Rodan And Fields Skincare Reviews

Does working a handful of hours in your free time, to earn a few extra dollars, sound like a good idea? With the Rodan and Fields skincare business you can, and your part will be, to organise a home party, then arrange a host to run it. And, on the night of the party, you handle all orders for products sold, and you get a slice of the money. In my Rodan and Fields review, I’ll take a look at the products, including the business, and find out if it is the ideal opportunity for you to earn those few extra dollars.

Who Are Rodan And Fields?

Rodan and Fields are a Multi-level marketing business and are famously known for their skincare range of products. Rodan and Fields started with two Stanford trained dermatologists, Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields.

They began their marketing career with one single line, “Proactiv”, their primary objective at the time was to target acne-prone skin. It quickly gathered popularity, and, was as far as they were concerned the game changer because it worked.

The company, Rodan And Fields, founded in 2002, by Katie Roden and Kathy Fields began manufacturing a line of skincare products, selling the range through Rodan And Fields Skincare Reviewsthe departmental retail stores.

Twelve months later, they onsold the branding rights to Estee Lauder. Then, four years later, in 2007, they regained the branding; And, removed the selling rights from departmental stores to multi-level marketing; The Rodan and Fields headquarters located in, San Francisco California.

Are Rodan and Fields Skincare Range Value For Money?

The Rodan and Fields product range have an extensive line of skincare products that cater to needs, of all ages, but, mainly aimed toward women with the likes of sensitive or irritated skin. The range pushes out a list of renowned ingredients, likes of, retinol, a component that combats fine lines wrinkles and encourages cell turnover. Skin lightening contains alpha-hydroxyl acid, well-known for softening and smoothing of the skin, plus the kojic acid, a brightening agent. and there are no nasty surprises with the ingredients. Therefore, it’s reasonable to believe there is value for money.

Do Rodan And Fields Products Work?

It’s a question frequently asked, and seems always to come back to the same point, do the products work?

Well, It’s fair to say that the sales figures suggest that they do. Reports reveal the Rodan and Fields company is amongst the top-selling businesses into the US.

Gaining a more exact look at the ingredients used in many of the products, they have a range of quality ingredients with the likes of retinol, which is the gold standard for addressing fine lines and wrinkles and encouraging cell turnover.

The skincare products cater extensively to the needs of all ages, but, mainly aimed toward women with the likes of sensitive or irritated skin. One of the more famous lines is the redefine regimen, targeted toward the enhancement and appearances of fine lines/pores to get the skin surface to be firmer and smoother.

Also, there are the reverse regimens that address skin discolouration by lifting skin colour, while reducing or fading dark spots. And there is body lotions and active hydration eye complex. They also have a small derma-cosmetics range that is a skin improvement makeup.

They’re using ingredients that are renowned for having a positive outcome on the skin, and not those of unknown origins.

Are The Rodan And Fields Worth Their Price?

Rodan + Fields products are expensive, the redefine regimen, for the enhancement and appearances of fine lines/pores to get the skin to be firmer and smoother—kits retail for $199. Then there is the reverse regimens kit that addresses skin discolouration by lifting skin colour while reducing or fading dark spots, retails for $190.

Individual items also look too pricy, for instance, Unblemished Dual Intensive Acne Treatment which contains benzoyl peroxide compound used in the combating of acne, sells for $102, and the Active Hydration Body Replenish, a body cream, comes with a hefty price tag of $66.

What Are The Rodan And Fields Product Range

The jewel in the crown is the enhancement lash boost. Its impression gives off the similarities to mascara; And, it comes in a tube and gives off the sense of longer looking eyelashes.

Rodan + Fields Products

The Rodan And Fields Opportunity

Becoming a consultant, you’ll need to register through a Rodan and Fields sponsor. Once your application gets accepted, you will receive full training from your sponsor regarding the “Do’s and Don’ts”, including the presentation process required by Rodan and Fields. Also, you will need to purchase a kit valued at $45 that contains the journey of the understanding and philosophy in getting to know the R+F brand.

Most likely the more natural way to get started will to presentations on the use and benefits of the products to family and friends; And as you gain an understanding and improve your knowledge, you then will be able to branch out. Replenishment of products works on a monthly cycle. You will need to submit your sales figures and order requirements according to the procedure stipulated in the policies-procedures.

How Much Does It Cost To Rodan And Fields?

There are an application and registration process for joining the Rodan and Fields network, and that is free. However, before your application gets approved, you will need to agree to buy a start-up kit valued at $45. After that, three different kits contain various products for starting your business. From the information that I have collected the minimum kit cost will be $395. There are a further two kits available, valued at $695 and the $995. However, the third option is for (USA) consultants only.


Can You Make Money With Rodan And Fields?

Rodan and Fields use the MLM system mainly because of the majority of their income are from recruitment with the lessor income percentage from direct sales. Recruitment will be the primary focus rather than a full-on push to sell the products. Looking at a company disclosure statement from R+F that revealed around 95% of all consultants earn no more than $7,000, including a startling report that says about 62% gain on average $330 yearly. Based on those figures, you would need to have recruited lots of other members to generate any decent income. That is why the R+M place so much emphases on recruitment.

Rodan And Fields Skincare Reviews Compensation Plan


Joining Rodan and Fields is affordable?.

When you join Rodan and Fields as an independent consultant, you’ll have to purchase a $45 business portfolio, and a starter kit to start your business. Most consultants will not need to hold a business license for their activities when selling products to their community either. That means you’ll get to benefit from the branding, have instant access to social media tools, and can offer life-changing skincare items as a way to make some extra money.

Rodan And Fields Pros

  • Consultants Voluntary Termination
  • If you choose that you want to terminate your agreement with Rodan and Fields and request a refund. You have after sixty days up to one year to return the products and request a refund. The company will refund up to 90% of the original purchase price.
  • Products Available Three Countries  
  • Badon and Fields sell into three countries only, USA, Canada and Australia 
  • Consultant Training
  • New consultants receive full training from their sponsor
  • Skincare Products 
  • Badon and fields have an extensive catalogue of products such as, Redefine Regimen for skin enhancement, Reverse Regimen for skin discolouration, Unblemished Dual Intensive Acne Treatment, Lash Boost for longer looking eyelashes, and a Derma-Cosmetics skin improvement range.

 Rodan And Fields CONS

  •  Products Are Quite Expensive 
  • Being a consultant, you may be of the misunderstanding that you are purchasing the skincare products at a wholesale rate. Regrettably, no so. Rodan and Fields will impose consultant makeup on each purchase. They will always have a margin built into every bit of product that goes out the door. Most of the product range is more expensive than those of similar products sold in retail outlets.
  • Shipping Charges   
  • There is every possibility shipping will not be mentioned to consultants; nonetheless, all shipping charges will be the responsibility of the consultant and any other incidentals that may crop up from time to time. Although the shipping charges are not that expensive, they still erode part of your earnings. Therefore, to get an accurate estimate of your actual income, you’ll need to allow for these extra costs when calculating your net profit.
  • Desperate Times Calls For Desperate Measures  
  • I understand that this might sound a little crazy, but, if you are short of cash and don’t have a vast network of friends and associates etc., could prove difficult in retaining your qualifying status, and available commissions. That may then require you to purchase unsold products at the end of each month, and that could very soon eat into any personal savings you may have, or, push you into unwanted debt.                                       

Is The Rodan And Fields Model A Scam?

Are Rodan and Fields a scam? If you read many of the online trolls, it is hard to argue the full legitimacy of the business profile. One thing is for sure though, a lot of hard work and many unpaid hours will be required to get the business off the ground, and then there is no guarantee that it will be a success.

Any MLM business is a tough gig when your whole outcome relies on selling the Rodan and Fields products, and if it fails, you do too. On the other hand, if you are not reliant on how much you earn and are very comfortable in holding house parties perhaps, then this may suit.

Almost all products sold online through the MLM system are not approved by the FDA, and that is why, in most instances, consultants – distributors make so many rash promises about what they are selling.

Bearing in mind, you are very much relying on, (A) Recruitment (B) Personal Sales, and if you fail at the recruitment level, and left will sales only. Then it goes without saying, the pressure will mount, and you will wither away.

There are many questions you need to ask yourself, can I genuinely make some money from this opportunity. After all, success in any MLM business relies heavily on the recruitment aspect of the company, and if you are lacking, then the chance of succeeding will be slim. Plus, every month, you are expected to purchase product no matter your sales figures or stock holding. That alone may lead to unwanted debt.


Final Word

If you are comfortable with Rodan And Fields opportunity and believe that you have the ability to making it work; That’s great.

Despite that, some so many people get swept up in the euphoria of being their boss and earning enough money to set themselves up for life is just that “Sales Talk”. Once they have committed and very soon after they begin to feel the pressure to succeed, and it is one of the hardest obstacles to overcome, peer pressure, and many people find they are unable to handle it. Apart from that, the reliance on you to perform in both areas of recruitment and sales is enormous so you’ll be placing so much unwanted pressure on family and friends, to a point where they become alienated.

If you have a keen in looking for a path which will take you down the road to success with personal rewards you desire, a way that has proven to work time and time again for others, and one thing’s for sure, you won’t have to pay any money to get started, and you keep all the profits. You need to check out my number one recommendation. Even though this is a fantastic offer, not all people take advantage of it, and that’s OK because this offer isn’t for everyone.

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Rodan And Fields Skincare Reviews






Quality Overall



  • Consultants Voluntary Termination
  • Products Available Three Countries
  • Consultant Training


  • Products Quite Expensive
  • Shipping Charges
  • Purchase Unsold Products

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