How To Learn Search Engine Optimization – Unmasked

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 SEO What Are The Essential Elements

It is a process all website users need to understand, or at least be aware of its workings.

SEO is the uniform term used in the process of transforming online visibility of your website or web page with the search engines for un-paid results; When I talk about visibility, I am saying that specific search terms in organic results, which appear in a natural form on your page/s. They attract more visibility which equates to your website appearing higher in search results. Organic results are referred to those that appear naturally on the page, rather than in the paid-for sections.

Predominately, the higher you rank, the more frequent your website will appear in search results, i.e. Google – Bing – Yahoo. Your chances are more enhanced of attracting visitors to your site, then the higher are your chances of converting those visitors into customers.

Not always will the search engines, search text only, they also look at image text, video, academic, social media, news and industry-specific, to name a few. Local search engines differ from that of business optimisation; Local search is displayed by the search engines when users enter a local search for its products or services. Whereby, business web pages are more focused on national or international searches.

SEO examines how the search engines work and what people are searching for, using the actual search terms or keywords that are typed into search engines, and which searches are preferred by their targeted audience.

Optimising your website may include editing the content, or even adding extra content, thereby, increasing the relevance using specific keywords for the indexing by the search engines. Another example of how you can improve your standing by promoting backlinks or using internal links.

Mobile phone searches more recently have become so popular they now outstrip desktop searches. In-so-far-as, Google has developed and promotes mobile search as a key feature within future products. That has resulted in many brands now taking a different approach to their Internet marketing strategies.

How Important Is SEO For My Website

The success of your website experience relies on many factors. Therefore, constructing a trustworthy site by using quality architecture, with clear and precise navigation, are the first and most important aspects. Implementing quality architecture from the outset and getting your site indexed attracts visitors; If they (visitors) experience a good outcome, then there is every chance it will encourage them to return as repeat visitors. More recently, Google is paying increasingly more significant attention to user experience.

The Real Deal Affiliate

Traffic that is driven to your website can be in percentage terms quite substantial; Moreover, it’s reasonable to assume or perhaps even the clearest indicator of the importance of SEO.

Indicators suggest that organic traffic coming from websites represents somewhere around 70+%. It is also worthwhile noting that the majority of organic traffic searches are coming from Google, and that percentage is exceptionally high. Google is the dominant player. Therefore, a strong presence with Google is vital.

Getting your website on the first page of Google is what should be your aim, and more importantly within the top five because results have identified that about 70% of click-throughs occur within that parameter, then it drops away considerably.

Achieving a superior outcome will require an essential in-depth thought process in the early stages of designing your site. So, it’s worth knowing what search engines are looking for, as that will go a long way in achieving your success.

Below Are 9 Easy Steps To Follow

. Relevance

The searches will always strive in providing results that are relevant to that searcher’s inquiry; No matter how trivial the request and more often than not, requires a straightforward response. Search results will be comprehensive with many options that relate to the query.

What search engines do in providing results comes down to their own algorithms internally. Even so, there is no way that we will ever be able to decipher how they work. However, some factors do actually predict results which are centered around their appropriateness. For example, the likes of search locations, time of day and year and so forth.

. Content Quality
Are you a publisher who publishes informational articles regularly that is helpful and of good quality, including other forms of media, such as videos, etc. This is factual information for people.

Because Google is heading down the path of longer forms of quality content that satisfies visitor experience; And not based on keyword stuffing by only concentrating on the more popular queries. If you are keyword stuffing, then you really should change your approach, because by taking the simplified keyword approach you are harming your own rankings.

The Real Deal Affiliate

. Visitor Experience
SEO provides many benefits that will offer the best outcomes for your visitors. Your site should be easy to navigate including some internal linking. While your content must relate to your prime keyword and easy on the eye with short paragraphs;

Because if the sections are too long visitors tend to move on to another site. Content needs to be attractive to the point where your visitor has a thirst in wanting to continue exploring your site.

. Speed of Your Site
Speed rate of your website is also crucial to your ranking. Google looks at how long it takes to load up pages through their search engines. Moreover, and just recently they now test your site for mobile phone efficiency. So, if your website doesn’t measure up to their cellular standard, then your ranking is adversely affected.

. Compatibility of Content And Imagery
Verifying that your content and images are both efficiently optimised to suit any device or screen. This is also important for the responsiveness of all mobile phones, and something that Google has said is their preferred method of mobile optimisation.

. Linking Internally
I have indicated the benefits of producing top quality navigation friendly content so that it will enhance your visitor experience. Well, and additionally, providing internal links so that visitors can quickly move around your site, does create a sense of trustworthiness with Google.

Through internal links, your visitors are given extra options of looking at other content within your site that is relevant to the page they are viewing. Furthermore, when using anchor text that is the highlighted words you are using as the anchor text make sure that it is relevant and it flows on from where they are within the current page.

The Real Deal AffiliateFor instance, if you were writing about football helmets, then you would use an internal link where the anchor text comfortably fits and flows into the referring content. The other aspect of using internal links it lets Google know your post is relevant to what people are searching, “Football Helmets”. Also, this has a rebound effect as will help reduce the bounce rate; And, improve your keyword ranking.

. Website Authority
When your website is authority rated means that your site can be trusted by users, industry and other websites including search engines. Historically, having an authority website is seen as an expression of confidence.

That is why producing very high-quality content with a sense of visitor expectation then the more likely your site will be seen as an authority site; And, that is so precious.

. Meta and Title Tag Descriptions
Even though there is every chance, they won’t affect your rankings one way or the other. Just-the-same, it’s advisable that they are completed because that is what Google uses underneath your title. Below I have provided a snapshot of Football helmets, showing why meta and tag descriptions are essential.

. Title Tag
The purpose of a title tag is letting search engines and visitors know about your site; Therefore, it’s crucial the information that you use is accurate, compact and in the best way possible; Inform visitors about your website and be keyword specific and be sure to include your brand name. Remember this will be aimed toward search engines, but, also include the human element.

. Meta Description
The meta description is a short overview of your site, and the allowable characters are 160. So best to keep around 150 to 155 characters. Once again be sure that it all gels in with your headline and the content.

The real Deal Affiliate

. Image Tagging
It’s incredible how many people forget to use the “Alt Feature” when they upload images. Why this is important to complete; Google is unable to recognise imagery but can identify text. Therefore, providing text into the alt tag as best you can describe, enhances your chances of the images appearing in the Google Image Search.


If you are just starting out and trying to understand what SEO is because it can be very daunting.

Rest easy, there is an affiliate marketing platform called: Wealthy Affiliate.
In all the training, you learn how best to implement SEO into your content. The training is comprehensive, using cutting edge technology that keeps your site up-to-date with any changes.

Google has a strong lean toward “All In One” (AIO) plugins; Therefore websites that use the all-in-one plugin become Google user-friendly. Besides, compliant with Google ideals.

Moreover, and why I said rest easy, at wealthy affiliate, they only use the AIO search engine optimisation plugins on every website. (Google Friendly – Google Preference).

Another important factor why they offer everything for the beginner through to the intermediate user. For instance, all of the content that you use in websites is managed by WordPress. This content management site complements Google when their Googlebot crawls your site content, because, the searching is that much easier.

Not only that, not having to use many plugins, your site speed is also enhanced.

The Real Deal Affiliate

Another reason why wealthy affiliate stands above the pack in the training and feature department. Take a look for yourself.

Additionally, the grassroots of the training will explain how you can earn money online, and that’s even before you get stuck into all the training. WOW, what a site.

Starting from scratch the training walks you through each and every step all along the way. A hold your hand type of thing.

There are so many other pointers as to why becoming a member of wealthy affiliate as a sensible investment into your future.The Real Deal Affiliate

By the way, did I mention there is a free startup membership? Yep, that’s right a FREE startup. membership. No credit card needed, keep it in your wallet. As, they have the philosophy of try before you buy. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

Understanding SEO With A Trusted Site

Don’t waste heaps of time and energy trying to understand SEO, when you can become a member of the wealthy affiliate platform; Where all the techy stuff will be taken care for you; And that’s all part of the membership. Click here and take a look for yourself. I feel sure you will be impressed with what you see.

If you have an enquiry on how does it work. Or you would like to offer up some further advise that you apply in your business. Then please tell me as I will be happy to hear from you. Please your comments below and I will reply.


Wealthy Affiliate Review 2019- Does It Work

What is Wealthy Affiliate and Does it Work?

A question that is very often asked, but rarely fully answered.
For-that-reason, I understand why you are thinking, does it actually work; Considering there are so many bogus sites floating around within the affiliate network.

Putting it into a nutshell; YES it does work and very well.
In my little rave review, I will establish some truths why it works and how you will better understand the inner workings of Wealthy Affiliate and how it can help you.

The Real Deal Affiliate

I hear this comment quite frequently: When I join affiliate marketing, will I start making money within the first few weeks. Well, as much as that may be true in some cases, but, certainly not so if you are just starting out.

Affiliate marketing is no different from anything else, there is a starting point, then there is a process of learning, and that’s even before you begin looking at making any income.
Moreover, I appreciate you wanting to make money online, quick-as-possible, as that is a natural thought process, and to be entirely truthful, we all go through that same mindset when first starting out; I know that I did.

Wealthy Affiliate is an ideal platform where you can learn the basics from the ground upwards, no matter the understanding of affiliate marketing. I remember when I first became involved with the Wealthy Affiliate, I had been looking for a considerable amount of time prior. When I did discover Wealthy Affiliate, I treated it with a high percentage of scepticism as being just like the many other sites I had visited and where I had been taken for what I was; A Green Horn. And, that’s why I was so sceptical, I had been a victim of scams previously; And like anyone else who has been scammed you become ultra-careful.

However, the great thing is, all those previous experiences I had endured, came in very handy because I had by then, gained enough understanding to figure what was fair dinkum and what was fake. So, every site that I visited I treated them all, in the same manner, by applying my cautious sceptics.

And, I can honestly say, wealthy Affiliate got the same treatment, and in the same manner, as the others, apart from one stark difference, which attracted my attention, “FREE MEMBERSHIP’.
The try before you buy approach, and I liked that idea; Because there was none of that, “have your credit card ready”. With that in mind, I thought what have I got to lose other than a little time; So I joined. I have now been associated with the wealthy Affiliate for 3 years.
In other words, I’ve been in the exact same situation as you are right now reading this post.

Moreover, it’s not my intention in trying to make Wealthy Affiliate sound like another one of those high pitched sales promotions, far from it.
My review will detail the facts as they are in-so-far-as, there will always be some faults as well as there are some great benefits.

So then, let’s get stuck into it and pull this apart and show you what it can do for you, by becoming a member.

Wealthy Affiliate is a training website which shows you how to start an online business from scratch in a step-by-step, easy to follow the way, and grow it into a thriving business.

The Real deal Affiliate

6 Membership Benefits

• Free Membership and what you get
• Advantages of being a Premium Member
• Benefits Wealthy Affiliate offer
• Disadvantages within Wealthy Affiliate
• Receive my personal help when signing up to Wealthy Affiliate
• Who should sign up for Wealthy Affiliate

The free Membership offered by the wealthy Affiliate comes with restricted benefits to some degree; Limited access extends to the dashboard and the number of websites, with limited access to Jaaxy, (keyword research). However, there is full access to the WordPress for the management of your two Site Rubix websites. None-the-less, it’s still entirely feasible to earn an income by remaining a free member.

Below, I have listed the features available with the Free Membership and the Premium Membership

• Live Help is available for the first 7 Days
• 2 Websites
• Website Backup
• Beginner Training Course
• Personal Affiliate Blog
• Affiliate Bootcamp Training – Phase 1 Only
• Video Walk-Throughs
• Keyword Research Tool – 30 Searches
• Training Classrooms – 2
• Affiliate Program

On-the-other-hand, being a full premium member, naturally, the benefits are more significant; With total access to everything within the platform. Furthermore, the benefits are designed for those that are serious about building a sustainable business now, and into the future.

Here is What to Expect as a Wealthy Affiliate Premium Member

• Live Help – Unlimited
• Private Messaging – Unlimited
• 50 Websites
• Website Security Package
• Website Backup
• Beginner Training Course – Full Access
• Personal Affiliate Blog
• Affiliate Bootcamp Training – All Phases (7)
• Live Video Classes
• Video Walk-Throughs
• Keyword Research Tool – Unlimited Searches
• Training Classrooms – 2
• Affiliate Program – 2x Higher Payout
• Earn While You Learn
• 1-on-1 Coaching – Unlimited
• Private Access to Webinars
• 24/7/365 Website Support
• Website Feedback Platform
• Website Comment Platform
• Website Analysis

Benefits are plenty when you take into account what is available. For instance, Premium offers extensive keyword research, and it is available to you at no extra cost. Privileges of this nature, you would expect to pay upwards of $50.00 per month. Then, of course, toss in website hosting, add another $ 15 to $20 per month. Whereas, all this included with a premium membership.

It’s easy to see why Wealthy Affiliate stands alone with so much on offer in the way of benefits; Benefits like site help, community help, training tutorials, access to an endless number of webinars, and, much, much more. “YES” you get all of this for the one yearly fee $359.00 or $49.00 per month. I’m sure, and for these reasons alone, you are now more than likely starting to realise why they are the number one affiliate platform in the world.

Click Here And Taje Advantahe Od Free Membership Today

Starting an online business, in theory, is no different from starting any other kind of business, there will always be an associated risk with upfront costs. For this purpose alone, making sure that spending your hard earned wisely, by investing in a stable business is a matter of prudent business practices.
Additionally, keeping the cost down to a minimum when starting out is of enormous benefit. That is why Wealthy Affiliate is attractive; Because everything you need to get started is all there. Whether you start as a FREE member or premium membership, it’s all wrapped up in both offers; And-to add-to-that, after joining, there are no hidden extras as opposed to many others.

What Is It That I Don’t Like About Wealthy Affiliate

Like I said in my opening few paragraphs, with every good concept there will always be some disadvantages, because that’s just the way life revolves.

Do YouKnow What?

I’m hard-pressed to put the finger on what I don’t like because the platform has been tailored so well in aiming toward the beginner or the next level up; And, as it should be because they are in most need of training that is vital to their future aspirations. In fact, that is why they have concentrated on making that part of the training as being their flagship for people to learn.

However, training for advanced members isn’t quite as significant, they see this as a small letdown considering they have sailed way past these two levels of training.

I suppose there is one other thing; It would be nice to see the introduction of a forum where browsing topics would be convenient. None-the-less, the standard format currently in use, does work well, mainly because it has been geared toward helping those who need it most (i.e.) internal blog posts, public questions, live chat, private messaging, asking questions of other members, they are without question so important when starting out; Having such a community forum firsthand does provide that safety net to say. I can relate to that as it was helpful to me when I needed help.

Personal Help Signing Up To Wealthy Affiliate

When signing up with the Wealthy Affiliate, I receive an email informing that you have joined; I will then contact you in welcoming you into the community and offer my assistance in helping you get started. Because I understand starting out in something new, and on your own is scary. Therefore, it’s comforting to know that help is readily available.

Who Should Sign Up For Wealthy Affiliate

Everyone who is thinking of starting a successful online business; Think of it like this; Just imagine yourself sitting right where I am now writing this post and when I launch it for you to see, it will have cost me nothing – zilch – nada. How great do you think that would make you feel? The reason why it won’t be any financial cost, that’s all part of my premium membership.
Ponder for a moment and think, gee, in say three or six months from now, that’s me doing this exact same thing; And, not only that, you could be promoting one of the many millions of products waiting for a promotion.

Success stories at Wealthy Affiliate are a testament of the overall calibre of the training that is provided to every premium member and to a lesser degree free members. Like I said earlier if you are prepared to learn the fundamentals of affiliate marketing, and be patient during the process; Then you will reap the rewards for all that effort. Those members who have gone on to create a fulltime living from affiliate marketing are those who have the appetite for learning.

In reality, working with the right tools and being taught the correct foundational processes of affiliate marketing is where you gain the understanding and knowledge; A base of knowledge that is now so broad you will have full confidence in promoting any product and be quite successful in the process.
Furthermore, successful marketers are not only promoting wealthy Affiliate, but they are also pushing a wide-ranging variety of products and services.

Where Can You Gain Qualified Training

Why of course, right here at the wealthy affiliate platform. You may ask why am I pushing wealthy affiliates barrow? Well, that is where I got my start just as you have your opportunity to do the same right here.

What Is It That I Like About Wealthy Affiliate

Naturally, and because, I got my start with wealthy Affiliate then why wouldn’t I be happy in telling other people of this great opportunity. Notably, the benefits, they are just not on offer anywhere else. I know, there will be some who will disagree, but, in reality, I can assure you, there’s no affiliate program that offers such an extensive array of training tools backed up with full support 24/7.

Allow me to offer a little something that some other sites won’t tell you. And, it’s all to do with training. For all beginners learning the fundamentals, all the training modules need to be up-to-date, that goes without saying; Because your success relies purely on what you have been taught, so high quality, updated training is paramount. That is what you can expect at the wealthy affiliate site.

I’m sure it will be all starting to come together with a much clearer understanding of affiliate marketing and particularly Wealthy Affiliate. They have no interest in entertaining lies or indeed selling people on an idea without any foundation. And, as I said before, based on such ideals, it’s easy to see why they have rated the best affiliate platform in the world. There is no room on their platform for that superficial stuff, with all glossary on top and no foundation underneath; Just, straight, proper, honest training.

The Real Deal Affiliate

Look at it this way, starting out in the affiliate marketing world is daunting, to say the least; So, if you have all that you need to get started, all there, right at your fingertips with all the support you need; Wouldn’t that ease the pressures of starting? I can tell you it was the best backstop that I experienced when starting. That is a good enough reason for me to be in their corner; And, “YES”, You could say I’m pushing their barrow, but why shouldn’t I.

Immersing yourself within the training procedures and what needs to be done is only a matter of time before success follows; That is a good enough reason for me to be in their corner;

The Real Deal Affiliate

There is one other point that I have failed mention at this juncture; “SPAM”, Wealthy Affiliate, takes a hard-line approach toward this and has very little to NO tolerance for those who step over the line.
Mind you I am in agreement with such a policy because bullies or those who use the forum to promote their own personal site/s continually, are quickly identified and booted out. However, you are allowed to help your sites in defined areas; Eliminate clogging up the system is the overriding reason for such a strict policy because of congestion stopping other members who have a genuine question to ask, have in the past been denied the opportunity.

Review Idenity

The primary reason for this review was to identify what are the requirements for those who are contemplating starting out in the affiliate world. For instance, there are so many pitfalls it is quite easy to fall for the trap set by scammers; They concentrate on loading up their site with false information and heaps of glossary.

Whereas Wealthy Affiliate is upfront with what they propose; Furthermore, they stand by their statement by offering a free startup, which no other site matches.

Basically, any review including mine has been designed in providing information as detailed as possible of what to expect. I can assure, there is very little doubt, wealthy Affiliate stands above the pack when it comes to benefits. For instance, free startup (the try before you buy approach), all tools necessary in getting started, training videos (weekly) including past years of videos, community help 24/7, and the list goes on.

Really, this is a no brainer; You don’t have to have your credit card ready to join, start for nothing, learn the ropes, and all for nothing; I ask you, what better opportunity is there than this?

Affiliate marketing is no different to any other type of business, it isn’t for everyone, that’s just a fact of life; On-the-other-hand, if you can test drive an online affiliate system to establish if it suits you, and all for nothing; Why wouldn’t you give it a try?

The Real Deal Affiliate

Dedicate one whole year to learning all there is to know about affiliate marketing; Accomplished the fundamentals of affiliate marketing; Then the sky is the limit as to how much you can earn after that.

Wealthy Affiliate The Platform Above The Rest

I have strived in the best way possible by demonstrating
why Wealthy Affiliate, without question, is the best platform; After all, with all the tools and backup every beginner needs to start in affiliate marketing, it’s all there.
Don’t just settle on my word; Take up the free startup offer and try for yourself, and all it will cost is a bit of time. I would look at this way if you’re really serious about growing an online business; After all, what do you have to lose by trying the system for FREE; I’m guessing, you’ll be more than satisfied.

If for some unknown reason you are still in doubt, or there is something that you didn’t understand, or I haven’t answered a question you would like to clarify; Then, feel free to leave your comments below, and I will address all of your concerns.


What Is Affiliate Marketing – Does It Work

The world of affiliate marketing demonstrates lots of scrupulous untruths when that doesn’t need to be the case; And in most instances, these untruths are aligned to the so-called “Experts”. The underlying factor, why they (experts) are there in the first place; is merely to rip as much money off unsuspecting people just like you and me.
In my little piece of facts, I will demonstrate, why affiliate marketing is genuine, and why it does work.

So, stick with me, and we’ll get stuck right into it.

Affiliate Marketing What Is It?

The phase Affiliate Marketing is basically an online referral system where you refer customers to merchants and get paid for sales that your referrals generate.
In almost all instances merchants are usually online retailers who use individuals and/or companies to promote their wares using what is called a referral system; Allowing publishers or affiliates to expand their goods using a blog or the web to refer potential customers to their site.

The Affiliate Marketing Industry Has four Main Components

The Merchant: Better known as the retailer or brand
The Network: Provides offers for the affiliate to choose from and also takes care of the payments
The Publisher: Commonly known as the affiliate
The Customer: The buyers

How Does It Work?

Affiliate marketing is a connection based between other groups; Namely; The Advertiser-The Publisher – The Customer.
Also, the affiliate network has a significant role to play.

The Advertiser

Advertisers are the merchants, who obviously have products or a service to sell. Therefore, to gain more traction in boosting their sales; Typically, they will use the affiliate marketing network as one of their core mediums of transactions.
Furthermore, with the online marketing platform on steroids, and with a plethora of products available. Advertising goods online have become the most popular form of buying today.

The Affiliate

The Affiliate is the person who is in control of the website, where they control and promote product or service; And, in return, the affiliate earns a commission when a visitor goes on to the merchant’s site and makes a purchase. There are many different types of branches including influencers, bloggers, or loyalty websites and more non-traditional members too, including paid search, on-site tech solutions and remarketing to name a few.

The Consumer

The consumers are the people who buy goods from the advertiser by clicking on the affiliate’s text-link, images or banners. It just depends on the website that they have visited. They then are transferred automatically through to the merchant’s virtual store where they can peruse the merchant’s wares and make a purchase.

How Does The Affiliate System Work?

Affiliates more commonly have a blog where they can promote the merchant’s goods. However, before being able to advertise the preferred merchant’s site, you must seek approval through the network, (i.e.) Amazon Associates, Commission Junction, Shareasale and eBay; However there are many others that you can use. But, these are the most preferred by most affiliates.

Affiliates and Advertising

Affiliates quite regularly use advertising methods so to some degree affiliate marketing coincides to an extent with other internet marketing mediums because of the advertising methods used.
SEO – Search Engine Optimisation
PPC – Pay Per Click
Email Marketing
Content marketing
Advertising Marketing

On-the-other-hand, some affiliates use a much less conventional technique, which includes publishing reviews of products or services through a partner network only. Platforms of this nature allow an improved flow of communication between merchants and affiliates.

Further-to-that, websites and services are based on the concepts of blogging and interactive online communities through the affiliate marketing world.

Additionally, Web platforms have also opened affiliate marketing opportunities to the personal blogger and writers, including owners of independent websites. Relevant ads permit publishers with lower levels of web traffic to place affiliate advertising on sites.

Media Advertising

Media advertising has also been diversified in the way in which affiliates and companies can advertise to their audience. For instance, one of the most sort after outlets for video advertising is YouTube. This particular outlet permits video makers to embed advertisements through Google’s affiliate network.

Scrupulous Marketers

Improved standards are evolving more recently, have made it that much more difficult for unscrupulous affiliates to make money through false advertising. These emerging scammers are detected and made known to the affiliate marketing community with much higher speed and efficiency. This makes for a much more honest and safe marketing platform for all users.

Affiliate Network What Does It Do?

The affiliate network, in everyday terms, is the clue between the merchant and the affiliate; You could also call them the third link in a three link chain. Predominately, they take the responsibility of tracking all transactions and attaching the correct affiliate to that sale; Besides, the affiliate network provides other useful benefits for both the merchant and member.

Five Great Benefits Using A Network Affiliate

• Tracking, this is all done by the affiliate network. So affiliates have no need to independently keep a log of sales as all tracking and payment is controlled by their system.
• Affiliate payments are usually processed at the end of each month or at the start of the following month, and all commission payments are deposited onto the bank of your choice.
• Should any disputes arise, (however that is highly unlikely) the affiliate network control all such conflicts on behalf of both parties.
• Using an affiliate network has enormous benefits because of the large pool of merchants and brands available. I suppose the best way of me describing it as being a bit like a large marketplace with so much merchandise ready to be promoted. For instance, take Amazon, they have millions of products that affiliates can use in their promotions, with daily sales in the tens of thousands.
• Links are used when you are accepted by the merchant.

What Does Links Mean?

You are provided exclusively, with a personal link connected to your business, and that is the link you use in your post. When the potential customer clicks on the link, they are then automatically attached to you through that link, and if they make a purchase, you receive the commission for the sale.

I suppose to put it in simple terms and to understand better; It is a tracking code where the affiliate network is notified whenever a transaction is generated, and the sale system automatically credits that sale to the particular affiliate.
The tracking code can be used in many different ways; And they consist of, text-links in blog posts, within images or banners, dependent on the website and what you are promoting.

Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

Affiliate marketing is no different from starting out in a brick and mortar business. You must learn the ropes before starting out. For instance, you will never see a cabinetmaker give a new apprentice the responsibility of doing a complete installation on his own when it’s his very first week on the job.

Affiliate marketing is no different as there are many things to learn before any success will follow. I know, and I hear you saying to yourself, why is it then that some affiliate networks say I will earn commissions within the first week of joining.

Do you really think, if that were the case, that I would be going to all the trouble of writing this post? “NO” not at all. Stories like that are made up by those, “Expert Scammers”, that I eluded to earlier. They are the ones who try and persuade you into believing it’s that easy when in reality it isn’t.

Having been involved within affiliate marketing world for over three years, I believe I’m qualified sufficiently to understand the many pitfalls that lurk around the affiliate industry; And it irks me to see some of the garbage and lies floating around.

Things like: Buy this system, and within a week you’ll be able to tell the boss to shove his job because you are now earning more in one day than he can pay you for a whole week. What a load of dribble.
Mind you it isn’t all doom and gloom, because many good affiliate platforms do operate on a legitimate basis.

If I Want An Affiliate Business Where Do I Go? Where do I Start?
Getting started in the affiliate marketing scene isn’t as complicated as it may seem, even though there is a continual flow of programs which claim to be the best.

A large number of these services, are not even what you would call “Affiliate Marketing” and cannot be trusted.

However, there is a platform called, Wealthy Affiliate, which operates on the basis that every member is equal and is treated as such. There is an all-inclusive platform which allows each and every member to create, grow and manage their very own business at any level online. Benefits include 1000’s of live training classes. Expert support with websites and hosting.

Also the ability to network within excess 1,000,000 members just like yourself. They all help one-and-other because they all have the same prevailing attitude in being successful. In fact, and as far as I know, it is the most significant support forum in the world with the utmost of care.

Who Is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy affiliate is an elite platform of which I’m involved with, and it is by far the most suitable affiliate marketing forum ideal for beginners through to the more experienced affiliate marketer. To use a phrase, It’s a bit like the “who’s who” of the networking world; where not only affiliates gather, it’s more like where members manage their businesses; Just as I do. This is a whole platform designed and run for and by affiliates who want to learn affiliate marketing properly.

Furthermore, if you are planning on wanting to learn affiliate marketing with an environment where all the tools and training programs are readily accessible; Then, this site is a must. Click here and check it out.
Additionally, you get websites, website hosting, interacting support with other members who are there to help start and grow your business; And, all under the one roof.

Free Starter Membership

There is the free starter membership, plus a further two group offers available, including the free “Starter” membership. The best way I can describe this incredible platform which has a (try before you buy approach) is an offer nowhere else to be seen. With an advanced Premium option with quite a low per month fee. Click here and see for yourself.

If you are still doubtful, then don’t take my word, take up the “Free Starter Membership”. It’s always good practice to try something before committing yourself to an upfront purchase. There is little or no doubt in my mind, from the beginning and within the first few lessons, you’ll experience all the benefits for yourself.

Moreover, with all the training and coaching that’s available, you’ll go from beginner to an expert within affiliate marketing in no time at all. There is a welcoming video that walks you through the process of affiliate marketing and how affiliate marketing all comes together; And, that is also available to free starter members.

Strongly suggest, check it out for yourself; don’t take my word for it — an opportunity begging your call.



If you have an enquiry about Affiliate Marketing and how does it work, Or you would like to offer up some further advise that you apply in your business. Then please tell me as I will be happy to hear from you, and I recommend that you leave these below.

Internet Scams To Avoid – 7 Uncut Tips

The Real Deal Affiliate

Are You Sick and Tired of Internet Scams – Stop Falling For The Traps.

The biggest misconception or myth that beginners face is just how legitimate is internet marketing? How many times do we hear the sorry story of people who have, for one reason or another been caught up in some internet scam?

No matter how well the industry gets managed, some people fall victim to scams, and that is the sad irony of internet marketing. Sometimes it seems as if there are more scammers than what there are legitimate sites. That isn’t true, of course.

With the internet growing at such a rapid rate there will always be a tendency for the harbouring of scammers who are quick to seize the opportunity to make an easy dollar at the expense of the more vulnerable – unwary marketer or beginner;
However, as unfortunate as that this, it will never change, because as quick as they are booted out, others are waiting in the wings to replace them.

Any Wonder Why People Ask; Is Online Marketing Legitimate Or A Scam.

“Legitimacy V Scammers”.

In my little rant here today, I intend shining some light toward identifying the differences between, legitimate marketing and the scammers. Most scammers operate similarly, by attracting your attention, using bright graphics followed up with lots of stories to re-enforce their claim.

They also use creative methods to support their claims, which are a whole host of lies; And, more often than not, their reviews are fake with little or no substance. And you can bet on it. Their webpage will be designed in such a way to look appealing and legitimate to trap people into believing everything is above board.

It won’t be, because, in reality, all they are interested in is, “How Quickly Can I Grab Their Money”. And, as soon as you are trapped, inside their web; they then turn the screws with more costly upsells.

Have You Been Unlucky Enough to Have Been Canvassed by Scammers?

If so, then you will be able to relate to this as being their mode of operation. On the other hand, if you have escaped, then you are one of the lucky ones. However, if you do happen to come across one of these sites, and you’re not sure of its genuineness;

Then I strongly suggest a way of you identifying them, by making it abundantly clear, everything is placed on the table for you to see and ask questions.

It’s doubtful that they will have the answers to your request. Instead, they will sweet talk you into believing it’s all OK; Then you’ll know straight away they are scammers, and therefore the alarm bells should immediately start ringing out a warning sound; Alerting you to steer clear by refusing such offers.

Look For The Warning Lights; They Are Easy Enough To Identify.

1 ) Silly lifestyles, so lavish that is beyond belief.
2 ) Stylish Autos, way out of reach to the average person.
3 ) One of the best lies, I know “FOOLPROOF SYSTEM.” What a load of rubbish.
4 ) Work one hour a day and money will roll into your bank account. Another heap of garbage.
5 ) Forget about having to do any job; just put everything on auto-pilot. And it goes on and on.
6 ) Snapshot of earnings without explaining the revenue source. Total trickery.
7 ) Buy today and start earning tomorrow — nothing further from the truth.

Like I said if it were that easy, I wouldn’t be writing this report, that’s for sure. My intention is to demonstrate to you, never let yourself be drawn in by glossy or sweet talk, nor allow yourself to be overly excited with all the associated hype, on how you will earn your first million dollars with a few simple clicks of your mouse.

The industry has been this way pretty much from the time of online marketing became popular; And, because, there is a constant growth in online marketing, scammers will continue lurking in the shadows waiting. And, this is the core reason why people believe that internet marketing is nothing more than a scam. None the less, mainstream marketing offers genuine opportunities for those who are prepared to seek out sincere platforms.

Never Underestimate The Scammers Abilities:

I don’t intend sugar coating this, as there are many online marketers, who categorically fit into this realm, unethical as it is. In most instances, “NO”, in all cases they have been poorly trained or picked up this nasty craft themselves. Their survival rate is short-lived as they are quickly identified, through their lies and innuendo.
Although the sad irony is, as quick as these shoddy operators are weeded out from the industry, there is another one lined up to the place.The Real Deal Affiliate

How often have you seen? Earn, $2000.00 in your first week by just following these easy to follow instructions or one click of your mouse, and you’ll be on your way. I don’t know about you; But, I see them repeatedly, in fact, every day of the week.
It irks me to think they get away with such brazen tactics.

The easiest way, ignore them and hit the delete button, because, they are 100% scams.

Furthermore, why would you want to waste your money and spend a week executing their program, when your online experience, identifies such claims as being fictitious, and damn outright impossible to achieve. If it were that easy, then, all online marketers would be wealthy.

Scammers prey on the people who are most desperate for information. And they attract them by offering an “Information System,” that is in a compelling, cohesive way of storytelling; Coupled up with all the promises on how it will work for you and make you productive overnight.

But, we all know of course that it’s all just trickery and only fluff in convincing you to buy. With the continual increase of beginners entering into the online marketing platform for the first time, they are the scammer’s heaven, because these shonky individuals know how vulnerable they are.

They pitch things at them with all the false assertions about; How you can, in your first thirty days be earning thousands of dollars; That is absolute bunkum. Then they back it up with a persuasive sales letter, that is nothing more than “Fluffy Snowflakes.”

They try selling with a beautifully crafted letter, how you, just by following a few simple steps will be on your way to success. They will tell you how much they are making by doing the same thing; And, back it up by showing some cooked up bank statements.

Sure, some of those bank slips may be honest and true, but what they are not telling you, these bank reports are not from the system they are offering, but in fact, something different. They are designed to impress unsuspecting people into buying useless information.

Look at it from this angle, if it is that easy; Do you think I would be here writing up this report?

By now, I’m sure you are beginning to see a common thread emerging.

I can tell you, and like I’ve said earlier, there is no easy way to success; It all gets back to hard work and commitment.

Avoid Being Sucked Into Any False Promotions:

Start out by learning and understanding what are the legitimate marketing basics; Emerse and educate yourself to the point of quickly identifying who the scam artists are; Look out for their so-called trickery tactics, that should stick out like a beacon in the sea.

I stand by the theory, the best way to learn; Connect with a reputable platform that offers you a first-hand look at what they do; And without asking for your money beforehand.

They are out there, and usually, you’ll find, companies who only operate with reliable and honest merchants, backed up with full support should be where you are focusing your sights.

I can honestly say to you; they have no intention of just trying to sell you a dream. Besides, with an established an excellent reputation; It’s just not worth the risk?

Understanding A Dream And Actual

The best starting point as a beginner should be securing information that will be of benefit to you; And, then it’s up to you to utilise in a way that will further your online marketing future. Remember, starting, internet marketing is no walk-up-start, and nor it should be if you want to learn correctly.

Furthermore, if it were that easy, I wouldn’t be writing this report, that’s for sure. I have intended to demonstrate to you, never let yourself be drawn in by glossy or sweet talk, nor allow yourself to be overly excited with all the associated hype, on how you will earn your first million dollars with a few simple clicks of your mouse.

The Real Deal Affiliate

Legitimate Online Marketing

They will disclose what benefits are available, and will explain what you can expect without asking for one cent; And, all of this will be up front. They will encourage you to ask questions because they have nothing to hide.
A good indicator as to the realness of what is available;

You need to look for;
1. How long have they been in operation
2. The type of training available
3. Is there any support available
4. Is the support being offered 24/7
5. Are they open in disclosing their business operation
6. Do they offer a free trial period
7. Have they any community support
8. Is community support available to new members
9. How detailed is the training
10. Does the training cater for beginners through to intermediates
11. Setting up a website
12. Keyword research available
With a legitimate marketing platform, they are more than happy to explain all of these topics without asking you to commit to purchasing up front.
That is the stark difference between an honest online marketing platform and a scammer version of an online platform.

Finally, take your time by reading comments left by other marketers and learn what they have to say; And, you’ll quickly establish the sincerity of the marketing platform.

The Real Deal Affiliate

Online Marketing

With continued growth; marketing will naturally, attract many people to spend online. Additionally, the industry has become one big massive shopping centre. Is it any wonder, why so many people are turning toward online internet training programs that genuinely offer a full set of training tools.

In many ways, marketing can be akin to that of the weight loss industry. For you to be satisfied, they both need to work for you to be successful. But remember, not all are legitimate; There are instances where the dodgy ones play on the heartstrings of the most unsuspecting, by selling a cheap dream that is nothing more than rubbish.

Both the online marketing platform and the weight loss industry who are genuine will tell you there is no magic bullet that will instantly provides fulfilment.

Quite frankly, and speaking from my own experience, You have to earn success, and that only comes through hard work and total commitment; And, it’s the surest way that I know that will achieve results.

There are lots of fabulous platforms that provide all the necessary training tools; Offer, first-hand support and guidance, as opposed to the dodgy operators.

Understanding the difference between the two types of marketing platforms can be rather tricky without arming yourself with vital information on how to distinguish the difference between the two; Therefore research is the key.

Beginning, internet marketing is no walk-up-start, and nor it should be if you want to learn correctly.

I want to cite this example, if you were starting as an apprentice carpenter, in your first week on the job do you think the boss would give you a set of house plans, and tell you to build the house?

I Don’t Think So.

You have to learn first what to do. Well, internet marketing is no different.

Let’s say we look at it from another perspective; If starting in marketing was all that simple, I can say here, and now I wouldn’t be writing this, that’s for sure.

My sole purpose is to demonstrate to you; Work hard, commit yourself to learn and success will surely follow.

Success Or Failure

The only difference between success and failure boils down to the commitment, training and research preparation. Those that go on to make a lucrative income are the ones who have put in a full and dedicated preperation from the beginning.

Whereas, those that fail have failed to seize the realisation that success is rewarded only to those who are prepared to work hard. Internet marketing works in the same way as Monday to Friday employment. Those who work hard and consistently push the work ethic are the ones who get considered for advancement with their specific employer; And, internet marketing works is a similar fashion.

The Main Reason Why You Should Never Quit

In most cases, those with a positive approach, realistic expectations and not get drawn in with the hype that floats around daily; commit themselves to learn and be persistent, usually become successful; However, some experience greater success than others; Even though there will be a small number who fail, that is a fact of life.

There are lots of stories of people who from the beginning, were somewhat sceptical, but gave it a try, with surprising results.

Still Pondering The Thought Or Undecided?

Kickstart your internet marketing campaign with a platform that provides everything you need to get started. They have an all-inclusive environment where you can grow and manage your business, with real-life support from a like-minded community; And all come with a free to start membership.
With state-of-the-art training modules, backed up with comprehensive support 24/7; The ideal beginning without having to look any further.

Click Here And Take Advantahe Od Free Membership Today

Myself, I’m an active member of Wealthy Affiliate where I conduct and utilise the various platforms in my business. Not only that, I’m actively involved in supporting other members as the need arises.
I can highly recommend wealthy affiliate to you knowing that you won’t be disappointed. And, the great thing about it, there is the free start-up membership where you can try for seven days without any commitment.




If you have any queries about Affiliate Marketing V Scams, or you would like to offer up some further advise that you apply in your business. Then please tell me as I will be happy to hear from you, and I recommend that you leave these below.

Free Guide To Affiliate Marketing – Build A Successful Online Business

updated August 2019

Many Platforms Provide Tools In Helping Simplify The Process Of Being An Affiliate Marketer


But, Will They Help You Get Started?


The Real Deal Affiliate

Generally, they will offer in their way, many different angles of getting started. And while that may be true. It doesn’t necessarily mean that everything related to affiliate marketing will be included as part of the package and for what you need to get started.

Unless the packages contain a full set of tools, then they are of no use to you.

In my free guide to affiliate marketing, I intend showing you how to build a successful online business that will get you up and running in no time at all. Tools that have the potential to escalate your business to levels that you never thought possible; And, why they essential to leverage into your business.

Furthermore, the free guide will walk you through each process in a way that is easily understood. While at the same time, give you an enormous kick start on having a successful online affiliate marketing business.

Affiliate Marketing is Not Just a Process.

One of the most important points that most affiliates miss, as they get deeper into understanding the affiliate world, is the process required to be successful; Therefore, become lost or overwhelmed in what they are actually doing. Whereas, other marketers think by automating their business, allows them the freedom to step aside with the belief that the operation will take care of itself. Automating every aspect of your business is fraught with danger; Because, I can tell you, that it is the furthermost thing from the truth as every business requires the hands-on approach, or it will fail.

I can attest for that myself, as I was under the belief that getting started was going to be the hardest; Once that was conquered, then the whole show would start making money and I could sit back and watch it roll in. What a shock I got when I realised that wasn’t going to happen; So, back to the drawing board for me. Starting anew with the now full-on realisation that success requires hard work and plenty of it.

I remember so vividly, my first affiliate marketing experience was to go in hard at the start, the setting up of everything, and get to a point where I would be in a position to oversee the money machine tick along with around 4/5 hours a week input from me. How wrong was I, because it just doesn’t work that way.
For you, starting out in affiliate marketing, never remove yourself from the business and expect that you will make a go of it. Why would you want to do that? It just doesn’t make sense, does it?

Also, there are many tools at your fingertips that are readily available to help you leverage your business; However, they will only be as effective, as if you use them in parallel to your own personal input and not try to automate.

5 Points Why Working Your Business Leads To Success


Human Connection
• Comments/Engagement
• Content Creation
• Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
• Idea Development

From my experience, I can’t think of any website or business for that matter that hasn’t failed when they try automating some or all of these elements. And by that, I include certain outsourcing parts of their business using some whiz-bang gizmo tool. My warning here, think before falling for these automation traps. Because you’ll be doomed to fail.

Now for some brighter news; You will, however, be able to safely automate some things that will assist in speeding up and compartmentalize, risk-free into your affiliate business.

Analyzing Your Affiliate Business First, Then Automate.

Understanding your business is usually a good starting point, and what I mean by that is analyse it and the processes. Which things are you doing regularly, that you consider are eating into your time because you are manually processing them. Simple things like writing things down, when they could be automated. They are the sorts of situations where automation is beneficial.

Moreover, look at the activities that you are routinely spending time daily. Ask yourself; Are there one or some things that I’m doing that would be best sourced to another tool.

Focusing on More Of The Essential Points Allows More Time To Streamline Certain processes.


• Keyword and Niche Research
• Managing Logins/Passwords
• Website Management
• Tracking Rankings in Search Engines
• Goals/Task Management
• Writing/Proofreading
• Email Marketing
• Affiliate Link Management/Cloaking

However, You Are Not Limited To These Only.

There is a secondary set of topics in the categories that undoubtedly can help. However, when first starting out your primary aim will be to keep it as cost-effective as possible or free if possible; Or at the very least keep the cost down to a minimum.

6  Affiliate Tool Ideas For You To Use InYour Business

Basically, the availability of free tools are in the thousands, and they, without a doubt are there to utilise within your business; And all “FREE.”
Nevertheless, some offer immense benefit while others are just a time waster.
What if I said to you, rather than take all the time with a “trial and error process” of the free tools, but instead were able to guide you down the path within affiliate marketing.

(1) Affiliate Marketing Training / Help

Are you fed up with the affiliate marketing merry-go-round?
Are you by now ready to settle into elite marketing?
A cost-effective, educational forum; A forum where you can start for free? I can then say to you, there is no other option that you should be considering.

Welcome to “Wealthy Affiliate”. I ask? Why wouldn’t you want to become a member, when you can tap into 1,000,s of resources, be part of more than over 1 million ambitious, successful affiliates who are ready and willing to help out those who require help? As far as I understand this is the biggest, yet most successful affiliate marketing platform in the world.
As I mentioned earlier, there are two memberships on offer; One being completely a FREE STARTER, and the other premium membership.

For those who are not a Wealthy Affiliate member, no matter your level of affiliate marketing (Newbie – skilled), why wouldn’t you consider taking a look; Kickstart your business by taking out the starter membership and get your business off to a flying start.

Wealthy Affiliate is the place where I associate myself with other like-minded affiliates and all with the same cause in mind. For what it’s worth if you join our free membership, I will be available to personally help overcome hurdles that pop up during your journey toward success.

The Teal Deal Affiliate

(2) Keyword, Niche & Website Research (plus rankings)

The most critical part of success in affiliate marketing is being able to research keywords, niches and analyse websites properly. Moreover, this requires tools that provide such resources that will allow you to do this.

The Real Deal AffiliateThis is a quality affiliate tool with a reliable-most up-to-date/useful data output; this is so hard to find; It’s like striking gold. Tools like this that offer so such quality are costly and can quite easily set you back $1,000 per month, and that is a conservative estimate.

The value of Jaaxy, is allowing you to be able to carry out affiliate marketing research, from “keyword search” to “low competition keywords”; Also, manage keyword lists, examine competition, locate and buy domains, plus, where you are ranked within all the search engines, with many other valuable features.
You would, of course, expect to pay a hefty monthly fee for such a powerful tool. At Wealthy Affiliate, you get 30 searches, completely free to test drive.

Get your 30 free searches here.


(3) Last-Pass – A Tool To Manage Your Logins

The internet is growing at such a rapid rate, and as a result, there are so many passwords that require management. And “YES” if you are like me, it’s dam downright frustrating and time-consuming. Being an affiliate marketer, you will have cause to be joining heaps of services, with many suggesting that you use a unique login; That’s when the fun begins, mainly if you haven’t recorded it somewhere. So, to overcome this you best use a centralised management software tool, whereby, all your passwords are stored in the one location, and I would suggest that you use Last-Past.

Furthermore, some browsers are better than others in managing passwords; But, what I’ve found, the effectiveness isn’t quite up to the standard as it could be; That is why I use Last-Past.
It has a plugin that is available in, Safari – Windows and Google Chrome.

Three Download Suggestionss For Your Convenience


Download LastPass   For Google Chrome
Download LastPass   For Safari
Download LastPass   For Windows

(4) Website Management and Hosting.

The hallmark of a successful online business all starts with having a website. Therefore, being an affiliate marketer choosing a company who you will want to be using as your website platform and hosting features is essential.
With the volumes of options that are available, don’t assume that they are all equally created; Because that’s not so. The same can be said for website-platforms who offer a completely free service, as again they are not all created equal. Additionally, you most likely have heard of or about WordPress – – Wix; these all have respected platforms; But, there is a side effect with using free websites, as they use lots of advertising, resulting in some limitations as an affiliate marketer.

Something else to ponder, hosting isn’t created equally either. So, you’ll want to use Managed hosting; that way you have total access to the appropriate support along with hosting. With, speed and upload being two main factors (among many others) in website success you will need to be using a hosting platform that you can rely on.
I have for some time now, been using a platform called SiteRubix and because if its uniqueness, I can comfortably recommend it to you. SiteRubix is a platform within Wealthy Affiliate, and by you creating an account with Wealthy Affiliate you receive Two ( 2) FREE websites to use for starting off your affiliate marketing campaign. Moreover, Premium members have access up to 50 sites, including more than ten related website platforms for use in your business.

Get 2 Free Websites w/ SiteRubix @ Wealthy Affiliate.

(5) Writing for the Web.

Being a focused content marketer, it’s essential in having an environment that is contributing to productive writing; furthermore, encourages and motivates you into proper goal setting.
More likely you have heard SEO, but, never fully understood its fundamentals. Almost every successful affiliate marketing business use SEO in all of the marketing campaigns.
With having suitable tools that will assist you with your writing endeavours, ones that present insight into SEO is most vital in your rankings.

Starting out from scratch and dollars are tight, there are a couple tools that are available to use and free; I suggest they will best suit you, as they offer free versions and are of very high quality.
• SiteContent @ Wealthy Affiliate (focused on web content)
• Grammarly (suitable for all types of content)
High-quality content creation plays a pivotal role in success in your business; therefore, quality content is crucial for affiliate marketing success.

(6)  An Amazing Affiliate Platform, Free to Try


Still Pondering The Thought What Platform Will Provide You With The Best Outcome In Affiliate Marketing.

Make a life changing decision by clicking here NOW and be part of the World’s number ONE Affiliate Marketing Platform

The Real Deal Affiliate

With an all-inclusive environment and the uniqueness for creating – growing and managing your business, it rates second to none.
Where else will you have access to a community of over one million like-minded members for coaching and support; An environment that you can leverage a partnership – build a network of followers.
Any confusion in how to manage a variety of different tools and with varying environments, and it is even more difficult to speak to each other efficiently.

Let me cite an example; It is helpful for your website platform in being able to communicate directly with your hosting platform; which would then be able to speak directly with the support channels – keyword-research platforms- website analysis and then your content platform.

They are the capabilities offered to you through an all-inclusive environment; However, there is something to like about other platforms, but, with a Wealthy Affiliate membership they are all included, and it is entirely free to use for a trial run where you can start building a business, And all for free.
Myself, I’m an active member of Wealthy Affiliate where I conduct the platforms for utilisation in my business. Not only that, I’m actively involved in supporting other members as the need arises. As was the situation for me when I first joined. Why is help freely forthcoming? Because, we are in this together, with all the same goals in mind.
Building an affiliate marketing business is a tough gig left to your own resources; With Wealthy Affiliate, all the tools are readily available, with a support backup that is recognised universally as being the best.
I strongly suggest you consider, or at the very least setting up a Free Starter membership.

The six tools I have recommended, you apply to your business are what I believe will kickstart your business and propel you toward success online.

Traditionally, and in the past, internet businesses were a lot more expensive with all the start-up costs. And-to-add-to-that, here is where you can start up an online store on a shoe-string budget way less than $500.00 per year
I throw out the challenge to you? Do you want to make full use ofFREE TOOLS AND SOFTWARE? Start up your own website Free? Or, do you want to go on spending money on overpriced services, likes of, coaching, websites, hosting, education and other money wasting things?

In The Final Analysis To Sum Up. I hope I have delivered insight into affiliate marketing, while, offering benefits for you and your ventures moving forward.

If you have any queries about the affiliate tools I use, or you would like to offer up some other tools that you use in your business that are free (or little cost), I recommend that you leave these below.

Step By Step Guide Affiliate Marketing – Learn How

The Real Deal Affiliate

Keen on finding how to start affiliate marketing? However, not convinced, with so much uncertainty and untruths, that surround the affiliate marketing world; Generally speaking, all of the confusion, mainly centred around the so-called affiliate experts. They are the ones who claim they are there to help; But, in reality, they are just pretenders; Their primary focus, to rip-off as much money, from unsuspecting people in the quickest time possible. More often than not, offers are in such; they convince you into making a purchase, I mean with all Glossary to fancy screenshots of earnings; All designed to influence the unwary how easy it is to earn money in Affiliate Marketing. You take the bait; And, they have just made themselves another sale.


Come with me, and we’ll take a walkthrough, and I’ll show you why I intend to remove the so-called myths by simplifying things and set the annals straight; in a way that you will understand the real honest to goodness meaning of affiliate marketing. More importantly, not only will you have a greater understanding of affiliate marketing, you’ll have an armchair seat that will catapult you into an affiliate marketing career.

Are you ready? Cause I am!

The Process Of Affiliate Marketing In A Few Words

Affiliate marketing is a foundation of three unities. The affiliate being you, – affiliate program (company or product owner), and finally the customer(they are the people who buy the product).

Becoming an affiliate requires you to join a legitimate affiliate program where you can promote that product/service or a variety of products or services.

The affiliate program allows you a special or unique link, called, “affiliate link”; After joining their network, you are given the opportunity in promoting their goods or services, using their unique link for tracking purposes.

You, (the affiliate), are now able to send buyers to their website, and where they (buyers) make a purchase, you earn a percentage commission or a flat rate sale. Typically, it ranges from 1% up to as high as 75%. The commission is dependant upon the company’s commission structure.

From a simplistic point, let’s take a bird’s eye view of a chart spelling out or laying down, correctly how the process works.

The Real Deal Affiliate

Let’s put it to you this way, say I register to become an affiliate using Amazon, (also known as Amazon Associates). I, and now I’m able to promote over 500 million (no I didn’t make a mistake) products, being one of their affiliates.
That alone is beyond the thinkable! Moreover, that is just with Amazon. There are thousands upon thousands of other products to promote outside this conglomerate (Amazon).

Prospective buyers view my website or social media account or email for that matter. Click on my affiliate link, and they are re-directed to Amazon. If they then make a purchase.
Let’s say they buy, for example, a Black and Decker ceiling fan with a light and Brown fins; I earn 6% commission for the sale on $116.00. My commission would be, $6.95. I know that doesn’t sound much, but if you look at the big picture, there are hundreds of fans sold daily (more in the summer months). People never stop buying with Amazon the biggest seller of goods worldwide. So the potential to earn a sizable income every month is insurmountable.Let’s take a more realistic approach to the Ceiling Fan scenario. Say you were able to sell 20 fans a day? That then relates to a daily income of $139/day. Extrapolate that out over seven days by 30days your income would be more than $4000.00 a month.

The Real Deal AffiliateThat is the nature of affiliate marketing, and that is on just one item. Remember; I said earlier they stock over 500 million products?
Now that you understand the power of affiliate marketing and the process. Let’s begin talking about YOU, as an affiliate.

How To Become an Affiliate; And at What Cost.

In general terms, affiliate programs are free to become a member. However, there are a tiny few cases; an affiliate program does charge a nominal fee. The fee is designed purely in an attempt to deflect fraudulent affiliates (mainly to verify your identity). Moreover, I should stress that such situations are quite rare.
Overall, affiliate programs are free, and there shouldn’t be any joining charge; It should be free.

Should you are asked to pay a joining in being able to promote their goods/services, then every chance they are not a good affiliate program. More likely they are a scam or for that matter something different.

The stunning part with affiliate programs, they are entirely free to join, allowing you as an affiliate to promote many goods/products/services, that you can ever imagine; And the best part you earn a commission in the process.

Affiliate Programs How Do They Work?

In essence, an affiliate program is a tracking software technology system which allows you (the affiliate) to promote companies goods and services and earn a commission. The technology system tracks all the clicks – sales transactions and calculates your commission. Not only that but they also control your payments and become custodians of all your personal information.

For example, affiliate stats are a useful tracking device for you. Let’s look at some stats from Wealthy Affiliate’s program.
The Real Deal Affiliate

The above affiliate program stats are the most accurate and generated automatically. With the advent of technology advancing at such a rapid rate; The availability of information is instant with affiliates getting first-hand information almost as soon as it happens. Consequently, all your tracking campaigns will be, instant – elegantly refined and knowledgable. Moreover, you have immediate control by way of tracking conversions and its source in real-time.

Typically, promotional material programs for affiliates, such as banners, widgets and for that matter, plugins; they are the types of enhancements available to leverage your website or even social platforms.
The more extensive the affiliate program is, then the more equipped are affiliates in promoting those particular goods or services. Generally speaking, it’s in the company’s best interest to offer the highest of quality experiences for their members.

Affiliate Network – What Is That?

Affiliate network in simple terms, is a grouping of affiliate networks, all operating under the one umbrella. Let’s use one of those networks, for example,, renowned for being the biggest in the world, are coupled with, over 6,000 companies where you can promote any of those companies services and all under that one roof — furthermore, there and affiliate networks in the 100’s offering a similar type of service? There are benefits to be had by joining an affiliate network; They include the likes, time-saving, less management, i.e. passwords, links, payments, but, to name a few. Another advantage removes the hassle of having to join dozens of independent programs. Whereby, joining the like Awin and others; all the mundane stuff is taken care for you with the management of payment, controlled by one company, rather than many being independent.

  • Listed are some of the more popular networks operating similarly to
    Amazon Associates
    eBay partners
    With many more

How Do I Get Paid As An Affiliate?

That all depends upon the program/network you aline yourself with as they all have different payment methods, including a variety of scheduled payment days.
Nevertheless, affiliate companies offer various forms of payment.
By and large, your payments will be in USD.
That is now becoming the more recognisable standard of payment for affiliates to be paid in US dollars. Furthermore, there are, however, some companies that will offer payments in your currency with some conversion houses whom will calculate from USD to your money.
PayPal is a typical example of converting with the likes of:

Cheque Form of Payment

  • Bank Transfer
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Payoneer

Similarly, with the Wealthy Affiliate program. Payments principally go through PayPal, but, also offer cheque payment, should you meet a certain payment threshold, then a bank payment will be provided. In a nutshell, affiliate programs have no desire in making payments difficult, but, more to the contrary, they have you (the affiliate) as in their best interests. Because if their payment system is complicated or difficult, then surely, no affiliate member in their right mind would want to promote such a program.

If I Want An Affiliate Business Where Do I Go?

Where do I Start? Getting started in the affiliate marketing scene isn’t as complicated as it may seem, even though there is a continual flow of programs who claim to be the best.
A large number of these services, are not even what you would call “Affiliate Marketing”.

Research What Is that?

Let’s begin by drastically fast-forwarding research for you. There happens to be an elite platform in the affiliate marketing space, in which I am involved with called Wealthy Affiliate.
It is the most suitable affiliate marketing platform for getting started. It’s a bit like the “who’s who”; Where, not only affiliates hang out; moreover, it’s where they all manage their businesses, just like me. An affiliate platform explicitly designed for learning affiliate marketing properly.

The Real Deal Affiliate

It’s a bit like the “Must Have Mentality” Furthermore if you plan to learn affiliate marketing with an environment where all the tools and training programs are readily accessible. Not only that, you get websites, website hosting, interacting support with other members who are there to help start and grow your business — moreover, all under the one roof.

Free Starter Membership

With two membership offers available, including a free “Starter” membership. (A try before you buy approach). There is a more advanced Premium option with quite a low per-month fee. I suggest that you take up the “Free Starter Membership”. It’s always good practice to try something before committing yourself to purchase upfront.
It is very little doubt that from the beginning and within the first few lessons you’ll see for yourself, all the training and coaching that’s on offer you’ll go from beginner to an expert within affiliate marketing in no time at all.
There is a welcoming video that walks you through the process of affiliate marketing and how it all comes together.
Strongly suggest, check it out for yourself; don’t take my word for it — an opportunity begging your call.

The Real Deal Affiliate


Should you have any questions regarding affiliate marketing, I am more than happy to help with you. Finally, please feel free to leave your questions below, and I will be sure to get back to you right away.


The Real Deal Affiliate – Marketing Unraveled



Many companies among countless individuals who claim to be the Affiliate Marketing vehicle space, manage an affiliate marketing business. They all claim to be the so-called experts… but that isn’t the case as they are not.

I will deliver in my tirade here, what affiliate marketing is all about and what isn’t, along with things to look for when deciding whether an individual or company is trying to mislead you about”Affiliate Marketing”. Unfortunately, there is a lot of bogus affiliate marketer’s operating, who are adversely impacting the affiliate marketing industry. Unfortunate, but, true. For that reason, I will endeavour to shed some real clarity of affiliate marketing of what is and what is not.

The Largest Imitator; MLM; It’s an Allure and Con Trick.

Trending today indicates companies and or individuals are putting claim to fame they are operating an affiliate marketing business when in fact it’s only a camouflage in covering the real truth that they are associated to a; Multi-level-marketing, (MLM) scheme.

I’m not for one moment suggesting anything wrong with a few operating MLM companies. Moreover, it is reasonable to assume that any MLM canvasser, trying to indicate that they serve an affiliate marketing business is more likely conducting an illegal operation that rates borderline or in many instances illegal trade.

Dodgy Operations; Over time there have been many such operations taken down, and with the ongoing evolution within affiliate marketing, unscrupulous operators will continue to be identified and be dealt with accordingly.

A vast majority of people who get sucked in by these schemes are losing money at around 90%+. However, they appear to be the most common type of operating schemes that people fall for.

Misleading Programs And Operators; There is little doubt in my mind those running shoddy operations which con unwitting people in parting with their money, and lots of it; need to be weeded out.

On the other hand; Genuine Affiliate Marketing is a single stand-alone program operating with a high level of authenticity.

Warning Signs; There is, however, some warning signs hi-lighting untrustworthy programs, and some key indicators.

MLM; Precisely that; Multi-Level-Marketing. Where there are multiple levels usually more than three including your good self, then they are deemed as multi-level-marketing; Not Affiliate Marketing; in fact, MLM is the furthest removed from legitimate affiliate marketing.

The Act of Promoting; If the aim is to promote precisely the same program to many others with the expectation they will join; Or pay up front for an application with the privilege of being able to sell that exact same program to someone else; means you are letting yourself be involved in MLM, and not becoming associated with genuine affiliate marketing. In most instances you’ll find they have the tendency to call “contributors” affiliates to disguise the reality as being a groove within the MLM network; But, by nature, you are part of their MLM web.

Fees; Where there is a costly fee of many thousands of dollars will indicate it’s a “SHAM”. This is a widespread trait amongst marketing pretenders as they are the ones who are demanding huge sums of money for information;

Behaviour; By way of unethical conduct they will offer high dollar commissions; They are most certainly the specimen of business who tosses out the bait to the unwary by teasing with ridiculous compensations.

Found Out; Eventually, they are caught and dealt with; Sadly though a lot of people will have been financially The Real Deal Affiliatehurt in the process. Whereas, by offering a legitimate opportunity to people that are “GENUINE” and driven by the market cost makes total sense.

Price Point; There are numerous times programs will pop up that offers an entry level to join their program. At that point, it looks much like a good affiliate marketing program. Lots of people are drawn in by the attraction, and therefore join up. It’s only then that the real concept behind their facade is exposed. Once you join, there is usually an asking fee in the order of $50.00 (sometimes a little less), for starting at the base level.

Moreover; They will encourage you to buy into a higher level; which of course comes at a more significant cost, or even become some type of upline/downline structure member.

In reality; you have been tricked. It’s a camouflage used in conning people, set up in such a way you firmly believe that you have joined an honest affiliate marketing, but in “ACTUALITY” you have unwittingly joined an affiliate marketing “SCHEME”.

Join Up Fee; At no time will you be asked to pay a joining fee to become an affiliate marketer; THERE IS NO JOINING FEE.
Therefore, if a joining fee is asked up front, then most likely this is not a whole affiliate marketing program, and it needs to be treated with extreme caution. There are, of course, a few companies who have a little inexpensive fee. And that has been designed only, in proving you are genuine. On the other hand, being asked to pay a high ticket cost to join, then you can be assured that it is “NOT” an official affiliate program.

Compensation Income Disclaimer Plan; Every MLM company must have a compensation plan, including an income disclaimer attached to their website. If it’s there, it will be at the bottom of the page, so if you scroll down to the bottom, and if you see one of these stipulated plans; then it is “NOT” an affiliate program, but rather an MLM program.

The Actual Appearance Of Affiliate Marketing; As I have covered what isn’t a moral affiliate marketing program. It’s now time to tell you what affiliate marketing actually is.
I have compared in some detail an affiliate marketing comparison page of a side by side example of what is and what is not affiliate marketing.  

          Affiliate Marketer                                                              Faker

  1. Honest Affiliate with real products                             Sells nothing just an idea
  2. Lone marketer commission based                               More likely being MLM
  3. Reveal real pricing and product information              Conseal vital informationon pricing and product
  4. Customer driven first and foremost                            Only interested selling fake ideas money driven

The comparisons are a good example of the differences between “ACTUAL” and “FAKE.”

With Affiliate Marketing;It is a connection combining an affiliate – a company selling products or online services, and the customer. Being an affiliate, you have the flexibility of being able to add links on your webpage and if someone clicks the link and actually makes a purchase.

You receive a percentage of the total sale. The rate usually ranges from 1% and up as high as 70%. However, these percentages will vary, depending on the company’s sale structure.

As an Example; Should I have a dedicated website selling; “baby accessories”, with my affiliate webpage link connected to Amazon, they will pay me a commission for any sale that has been generated through my affiliate link (usually around 6/8%)
Isn’t any wonder that Amazon is the biggest selling platform in the world. With tens of thousands of people worldwide buying on Amazon daily; and a very large number of those customers would have got there through an affiliate link.

Being an affiliate my potential in promoting untold millions of products using my website – social media or email, provides me with an opportunity to earn a substantial affiliate income.
Affiliate marketing is an outstanding business venture, and with the increasing demand for online shopping, it can only continue to grow bigger.
It is unfortunate, but, sadly true; a lot of companies/individuals are misusing, “Affiliate Marketing” to serve their own purposes in conjuring people into schemes that are either MLM or worse pyramid selling.

Let me reiterate; honest affiliate marketing is “NOT MLM”. You Are “NOT Asked to Pay Money Upfront” to promote service/product or start out at a specific level on join up. Therefore; the word is “CAUTION” if you The Real Deal Affiliateare asked to pay a joining fee; That is not AFFILIATE MARKETING.

Successful affiliates have a setdown process with an ethical procedure to follow. Allow me a minute in explaining the process.

Consolidating yourself as being an AUTHORITY MARKETER; Fundamentally there is the right way in creating a long term, sustainable online business; as there are many wrong ways opposed to the proper way.

Developing Into an Authority; The customary way; is to select something you are quite passionate about, something that really draws your interest; and start building a business around that interest. There are other ways of course, but, as a starting point, your own hobby/interest is ideal for creating a business because it is something you are passionate about, so will arouse your interest in writing about it.

For Instance; I like the concept of baby accessories, I then can start my business around this one thing, and in doing so I will create and become an authority website within this one particular category.
I would start building my website based on one segment within the baby accessories segment, and all the while can bring other related promotions into my site using the affiliate programs. There is a myriad of opportunity and promotional sorts that I could promote within this one niche.

About Amazon; They sell tens of thousands of products daily usually with a commission base around 6 /10%
With many other sites; eBay – Walmart and 1000’s of other private sites
I am only scraping the surface with ideas; it’s a bit like a bottomless pit (how far does it go)
Building out my baby accessories website and with so many topics attached to this niche. I will blend high-quality, useful product/ service along with endorsements to my audience.

Over time there could be many pages on my website relating to this one niche; which will drive high numbers of unique visitors to my site, generating an income far higher than the normal, 9 to 5 five days a week job.

Growing Your Business;Scaling content and traffic within any niche is the best approach because to build a profitable affiliate marketing business it needs to be scalable and lucrative.
It doesn’t matter your interest whether it be on technology, sport, vintage cars, gardening or florist for that The Real Deal Affiliatematter. There is no end of choices to what you are able to promote with 100,000’s of options there is something there for everyone no matter how unique your idea be.

Genuine affiliate marketing is an honest business, and in reality, this is precisely how it must work; Otherwise, it is not affiliate marketing.

Building a Thriving Affiliate Marketing Business;Would you be interested in building a thriving affiliate marketing business, there is only ONE place in the world that you should consider, Wealthy Affiliate. It is a community & platform that offers an “all-inclusive” environment with the training, live classes, research tools, websites, hosting, coaching and networking under one roof. Get more info here.

I hope I have offered some clarity on the differences between the REAL affiliate marketing opportunity, and those companies and individuals out there pretending to be affiliate marketing when they are not. I would welcome any stories you have had, or if you have any questions about the legitimacy of any program (or affiliate marketing in general), I would be more than happy to help you out.

About Tom

Toms About Me Page

Updated 11th July 2020

Being an affiliate is something that I’m quite passionate about, and have for a considerable period.

Hi, my name is Tom, and I believe by now, I can be rated as an experienced affiliate marketer as having been involved in the industry for three years.

With so much diversity available I find affiliate marketing to be intriguing.

I can assure you I’m no overnight millionaire because those sorts of stories belong to “Make Money Fast Sites” if that is what you are interested in and want to read. Instead, I am going to explain how I became associated with the affiliate world, including my path online.

Growing Up

I had this overwhelming feeling that someday I would achieve and be great at something. At that stage, I had no idea what that was going to be. Because I live in Australia, I always had a passion for playing league football. But, and, unfortunately, when I first started working full-time, Saturday morning was part of the working week. Therefore, out the window went my ambition of making the league football team.

Fast Forward Some Fifty Year

When I finished full-time work, this passion for succeeding was still burning inside. So, I went online in search of ideas that may interest me. That is when I stumbled across affiliate marketing.


After exhaustive research, it was evident that others were earning money online, and I thought if others can “Why Not Me”. It’s about then that the light came on and I got to thinking, this affiliate marketing thing, must be a real opportunity of making some money online. But, just “HOW” was it possible; what did I need to do to make it work. So, I got to work in chase of grasping the concept of affiliate marketing and what needed to do be done, in gluing all the pieces together.

My First Three Months

The first few weeks were part of the learning process. Consuming and familiarizing myself in what I needed to do if I wanted to be a success. It was a bit like starting an apprenticeship. Because all the necessary groundwork had to be understood ahead contemplating the next advancements. Throughout the next few months, and following through the comprehensive training modules; there were signs that the cloud was beginning to get lighter, and I could see some light poking through that cloud.

My Next Nine Months

Were pretty much training based, to increase my understanding of the affiliate marketing process. OH… And by the way, I don’t think that I have mentioned, what I had Learnt to that point; provided me with sufficient training in being able to start up my very own website.

By now, I was genuinely starting to believe that affiliate marking does work. Looking back now I realize how important it was starting out with a reputable company (as I did)  who have their members rated “FIRST AND FOREMOST”, and not how much money we can reap of them by tagging them along for to ride. Like dangling the carrot to say.

My Next Two Years

Having reached the three-year mark with everything now moving along quite smoothly; I am looking forward to the next three years. However, there are times when I forget how to do something, (Old Age) so, I will revert to the training brushing up on that particular segment.

The beauty of being able to refresh on any of the training at any given time from anywhere around to world is like “GOLD”. I understand this is one of the very few companies that provide such a facility.

OOPS… I don’t think that I have mentioned the company that gave me my start into affiliate marketing. That company is; WEALTHY AFFILIATE. If you have the desire to learn affiliate marketing in the proper way, then this is the place to start.

My Mission With;

As the name suggests, I will bring the affiliate marketing world into some reality. It’s unfortunate, but, correct, there is a lot of information floating about that is either outdated or “False”. It’s there, because of to “Expectations” that people have without truly understanding what is involved in affiliate marketing. My post has been aimed and directed at shedding some light on affiliate marketing and provide you with a degree of the current perception and sometimes over opinionated content that sweeps the online world today.

Join the journey with me – Follow me – Ask me for help – Offer your own opinions. Thank you as I appreciate your dropping in and reading my story. Your story can be just as incredible and exciting with a little hard work and dedication.

Let’s make the affiliate magic happen




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