Wealthy Affiliate How Does It Work?

Wealthy Affiliate Cornerstone To Success

How does Wealthy Affiliate work?

In all honesty, it’s a question that is frequently asked. How Does Wealthy Affiliate Work?

Wealthy Affiliate is a comprehensive training site that offers training from the ground through to entrepreneurial level.

Training is all-embracing and for that reason, raises some anxiety amongst some in trying to understand the difference between affiliate marketing and the benefits of Wealthy Affiliate training.

People, therefore, become a little bit confused in separating the two and can’t understand why so much emphasis is assigned toward training; and why it is the cornerstone to marketing success.

Consequently and surprisingly, some people who are joining The Wealthy Affiliate Platform have the mistaken view about what the platform offers and how to deal with achieving top rated outcomes.

I will, from top to bottom, go through the Wealthy Affiliate Platform and identify the benefits, what they offer, and how best to achieve long-lasting outcomes. While at the same time, take a look at other aspects that may be considered as being not so good.

Wealthy Affiliate has been my online home since 2016, and I continue to be an active member. 

Website Glossary – The Power Of Attraction

You’ll most probably stumble across many websites that will more likely look most appealing and sound/seem easy to get started. Headlines that look enticing are the attraction, and they are there for one specific reason; not to help you, instead, encourage you into taking the bait.

If you are relatively new to the internet world, they’ll have you hooked into something that will be of no benefit to you.

Purely because they have no interest in you other than to take your money.

The power of AttractionTaking Your Hard Earned Money

The sad thing with all of this, your credit card will be sucked dry in the process. Make no mistake, these scammers are out there waiting and ready to get their poisonous claws into your wallet. And, this will happen, well before you cotton-on. You’ll lose heaps of money, or worse still, your bank account or credit card will get flushed out. So taking a chance with these type of monsters is doing so at your own peril.

Their storyline is of the same mantra. Something along the lines, how you can earn thousands of dollars within the first few weeks of joining, and all it takes is just a few clicks. This is not true and way off the truth; so the RED FLAGS should go up warning you to steer clear.

Think Of Wealthy Affiliate As A University For Learning

The Wealthy Affiliate Platform is a training program for learning the concepts affiliate marketing and will walk you from the beginning through to the highest level of achievement of your personal desire. Plus you’ll be shown how to apply the principles into your online marketing campaigns.

There are no short cuts to online success, just like there isn’t when you’re starting out in a new job. A fundamental mistake most beginners have in accepting.

Look at it in the same manner as if you’re just starting an apprenticeship. The basics must first be learnt for you to understand the process before moving forward; that is what the wealthy affiliate program teaches you.

Getting Started

The course will begin with understanding the basics,  what affiliate marketing represents, and what you need do in starting a journey into the online marketing world.

As you progress through the training, so does the teaching modules so that you are continually learning moving forward.

For Instance

You have a pathway to World-Class Training, with access to “core” training courses, classrooms, and training history. 1,000’s of training resources await you.

Your Account And Profile

You have complete control over your personality within Wealthy Affiliate. With the freedom to add to your personal blog, and manage your account settings.

Activity Dashboard allows interactive and personalised community activity feed. Premium members can check this out each and every time they go into Wealthy Affiliate dashboard!

Affiliate Bootcamp Training

Another series of training with a 7 Phase (70 lessons)

This is a series of courses that walks you through the entire process of creating and establishing a business in a niche related area that is the promotion of Wealthy Affiliate.

All the training has been laid out in the simplest of terms that understanding doesn’t require a university degree in starting out.

It is worthy of note, you will go through a substantial amount of ready, listening to recorded videos, that have all been laid out into bit size pieces.

A Walkthrough The Many Features Available

Live Events where you can get education access straight from the experts in the industry. Or for that matter, take part in live online classes and advance your knowledge to new heights!

Have access for instant research of keywords, find domains, uncover niches, brainstorm ideas and analyse your websites.

Search Access

Looking for an answer to your questions? You have access to Search 10,000’s of valuable resources. Or for that matter, you might want to search for someone? Or, Looking for training? Then you are just one search away.

Premium Members

Become a premium member, and open up the gateway to private coaching, mentoring support, and the ability to network and create “million-dollar” relationships.

Affiliate Programs

Instantly gain access to search for the perfect Affiliate programs to generate revenue. Search the proprietary database of the best affiliate programs in the world across a vast range of popular niches in seconds.

Live Chat

Jump into a live chat, gain instant support and coaching, or interact in real-time with fellow aspiring and successful internet entrepreneurs.

Instantly create and manage your profit ready websites within the most sophisticated website platform in the world.

Know when someone has contacted you with real-time personalised notifications who have responded to your questions, and get other essential system alerts.

Credit System

Wealthy Affiliate has a credit system, where you can earn credits by performing specific tasks. They then can be used to purchase a variety of things related to your business.

Post your community questions, website/hosting support, ask your personal coach for help or jump in a live chat. You’ll never get stuck again, with the 24/7 help centre.

Affiliate Access

You’ll have access to one of the most productive affiliate programs available worldwide. Most advanced training, resources, tools and support for affiliates. There is nothing that matches the Wealthy Affiliate Platform.

You Are The Creator

Post on your Wealthy Affiliate Blog, create training, write an article, build a website, or find that perfect domain name. You are in control.

Super Affiliate Challenge – 300 Sales

An all-expenses-paid, Super Affiliate Conference in Las Vegas. Generate 300 sales, and you are invited to attend and be part of that conference. Brush shoulders with some of the most highest-profile marketers in the affiliate business.

Free Membership

You can start with a free membership where you can build two websites that are also for free, but, with limited access.

The two free websites are subdomains of the Wealthy Affiliate hosting platform under the banner of the SiteRubix.

For those who are new or have limited understanding of affiliate marketing in general, then this is an ideal way to get started without having to part with any money. Affiliate marketing is no different to most other things, and you may not be suited to the concept. Thereby, putting your toe in the water so to speak is a right way of testing to see if it’s a perfect fit.

 Having said that, I strongly float the idea that you become a premium member and gain full access to all the training tools. Not only that, you get full rights to your own domain with complete security; it’s yours to keep.

This way, the content within your domain is yours and remains attached, should you decide to move elsewhere. That gives you the authority to build out your site knowing that you won’t lose anything if you move.

The Wealthy Affiliate Community

Everyone from time-to-time requires a little help in various forms, and it isn’t shameful to call on that help when finding it a struggle to move forward. There are many times when we least expect challenges pop up, and they can become rather daunting, especially if there is no-one to talk with and help you through.

That is why the community at Wealthy Affiliate becomes very resourceful, as you’re not alone when it comes to facing such challenges.

When it comes to the online marketing principles, community support or training modules, then Wealthy Affiliate stands above the rest.

Wealthy Affiliate How Does It Work?

Basically, Wealthy Affiliate works by providing you with the most up-to-date tools, topped with a real to life knowledge base and a community support team available 24/7.

Please check out my  full review regarding Wealthy Affiliate  where you’ll get a further appreciation of what is available at your fingertips.


Hopefully, you’ve gained some valuable insights on the Wealthy Affiliate Platform. Moreover, should you have some questions or anything I could add? Then I’m very interested in hearing from you, and I will promptly get back to you.

I appreciate how valuable your time is. Therefore, I would like to say thank you for taking the time out to read my post.



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