Silver Cross Wave Stroller – Review

Silver Cross began in 1877 by a British inventor who was also an engineer—fascinated, by the bounds of possibility with spring steel, and its potential benefits. So, he put his mind to work in conjuring up a way to develop a spring system and reversible hood system.

Subsequently, he designed the very first pram spring system, that is symbolic in today’s market. By the turn of the century, he had patented a lot of designs, with many already in production. And soon after was the launching of the Silver Cross company. As time passed, it became recognised as the central manufacturer in first-class quality prams. Moreover, it was the choice of royalty having been used for King George VI and later Queen Elizabeth II.  

Who Is Silver Cross 

Silver Cross is a British nursery brand and manufacturer of baby transport. They were founded in 1877, by William Wilson, with headquarters now located in Skipton North Yorkshire.  

Silver Cross, universally known for the highest of quality products in baby prams and pushchairs. Particularly coach-built prams. 

Silver Cross products are sold in over 70 countries worldwide. 

What Is Silver Cross Wave Stroller

The second generation Wave version is the latest addition to the Silver Cross Family. It’s 1.4 kgs or 3 lbs lighter than its predecessor and fitted with many more extras.

Features – Benefits at a Glance


3-D Sculpted fabric

 Black high gloss chassis

 Rose gold detailing

Two-tone woven fabrics. Added Feature 

The bamboo fabric seat liner. Added Feature

Zip-on bassinet apron. Added Feature

Deeper tyre tread. An all-wheel design feature

Polished branding points

Overall payload 84.8 kgs or 187 lbs


Chassis now 1 kg or 2.2 lbs lighter 

Tandem seat will hold a maximum of 25 kgs or 55 lbs.

Three-year warranty

One plus One® System

The Silver Cross’ Wave 2021 Eclipse brings a strikingly new uniqueness with 3-D sculpted black fabric, high-shine gloss chassis, and sets itself apart from the rest with stunning rose gold highlights. 

This latest edition will undoubtedly be loved and admired for now and into the future. I mean, starting as a single come double traveller, yet is light in manufacture than that of its previous cousin.

The sleekness of this stroller has everything, no matter where you look. For instance, the great individuality about this System, it caters for a one-child carry or converts into a tandem stroller for a newborn and toddler, all into one single travel system.  

That removes the headache of having to spend more money on any other travel systems.   

Seven Configuration Modes

One plus One® System 

Seven Modes Included

Starts as a single stroller with a bassinet included

Converts to a double with newborn and toddler in seven different modes

Switch modes are a quick switch and easy to use

Removing any additional purchases

Delivered to your door, packed in a box with seven configurations.

Up to a total of 30 modes are possible by opting to add the optional accessories.

It’s reasonable to suggest Silver Cross have designed 

a future-proof stroller for growing families, now, and into the foreseeable future.

Thirty Flexible Modes

 Facilities to a double or triple payload

 The perfect scenario for growing families

 An additional tandem seat

 Add on another bassinet

 Add on car seats (thanks to adaptors)

 Add on a ride-on board

 Weight Capacity

With both the fixed and tandem seats, the Silver Cross Wave is capable of carrying a payload of up to 25 kgs or 55 lbs.

That for sure offers the benefit should you have a newborn and another toddler under school age.

Having a second child, in most instances, would typically mean there is a need to upgrade to cope. Not any more with this stroller.  

Exclusively Silver Cross Mode

Bassinet facing parent while tandem-seat faces forward,

most parents see this as a significant must-have, as the children grow. 

Wave Overall Weight Capacity

With the weight sharing spread across to Wave, it is capable of carrying up to a total of 84.8 kgs or 187 lbs.

 Breakdown of weight spread as follows:

 Main Seat – 24.95 kgs or 55 lbs

Tandem Seat – 24.95 kgs or 55 lbs

Basket – 14.96 kgs or 33 lbs

Ride-On Board – 19.95 kgs or 44 lbs

Additional Features

Inside the cabin are two height positions that will cater for a sleeping baby or an elevated position while awake.

Effortless fold with a straightforward action

Four-way suspension giving off a smooth and comfortable ride

Handlebar adjustment catering for a variation in people height

Magnesium Aluminum Alloy Frame providing that extra strong durability

What Are The Benefits

All the leather trimmings such as the leather piping, double-reinforced basket and quilted bassinet lining are hand-stitched. It’s little things like this that put the Wave ahead in the pram category in quality.  

Double Stroller

 The option of using the Wave as a double stroller after the unpacking and assembly are immediate. All that’s required, combining toddler seat and bassinet, and you’re good to go.


The facility exists to cope for twins by utilising the two bassinet option.

Ventilation Points

The bassinet has additional ventilation points in the bottom and the mattress.

Two Infants

With so many optional extras available, the Wave provides the benefit of coping with two infants at the same time. Again this propels it to the top in the benefits class. 

Other Accessories

Other available accessories include seat unit cover -footmuff, double canopies, bug covers, with rain covers for toddler seat and bassinet.

What Are The Disadvantages

Carries a hefty price tag; however, weighing up all the standard and optional extras, there is reason to suggest it’s worthy of the selling price.

Even though the weight is a little clunkier than others, in balance the overall value built into the Wave, I’m sure most will be able to cope.  

Some of the accessories may-be considered overkill by some families, even though that are “optional extras”, and bought separately to the Wave itself. 

Is the Wave Value For Money

Depends upon many factors when evaluating price as opposed to value in benefits. Basic Prams will be cheaper, and that you would expect, as there will be minimal accessories that come with it. You could say it’s the soup bones in the pram category and most instances won’t have the facility to attach any extras.

With the Wave, at $1,298 you will get a seven mode transporter, such as two stroller seats and one bassinet. 

The internal bed has two height adjustments, four-way suspension system, with the option of increasing it to a 30 mode transporter, and much more.

Families who are having twins, the twin comes in at $1,396 includes two stroller seats and two sets of car seat adapters.

What I like about the Wave, families with two small children will only need to purchase once, as the Wave also acts as a stroller for pre-schoolers. And that has to be a huge benefit, especially today with money being so hard to come by.  

Final Thoughts

The New Wave is the second generation of the Silver Cross stable, weighing 3lbs lighter than its predecessor.  

Its tight physical turning radius ensures excellent manoeuvrability with total control safely in the hands of the user.  

The bassinet stand brings into being an ideal cosy bedside the very thing for home or excellent for travelling as it is suitable for overnight sleeping.

It’s finished in a subtle, naturally antibacterial bamboo fabric which helps to regulate temperature. Carrycot has a protective thermal moulded base, with an adjustable ventilation system.

Also, it is compatible with the Silver Cross folding bassinet stand.

Once assembled, it can be utilised as a double and comes with a bassinet and Seat.

Magnificently crafted styling, with the hand-finished elements, provide a standout finish to complement the 

features with the most delicate woven fabrics finished in 

British Heritage

There’s no doubt about it the Wave is a lavishly appointed stroller with the finest of detail given to each component. 

Engineering takes pride and place at Silver Cross when one considers the magnesium and aluminium frame—designed with robust durability, even down to the four-way dynamic suspension. Even down to the smooth easy-action fold and height-adjustable handlebar. 

It has patented two height seat and bassinet riding positions. The elevated position allows for baby feeding, parent communication and generally all-round synergy. Plus, it also brings your baby closer to you. 

With the deeper bassinet position, there are two ventilation points. And has a sturdy base providing security and safety, while remaining structurally lightweight.

Cushion Padded Finish 

Finished in a mellow cushion padded bamboo fabric, with antibacterial qualities for the regulating of temperatures

Compatible with Silver Cross folding bassinet stand.

Because the stroller seat being extra spacious, and ideally suited for use from 6 months up to 24.95 kgs or 55 lbs. 

Fitted with a diverse one-handed recline, also it’s reversible, allowing your baby to face your or in a forward position. 

There are an adjustable calf rest and integrated footrest, but they are optional extras. 

The Wave is a bit like a Marcano set because there is an additional thirty module accessories that can be added to the capsule making it one of its kind.

Plus the configurations are adaptable to one baby, twins or baby and toddler. You might say it’s the stroller that comes with the lot.

Sure it’s not cheap, but it offers the benefit from childbirth to pre-school, more than one infant. And doubles a stroller as the family grow. 

Owing the Wave provides the complete package without the need to a pram and stroller as separate items.

It’s undoubtedly my recommended choice as it stands head and shoulders above its competitors.   

Most times, putting in, and taking out of the car trunk, is left to mums. And can be somewhat of a chore. 

Anything that helps reduce the stress factor and improves manoeuvrability. Has got to be a profound improvement.

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