Wealthy Affiliate Review 2019- Does It Work

What is Wealthy Affiliate and Does it Work?

A question that is very often asked, but rarely fully answered.
For-that-reason, I understand why you are thinking, does it actually work; Considering there are so many bogus sites floating around within the affiliate network.

Putting it into a nutshell; YES it does work and very well.
In my little rave review, I will establish some truths why it works and how you will better understand the inner workings of Wealthy Affiliate and how it can help you.

The Real Deal Affiliate

I hear this comment quite frequently: When I join affiliate marketing, will I start making money within the first few weeks. Well, as much as that may be true in some cases, but, certainly not so if you are just starting out.

Affiliate marketing is no different from anything else, there is a starting point, then there is a process of learning, and that’s even before you begin looking at making any income.
Moreover, I appreciate you wanting to make money online, quick-as-possible, as that is a natural thought process, and to be entirely truthful, we all go through that same mindset when first starting out; I know that I did.

Wealthy Affiliate is an ideal platform where you can learn the basics from the ground upwards, no matter the understanding of affiliate marketing. I remember when I first became involved with the Wealthy Affiliate, I had been looking for a considerable amount of time prior. When I did discover Wealthy Affiliate, I treated it with a high percentage of scepticism as being just like the many other sites I had visited and where I had been taken for what I was; A Green Horn. And, that’s why I was so sceptical, I had been a victim of scams previously; And like anyone else who has been scammed you become ultra-careful.

However, the great thing is, all those previous experiences I had endured, came in very handy because I had by then, gained enough understanding to figure what was fair dinkum and what was fake. So, every site that I visited I treated them all, in the same manner, by applying my cautious sceptics.

And, I can honestly say, wealthy Affiliate got the same treatment, and in the same manner, as the others, apart from one stark difference, which attracted my attention, “FREE MEMBERSHIP’.
The try before you buy approach, and I liked that idea; Because there was none of that, “have your credit card ready”. With that in mind, I thought what have I got to lose other than a little time; So I joined. I have now been associated with the wealthy Affiliate for 3 years.
In other words, I’ve been in the exact same situation as you are right now reading this post.

Moreover, it’s not my intention in trying to make Wealthy Affiliate sound like another one of those high pitched sales promotions, far from it.
My review will detail the facts as they are in-so-far-as, there will always be some faults as well as there are some great benefits.

So then, let’s get stuck into it and pull this apart and show you what it can do for you, by becoming a member.

Wealthy Affiliate is a training website which shows you how to start an online business from scratch in a step-by-step, easy to follow the way, and grow it into a thriving business.

The Real deal Affiliate

6 Membership Benefits

• Free Membership and what you get
• Advantages of being a Premium Member
• Benefits Wealthy Affiliate offer
• Disadvantages within Wealthy Affiliate
• Receive my personal help when signing up to Wealthy Affiliate
• Who should sign up for Wealthy Affiliate

The free Membership offered by the wealthy Affiliate comes with restricted benefits to some degree; Limited access extends to the dashboard and the number of websites, with limited access to Jaaxy, (keyword research). However, there is full access to the WordPress for the management of your two Site Rubix websites. None-the-less, it’s still entirely feasible to earn an income by remaining a free member.

Below, I have listed the features available with the Free Membership and the Premium Membership

• Live Help is available for the first 7 Days
• 2 Websites
• Website Backup
• Beginner Training Course
• Personal Affiliate Blog
• Affiliate Bootcamp Training – Phase 1 Only
• Video Walk-Throughs
• Keyword Research Tool – 30 Searches
• Training Classrooms – 2
• Affiliate Program

On-the-other-hand, being a full premium member, naturally, the benefits are more significant; With total access to everything within the platform. Furthermore, the benefits are designed for those that are serious about building a sustainable business now, and into the future.

Here is What to Expect as a Wealthy Affiliate Premium Member

• Live Help – Unlimited
• Private Messaging – Unlimited
• 50 Websites
• Website Security Package
• Website Backup
• Beginner Training Course – Full Access
• Personal Affiliate Blog
• Affiliate Bootcamp Training – All Phases (7)
• Live Video Classes
• Video Walk-Throughs
• Keyword Research Tool – Unlimited Searches
• Training Classrooms – 2
• Affiliate Program – 2x Higher Payout
• Earn While You Learn
• 1-on-1 Coaching – Unlimited
• Private Access to Webinars
• 24/7/365 Website Support
• Website Feedback Platform
• Website Comment Platform
• Website Analysis

Benefits are plenty when you take into account what is available. For instance, Premium offers extensive keyword research, and it is available to you at no extra cost. Privileges of this nature, you would expect to pay upwards of $50.00 per month. Then, of course, toss in website hosting, add another $ 15 to $20 per month. Whereas, all this included with a premium membership.

It’s easy to see why Wealthy Affiliate stands alone with so much on offer in the way of benefits; Benefits like site help, community help, training tutorials, access to an endless number of webinars, and, much, much more. “YES” you get all of this for the one yearly fee $359.00 or $49.00 per month. I’m sure, and for these reasons alone, you are now more than likely starting to realise why they are the number one affiliate platform in the world.

Click Here And Taje Advantahe Od Free Membership Today

Starting an online business, in theory, is no different from starting any other kind of business, there will always be an associated risk with upfront costs. For this purpose alone, making sure that spending your hard earned wisely, by investing in a stable business is a matter of prudent business practices.
Additionally, keeping the cost down to a minimum when starting out is of enormous benefit. That is why Wealthy Affiliate is attractive; Because everything you need to get started is all there. Whether you start as a FREE member or premium membership, it’s all wrapped up in both offers; And-to add-to-that, after joining, there are no hidden extras as opposed to many others.

What Is It That I Don’t Like About Wealthy Affiliate

Like I said in my opening few paragraphs, with every good concept there will always be some disadvantages, because that’s just the way life revolves.

Do YouKnow What?

I’m hard-pressed to put the finger on what I don’t like because the platform has been tailored so well in aiming toward the beginner or the next level up; And, as it should be because they are in most need of training that is vital to their future aspirations. In fact, that is why they have concentrated on making that part of the training as being their flagship for people to learn.

However, training for advanced members isn’t quite as significant, they see this as a small letdown considering they have sailed way past these two levels of training.

I suppose there is one other thing; It would be nice to see the introduction of a forum where browsing topics would be convenient. None-the-less, the standard format currently in use, does work well, mainly because it has been geared toward helping those who need it most (i.e.) internal blog posts, public questions, live chat, private messaging, asking questions of other members, they are without question so important when starting out; Having such a community forum firsthand does provide that safety net to say. I can relate to that as it was helpful to me when I needed help.

Personal Help Signing Up To Wealthy Affiliate

When signing up with the Wealthy Affiliate, I receive an email informing that you have joined; I will then contact you in welcoming you into the community and offer my assistance in helping you get started. Because I understand starting out in something new, and on your own is scary. Therefore, it’s comforting to know that help is readily available.

Who Should Sign Up For Wealthy Affiliate

Everyone who is thinking of starting a successful online business; Think of it like this; Just imagine yourself sitting right where I am now writing this post and when I launch it for you to see, it will have cost me nothing – zilch – nada. How great do you think that would make you feel? The reason why it won’t be any financial cost, that’s all part of my premium membership.
Ponder for a moment and think, gee, in say three or six months from now, that’s me doing this exact same thing; And, not only that, you could be promoting one of the many millions of products waiting for a promotion.

Success stories at Wealthy Affiliate are a testament of the overall calibre of the training that is provided to every premium member and to a lesser degree free members. Like I said earlier if you are prepared to learn the fundamentals of affiliate marketing, and be patient during the process; Then you will reap the rewards for all that effort. Those members who have gone on to create a fulltime living from affiliate marketing are those who have the appetite for learning.

In reality, working with the right tools and being taught the correct foundational processes of affiliate marketing is where you gain the understanding and knowledge; A base of knowledge that is now so broad you will have full confidence in promoting any product and be quite successful in the process.
Furthermore, successful marketers are not only promoting wealthy Affiliate, but they are also pushing a wide-ranging variety of products and services.

Where Can You Gain Qualified Training

Why of course, right here at the wealthy affiliate platform. You may ask why am I pushing wealthy affiliates barrow? Well, that is where I got my start just as you have your opportunity to do the same right here.

What Is It That I Like About Wealthy Affiliate

Naturally, and because, I got my start with wealthy Affiliate then why wouldn’t I be happy in telling other people of this great opportunity. Notably, the benefits, they are just not on offer anywhere else. I know, there will be some who will disagree, but, in reality, I can assure you, there’s no affiliate program that offers such an extensive array of training tools backed up with full support 24/7.

Allow me to offer a little something that some other sites won’t tell you. And, it’s all to do with training. For all beginners learning the fundamentals, all the training modules need to be up-to-date, that goes without saying; Because your success relies purely on what you have been taught, so high quality, updated training is paramount. That is what you can expect at the wealthy affiliate site.

I’m sure it will be all starting to come together with a much clearer understanding of affiliate marketing and particularly Wealthy Affiliate. They have no interest in entertaining lies or indeed selling people on an idea without any foundation. And, as I said before, based on such ideals, it’s easy to see why they have rated the best affiliate platform in the world. There is no room on their platform for that superficial stuff, with all glossary on top and no foundation underneath; Just, straight, proper, honest training.

The Real Deal Affiliate

Look at it this way, starting out in the affiliate marketing world is daunting, to say the least; So, if you have all that you need to get started, all there, right at your fingertips with all the support you need; Wouldn’t that ease the pressures of starting? I can tell you it was the best backstop that I experienced when starting. That is a good enough reason for me to be in their corner; And, “YES”, You could say I’m pushing their barrow, but why shouldn’t I.

Immersing yourself within the training procedures and what needs to be done is only a matter of time before success follows; That is a good enough reason for me to be in their corner;

The Real Deal Affiliate

There is one other point that I have failed mention at this juncture; “SPAM”, Wealthy Affiliate, takes a hard-line approach toward this and has very little to NO tolerance for those who step over the line.
Mind you I am in agreement with such a policy because bullies or those who use the forum to promote their own personal site/s continually, are quickly identified and booted out. However, you are allowed to help your sites in defined areas; Eliminate clogging up the system is the overriding reason for such a strict policy because of congestion stopping other members who have a genuine question to ask, have in the past been denied the opportunity.

Review Idenity

The primary reason for this review was to identify what are the requirements for those who are contemplating starting out in the affiliate world. For instance, there are so many pitfalls it is quite easy to fall for the trap set by scammers; They concentrate on loading up their site with false information and heaps of glossary.

Whereas Wealthy Affiliate is upfront with what they propose; Furthermore, they stand by their statement by offering a free startup, which no other site matches.

Basically, any review including mine has been designed in providing information as detailed as possible of what to expect. I can assure, there is very little doubt, wealthy Affiliate stands above the pack when it comes to benefits. For instance, free startup (the try before you buy approach), all tools necessary in getting started, training videos (weekly) including past years of videos, community help 24/7, and the list goes on.

Really, this is a no brainer; You don’t have to have your credit card ready to join, start for nothing, learn the ropes, and all for nothing; I ask you, what better opportunity is there than this?

Affiliate marketing is no different to any other type of business, it isn’t for everyone, that’s just a fact of life; On-the-other-hand, if you can test drive an online affiliate system to establish if it suits you, and all for nothing; Why wouldn’t you give it a try?

The Real Deal Affiliate

Dedicate one whole year to learning all there is to know about affiliate marketing; Accomplished the fundamentals of affiliate marketing; Then the sky is the limit as to how much you can earn after that.

Wealthy Affiliate The Platform Above The Rest

I have strived in the best way possible by demonstrating
why Wealthy Affiliate, without question, is the best platform; After all, with all the tools and backup every beginner needs to start in affiliate marketing, it’s all there.
Don’t just settle on my word; Take up the free startup offer and try for yourself, and all it will cost is a bit of time. I would look at this way if you’re really serious about growing an online business; After all, what do you have to lose by trying the system for FREE; I’m guessing, you’ll be more than satisfied.

If for some unknown reason you are still in doubt, or there is something that you didn’t understand, or I haven’t answered a question you would like to clarify; Then, feel free to leave your comments below, and I will address all of your concerns.

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  1. Hai…..

    That was an impressive detailed briefing on affiliatemarketing…. thank you ?.

    It’s 5 days in this website and yes I am ? confused… where do I start? What could be my niche?
    With your experience can you throw a little light over this.


    • Hi, there Seth,

      Thank you for the acknowledgement of my: Wealthy Affiliate Review 2019-Does It Work.

      When you say you’re five days on this website. And you would like to know your niche. It left me a little confused.

      I’d love to help, but my records didn’t indicate you as one of my members.

      If you would like to get help, join my affiliate link, and I’ll be only too willing to help. (Wealthy Affiliate Review 2019-Does It Work)

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