What Is Forever Living Business – Review

How can it be? Your best friend tells you how much money he is making. And you’re stuck in a groove with no way out. So, you stop and think for a moment, if I were to use his plan, what would that do for me? Put money in my bank, pay down all those overdue bills, and YEP!… Some leftover cash. That sounds great. So, you quiz him about this wiz band fantastic idea. They are sorts of enticements most MLM businesses used to entice new recruits. And, Forever Living is no different. With this Forever Living MLM Review, I look at how the company works, including the products. Also, if the business opportunity offers as such as they claim.

Who Is Forever Living

Forever Living is a privately owned Multi-Level Marketing business (MLM). Started in 1978 by Rex Maughon, with headquarters in Scottdale, Arizona. The products of Forever Living are available in USA, Canada, England, Asia and Australia, and many other countries.

Forever Living Logo

Forever Living Resorts

In 1981, Maughon expanded his empire into vacation resorts, called “Forever Resorts”. Operating more than 65 exclusive vacation and entertainment properties. They are located nearby to many national parks, and forests spread across the USA. And a further 20 operating throughout Europe and Africa, that is situated in some most prestigious tourist locations imaginable.

Forbes Top 400

September 2006, Maughon was recognized by the Forbes Top 400 as being 360th, wealthiest person with a net worth of 600 million.

Forever Living has been operating for over 40 years. So, it’s feasible to suggest the business has withstood the test of time.


Forever Living Products Are They Worth The Price?

The range contains an assortment of products, such as weight management, personal care, nutrition, energy drinks, skincare, essential oils, Aloe Vera and Bee products.

A vast majority of products manufactured by Forever Living are Aloe Vera based, except for a handful of Bee products.

Although the brand has 4 separate authority approvals, they have no FDA approval. Therefore, without any such consent, they are substantially restricted in claims regarding any health benefits they would otherwise be able to say. However, some products may be of interest to some consumers.

Among The Most Popular Aloe LipsForever Living Products Aleo Vera Lips

Aloe Vera Lips is combined with Beeswax and Jojoba and is renowned as being a small tube of magic. Apart from its lip salve qualities. It has many other beneficial uses.

They include sunburn to dry skin, cuts – grazes, stings, cradle cap, brittle nails, and much more.

And it comes in a small tube for convenience.

Aloe Lips contains jojoba oil, a natural liquid wax that both soothes and protects lips. Jojoba, combined with a skin conditioning agent called myristyl myristate. Retails for $3.31.

Forever Royal Jelly

Forever assert, the critical ingredient in the Royal Jelly is the substance bees produce to feed the queen.

And they are:

Forever Living Products Royal Jelly

• Natural energy booster

• Supports health and wellness

• All natural

• Vegetarian friendly

• Gluten-free

Supplementing your nutrition with the same type of food that fuels the queen bee, is nourishing fuel that contains 10-HDA, also known as queen bee acid.

It’s a fatty acid that’s believed to be the source of many benefits.

Royal Jelly also contains natural proteins, amino acids

mineral salts, and vitamins to help support, health and wellness. Also, being a natural source of energy. Retails for $28.51.

Fructose Intolerance

However, one of the critical ingredients is fructose based. And with many people who suffer from fructose intolerance need read the label before consuming.

Statement Revealed By Forever Living

The report below has been obtained from Forever Living website.

“These statements haven’t been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease”.

Given, Forever Living products carry a respectable reputation as being very pure and price competitive.

Many health stores sell a product similar in quality and benefits, yet are somewhat cheaper than the Forever Life Royal Jelly.

What Does The Forever Life Opportunity Offer?

Becoming A Forever Business Owner

What will, joining the Forever living plan for you? Generally speaking, it seems that most people become involved with Forever Living through the grapevine (word of mouth). And others have been invited to join following demo-parties.

There is nothing new about these types of concepts because they are standard MLM approaches. Similar to SeneGence or Younique among many others.

Possibly, you have come across one of these businesses or may have been involved. So, you’ll be familiar with the line of approach.

Forever Aloe Peaches™ Ingredients

Better Business Bureau Rating

By the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website, there are no listed complaints nor customer reviews. In the absence of any claims, BBB has rated the business as an A+ rating. The highest rating issued by BBB.

Interested In Becoming An FBO?

You’re able to join through an existing sponsor or by the person whom you brought products from.

Then again, you’d like to join but have no sponsor. Then you’d simply go to the Forever Living website, complete all the necessary details and you’ll be directed to someone in your area.

What Does It Cost To Join Forever Living?Forever Living Payment

There is no joining fee, however, be aware that you’ll need to purchase a prescribed amount of products on startup. This is something your sponsor won’t mention but will be quick in telling you that it is FREE to join.

YEP!… That’s right, buy products. And that’ll set you back quite a few dollars.

Akin to the Forever Living Terms and Conditions, you’ll need to purchase what Forever Living call, “Case Credits”. Each CC will set you back $132 wholesale price. For you to remain active, you are expected to buy a monthly minimum of 4CCs. That totals up to spending $528 every month.

No Samples

Forever Living doesn’t provide any sample products.

So that could quickly become a costly exercise for those who are just starting. Especially if you are low on ready cash.

Even more notably, if you wanted to kick start your business venture with having house parties.

In that case, what do you do? Buy lots of products and hope like hell that they sell. Or forget the opportunity altogether.

Are You Able To Earn Money With Forever Living?

You are now a business owner, so it’s your responsibility to do everything within your power in selling product for two reasons.

  • Earn a commission
  • Retain your active position in the business


Apart from whatever else, without sales, there is little chance of your business venture being a success.

Wasn’t earning lots of commission the reason you joined in the first place?

After all, quickly elevating yourself up the passive income ladder, will be the result of a fast start.

Forever Living Commissions

Remaining Active

With a benchmark of 4CCs or $528 in monthly sales, is a hefty sales threshold to remain an active member.

What do you do at month’s end if you haven’t reached sales targets? Buy more products just to remain active. And, run the risk of inflicting debt that could very quickly snowball into an unmanageable amount of money.

Especially if you are just beginning and finding it challenging pushing for sales.

A product threshold of this magnitude may cause unnecessary distress. All in the name of retaining an active member status.

Climbing The Promotional Ladder

New Distributor

Promotions give us all a nice fuzzy feeling, right? And that’s great.

But, it doesn’t come easy as there are sales criteria you’ll need to achieve before that can happen.

You’ll start out as a “New Distributor”, with the next level being, “Assistant Supervisor”.

Forever Living Climbing The Corporate Ladder

Assistant Supervisor Qualification

Moving to the first rung on the business ladder, you will need to purchase 2 case credits within a two consecutive month period.

According to the Forever Living plan, as you reach each of the four levels, you remain at the achieved level, even if you fail to reach the sales criteria. So, that’s,’s a definite plus.

Going from assistant supervisor to manager requires a further three levels, as shown in the diagram below.

Sure it would be a personal satisfaction in getting yourself to the top layer. But in reality that won’t achieve much, unless you heavily recruit along the way. What’s more, that’ll be expected of you anyway.


Discounts As An Forever Business Owner

As a registered FBO, you will receive a discount on all stock purchases. And that is terrific. But, the incentive doesn’t stop there. Because the more extensive your stock requisition, the higher the discount margins will be.

Personal Commission Bonus Income

The income incentives lie within the recruitment. In other words, generating massive commissions hinges on building a downline. Why? Because you receive a percentage of all sales, they create. Add that to the top of your own personal selling. Will make your income look much healthier.

Incentives and Awards

There are several incentives and awards you can earn as part of the company’s incentive programs. Such as recognition pins, even all-expense-paid trips. Then there are promotions, diamond rings, sculptures, and even a

handpicked tailor-made watch. Incentives are earned by working yourself up through the tiered system.


Bogus Health Claims

There is no doubting it, FBOs are under extreme pressure to makes sales. Resulting in cooking up false accusations in health claims. As I mentioned earlier, Forever Living, DO NOT HAVE FDA APPROVAL.

Resorting to this type of practice is not only extremely dangerous but also duping the public into buying supplements on false pretense. Such tactics have been identified and dealt with accordingly.

Upfront Charges Drains Your Capital

Given that signing up for the Forever Living is free, you still have to purchase products before you’re able to sell.

The suggested minimum starting point for a new distributor is 2 CCs $264. Doesn’t sound much, and neither it is. But, there’s a catch. There’s always a catch isn’t there?

Each and every month after your starting month to stay active and collect bonuses orders need to be equal in value to 4 CCs $528.

Forever Life suggests that you really should start with 4 CCs. And kick start your business straight up. Not everybody has that sort of spare money. Mind you, we’re only talking about starting your business.

Pressure Cooker Environment

I say that because the business model is based around recruiting. For sure, the expectation of you will be to develop sales growth. But the primary focus will be hiring. And that’s what I call the pressure cooker environment.

It’s an unpleasant feeling in attempting to turn customers into distributors. Apart from that, you stand the chance of being told NO. But also losing the customer in the bargain.

Is Forever Living A Scam?

My observations suggest that Forever Living isn’t a scam. Given their track record over 40+ years, and some distributors are making money from the business model.

In contrast, as a business owner, the workload will be significant, without all the other distractions that’ll go with it. And let’s not forget all out-of-pocket expenses will be costed against you and your business, such as petrol, hiring, giveaways, telephone, stationery car maintenance and many others.

Forever Living Scam

Now comes the decision part, do you join or not? That is something you’ll need to decide for yourself. However, what I strongly suggest proceed with extreme caution.

Also, try and keep in mind that Forever Living is just another of those MLM businesses that have several unsavory reputations against them, and that makes them very suspect.

Regardless of the products and the value they may offer this business has in the past made false claims. That gets around and does substantial damage to any business growth.

Final Thoughts

Rewards are there if you’re willing to commit lots of time and money toward the business. But, a substantial financial investment, upfront, is out of reach for most people.

And, there is the recruiting factor. Can you handle rejection? Lots of people find it too confronting and will always struggle. While, with others, it’s not the case. Where do you fit into that equation?

What’s more, when a pressure cooker lid is tightened, pressure starts building. And, that’s what recruitment pressure will do to you.

I have a sales background in a commission-only sales environment, and I can speak firsthand concerning sales. It works just like this. No sales, no money. No money, no food on the table. It took me quite some time in mastering the art of selling. So, make no mistake the MLM business works on the same principle.

But, do you think they care whether you’re a success or failure? No way, not in your sweet Nelly they don’t give dot about you. They use the churn and burn theory. And, that is why 95% who join wither away. And lose lots of money in the process.

I’m not suggesting that joining Forever Living is a bad idea. But, consider it with your eyes wide open. Undoubtedly, you can do better than Forever Living. And you won’t be losing heaps of money. Or will it cost you friendships that have been hard-earned over the years?

Forever Living Light Bulb Moment

Let Me Explain Why

MLM businesses are not everyone’s cup of tea, as they demand so much that it almost becomes a full-time business.

Broadly speaking, there are a lot of mums who are just looking for something where they can fill in a few hours working from home with a flexible schedule.

Like I said, high pressured MLMs are very difficult indeed. And, if you’re not cut out to their way of working. Why then, would you want to waste your time trying?

Whereas, if you have a liking toward the wellness market and would like to start your own business working from home. Somewhere you’re able to promote those types of products. Check out my #1 way to build an online business working from home.

It’s your business you make all the decisions without having someone breathing down your neck telling you what to do. Sound good? Well!… It is good. And you know what? They even provide the tools and resources to help you build a business that will thrive forever.

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What Is Forever Living Business Review






Quality Overall



  • Forever Bonus Discounts
  • Incentives And Awards
  • More Sales Means Higher Bonuses


  • Bogus Health Claims
  • No FDA Approval
  • Upfront Costs Leaves You Out Of Pocket

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