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Updated Friday 16th April 2021

Many online marketing opportunities appear today—yet gone tomorrow. Why is that so? In a word, lots of them chase new social trends. It’s a bit like a young child chasing the mythical rainbow. “First There Gets The Pot Of Gold”. For example, a company called HempWorx not that long ago burst onto the online scene and fast-tracked its way toward the gold mine. But, is HempWorx an ideal business for you, given all the frenzy it’s attracting? Or would it be much wiser to give it second thoughts? Let me explain why with this HempWorx MLM Review. We’ll look at the business, products and the opportunity to see if it’s a right fit for you.

Who is HempWorx?

HempWorx is a Multi-Level marketing company selling health and wellness CBD Oils, founded in 2017 by Josh and Jenna Zwagil, with headquarters located in Las Vagas.

Josh, in 2014, began searching the online market world for a business opening that he could call his own. But, without much success. Rather than continue the search,
he settled on building one for himself (MyDailyChoice.)

For the next few years, the business bubbled along. When in 2017, Josh decided it was time to ramp up the company with medicinal oils.
During that same year, MyDailyChoice was renamed, HempWorx and aligned to the MLM business model selling CBD Oils.

What Are CBD Oils

CDB oils, made from cannabidiol. A natural oil used for various ailment conditions, like pain relief, is one of the many symptoms. It is becoming an alternative to western medicine and growing in popularity as severe pain relief.

HempWorx Relief And Renew

How Is It Made

Using a mixture of carbon dioxide and a drying method, the CBD gets extracted from the cannabis plant. It’s then blended with other oils, usually from hemp seed or coconut.

Pain Relief

Scientific studies indicate CBD Oils may help to ease symptoms of chronic pain. So, long term pain sufferers, looking for relief, are slowly switching to CBD Oils in preference to prescribed drugs.

According to the health and wellness industry, certain aspects of CBD Oils, are encouraging.

HempWorx CBD Oils

HempWorx Oils

Essentially, CBD hemp extract gets blended into a mix of HempWorx oils then fused into the line of products that are:

  1. CBD Creams for Anti-Aging and Pain Relief
  2. CBD Oils
  3. CBD Pet Oils
  4. CBD Infused Dog Treats

What Does The HempWorx MLM Opportunity Offer?

Now that you know about the product and what the HempWorx company has to offer. Can the HempWorx MLM opportunity give you financial freedom? Most likely not. We should first talk a little about the business opportunity; what I did notice straight up something a little fishy.

HempWorx says when signing up, you’ll be a HempWorx business affiliate. Giving you a reason to believe they are a genuine MLM business, likes lots of others that I’ve reviewed here at The Real Deal Affiliate.

HempWorx MLM The Real Deal Affiliate

That gave me cause to delve a little deeper into their business opportunity, soon recognising this was no affiliate network. Instead seems to me as an MLM business masking the true extent of who they are, While at the same time having you believe you’ll be an affiliate intending on building an online MLM business.

Also, the HempWorx website reported being part of a rapidly growing industry as the cannabis business may grow exponentially. If you can believe the anticipated prediction. The growth will be around 700% by 2020/1.

A little bewildering to think they are acting in a manner that borders on deception. To me, this immediately raises a red flag as it should with you.

Business In A Box

HempWorx says they will help you get started with what they call, “Business in a Box”. Once you sign on, they’ll supply you with a pre-made website copy. Plus for good measure, you’ll get a phone app, including a few tracking tools.

All sounds good, but is it? Many other MLM businesses do the same. So, it’s nothing out of the ordinary.

Businesses And The MLM System

Companies join the MLM system because of financial benefits to be had. Things where they save money, cheap running costs for production, and no advertising expenses. Whereby conventional business spends lots in hiring staff and heaps of money advertising and promotion.

Building A Network Of Believers

Instead of going down the conventional path, they create a network of loyal believers. What’s more, believers are willing to pay extravagant amounts of money. Believing that they too will become financially independent.


A popular term HempWorx uses “Affiliates”, commonly used in the MLM industry. Why would they do that? Uncertain why, but it’s a bit different that’s for sure and left-field—no doubt about that.

Honestly, it’s nothing more than a trick designed to have people believe it’s an Affiliate Marketing business? Maybe it’s related to the founder’s affiliate marketing background. Just the same, it raises all the red flags.

Don’t be sucked in by such cheap glitz and glamour if you’re considering a HempWorx business. It’s just another masked MLM opportunity. Moreover, whatever you decide, do so with extreme caution.

What Does It Cost To Join HempWorx?

Joining, you will need to pay a once only joining fee, $20. HempWorx, claim the charge is for setup and linking you into their systems. And you’ll also get a success starter kit.

But, parting with your money doesn’t stop there. Oh, no, don’t tell me I’ll have to buy products. Yep, that’s right. How much money you can afford will determine the size of your starter pack. Kits start at $69 up to $599.

Like always they’ll encourage you, buy the higher priced starter kit as that will increase your business value (BV). A quick start to your business.

What Is Jump Start Bonus

The jump start bonus is an incentive payment for orders lodged in your first month as an affiliate. While HempWorx says the premium goes down to 10 levels, with the rewards adding up to 85% of the BV.

That may be true. Even so, 85% of your BV gets distributed among your upline in your first month.
Why would that be? Since that’s what the “Jump Start Bonus” expects, recruit new people to the business.


HempWorx Affiliate Packs

Persistent Recruitment of New Members

Soon after joining, your sponsor will start nagging you into recruiting people. They’ll also encourage you to increase your product holding and claim that you’ll be setting yourself up from the start.

At a glimpse, it may appear they are looking after your interest and your business. But is that the real intention? Not at all! What they are not telling you, they earn a commission on all your purchases.

New Affiliates

The affiliates you recruit need to be either placed on the left or right of your downline.

That’s strange, why would I need to do that, why can’t I put them underneath me? The second tier of recruits will fill the inner section for you. Now that’s a bit cagey.

Pay To Keep In The Game

Your commissions are locked and loaded into a monthly minimum BV. What does that mean? You’ll need to place an order every month, to a minimum total of 40 BV, to qualify for any bonuses.

HempWorx Pay To Play

If you intend being part of the game, you cannot afford any slip-ups or poor monthly sales figures. Otherwise, it could work out to be very costly.

Now that’s staggering.

Let’s recap, you’ll need to buy products every month equal to or more than 40 BV. Otherwise, you’ll be out in the cold. And do you think HempWorx cares? Not really, you’re just another person they’ve burnt.

Another Red Flag, “PAY TO PLAY”.

Rightie oh, so you have sold some products, but is it enough to cover next months order? Probably not. So what do you do? Lose the commission, or place another order.

Can you see why I’m drawing your attention to this? Things like this are typical examples of how to become trapped in a vicious MLM cycle.


Are You Able To Make Money With HempWorx?

You’ve likely heard some HempWorx affiliates are earning a reasonable monthly commission. And that is possibly true. However, they are in the MINORITY, not the MAJORITY. Why? Because the number of people who earn very little is staggering. And in many cases (more than 65%), never reach one year with HempWorx.
Besides, over 95% of those earning a commission is way less than full-time employment.

Who Is Making Lots Of Profit?

HempWorx turns over enormous sales and profits because of its success. But that doesn’t mean those at the grassroots level will make lots of money with this opportunity. I’d go as far as to say you’ll make no money at all.

All MLM businesses treat you as just another customer and not a partner of the company. And, HempWorx is no different.

Look At It Like This

Suppose you sign on to be an HempWorx affiliate, and you place an order equal to your chosen monthly BV.
So, honestly, what are you doing? You are purchasing products from HempWorx upfront. And even before you’ve made a sale. Not the ideal start, would you agree?

Anyway, it works like this, soon after processing your order, HempWorx makes a profit without doing any work other than preparing, pack, and sending on request. Their profit is guaranteed.

On the other hand, you’re out of pocket until such time sales begin to roll in. Unless you’re an experienced marketer, you’ll more likely find sales slow and somewhat trying.

Hempworx Losing Money

Such is why the affiliate drop-off rate is exceptionally high.

Is it any wonder, building and maintaining a downline is an endless task. Therefore, selling and recruiting need to work in tandem if you are going to have any success. One of the two on its own, won’t cut the mustard.

Growing Your Business

Before your business can continue its building, you will need first to replace those you’ve lost, month on month.
While the recruiting is happening, and in the meantime, your sales will take a hit. Generally speaking, it quite quickly could become a constant, vicious circle.

Consider a moment if you got offered a position in a company where about 14/20 employees quit each year.
Would you take on the role or not? Of course not. Well, that’s the type of situation you’ll face if you join HempWorx.

Who Is Making All The Money?

Generally, those who get involved in the very early stages of any NEW MLM business are more likely to earn significant money. Primarily, as a new MLM business grows, so does their business. In essence, they become passive, fat cats.
Is it any wonder why those at the grassroots level feed those at the business’s top rung?

HempWorx Making Money

MLM Opportunity And A Pyramid Scheme.

History has shown over and over, MLM businesses who operate outside the MLM guidelines, run the gauntlet until they are detected. And, in some instances can be several years. They have no concern about affiliates; they apply the churn and burn principle. Focus entirely on recruitment or out you go.

Genuine MLMs.

Genuine affiliate programs are contrary to the Pyramid schemes. They base their business structure around sales and products.

On-the-other-hand, a Pyramid Scheme is built around recruitment first. And products as a blind cover. Why is that? Because, that’s is where most of the quick money is earnt.



Popularity for CBD oil continues to gather momentum mainly because of the continual research and development. The oil Etis hailed as being the next generation of natural medicine. However, they are questioning surrounding the purity of HempWorx oil

HempWorx haid And Body Lotion

Startup Cost

Each initial joining fee is relatively cheap. Including the basic kit, you can set up for under $100. Mind you. The basic package is the soup bones of the products. So when you consider the monthly BV and re-stocking of products, costs could climb rather quickly.

HempWorx Only Three Years Old

For sure, it is easier to make an MLM business profitable if you can jump on board early on. And that much harder for those fully established. None-the-less, there appear to be contentious issues surrounding the HempWorx opportunity. Whether founded or not. Time will only tell.


Lose Money Very Quickly

HempWorx will sell the story that it’s only meagre few dollars to join. That isn’t the issue. Like other MLMs buying products is where the cost is. HempWorx has a strict monthly buying policy. So staying in the game, you’ll need to comply. And, that will quickly run into sizable sums of money.

Parent Company

The parent company that owns and operates HempWorx is, My Daily Choice Inc. From all accounts, MDC has been around quite some time (Reddit Post). And from my understanding appears to have an unpopular record from several quarters.

New To The Market

CBD oils are a bit like a new kid on the block. There is little understanding of the oils or the benefits derived from them. And research is a process yet to be completed, leaves unequivocal evidence unfinished.

Being relatively new, and a by-product of the hemp family. There are lots of cautionary hype around CBD oils. So, it is attracting lots of discussion through the media.

Signing on with HempWorx will require skill and perseverance, until such time there is sufficient evidence to support the real benefits from the oil. Without scientific proof, potential customers may be a little suspicious, cutting you off, without hearing you through.

Is HempWorx A Scam?

Not necessarily so. Research indicates the business operates within the confines of MLM fair trading. Similar to Arbonne and Nerium MLM Businesses. However, there are Grey areas with CBD oils and its legality in some parts of the world. So, in my candid opinion, it does appear to be a risk.

For instance, it’s incredible the number of people who are under the illusion that CBD oils are OK to possess. Not so, according to this report. With many caught up in a web of the policing authorities.

HempWorx How To Make Quick Money Scam

They believe that it is hemp, and that is an illegal substance and carries a prison term if proven. So, for whatever reason HempWorx is acting under the delusion the oils are 100% legal throughout the world. That is a dangerous precedent.

For example, they quickly stopped selling into the Canadian market because the government deemed it an illegal substance.

Imagine you’ve set yourself up somewhere around the world and invested heavily in your HempWorx business. Only to realize a short time later you’ll be arrested if you make one attempt to sell products in their jurisdiction. For instance, many US States consider CBD oils a Grey area of legal and illegal operatives. Therefore, dependent on how the law views individual instances remains a mystery.

Marijuana, for instance, considered a hazardous substance, so, you stand a chance you’ll be arrested taken to court. And with a consequence of losing everything, you stand for in life. Is that what you want?

So I strongly suggest, tread with extreme caution.

Final Thoughts

My final thoughts, this company carries a lot of critical questions that remain unanswered, with many doubts hanging over it. Therefore, I believe other opportunities offer much more than HempWorx.

Think of it like this? Are you seriously willing to take such a huge risk of facing prosecution? I’m damn sure I wouldn’t.

Own Your Own Business

Start your own business working from home. Somewhere you’re able to promote products of your own choice. Check out my #1 way on how to build an online business working from home.

It’s your business you make all the decisions without having someone breathing down your neck telling you what to do. Sound good? Well!… It is good. And you know what? They even provide the tools and resources to help you build a business that will thrive forever.

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What Is HempWorx About MLM Review






Quality Overall



  • CBD Oil Very Popular
  • Low Cost Start Up
  • HempWorx Only 3 years Old


  • Lose Money Before You Make Money
  • Parent Company Unpopular
  • CBD Oils Illegal In Some Countries

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