What Is Affiliate Marketing Scams – Unedited

There are no two ways about the legitimacy of affiliate marketing, though many companies, including an untold number of individuals who avow to be the Affiliate Marketing platform. Are no more than online pretenders. They, also alleged to be the self-appointed experts, but that isn’t the case as they are not.

Quite often, newcomers to the affiliate marketing industry fall victim to these unscrupulous operators; and, as a consequence, leaves a nasty taste that is so hard to swallow.

Not all Marketers fit into this category; in fact, the more significant majority are genuine in providing insightful and valuable content, giving you the opportunity in being successful.

In my little rant, I will attempt to deliver a vision of why affiliate marketing is legitimate, and what is a scam.

Plus, will look at issues on determining which individuals or companies are attempting to fool you regarding “The Affiliate Marketing Concept”.

Well Worded Get Rich Plan

Primarily, rap sheets that carry a con stigma, usually gravitate toward the escalation of “Get Rich Schemes.”

Promising you will become rich overnight, and all it takes is a few strokes of the mouse, and you are on your way. Such is a typical pattern, and usually laid out in such a convoluted method it’s tough to resist.

Don’t Fall For The Trap Resist

If you face a situation similar to this, step back and reflect; if it was that easy, why would they be telling me, rather than keeping it to themselves.

Learning the processes of affiliate marketing takes time; it’s not something you will master overnight, nor expect to earn money within a few minutes.

“YES” you will make money, but that only happens after you understand the ins and outs of affiliate marketing.

Legitimate affiliate marketing has a solid strategy, and before you’re able to generate any income, you need to understand how to implement it first.

Without a plan or strategy, then you’re doomed to fail; and that’s an absolute fact. For that reason, I will aim to imprint some real clarity of affiliate marketing of what it is and what it isn’t.

The most substantial imitator who presents a powerful allure (con trick) is; MLM.
The trend today indicates that companies and individuals are putting claim to fame they are operating an affiliate marketing business; But are they?

In reality, it’s only camouflage in covering the real truth that they are associated with a; Multi-level-marketing, (MLM) scheme.

Resist The Trap

Not in a heartbeat, suggesting there’s anything wrong with a few operating MLM companies who conduct their affairs legitimately.
On-the-other-hand, the more significant majority of MLM canvassers would let us believe they serve as an affiliate marketing business. When in fact, are most likely conducting an illegal operation that rates borderline or in many instances; ILLEGAL TRADE PRACTICES.

Over time, dodgy operations will get identified, and, their activity within the affiliate industry removed; this is an ongoing evolution within an affiliate marketing platform. Fraudulent operators will continue in being recognised and, punished under the ethos of affiliate marketing.

Nevertheless, a vast amount of people will get sucked in by such schemes, and lose money in the process, and, at around 85%+. It appears from general observation be the more common types of operating concepts where people get mesmerised and fall for the trap.

Misleading Programs And Operators
There is a tiny amount of doubt in my mind those shoddy running operations which con unsuspecting people in parting with their money, and lots of it; need to be weeded out.

Whereas, on the other hand; Genuine Affiliate Marketing is a single stand-alone program operating with a high level of authenticity.

What Are The Alarm Bells
There is, however, some alarm bells hi-lighting untrustworthy programs, and some key indicators. Usually, they are ridiculous outcomes that are impossible to achieve, even for the most seasoned affiliate marketers. So, “YES” they are easily identified.

MLM What Is That?

MLM represents Multi-Level-Marketing.

Meaning, there are multiple levels of marketing, and usually more than three levels. Therefore, deemed as multi-level-marketing. Not Affiliate Marketing; in fact, MLM is remote from legitimate affiliate marketing.

The Act of Promoting

Ultimately, their goal is to promote precisely the same program to many others with the expectation they will join;

Or, at least, pay upfront for an application with the privilege of being able to sell that same program to someone else;

Allowing yourself to get involved with the MLM concept is dangerous and isn’t an ideal platform to be associated with, nor is it a legal affiliate marketing plan.

Patrons within the MLM network, are identified as affiliates, this is to camouflage the honesty of who they truly represent, and by nature, you are part of their MLM web.


Usually, there will be a costly fee amounting to many thousands of dollars, and this will indicate it’s a “SHAM”. A standard, widespread trait used amongst marketing imposters; and, they are the ones who are demanding vast sums of money for information.


It’s the means of their practice in a business where they toss out the bait to the unwary by teasing with ridiculous compensations. By using unethical conduct, they will offer high dollar rewards; SO BEWARE.


They eventually are caught out and dealt with accordingly; Despite the fact, a lot of people will have been wrecked financially, in the process.

In contrast, by offering a legitimate opportunity to people that are “GENUINE” and driven by the market cost, constitutes a remarkable sense of sincerity.

Price Point

There are quite a few times where programs will pop up that offers an entry-level to join their program. At this juncture, it looks and feels much like a real affiliate marketing business. Lots of people are captivated by the appeal, and, therefore, go on and join without hesitation.

It’s only a short time later they cotton-on, to the facade, of the real concept as it becomes exposed.
After joining, there’s usually a commencing fee in the order of $50.00 (sometimes a little less), for starting at the base level.

Furthermore, they will energise you into buying into a higher level; which of course comes at a higher cost, or even to become some upline/downline structure member.

Reality Is

You have been, conned – tricked. The camouflage has been set up in such a way you firmly believe that you have joined an honest affiliate marketing platform.

In “FULL TRUTHFULNESS” you have unwittingly joined an affiliate marketing “SCHEME”.

Joining Fee

Should you be asked to pay a joining fee upfront, more likely than not, it’s not a legitimate affiliate marketing concept. Because at no time will you be asked to pay a joining fee to become an affiliate marketer; THERE IS NO JOINING FEE. In such circumstances, it pays to tread very carefully, and, with the uppermost of discretion.

Bear in mind, there are a few companies who have a small, low-priced fee, but that is rare. Primarily the reason for the charge is to prove the person is authentic.

Whereas, being requested to pay an upfront charge to join (with a lofty price tag), usually indicates such request is not a legitimate affiliate marketing process.

Disclaimer Compensation Income Plan

MLM companies must provide a compensation income disclaimer plan; and, it must be attached to their website; usually, it will be at the bottom of the page.

You should be able to see the plan if you scroll down to the bottom of the page. Then clearly this is not a genuine affiliate concept, but rather an MLM network.

The Actual Appearance Of Affiliate Marketing

As I have uncovered what isn’t legitimate affiliate marketing; it’s time to enlighten you what is affiliate marketing.

I have, in some detail, prepared an affiliate marketing example page; with a side by side correlation of what is and what is not affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing Comparision


The comparisons are a typical example of the difference between what is “ACTUAL” and what is  “PHONEY”.

Affiliate marketing consists of four key elements.

  • Affiliate
  • Broker
  • Merchant
  • Customer

As an affiliate, your role is to attract visitors to your site and provide links to the merchant’s online shop for your visitors to make a purchase.

The broker is the mediator between the affiliate and the merchant. They also handle all disputes and arrange the affiliate payments for sales generated.

Merchant is not dissimilar from that of a brick and mortar store other than all business transactions are conducted online.

Customer is reasonably self-explanatory as they are the ones who buy products/services from the merchant, and you get a slice of the sale.

Affiliates have the freedom of being able to choose the merchant that best suits your niche. However, and it’s worth mentioning you must first get the approval from the merchant before promoting.

Also, links are significant, because without them you’re not able to redirect visitors to the merchant’s store.

With all sales generated from your website, you get paid a percentage of the total sale. Rates usually range from as low as 1% and up as high as 70%. However, the percentage amount will vary, depending on the company’s sale structure.

For instance, let’s say I have a dedicated website selling; “Dining Settings”, and my affiliate webpage, linked to Amazon. Every purchase made coming from my website I will get a small slice of the deal, (usually around 6/8%).

Amazon has a straightforward screening process in becoming an affiliate.

No wonder Amazon is the premium selling platform in the world. With many thousands of people worldwide

buying through Amazon daily; and, with no surprise, a considerable amount of those customers would have got there through an affiliate link.

Becoming an affiliate, the potential of promoting untold millions of products using a website / social media or email offers significant opportunity to earn a substantial affiliate income.

Affiliate marketing has become an outstanding business venture, and with the demand increasing, as more and more people shop online. The demand will continue to grow exponentially.

With the market expanding at such a rapid rate, so will the scammers. It’s become conspicuous, the number of companies/individuals who are abusing, “Affiliate Marketing”. Their purpose is evident, in conjuring people

into schemes that are either MLM or worse pyramid selling. It is unfortunate, but, sadly true;

Let me be clear; a legitimate affiliate marketing platform, “ISN’T MLM”. You are “NEVER” asked to pay money upfront to promote service/product or start at a defined level on joining. Consequently; the word is “CAUTION” if you are asked to pay a joining fee; That is NOT AFFILIATE MARKETING.

Successful affiliates have a self-explanatory process with an ethical code of ethos to follow.

There is a fundamental way of creating a long term, sustainable online business; as opposed to the many wrong ways that will ultimately trip you up.

 Developing Your Own Authority

The accepted practise; select something you’re quite passionate about, an idea, a thought that attracts your interest; and begin building a business around that passion.

There are other ways to pursue, but, as a starting point, your hobby/interest is ideal for starting and creating a business. Using your hobby or interest will spur your engagement in writing about the topic because it is something you are a passionate connection.Become Your Own Authority

For instance, my passion revolves around affiliate marketing; therefore, I will create and become an authority website within this one specific category.
You will start building your website based around your topic of choice; and, as you develop, so will your authority. And, all the while, you are cementing yourself as an “AUTHORITY MARKETER”.

Over time, there will be other choices that you will be able to promote through your website. There is a myriad of affiliate programs that offer opportunities to develop; and all within your niche.

Who Are Amazon?

Amazon is one of the largest merchants worldwide, with tens of thousands of products. Daily purchases are in the thousands, and, usually with a commission base of around 6 /10%. And, all sales generated through affiliates.

However, Amazon isn’t the only merchant, for instance, there’s eBay – Walmart and 1000’s of other private sites.

Just only scraping the surface with ideas; it’s a bit like a bottomless pit (how far does it go).
Building out your website and with so many topics attached to your niche. You can blend high-quality, useful product/ service along with endorsements to your audience.
As you develop, and over time there will be an infinite number of pages connected to your website, and all will relate to your preferred niche.

Once your authority starts taking hold from your content creation, high amounts of unique visitors will be attracted to your site. That has the potential to generate an income beyond your wildest dreams; and, much higher than the five days a week job.

Growing Your Business;

Scaling content and traffic within any niche is the best approach because to build a profitable affiliate marketing business, and it needs to be scalable and lucrative.

No matter your interest, whether it be on technology, sport, vintage cars, gardening or florist, there is something there for everyone.

With the 100,000’s of options, you can promote, and no matter how unique your idea, the opportunities at your disposal are limitless. You’ll never run out of choice.

Affiliate marketing must be a legitimate, honest business, in reality; because, that’s precisely how it must work; Otherwise, it is not affiliate marketing.

Building A Thriving Affiliate Marketing Business

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Expect you have gained some clarity about an authentic affiliate marketing opportunity and other affiliate marketers pretending to be the real deal.

Should you have any questions regarding affiliate marketing, (or affiliate marketing in general), I will appreciate hearing from you.



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