What Is Alphay International – Review

Could it honestly be possible that almost everything we are doing to bolster the family income is a waste of time as everyone around us seems to be having an easier time financially than we are? Well, not anymore. Part-time work will fix that, and the great thing is, you’ll set a work schedule that sits comfortably with your lifestyle with a timetable to suit. Most instances, it usually involves selling products or perhaps a concept. If you’re looking at something like that, why not Alphay International, selling Chinese herbs and mushrooms as a vitamin. With this Alphay International MLM Review, We’ll take a look inside the company and the products, see if this is a business where you can earn a few extra dollars.

Who Is Alphay International?

Alphay International Logo

The business began its operation in 1959 producing edible mushrooms. In 2002, Alphay International was founded in Hui Chen under the name Jiangsu Anhui Biological Technology Co., Ltd, with locations in, the United States and Canada with over 100,000 distributors worldwide. The vitamins and supplements originated from an old Chinese concept used for thousands of years.

In addition to the core products, they manufacture a few other lifestyle products, mainly as a supplement to the main lines.

For several years after foundation, they experienced substantial growth; By 2016, the revenue was $200 million, and by 2017 had risen to $252 million.

Since then, though, they experienced a slide in revenue, down to $220 million by 2019. A slump in two years of $32 million.

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Alphay International Products Are They Worth The Price?

The products manufactured, on a traditional Chinese medicine recipe, made from organic mushrooms and herbs. And, manufactured with the notion, of assisting in maintaining your health, with revitalizing, cleansing and soothing that offers a healthy balance of life. It’s an old Chinese symbolic belief; each herb has a specific role to play in the healing process.

Products are sold separately or packaged into a combo pack. The choice is yours, but no doubting, there will be some up sells as that always seems to be the case with MLM businesses.

Alphay International Claim

Attested by Alphay International, the formula is a blend of rich Lingzhi, Lion’s Mane, Cordyceps and Tremella.

An antioxidant that may help boost the body on all levels, ease the mind, while maintaining a healthy immune system.

Each bottle contains 120 tablets and will cost $86

Ingredients Consist Of The Following:

Organic Lingzhi

Alphay International Lingzhi Mushrooms

The Lingzhi properties are unique, rare mushroom dating back into Chinese history, a symbol of many things. One being excellent health and beauty.

It supposedly assists in protecting cells from harmful substances, cultivates metabolic functions and relieves fatigue. Also, as claimed by Alphay supports healthy cardiovascular function, soothes and improves sleep quality.

Alphay International Lions Mane

Lions Mane

Traditionally used in Chines dishes and considered somewhat of a delicacy, enriched with polysaccharides. An ingredient which can promote digestive health and provide nourishment for the stomach.

Alpyay International Cordyceps


A scarce, yet precious medicinal herb, considered one of the great gems used in Chinese medicine, as it supports the immune system, and provides rich nourishment for the lungs and kidneys.


Alphay International Tremella

Described by the ancient Chinese Royal Family, a

the mushroom with its enriched nutritional benefits

that may improve a long life. Also, claimed to support the

spleen, a healthy appetite and also detoxify the body and help a healthy immune system.


A component considered, normalizing anti-ageing, blood pressure, blood sugar levels and the liver.

According to Alphay, the five ingredients used, are not proposed to treat, prevent or cure any diseases.

I found it rather tricky in comparing Alphay with others that contain similar ingredients; therefore, can only take their word on the benefit factors.

Income Disclosure Statement

There is no income disclosure statement which is always a red flag. I did find the annual estimated commission payout for 2019, which was $77 million. However, have no idea of the commission breakdown, nor distributor payments.

Given the products are relatively expensive, and without the FDA approval. It may be a tough sell.

Is Alphay International A Worthy MLM Opportunity?

Signing up as a distributor, you’ll get asked, to create a list of people you can potentially recruit.

After that, approach each, about the benefits of being a distributor, and why they should join.

Such an approach can be quite intimidating, as lots of people may find it as being very confronting.


Most MLM’s including Alphay, focus heavily on recruitment first, product second, so your success with them will lean heavily toward recruitment and building a downline.

Generally speaking, most MLMs, consider generating sales to qualify for monthly commissions as secondary to the core of their business.

Given the products are relatively expensive, and without the FDA approval. It may be a tough sell.

The Real Deal Affiliate Alphay International Recruiting People

How Much Is It To Join Alphay International?

I wasn’t able to establish any factual information relating to the exact membership costs after an extensive online search. So, the Membership Packs are somewhat of a secret, and for whatever reason remains a mystery.

What I did uncover, package costings dating back to 2016, and they are as follows:

Alphay International Builder Pack – $249
Alphay International Leader Pack – $499
Alphay International Executive Pack – $999

Mind you; I have no idea how accurate these figures are, so I suggest you take them with a grain of salt.

Also, was able to find this extra bit of information below:

The primary level will set you back $35, and included are website, online office and training.

You can upgrade, however, to one of the two higher-level packs. The middle range pack, you’ll qualify for a 5% commission, whereas, the Executive package has a 15% commission. The choice is left solely to you, but, of course, the dangling carrot is the commission attached to the upper levels.

Also, there’s a one-time commission activation fee of $1.95, and a pre-deposit commission processing fee of $1.50, with a nominal sales level of $10.00 before commissions are eligible. Again, uncertain its accuracy.

Therefore, if you’re considering becoming a distributor with this company, do so, with your eyes wide open, considering Alphay International are not prepared to disclose membership cost openly.

What Is Auto Shipping?

Auto-shipping option, you’re able to nominate to receive an ongoing stock shipment every month, and have your credit card automatically debited.

There are benefits with this; you haven’t to worry about missing out on placing a monthly order and miss commissions. A great option if you’re selling, regularly, but, not so if sales a very static.

It can go on the other hand work out to be very costly,

especially if you are having trouble with sales, and orders continue rolling in, month on month.

Is It Possible To Earn Money With Alphay International?

One On One Customer Sales

When you purchase products from Alphay at the distributor price and resell directly to retail customers, you earn the difference between your distributor price and the retail price. And that’s yours to keep.

Retail Customers

When a retail customer orders products directly through your website, you get paid the difference between the suggested retail price and the distributor price, and that’s up to 25% profit.

Preferred Customer Sales

When a customer registers to become a preferred customer, (Subscribe Now And Auto-Delivery Program) through your website, they are qualified as a preferred customer. They then are eligible to purchase products directly from your website at the wholesale price.

Alphay’s Compensation Plan

There are lots of emphases surrounding recruitment, and Alphay’s compensation plan highlights that. They have a two-tiered downline, such as “Sponsorship Tree” and “Personally Sponsored Distributors”.

How that works, as follows, anyone you recruit gets placed under you, (sponsorship tree) and when that person recruits someone, they get placed in the (personally sponsored distributor) leg. Sounds complicated, and I agree?

There are other means also of earning an income, for instance, every first order placed by a recruit; you will make a Direct First Order Bonus of 15% from these orders.

No matter which way you look on how to generate revenue, you’re required to reach the threshold of at least 50 PQV (Personal Qualifying Volume) in a current month.

Also, there are other bonuses and incentives; they involve buying more products and continually building your downline through recruitment.


Low Minimum Commission Requirement

The low minimum required undoubtedly is a plus as all that’s needed is 50 PV per month to retain an active status to receive your commissions.

First Order Bonus

Any first orders placed by recruits, you’ll earn 15%.

Flexible Schedule

Selling MLM products provides the flexibility for you to work in the hours and days that best suit you. So if you have a busy work or social life, then scheduling around that is achievable.


Difficult to Sell

The product range is very different, so more likely you’ll be confronted many challenges, as it’s not a market that will appeal to lots of people, other than a select few.

Considering Alphay has no FDA approval for these items, that will also throw up more challenges, considering the ingredients being of a mushroom base.

No Reimbursements

Any expenses related to your business are costs you’ll have to pay out of your pocket as you cannot claim them back from Alphay International. Things like travel expenses, phone calls, or even gas, nor any other business expenses in running your business.

Commission Only

When comparing the commission with other MLM businesses, there’s very little difference, as this one seems to follow along with the MLM trend.

Bear in mind, as a grassroots distributor, 5% isn’t a significant commission, the likes of selling one bottle of “Balance” at $86 you earn a lousy $4.30. So, you’d at least have to market, several bottles for that figure to turn into a respectable income.

Alphay International Is It A Scam?

From the research I’ve done there is no justification to suggest Alphay International, actually is a scam. But, MLM businesses today, are getting smarter in hiding up their full market intention. Supporting my theory, Alphay, are listed with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), yet there is not one scant bit of information that relates to this company. Nothing, No Complaints and No Reviews that in itself, to me, raises a RED FLAG.

So, one can only conclude from that; they must be hiding something they don’t want the public to know, about the business.

Generally, a distributor does most of the work for little return, but, that’s how most of the MLM’s work anyway.

Final Thoughts

Apart from the limited details on the website, and with almost non-existent product information. And, with a little history on a company that has been operating for several years, it isn’t easy to recommend; therefore, I’d advise you to take a pass on this opportunity.

Mind you, there is plenty of hype about the company, yet they elect to keep vital information a secret.

Have they something to hide? I don’t know, but sure as hell, I suggest you be most skeptical of this business.

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