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Many companies among countless individuals who claim to be the Affiliate Marketing vehicle space, manage an affiliate marketing business. They all claim to be the so-called experts… but that isn’t the case as they are not.

I will deliver in my tirade here, what affiliate marketing is all about and what isn’t, along with things to look for when deciding whether an individual or company is trying to mislead you about”Affiliate Marketing”. Unfortunately, there is a lot of bogus affiliate marketer’s operating, who are adversely impacting the affiliate marketing industry. Unfortunate, but, true. For that reason, I will endeavour to shed some real clarity of affiliate marketing of what is and what is not.

The Largest Imitator; MLM; It’s an Allure and Con Trick.

Trending today indicates companies and or individuals are putting claim to fame they are operating an affiliate marketing business when in fact it’s only a camouflage in covering the real truth that they are associated to a; Multi-level-marketing, (MLM) scheme.

I’m not for one moment suggesting anything wrong with a few operating MLM companies. Moreover, it is reasonable to assume that any MLM canvasser, trying to indicate that they serve an affiliate marketing business is more likely conducting an illegal operation that rates borderline or in many instances illegal trade.

Dodgy Operations; Over time there have been many such operations taken down, and with the ongoing evolution within affiliate marketing, unscrupulous operators will continue to be identified and be dealt with accordingly.

A vast majority of people who get sucked in by these schemes are losing money at around 90%+. However, they appear to be the most common type of operating schemes that people fall for.

Misleading Programs And Operators; There is little doubt in my mind those running shoddy operations which con unwitting people in parting with their money, and lots of it; need to be weeded out.

On the other hand; Genuine Affiliate Marketing is a single stand-alone program operating with a high level of authenticity.

Warning Signs; There is, however, some warning signs hi-lighting untrustworthy programs, and some key indicators.

MLM; Precisely that; Multi-Level-Marketing. Where there are multiple levels usually more than three including your good self, then they are deemed as multi-level-marketing; Not Affiliate Marketing; in fact, MLM is the furthest removed from legitimate affiliate marketing.

The Act of Promoting; If the aim is to promote precisely the same program to many others with the expectation they will join; Or pay up front for an application with the privilege of being able to sell that exact same program to someone else; means you are letting yourself be involved in MLM, and not becoming associated with genuine affiliate marketing. In most instances you’ll find they have the tendency to call “contributors” affiliates to disguise the reality as being a groove within the MLM network; But, by nature, you are part of their MLM web.

Fees; Where there is a costly fee of many thousands of dollars will indicate it’s a “SHAM”. This is a widespread trait amongst marketing pretenders as they are the ones who are demanding huge sums of money for information;

Behaviour; By way of unethical conduct they will offer high dollar commissions; They are most certainly the specimen of business who tosses out the bait to the unwary by teasing with ridiculous compensations.

Found Out; Eventually, they are caught and dealt with; Sadly though a lot of people will have been financially The Real Deal Affiliatehurt in the process. Whereas, by offering a legitimate opportunity to people that are “GENUINE” and driven by the market cost makes total sense.

Price Point; There are numerous times programs will pop up that offers an entry level to join their program. At that point, it looks much like a good affiliate marketing program. Lots of people are drawn in by the attraction, and therefore join up. It’s only then that the real concept behind their facade is exposed. Once you join, there is usually an asking fee in the order of $50.00 (sometimes a little less), for starting at the base level.

Moreover; They will encourage you to buy into a higher level; which of course comes at a more significant cost, or even become some type of upline/downline structure member.

In reality; you have been tricked. It’s a camouflage used in conning people, set up in such a way you firmly believe that you have joined an honest affiliate marketing, but in “ACTUALITY” you have unwittingly joined an affiliate marketing “SCHEME”.

Join Up Fee; At no time will you be asked to pay a joining fee to become an affiliate marketer; THERE IS NO JOINING FEE.
Therefore, if a joining fee is asked up front, then most likely this is not a whole affiliate marketing program, and it needs to be treated with extreme caution. There are, of course, a few companies who have a little inexpensive fee. And that has been designed only, in proving you are genuine. On the other hand, being asked to pay a high ticket cost to join, then you can be assured that it is “NOT” an official affiliate program.

Compensation Income Disclaimer Plan; Every MLM company must have a compensation plan, including an income disclaimer attached to their website. If it’s there, it will be at the bottom of the page, so if you scroll down to the bottom, and if you see one of these stipulated plans; then it is “NOT” an affiliate program, but rather an MLM program.

The Actual Appearance Of Affiliate Marketing; As I have covered what isn’t a moral affiliate marketing program. It’s now time to tell you what affiliate marketing actually is.
I have compared in some detail an affiliate marketing comparison page of a side by side example of what is and what is not affiliate marketing.  

          Affiliate Marketer                                                              Faker

  1. Honest Affiliate with real products                             Sells nothing just an idea
  2. Lone marketer commission based                               More likely being MLM
  3. Reveal real pricing and product information              Conseal vital informationon pricing and product
  4. Customer driven first and foremost                            Only interested selling fake ideas money driven

The comparisons are a good example of the differences between “ACTUAL” and “FAKE.”

With Affiliate Marketing;It is a connection combining an affiliate – a company selling products or online services, and the customer. Being an affiliate, you have the flexibility of being able to add links on your webpage and if someone clicks the link and actually makes a purchase.

You receive a percentage of the total sale. The rate usually ranges from 1% and up as high as 70%. However, these percentages will vary, depending on the company’s sale structure.

As an Example; Should I have a dedicated website selling; “baby accessories”, with my affiliate webpage link connected to Amazon, they will pay me a commission for any sale that has been generated through my affiliate link (usually around 6/8%)
Isn’t any wonder that Amazon is the biggest selling platform in the world. With tens of thousands of people worldwide buying on Amazon daily; and a very large number of those customers would have got there through an affiliate link.

Being an affiliate my potential in promoting untold millions of products using my website – social media or email, provides me with an opportunity to earn a substantial affiliate income.
Affiliate marketing is an outstanding business venture, and with the increasing demand for online shopping, it can only continue to grow bigger.
It is unfortunate, but, sadly true; a lot of companies/individuals are misusing, “Affiliate Marketing” to serve their own purposes in conjuring people into schemes that are either MLM or worse pyramid selling.

Let me reiterate; honest affiliate marketing is “NOT MLM”. You Are “NOT Asked to Pay Money Upfront” to promote service/product or start out at a specific level on join up. Therefore; the word is “CAUTION” if you The Real Deal Affiliateare asked to pay a joining fee; That is not AFFILIATE MARKETING.

Successful affiliates have a setdown process with an ethical procedure to follow. Allow me a minute in explaining the process.

Consolidating yourself as being an AUTHORITY MARKETER; Fundamentally there is the right way in creating a long term, sustainable online business; as there are many wrong ways opposed to the proper way.

Developing Into an Authority; The customary way; is to select something you are quite passionate about, something that really draws your interest; and start building a business around that interest. There are other ways of course, but, as a starting point, your own hobby/interest is ideal for creating a business because it is something you are passionate about, so will arouse your interest in writing about it.

For Instance; I like the concept of baby accessories, I then can start my business around this one thing, and in doing so I will create and become an authority website within this one particular category.
I would start building my website based on one segment within the baby accessories segment, and all the while can bring other related promotions into my site using the affiliate programs. There is a myriad of opportunity and promotional sorts that I could promote within this one niche.

About Amazon; They sell tens of thousands of products daily usually with a commission base around 6 /10%
With many other sites; eBay – Walmart and 1000’s of other private sites
I am only scraping the surface with ideas; it’s a bit like a bottomless pit (how far does it go)
Building out my baby accessories website and with so many topics attached to this niche. I will blend high-quality, useful product/ service along with endorsements to my audience.

Over time there could be many pages on my website relating to this one niche; which will drive high numbers of unique visitors to my site, generating an income far higher than the normal, 9 to 5 five days a week job.

Growing Your Business;Scaling content and traffic within any niche is the best approach because to build a profitable affiliate marketing business it needs to be scalable and lucrative.
It doesn’t matter your interest whether it be on technology, sport, vintage cars, gardening or florist for that The Real Deal Affiliatematter. There is no end of choices to what you are able to promote with 100,000’s of options there is something there for everyone no matter how unique your idea be.

Genuine affiliate marketing is an honest business, and in reality, this is precisely how it must work; Otherwise, it is not affiliate marketing.

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I hope I have offered some clarity on the differences between the REAL affiliate marketing opportunity, and those companies and individuals out there pretending to be affiliate marketing when they are not. I would welcome any stories you have had, or if you have any questions about the legitimacy of any program (or affiliate marketing in general), I would be more than happy to help you out.

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