genuine company, driven by selling top quality ladies clothes. Or are they trying to sell something totally different?

“YES”, they are trying to sell something else “A DREAM”.

That’s right, they are trying to sell a dream, a mesmerising dream, where women, just like yourself,  can unshackle the irons, and have them believing they can become financially independent forever.

But, the truth remains, is it just another sales gimmick dressed up in a way to attract new consultants?

Let’s Undress The Mission Statement

LuLaRoe’s published income disclosure statement tells a different story, indeed. The report reveals that the annual bonus for a distributor “At All Ranks” was a mere $92, with the median yearly premium $86.

And, no surprises why 98% of distributors fail to recoup the initial stock outlay from any bonuses earned.

Sadly, these distributors are now looking down the barrel of financial distress, not economic freedom, with catastrophic outcomes.

So, the question is then, is it really just a con job, using the clothing as a decoy?

Let’s dig a little deeper and see what we can uncover.

Business Opportunity

Initially, the lifestyle of work appealed to women, who were looking for a job that fitted in with their daily lives as a stay at home mums. The product style of clothing attracted their attention, as did the flexible hours, so the opportunity, become very eye-catching, so they sign on.

Now that may be fine, and a reasonable expectation; But, how practical is the clothing? And, can you make a decent income from this opportunity?

Remarks left on the online forums paint a very different picture. They reveal the truth based on first-hand experiences, either as a distributor or a customer.

LaLuRoe Business Opportinity

Here is some of what they had to say.

The Lularoe leggings are great… well dust rags.

They work way better than Norwex dust mitts, which is more proof that MLM products are s***.


Absolutely. You should be able to find a un-ending supply of NWT Lularoe clothes at any local opp shop that has been donated by women who had to learn about MLMs the hard way.


So could I then cut up a pair of leggings and make it into Swiffer sleeves?

I’m not sure of that. I didn’t cut mine up. Dusting, I put my arm through one leg and slowly turn it inside out, so none of the dirt falls out.

I suppose if you do cut it, you may have to hem, just to stop from falling apart.


They bang on about the fabric being ‘buttery soft’, and it’s probably because the fibres need to be quite delicate so that it is soft. A bit like the microfiber cloths.

And, this is what a couple of past consultants think of the business opportunity.

Someone asked the question, how an adult could be so naive to buy into this garbage. Since I was that adult, I decided to respond.

Her answer got long, so to provide insight to more people, so she thought she’d put it online. And this what she had to say This is my Lula Roe Journey to Hell and back: Read the full story here.

And, another.

I joined the company in Fall of 2016, right in the middle of the onboarding boom. My husband, who has a business degree, we ran the numbers.

We both thought it was a wise investment, and our shows were a hit, The laundry baskets were filled every week of paid orders to ship out.

At the time I quit my job with a Fortune 500 company (which may be a blessing since it’s since sold and fallen apart). And then July of 2017 hit and I couldn’t keep up with the GOOB sales.

So I submitted my resignation, but in the middle of waiting for my return labels, they changed the policy.

Never held faith they’d honour me 100% if I did happen to get return labels. Sold what I could, then donated the awful pieces to the Salvation Army and the less terrible bits to a women’s shelter.

I took the loss, and this January we paid off the rest of our loan that we’d taken out to survive.

Thankfully, her marriage, house, and car, survived.

But the self-blame is real, and at times I feel the anger and just recoil.

If the parts were solids or more neutral patterns and better quality, maybe things would have played out differently for many of us.

I learned a lot about myself. I’m bolder and more outgoing than I thought, but I’m more durable and more resilient than I thought too.

These are only a sprinkling of what is being vented in the online forums, click here for full details.

LaLuRoe Women Not Being Told The Truth

Getting Started

First of all, before you can get a start, there are a few hoops they need to jump through before being accepted;

Things like:

Consultants who wish to join the business must agree to purchase an initial inventory of stock, including marketing materials costing about $5,000. Once they enter, they quickly realise the stockholding and other incidentals will increase that to a whopping $9,000.

The first $5,000 order kit, has something like 250 pieces of clothing to get started. That’s only, to begin with, as you will then be locked into a monthly purchase order to remain an active consultant and be eligible for any bonuses.

Oh, and did I mention there are things you’ll need, (more expense) such as clothing racks, hangers, business cards, printer, computer, and the list goes on.

After joining, and in a short space of time, it is expected your stockholding reach $20,000 and remain at that level at all times.

There are two main streams of income that consultants can utilise, and they are; Direct selling to customers and commission derived from transactions by consultants you have recruited “downline”.

Consultants more often than not start selling to their family and friends, and eventually branch out with inhouse dress parties and online, using social media as an outlet.

How Time Has Changed The LuLaRoe Brand

In the earlier days of the company’s existence, some consultants earned about $80,000, a month.

But, the point being, in the earlier days of the business operation, the clothing was of top quality, fashionable and durable.

Over the past eighteen (18) months, however, consultant sales figures have taken a massive tumble, as has the quality and brand.

It’s now so dramatic that the level is way below par, and many consultants aren’t earning one dime and leave the company with no sales and a sizable debt.

LaLuRoe Women Want Equal Rights

There are exceptions, though. If you are prepared to work extremely hard and long hours and possess the required skill set in selling, then it’s possible to earn an adequate income.

Unfortunately, a majority of ladies don’t have the time to commit nor the selling smarts that are necessary. So they fail.

Make No Mistake Direct Selling Isn’t Easy And Takes A lot Of Courage.

Apart from that, the startup is costly; and without sales, then you are again doomed to fail. Worse still, finish up with an unwanted debt that can stretch, or break, the household budget.

However, later we’ll also uncover some other hidden truths, that may suggest they aren’t legit as first thought.

During the past 18/20 months, and what I can reveal, the company has lost many of its top sellers, indicating that the business is experiencing some financial problems or maybe, something else unbeknown to the general public. No matter the problem, it’s not a good sign, and that suggests that they are not travelling well; So, best to STEER CLEAR. 

Start your own online business here, and you will get a free website that will be up and running for you in less than one minute.

Lawsuits Against LuLaRoe

LuLaRoe has during its lifetime, copped its share of criticism, including lawsuits from their distributors and consumer advocates, that relate to their business model. Plus, the product quality and design.

A class-action lawsuit early in 2017, was filed by customers who accused LuLaRoe over several issues of company proprietary. Topics such as point-of-sale, sales tax, and interstate sales; and even tax-fees in places where taxes on clothing doesn’t exist.

Such underhanded tactics by the company, and the numerous amount of complaints, resulted in them receiving a downgrading to, “F”, by the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

In that same year, a further lawsuit filed in Canada, that accused them of being a pyramid scheme. The core of the class-action claimed they were engaged in improper business practices, contract breaches and advertising that was misleading or deceptive.

Defaming The NDSS

The National Down Syndrome Society, (NDSS) in January 2017, severed their ties with the LuLaRoe business. The base of the discontinuance evolved around a comment from a senior consultant who mocked the mental disabilities of people.

The NDSS demanded that LuLaRoe dismiss the consultant based on such abusive behaviour. LuLaRoe refused, sighting that they accepted the apology from the distributor. The action of the distributor and LuLaRoe caused widespread online criticism.

My Final Word

So then, is it reasonable to say that, on the surface, LuLaRoe is not a legit MLM business? Absolutely. 

The facts remain, this is one company that in the past few years is getting hit with lots of lawsuits that consist of impropriety or complaints.

Any business that receives so many lawsuits & complaints within just a few years of operation is definitely a “RED FLAG”, so you should be aware not to trust them.

Lawsuits are a NO GO ZONE warning, and best to look elsewhere.

Anyway, why would you start with a company that can’t be trusted?

LaLuRoe MLM Business


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Mary Kay MLM Business – Review

Mary Kay MLM Business Review

March 8 By Tom
Mary Kay is a privately owned MLM business opportunity, a seller of beauty cosmetics. The company began with a total of five skincare, and four makeup products, and nine independent consultants. The consultants were responsible for spreading the Mary Kay lowdown and reviewing feedback. It paid off, as the business became immensely popular, and quickly grew to an empire of 857 consultants in a matter of three years.

By 2018, it was the sixth-largest MLM business with a gross volume turnover above three (3) billion US dollars annually. In the early beginnings of Mary Kay, consultants were encouraged to introduce the range of products at house parties equipped with sales enticements. The flexibility of working hours, and working from their own home had enormous appeal and was received exceptionally well by women looking for extra work.

Mary Kay was founded in 1963, by Mary Kay Ash, who turned out to be more than just an MLM pioneer, as history demonstrates her revolutionary entrepreneurial skill on how to build a worldwide direct marketing enterprise from scratch. Not bad, when you consider, back in 1963, she started with $5,000, and an idea.

Even though she is no longer alive (died in 2001) her legacy of inspiration continues, as fifty years on, the business is recognised as one of the premier online cosmetic companies that offer a variety of cosmetics for women.

Ash’s son, Richard Rogers, continues to run the business in the Executive Chairman role, with David Holl the President and Chief Executive Officer.

Mary Kay Business Model

The product range gets marketed, utilizing the Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) system. The “Beauty Consultants” earn an income using the direct selling method, usually selling products to people within their local neighbourhood.

About Mary Kay

Every new distributor must purchase a “Starter Kit” to qualify. Each starter kit will cost them $100. So, before you even make a start, you’re already out of pocket $100.

That’s only for the starter kit, and then there are other expenses likes of, business cards, Mary Kay Website creation, credit card processing facility, the printing of promotional brochures, and any other incidentals.

You think, well that’s not so bad, so, you take the gamble and join. Why not? I have nothing to lose, and I’ll get back a 50% discount on my order.

Next, you’re ecstatically waiting for that first order to arrive.

Great!… It’s arrived, so now it’s time to submit your promised 50% discount. Oh my goodness you not able to process it; Why? You never got told to qualify for the discount you needed to place a $400 order.

Now, what do I do? Read The Fine Print, and you’ll find, it states that to receive the 50% discount, “A consultant is required to place a $400 retail order every three months to maintain active status and receive the Earned Discount Privilege”. But, there will never be any mention of that when joining.

If my calculations are correct, you have parted with five hundred bucks and still haven’t placed an order or for that matter even made a sale.

But, you are still hell-bent on securing that elusive 50% discount? And you’re more than happy in parting with another $400? Then the decision is easy. Right?

If that is how you see it, then, it’s not unreasonable to assume; you’re, OK, with coughing up your own money for the privilege of being in debt.

It’s bandied around that being a Mary Kay consultant is all about having fun. Sorry, I don’t see what fun there is in parting with your hard-earned cash just for the sake of being one of their consultants. View it like this, is being in debt fun? I don’t think so, and, I’m almost sure you will also feel the same way?

 Do You See What I Mean?

You’ve got sold on one idea, and you join.

Once you have joined all these extra costs, come to light. Additional charges that you should have been made aware of before joining.

And, this type of deceitful conduct continues, and before you realize, you are in debt up to your armpits; And, do you think they give a damn? Not in your sweet nelly.

Don’t get duped by their underhand tactics, “STEER CLEAR”, and not be sucked in. After all, you’re the one losing money.

They’ll keep sweet-talking up to you, for as long as you are OK in parting with your money.

After All, Is It Worth The Risk?

There have been many thousands of women, who will attest to having fallen victim to false promises, income pledges, and, misleading marketing materials, coupled with straight-out lies about the business opportunity.

Additionally, profits and commissions are rather meagre, so the potential of earning a substantial income, on face value could be very trying; So, you’ll more likely struggle than be a success.

Mary Kay Logo


Not-only-that, you will be competing with a saturation of distributors who also will be competing in the same hunting ground as you.

And, before you even r, you’ll find yourself doing things that are out of character; And, “YES”, you end up hurting many people in the process, including yourself.

Consultants Inventory Holding

All Mary Kay consultants are encouraged to purchase significant amounts of inventory for remaining active in the system.

That’s fine if you have been doing Mary Kay for a while, and, you have a sizable customer base where you’re able to offload the products.

But, what about if you’ve just started, and have no customers nor do you have room to store lots of products.

So, What Do You Do?

Hire a storage facility? More Unwanted Cost!… Or raid some already crowded space in your house—either way, the stock has to be stored (stockpiling).

By the way, this also raises another problem.

You’ve got all this stock that you had to buy and pay upfront when joining.

And, your next shipment is almost due, no sales to talk of, and, your finances already stretched to its limit.

How are you going to pay for the new delivery?

Expenses that you didn’t count into the equation when joining.

Contrary to what Mary Kay upline tell you, starting is difficult and so will selling your inventory.

Therefore you’ll have a sizable stock carryover, and your money tied up in that stock, so your finances will get stretched right to the limit.

And now, you’re struggling for cash; it’s not what you would consider the ideal new business startup. Do you agree? … I thought so.

View it this way; you’re not operating a shop front, this is an online business opportunity. So why should you be carrying all that stock at your expense?

But, if you become a Mary Kay consultant, then that’s what’ll happen, and it’ll be a real problem that you will have to confront.

Please make no mistake; Mary Kay will expect that you store unsold product, while they enjoy the benefits of your up-front stock purchases.

This type of behaviour is outrageous, and, you would only expect it applied to retail stores.

Pink Truth

In November 2006, “Pink Truth” site switched the name to indicate its commitment to information-sharing regarding the truths of multi-level marketing companies that prey upon women.

The focus has been (and continues to be) Mary Kay Cosmetics, including other pyramid schemes and MLMs are also discussed.

The founder of Pink Truth believes that Mary Kay is a product-based pyramid scheme‘.

many people at the bottom of the pyramid must buy significant amounts of products so that those at the top can get the big commission checks, ‘win’ the cars, and go on the fancy trips. ”

Source Pink Truth

How A Consultant Realized Her Director Was Lying

Here is how this consultant got recruited.

In 2016, a friend told her she was starting her own business with Mary Kay. Then her friend introduced her to the business opportunity, telling her she could earn lots of money and if you join then that same business opportunity exists for you; LIE LIE LIE.

Yes, that’s right she fell for the bait and joined. She also agreed to a director, who now, she believes is a fake person.

Mary Kay How This Consultant Got Recruited

Get This Bit!…

She (consultant) told me how, in 6 months, I could leave my “JOB” and be my boss.

At that stage, she ( new enrollee) had full-time employment, but it was unstable, so she thought that it was worth a shot.

To this point, she hadn’t discussed it with her husband, and when she did, he wasn’t comfortable on the idea, telling her that they were already heavily in debt without adding to it. She dropped the thought altogether.

Surprise Surprise Surprise!…

After a month had passed by, the friend and the director started pressuring her to join.

She received many text messages masqueraded by lies and innuendo. Followed up with a video to watch and the promise of a FREE Eyeshadow”, if only she would again talk it over with her husband and then commit. And the story goes on. You can read the full story here at Pink Lighthouse and then form your own opinions of Mary Kay.


 Sales And Commissions 

Earn 50% commissions from direct sales and a further residual commission from those who you have recruited into the business.


All independent consultants at Mary Kay are self-employed, so you do have the freedom to pick and choose your working itinerary. An ideal lifestyle, because it gives you the flexibility to work around family commitments.

However, it also demands proper scheduling if you want to get the best out of your business venture.

Joining Is Easy And Straightforward

The process of joining involves the signing of the consultant agreement contract, so there is minimal red tape, and, you’re good to go; but, there is just one other thing first.

Your membership or joining fee is, $100, and that must be paid upfront, and then, you’re all ready to go.


No Sales Guarantee

There is no solid guarantee of any direct sales, or recruiting anyone into the business opportunity.

Why not? Simply you may not possess the necessary skills required for cold calling or the ability to recruit others.

If your financial position is tight, and you are looking for a reliable source of income, then Mary Kay may not be the ideal choice.

After all, starting any business on a shoestring is hard, financially and emotionally.


Cold Calling demands lots of discipline and self-control, and that is what’s required being a consultant at Mary Kay.

“YES”, there are many who don’t have such a problem. But, there are lots more who find it difficult or almost impossible to overcome, and that is the core of your success.

Look at it from another perspective; Are you willing to sacrifice part or all of your weekends calling on people. Or, for that matter spending lots of evenings doing presentations that will soak up a fair chunk of the evening.

Can You See What I Mean

Without self-control and a strict discipline regime, then you are doomed to fail.

And I haven’t even mentioned anything about recruitment. That in itself demands a unique set of skills that not everyone possesses.

Is Mary Kay For Everyone?

Sure, it’s easy to get started, and on paper looks a reasonable business opportunity.

But, there is much more to it than that. Be prepared, and, ready yourself to ask lots of questions, also, ask for a copy of the conditions and terms before committing yourself. So is it for everyone? NO.

There is an upfront joining fee, and there will be other financial charges, that are ongoing. These extra charges are associated with stock purchases that you will be required to purchase every TWO months for you to remain an active consultant in the business. So, unless you’re able to get off to a flying start, then all sorts of pressures will start to appear; And, that something where lots of people won’t be able to cope.

Is It Risky Being A Mary Kay Consultant?

Mary Kay has been operating for more than fifty (50) years; in that time, they have experienced their share of challenges. But, continue to enjoy a piece of cosmetic industry.

The overwhelming contentious issue seems to focus on their business standards of legal trading.

The issues that concern most are mainly labelling them as being more aligned to pyramid selling than being a genuine MLM business.

However, and even though they continue to straddle that fine line, they remain a strong force in the online cosmetics market.

Are you contemplating joining the Mary Kay Business Plan, then do so with the utmost of awareness.

Or Are You


 Looking To Start An Online Business Opportunity?

Are you earnestly interested in starting your own business? And with a timeframe to suit your lifestyle; My #1 recommendation provides you freedom of choice that will work around your marketing framework; And, it removes the burden of having others call the tune in telling you every single thing to be done.

For example:

  1. You choose what you want
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  3. No deadline to meet
  4. Work at a leisurely pace that suits you
  5. You are the boss, not someone else


It has worked for me, and, there is no reason why it wouldn’t work for you too.

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Herbalife Business – Reviews

Herbalife Headquarters

March 4 By Tom

The Herbalife Business Model needs no introduction, as it’s been around for almost 40 years, selling wellness, cosmetics, health and weight loss products using a network of distributors worldwide. In recent times, it has been put under the regulator’s microscope, reviewing its legitimacy as to whether they have broken any direct-selling, (MLM) laws.

During its 40 years, it has gained an army of supporters; But, also it has gathered its share of disgruntled people, either users of products or duped distributors.

They have a network of, 3.7 million distributors, who sell products in about 90 countries worldwide.Herbalife Nutrition Logo

Herbalife is a direct-selling company, so the commission structure is an MLM based formula, with bonuses and commissions focusing around recruitment to personal sales and those of their downline.

When recruitment is a more predominant factor, with much less emphasis on personal sales, then the focus of earning money isn’t smooth.

Mark Hughes founded the Herbalife global company in 1980.

In July 2016, a settlement between the Federal Trade Commission, (F.T.C.), and Herbalife, where Herbalife paid $200 million to nearly 350,000 people who lost money running a Herbalife business.

Additionally, the F.T.C. said those people were victims of dishonest and misleading claims of earning an income.

The F.T.C. when on to say that Herbalife will also radically restructure their business operation; And, this will be a win for consumers.

Many will argue, Herbalife is the closest M.L.M. company there is to be a pyramid scheme. Maybe that’s why the F.T.C. pursued them in 2016.

Their marketing system relies solely on revenue-generating through its distributor network; And, they, (distributors) can make money selling products and enrolling new distributors into the business.

While this may be true, general observations suggest that greater emphasis is on the recruiting side of the business.

What Is Multi-Level Marketing

Marketing companies who train their focus toward products in the health, wellness, cosmetics, weight loss and to a lesser degree home decor.

They target people who are desperately in search of earning a few extra dollars to remove the financial squeeze that regularly confronts them.

Generally, a high percentage of people who have little to no knowledge of M.L.M. companies, also known as network marketing or direct selling, join them in the hope of supplementing their family income.

Multi Level Marketing Scheme

Two of the great lines they’ll use, “Work from home”, Be your boss”, and offer little to no training.

Usually, the starting point will be, recruit family and friends into the business, earn commissions and set yourself a shot at reaching the magical six-figure plan. At the same time, that may be true, but only for a very few, whereas the vast majority perished in the process without earning “ONE.” single commission cheque.

Big Name M.L.M. companies such as Avon, Mary Kay, Pampered Chef and Amway use such flippant tactics to trap people into joining.

Typically, their gross turnover is way more than, $3 plus billion in sales; According to the Direct Selling Association, their representatives. Historically, they have a distributorship in the millions, so is it any wonder they reach such dizzy heights in sales.

The Herbalife shakeup in 2016, raises questions what’s the difference between what is legitimate and what is a pyramid scheme. So, the goalposts have moved slightly; And all to the advantage of distributors and customers.

Lawsuit And Herbalife

The F.T.C. alleged that the Herbalife Brand deceived potential distributors into assuming a substantial income was more than feasible using their business model for retail sales of the company products.

What’s more, they also found that the basic principle of their business model encouraged distributors into buying products and, besides, recruit others to follow the same policy.

United States Supreme Court in Washington DC
United States Supreme Court in Washington DC

It also highlighted this would raise the chances of advancement within the company business plan as opposed to that of actual consumer demand.

Practices of this nature violate the F.T.C. act relating to M.L.M. trading. Those who run the gauntlet will be tracked down and prosecuted.

Moving forward Herbalife has been instructed to restructure its current system to a more balanced plan where success will be wholly dependent on whether distributors sell products, contrary to the current format where the focus is all about recruitment, then outcomes.

Herbalife under the terms and conditions of the 2016 agreement, must stipulate with a distinct meaning regarding those who want to join for the business opportunity. And, those who participate for the privilege of purchasing the products at a discounted rate.

What that all means for those joining the business opportunity. A minimum of 80% of net sales need to be actual sales to real buyers, and failure to comply will attract financial ramifications; The 2016 order will remain in place for seven (7) years.

Those who take up the business opportunity, rewards need to be two-thirds of the qualified retail sales. While the remaining one-third from personal purchases.

The agreement also advised Herbalife that they can expect monitoring to occur, in determining that they are conforming to the M.L.M. guidelines.

Herbalife, for the next seven-years, must hire an Independent Compliance Auditor to monitor company activities to determine they are complying with the new compensation plan.

Auditors are required to report their findings directly to the F.T.C. Should any of the requirements be violated, then appropriate action will follow.

Head Winds And Herbalife

An investigation commenced in 2004 by Israel’s Health Minister, that related to liver complaints from persons who had used Herbalife products. The studies revealed that liver problems and Herbalife products were closely related in that the product contained toxic ingredients.

A private U.S laboratory did Bio-Medical Research for testing. Results found that there was a relationship with the products and liver complaints. However, Herbalife challenged the findings believing that there was no conclusive evidence to support the conclusions.

The legal stoush didn’t finish there, in 2009, an Israeli woman sued Herbalife International and Herbalife Israel, claiming that her liver damage resulted from the use of Herbalife products.

Doctors at the University Hospital from Bern in Switzerland performed scientific studies in 2007, along with the liver unit of the University Medical Centre in Israel. Both reports identified that there was an association connected with Herbalife products and Hepatitis disease.

Consequently, the health minister in Spain released an alert informing consumers of Herbalife products to be aware of the findings. Herbalife accepted the results and co-operated fully with the authorities.

A review of cases implicating Herbalife products and liver disease by a twelve (12) member scientific panel that related to several European countries concluded in the following statement:

“The analyses of these cases and information regarding their circumstances have not allowed us to establish a causal relationship” between liver anomalies and Herbalife’s dietary supplements.

Further investigation in January 2009, by the Scientific Committee of the Spanish Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition (AESAN), also arrived at the same conclusion.

Herbalife And Pyramid Scheme Allegations

Over the Herbalife journey, many critics have labelled Herbalife as being a pyramid scheme. Those same detractors argue that Herbalife does little to quieten the non-believers otherwise. Little effort gets directed toward the individual distributors who continually abuse the M.L.M. laws of fair trading; And, it comes as no surprise Herbalife Nutrition always deny the allegations.

Way back in 2004, a class-action suit representing 8,770 past and present distributors accused Herbalife of, basically operating a “Pyramid Scheme”. A settlement reached, totalling six (6) million dollars, in favour of the class-action and without Herbalife admitting guilt.

A Brussels commercial court in November 2011 judged Herbalife being a “Pyramid Scheme”. However, in March 2012, Herbalife appealed the decision, and 19 months later the Belgian appeals court ruled in favour of Herbalife, therefore reversing the original decision.

Is Herbalife A Pyramid Scheme Or Not?

We’ve already established that it’s challenging for distributors who join Herbalife to earn money. Also, we identified that others make a substantial income from Herbalife, but, they are few.

Pyramid scheme

Pre 2016 Herbalife’s philosophy focused around recruitment and product, rather than real sales to real people.

Post 2016 that all changed thanks to the F.T.C. ruling relating to trading benchmarks. It impacted enormously on Herbalife as they were now required to comply with the M.L.M. trading laws governing the industry.

No more will there be the continual growth using the old tactic of full-on recruitment.

Herbalife C.E.O. commented that, unquestionably, recruiting has in the past been the foundation of the company growth. Furthermore, he went on to say, (Quote), “We’re still a recruiting company, and we’ve got not to be” (Unquote).

Because the company has existed for 30+ years, how can it be a “Pyramid Scheme”?

The depth of the membership regulates the number of years they continue to be around. Every pyramid scheme eventually runs out of puff, through the lack of recruits.

Large M.L.M.s/ Pyramid Schemes take much longer than the microsystems as they operate on a far grander scale of membership.

Herbalife, for instance, operates in ninety (90) different countries worldwide, so the market opportunities continually expand as they enter the new ground.

Companies of this magnitude will naturally take a very long time to catch up with its tail. From what I understand, Herbalife needs to recruit something like two (2) million new distributors yearly, given the number that quit each year.

The consensus generally, seems to be by those M.L.M. companies who tread a fine line. Believe that if you sell products, then you’re not a pyramid scheme.

Not to be confused by this type of tactic. Lots of Pyramid Schemes sell a product; it’s the “Ponzi System” that doesn’t.

While it is true, in the main most M.L.M.s, do sell products; But, history has repeated itself over and over, where products are well overpriced, and, in other instances, are of little to no value to the consumer.

“Pyramid Schemes”, predominately pay to recruit. In fairness to Herbalife, that isn’t the case.

Their system works in line with other M.L.M.’s where the upline receive a commission from distributors below them when a purchase takes place. That is standard practice with most M.L.M. companies, so that isn’t anything new. The problem starts when distributors are encouraged to recruit for the sake of extra sales and not from real sales of real products.

Is It Risky Being A Herbalife Distributor

Herbalife has been operating for more than 30 years; in that time, they have experienced many difficult challenges, mainly being on the wrong side of the M.L.M. trading policy.

Erring on the wrong side of fair trading has come at a significant financial loss, but, have managed to rise above that, and continue to remain in business.

They do, however, continue to straddle that fine line as to whether they are a legal M.L.M. business or an illegal Pyramid Scheme.

For that reason, if you’re contemplating joining the Herbalife M.L.M. plan, then proceed with absolute caution.


  • Weight loss plan is straight forward and easy to follow, with a variety of replacement. 
  • Calorie intake with careful fat monitoring supports healthy eating.
  • Products being soy-based are reported to improve cardiovascular health, but not yet proven.  
  • Overall helps with health and lifestyle.


  • Replacement shakes exceed the recommended daily intake of sugar.
  • No evidence to back up the theory that protein shakes provide practical health benefits.
  • Weight loss products are exceedingly high in caffeine and surpass the suggested daily intake, and that will increase blood pressure. 
  • Ingredients contain traces of shellfish very dangerous for those who are allergic to shellfish. 
  • Products carry a hefty price tag in comparison to other health products available with similar benefits.

My Final Thoughts

What is Herbalife?

  1. Is it the global nutritional company?
  2. Is it a genuine M.L.M. company?
  3. Is it a camouflaged Pyramid Scheme?

I’ll leave you to ponder over these scenarios.

One specific thing, Herbalife is a direct-selling company, where their products can only be purchased online, with a network that expands into ninety countries, and something like 3.5 million-plus distributors.

Every distributor is required to place a minimum monthly product order; and, in the past, all sales got lumped into one basket, so the distinction between genuine sales and distributor personal sales never was recorded as two separate issues.

New distributors were under a false belief that a good income was possible by just buying products.

That was up until 2016 when the F.T.C. deemed the logic of sales was somewhat distorted, and they needed to change. Furthermore, Herbalife, for using dodgy tactics, received instruction under the direction of the F.T.C. to repay 200 million dollars to 350,000, past and present distributors.

Is it true that some distributors join Herbalife for the privilege of buying products at a discounted price?

“YES” that is true.

However, prior to 2016, Herbalife was providing indifferent statistics of who had joined for the business opportunity and those who were passive (buying products only).

Joining Fee


Post 2016 that all changed their record-keeping must identify a clear distinction of each category.

Is it fair to say Herbalife has changed?

The company has changed its ways, for example:

  • No more lead generation, they are entirely banned
  • Amended its buyback policy to be more in line with expectations
  • Re-jugged the qualification thresholds


 Looking To Start Your Own Online Business?

Are you genuinely interested in making money with a timeframe to suit you; My #1 recommendation gives you the freedom to choose your marketing framework without having others pulling all the strings and telling you what to do.

For instance:

  1. You select what you want
  2. You choose what you want to promote
  3. No deadline to meet
  4. Work at a leisurely pace that suits you
  5. You are the boss, not someone else

It has worked for me, and, there is no reason why it wouldn’t work for you too.

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