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Does earning some extra money selling coffee products in your spare time sounds groovy, and seems like a good idea? Maybe so. But, wouldn’t it be wise to first check the earning potential? Because, it’s equally important as the opportunity itself. Especially with so many Multi-level marketing companies offering the best chance ever, with a so-called streamlined gateway for earning a stable income in your free time. Javita is one of the many coffee businesses, selling an online opportunity. And, by chance, you may have, in the past, been invited to attend a coffee party. Javita makes the bold claim, their product will assist with losing weight. So, in this Javita MLM Review, I’ll delve into the company, look at the products and uncover the weight loss assertion, and what are your possibilities of earning a reliable income.

Who Is Javita

Javita was founded by Stan Cherelstein in 2004. Headquarters are located in Boca Raton Florida.

The products consist of, green tea, protein and fiber shake, cocoa drinks, among a few other supplements. But, the primary line is the weight loss coffee.

Research demonstrates the company hasn’t been performing at all well, with revenue declining steadily year over year. For instance, income in 2015, was around $50, million. By year-end 2019, the reported revenue had taken a massive hit down by $30 million.

Are Javita Products Worth Their Price?

Javita claims to have a unique plan in distinguishing their coffee from all other coffee blends by creating a distinctive gourmet coffee brand. By exclusively infusing herbs, and other natural ingredients into 100% South American produced coffee beans.

Javita also attest, by infusing the beans with herbs,

provides a unique taste, and offers health benefits to coffee drinkers. Such are the derived benefits, weight loss, focus, and appetite control. Indications suggest the more popular is the coffee drinks. Even though teas and powdered drinks do attract a share of popularity.

Also, and of course, there is a sprinkling of supplements in tablet form or powdered drink formula.

Coffee Blends

Burns + Control Coffee – This is a slow-roasted, and blended with specific botanicals considered to be effective in weight loss if combined with a regular exercise regime and healthy eating. The herbal ingredients are Yerba Mate, Garcinia Cambogia, which are said to be of significant benefit in assisting with a balance of food intake and weight control. While at the same time, are very satisfying and refreshing to your tastebuds. Regular price, $35 but on sale for $25.

Energy + Focus Coffee – South American beans infused with Bacopa Monnieri, an Indian herb seen as a potent cognitive enhancer, for stress relief and brain shield. Gotu Kola, traditional Indian medicine, has a long-standing history in assisting with mental fatigue, anxiety and memory loss. Regular price, $35 but on sale for $25.

Each of the blended coffee boxes contains 24 sachets. And, you need to drink 30 minutes before meals two times a day.

A quick calculation reveals, over one month, you would use around 2.5 boxes. At the cost of $75 p/m.

Should you want to go the whole deal, by investing in the two coffee offerings, that would run out to a whopping $150 p/m. Now that is expensive.

However, if you are to go by, and take notice of customer reviews. The coffee holds its own with lots who swear by the benefits derived from consuming the coffee, especially in the weight loss department.

There is the possibility of mild side effects, such as headache, upset stomach, and nausea, more likely from coffee, if you’re not a regular coffee drinker.

A quick search in Amazon revealed that the products are available on their website. But, no reviews were offered.

Majority of online reviews, interestingly enough, were very positive.

Naturally, others claimed the products tasted awful, nor did it do as reported.

Squandering $25 for a coffee drink to help with losing weight seems excessive to me. And additionally, products are not exclusive, as they are readily available on Amazon.

The bottom line, in my opinion, good regular exercise and watching what you eat will most likely offer similar benefits without the coffee anyway.

Javita MLM Opportunity

You have the option of working a few spare hours a week with the Javita business. Or, you’re able to use it as a part-time job. Even at a full-time level, provided, you have the required hours available to commit.

Indeed, the coffee drinks are most sought after, of all the product range, with, the overall number one selection being Burns + Control coffee with the Yerba Mate and Garcinia Cambogia herbs. And, according to Javita, helps with the suppression of appetite and the burning of excess fat. And, believed to also help with energy levels.

Notwithstanding the fact, their other product lines are also marketable, such as green tea, cocoa, weight loss capsules, and other supplements. The benefit of having a top-line product bolsters the selling potential of different lines.

What Does It Cost to Join Javita MLM?

Joining Javita isn’t cheap, that’s for sure, with three options available:

  1. Basic Membership, $99 which includes two boxes of coffee.
  2. Business Pack will set you back a staggering $599, and that consists of 16 packs of coffee, entitlement into the Star Bonus, along with the eligibility into the Car Bonus scheme.
  3. Elite Business Kit, will set you back a lazy $999, and it consists of 34 boxes of coffee.

All three memberships, qualify you for a free online website for promotional marketing purposes.

Be aware, though, if you opt for the Basic Membership, you’ll have minimal stock availability. So, what you don’t want, promoting products that are not in your stock holding.

Why? Because there’ll be no way you’ll be able to fulfill the order straight away and that could be most embarrassing or worse, do untold damage to your reputation.

Can You Make Money with Javita MLM?

Essentially, the best possible way to earn some money is direct selling of products. It gives you immediate access to some cash because your profit margin is the difference between the wholesale and retail price for everything you sell. But, strangely, and for whatever reason, there’s no commission on the first 200 PCV (Personal Customer Volume)

Recruitment is another aspect to consider, as it will be a central part of your business moving forward. Because the real money is made from recruiting others into the business and very little from personal sales.

That’s fine, but a lot easier said than done. And, for that reason, will toss up many challenges along the way.

But, if you want to create a substantial income stream, then building a downline will be your only option.

Recruits first Order Placement

When your recruits place their first order for one of the starter packages, you’ll be eligible for commissions on that sale.

Those commissions on each level of membership taken out by a new recruit, are:

  • Option 1 Membership: $99; bonus $20 (20% commission)
  • Option 2 Membership: $499; bonus $100 (20% commission)
  • Option 3 Membership 3: $999; bonus $250 (25% commission)

Qualifying Monthly Personal Volume

There is a qualifying monthly personal volume, (PV) that must be maintained month on month. The requirement volume is dependent on your personal PV level.

Another option for earning income is through the auto-ship offer. When one or more of your customers sign on to the Coffee club auto-ship and place a monthly order over $75, they will receive FREE shipping. And you earn a residual income from the sales.

This can be of enormous value when dealing with a new customer. More significantly, using a well-thought-out plan and strategically applied.

By the way, this also applies to distributors in your downline, who need to maintain a certain PV level.


Weekly Pay

Javita has a distinctive advantage over many other MLM businesses, with their weekly payment plan. The stunning benefit with this plan. If your previous week was a high sales week, you’d get paid the next week, rather than having to sit it out for a whole month.

Bonus Options A Plenty

There’s no doubting it, there are lots of bonuses available, such as:

  • Bonus
  • STAR Bonus Program
  • Team Development
  • Infinity Bonus
  • Top Enrollers
  • BMW Car Bonus
  • Team Commissions
  • Diamond Global Infinity Bonus
  • Diamond Rank Advancement Bonus

“YES” they are all achievable but be assured more than 96% don’t even make a commission. So, reaching the dizzy bonus levels may well be just a pipe dream.

Acceptable Return Policy

The full refund policy of 30 days from date of purchase, has its benefits, and apart from that, gives the customer peace of mind. Also, customers have the option of a replacement product where applicable.


Auto Shipments

Auto-shipments have more downsides than advantages, more so if you’re struggling to make any sales of any consistency. And, to add to that, it has the potential to quickly eat into your savings, leaving you in debt, just to remain an active member.

On the flip side, doing really well with sales, then auto-shipment becomes your best friend by not having to worry about monthly order placement. And, knowing that your commissions’ payments are all covered.

Minimum Qualifying Commissions Very High

It’s hard enough selling products in any MLM business, but when there’s a high qualifying criterion, it gets all that much harder.

For instance, you will not receive any commissions for your first 300 PCV. In reality, for you to earn any commission, sales need to first pass the 300 criteria. Now that is a pretty steep level. And, more so for those just starting out.

Scant Reviews

Reviews for this business are very few and far between, and that to me is a real worry. With hunting down reviews being so tricky, I suspect, selling the products will be equally problematic. This could be a reflection of their sliding revenue base over the past 4 years, down 30 million dollars.

Javita MLM Is It A Scam

Surprising as it may sound, the Better Business Bureau, (BBB), website claims this business is not rated by the BBB, but, still gives it an A rating. However, there is a perfect reason behind this. There was only one review left on the BBB website, and that isn’t enough to generate any rating.

HempWorx How To Make Quick Money Scam

Arriving at a decision whether the Javita business has a quality reputation, or not was somewhat tricky.

Just the same, I don’t believe it to be a scam. It does, however, appear to clearly be operating only marginally inside the scam level.

Final Thoughts

Many times over, I’ve touched on how difficult it is for anyone to earn, let alone, sustain a decent income from any MLM business. That is the core reason why the failure edges up very close to the 100% mark.

Starting a business venture with Javita will leave you out-of-pocket by many dollars, even before you hit the hustings. That, to me, is a sure RED FLAG. And shouldn’t be ignored.

For goodnes’s sake, fancy having to buy a starter kit that will set you back almost $1000. That is just ludicrous.

Because when you think about it, you’re not even sure that you’ll ever get your money back? So, that in itself is an enormous gamble.

Therefore, to be serious about building a business means investing a substantial amount of money in something that is really shaky at best.

Because the basic starter kit doesn’t give you enough product to make any decent sales.

If you are earnest and committed to wanting to start your own business, with little to no risk. Why then would you consider settling in an industry that carries an awful amount of stigma? You owe to yourself in having something more worthwhile.

Check out my #1 recommendation. You’ll seriously understand the fundamentals of setting up and running a successful business. And all with no risk. Also, all the training tools website and hosting with a 24/7 support, ensuring you’ll set yourself up for a most successful future.

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