Is Southwestern Advantage A scam Or quick Money system

It’s no secret why college graduates are always on the lookout for how they can earn some money working a few spare hours. And why not? As an undergraduate student, any extra income is very welcome, provided it slots comfortably in with your studies. In this Southwestern Advantage MLM review, I’ll check out the company, look at how it works, and whether it suits your dream of earning a few extra dollars.

Who Is Southwestern Advantage?

Based on the company history, Southwestern Advantage was founded by Rev. Graves and heralds back to somewhere around 1855.

The business is now operating as a conglomerate private equity business, with headquarters based in Nashville, Tennessee.

Attested by the business hierarchy, the primary focus of the company is to “assist young people in developing skills and character required in accomplishing their goals in life.” Also, to build a business opportunity in selling books, and aimed mainly toward facilitating a pathway for college students.

Naturally, students attending college campuses are in large numbers, so interns are encouraged to frequent these sites by canvassing other students spread across and throughout the U.S.

Primarily, the books are tutorials based around education. Also, there are subscriptions to websites and software, but mainly as a backup to assist readers in making a buying decision.


Imposing Qualifications

Direct Selling Association

Foundation Sales Learning Experience

Maybe Life Changing


Out-Of-Pocket Expenses

Demanding Work Load

Packed With Incidents And Complaints

Deceptive Marketing Practices

Is Southwestern Advantage Worth The Price?

Books are a brand line of early learning, homework, helping resource millions of children educationally, and develop a sense of excitement about school.

However, what’s a bit scary, online research failed to turn up any pricing on single or multiple books. So it’s hard to establish whether they are real value or just a waste of money.

Revised Editions

What I was able to uncover, Amazon sells a mathematics book, $49.99, which was written and published in 2011. Schooling worldwide changes from year to year, so books older than one year would almost be rendered useless, especially for secondary school students, and a lesser degree for primary students.

Putting into context, unless Southwestern Advantage is selling revised editions every year, they most likely would be a risky proposition.

Also, it makes me believe why they don’t have a book price on their website.

Website Subscriptions

I suppose if you miss on a book sale, then you can fall back in trying to sell website subscriptions. With one in particular, Advantage4Parents, and on all accounts, the content is somewhat helpful, designed to assist with parenting problems.

MLM No Longer Financial Benefit

Southwestern Advantage Opportunity

Southwestern Advantage presents an ideal opportunity to work as a representative on a twelve-week internship.

During that time you’ll work in an unfamiliar neighborhood selling books and website subscriptions, door to door. And, in a location that is thousands of miles away from your home.

Less Distraction

The uncanny thing about this, and according to Southwestern Advantage, it’s designed so that you won’t be distracted by people you know in your community. Furthermore, the surrounds will be totally unfamiliar to you and packed with young children. They also believe this makes for the perfect place to achieve sales targets.

Living Away From Home

If you are lucky enough, you could get billeted to a host family who will rent a room over the twelve weeks. Conversely, it will be your responsibility to find yourself somewhere to live and meet all associated expenses.

Your workday will consist of 12 hours, six days a week, footslogging door to door selling these goddamn books.

Sundays, rest day, no way because you’ll be expected to front to meetings and/or training sessions, all at your own expense.

What Does It Cost To Join Southwestern Advantage

Southwestern Advantage, like most other MLM’s you’ll be dipping into your own pocket to meet all the upfront costs. Oh my, what did I just say, your own money? Just hang on a second if you were flush with cash, then you wouldn’t be looking for a crummy part-time job in the first place, would you?

OOPS, sorry, let’s get back to the story.

Letter Of Credit

Before commencing, you must supply a letter of credit to Southwestern Advantage, endorsed by two people. And, in most circumstances, it’s your parents.

The purpose of a letter of credit works on the same principle and a line of credit, whereby the endorsers guarantee to take responsibility if you fail to pay all monies owed to the company.

Usually, the letter of credit is set at $500 per guarantor.

So then, there’s $1000, and you haven’t purchased any books to make a start. Typically, a standard set will set you back a further $350. That all totals to $1350 and not including any other associated out-of-pocket expenses. Not all that hard to do the sums, is it?

Is It Possible To Earn Money With Southwestern Advantage

You’ll only have a window of twelve weeks (summer months) to sell educational books. When you think about it, it’s not long, considering the money you need to shell out to get started in the first place. And, what happens if you fail, your parents are left with a debt of $1000, and you have $350 worth of books that are basically useless to you.

Own Expenses

Also, if you’re not billeted out to a family in your designated area, you’ll need to arrange your own accommodation. Either way, you will be expected to pay all expenses out of your own pocket.

During those summer months, you’ll be required to conduct at least 30 presentations each of the six-day working week.

Ground Rules

Southwestern Advantage makes all the ground rules to suit them, even when it comes to the commission. For instance, they get 60% of all sales and you 40%. Is that fair, do you think, considering you are expected to meet with all out-of-pocket expenses, yet only get a 40% slice of sales cake? One-sided I think.


Imposing Qualifications

Mostly, we have grown up with the belief that the more qualifications we rack up, the more honorable we will be. And, during 2019, Dr Ralph Brigham received the Charles F. Kettering Award for excellence in business or government internship in education programs. Other alumni list of imposing qualifications are U.S. Secretary of Energy Rick Perry; U.S. Senator from Tennessee Marsha Blackburn and Ken Starr, an attorney.

Direct Selling Association

Since 2009, Southwestern Advantage has been a member of the Direct Selling Association, (DSA).

Foundation Sales Learning Experience

You will be expected to travel to Nashville for a one-week full-on training. However, it may be beneficial later in life, especially for interviews, once you leave college. But, you will have to meet all expenses out of your own pocket.

Maybe Life Changing

Southwestern Advantage Change The Rules Change your Life

I suppose it’s not unreasonable to suggest starting out in sales, and in a territory that’s totally unfamiliar to you, will be an incredible life-changing experience. On top of that, you will be responsible for your own destiny in understanding what it’s like being a salesperson and coping with life on your own.

Unquestionably, you will find out a lot about yourself, and also gain a first-hand understanding of what life’s all about. Plus, broaden your horizons moving forward in the challenge’s life will throw at you.


Out-Of-Pocket Expenses

You will be working in a commission-only environment, and that means all expenses connected to your work are your responsibility. No matter whether your return is zilch or five hundred dollars, you will have to pay all overheads. That will include things like living expenses, including rent, food, gas, and products at wholesale prices, out of your own pocket. Also, that consists of any company meetings seminars, and so forth, you may be required to attend. That’s why I believe the 60/40 split is more than unfair.

Demanding Work Load

There’s no beg your pardons from Southwestern Advantage, as they expect you to make a minimum of 30 presentations each day. They figure it’s your responsibility to make each and every house call a sense of purpose of always making a sale. And, that my friends are mighty tricky circumstances, especially coming from a sales background myself.

Packed With Incidents And Complaints

While Southwestern Advantage boasts about the educational benefits derived from their book library. At the same time that may be true to an extent, but, the Better Business Bureau (BBB), tell a different story entirely.

There have been 109 complaints lodged against this organization, ranging from deplorable customer service, lengthy delays with order shipment, canceling orders and in some instances misleading information. While the list goes.

Deceptive Marketing Practices

Students have reported many ambiguous or deceptive business development practices. As they feel there have, instances, where they have been misled by Southwestern Advantage representatives. In as much as believing they were working with career services of colleges in how to gain classroom access purely for recruitment objectives. When, in fact, that was the furthest from the truth.

You’re Out Of Bounds

Because of the number of complaints, some prestigious colleges the likes of Harvard, Idaho and Maryland universities forbid Southwestern Advantage going into their campuses for recruiting purposes.

In lots of cases, however, they weren’t phased by the out of bands policy because recruitment continued anyway.

Quick Calculation Of Potential Earnings

As explained by one past student of Southwestern Advantage. A typical work week starts at 8 am, ending at 9 pm, Monday through to Saturday.

In the twelve-week stint, he earned $6,000, and according to him, it was pretty tough.

12 hours x 6 days= 72 hours

72 hours x 12 weeks = 864 working hours

$6,000 by 864 hours = $6.95 per hour

Remember I mentioned earlier, all incidental charges are on you. Therefore, that $6,000 looks more like actual earnings of around $3,000, or about $3.50 per hour.

And, if that’s not bad enough, if you’re not reaching the sales targets expected, you’re grilled over your shortcomings and told to lift your game.

So, are you prepared to work for three bucks an hour and at the same time cop heaps of flack because you’re below sales targets? I’m damn sure I wouldn’t. I’d tell them to take their sales job and shove I ain’t doing this anymore.

Southwestern Advantage Is It A Scam?

It may be not a scam but, the manipulative way they operate must go horribly close.

Why would you want to sacrifice your personal holiday break away from your community working 72 hours a week for the sake of $3.00 an hour?

Not only that, breaking down the working week another step will surprise you somewhat. Working 72 hours is almost equal to combining two weeks into one. Now that makes it even scarier because, in reality, your hourly rate is less than $2.00 an hour.

Comparing their system to that of MLM scams there are lots of parallels.

Why I’m saying this? Simply because 95% of all earnings go to the top tier. And those at the grassroots who do all the work earn the other 5%.

Final Thoughts

What surprises me, why they persist with door to door selling, considering there are so many media, and technology advancements today. And, most likely, they would achieve similar sales results, using technology.

In saying that, I suppose using the MLM system gives them that extra layer of protection when things go wrong. And, according to the research that happens frequently. Also, there is no upfront cost using the door to door approach.

I also understand that the promise of earning thousands of dollars in a 12-week internship can be a pretty tantalizing carrot. But, make no mistake, this “opportunity” is not for the fainthearted.

And in the end, you may not earn what you expect.

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Quality Overall



  • Imposing Qualifications
  • Foundation Sales learning Experience
  • Direct Selling Association


  • Out Of Pocket Expenses
  • Demanding Work load
  • Deceptive marketing practices

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