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 SEO What Are The Essential Elements

It is a process all website users need to understand, or at least be aware of its workings.

SEO is the uniform term used in the process of transforming online visibility of your website or web page with the search engines for un-paid results; When I talk about visibility, I am saying that specific search terms in organic results, which appear in a natural form on your page/s. They attract more visibility which equates to your website appearing higher in search results. Organic results are referred to those that appear naturally on the page, rather than in the paid-for sections.

Predominately, the higher you rank, the more frequent your website will appear in search results, i.e. Google – Bing – Yahoo. Your chances are more enhanced of attracting visitors to your site, then the higher are your chances of converting those visitors into customers.

Not always will the search engines, search text only, they also look at image text, video, academic, social media, news and industry-specific, to name a few. Local search engines differ from that of business optimisation; Local search is displayed by the search engines when users enter a local search for its products or services. Whereby, business web pages are more focused on national or international searches.

SEO examines how the search engines work and what people are searching for, using the actual search terms or keywords that are typed into search engines, and which searches are preferred by their targeted audience.

Optimising your website may include editing the content, or even adding extra content, thereby, increasing the relevance using specific keywords for the indexing by the search engines. Another example of how you can improve your standing by promoting backlinks or using internal links.

Mobile phone searches more recently have become so popular they now outstrip desktop searches. In-so-far-as, Google has developed and promotes mobile search as a key feature within future products. That has resulted in many brands now taking a different approach to their Internet marketing strategies.

How Important Is SEO For My Website

The success of your website experience relies on many factors. Therefore, constructing a trustworthy site by using quality architecture, with clear and precise navigation, are the first and most important aspects. Implementing quality architecture from the outset and getting your site indexed attracts visitors; If they (visitors) experience a good outcome, then there is every chance it will encourage them to return as repeat visitors. More recently, Google is paying increasingly more significant attention to user experience.

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Traffic that is driven to your website can be in percentage terms quite substantial; Moreover, it’s reasonable to assume or perhaps even the clearest indicator of the importance of SEO.

Indicators suggest that organic traffic coming from websites represents somewhere around 70+%. It is also worthwhile noting that the majority of organic traffic searches are coming from Google, and that percentage is exceptionally high. Google is the dominant player. Therefore, a strong presence with Google is vital.

Getting your website on the first page of Google is what should be your aim, and more importantly within the top five because results have identified that about 70% of click-throughs occur within that parameter, then it drops away considerably.

Achieving a superior outcome will require an essential in-depth thought process in the early stages of designing your site. So, it’s worth knowing what search engines are looking for, as that will go a long way in achieving your success.

Below Are 9 Easy Steps To Follow

. Relevance

The searches will always strive in providing results that are relevant to that searcher’s inquiry; No matter how trivial the request and more often than not, requires a straightforward response. Search results will be comprehensive with many options that relate to the query.

What search engines do in providing results comes down to their own algorithms internally. Even so, there is no way that we will ever be able to decipher how they work. However, some factors do actually predict results which are centered around their appropriateness. For example, the likes of search locations, time of day and year and so forth.

. Content Quality
Are you a publisher who publishes informational articles regularly that is helpful and of good quality, including other forms of media, such as videos, etc. This is factual information for people.

Because Google is heading down the path of longer forms of quality content that satisfies visitor experience; And not based on keyword stuffing by only concentrating on the more popular queries. If you are keyword stuffing, then you really should change your approach, because by taking the simplified keyword approach you are harming your own rankings.

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. Visitor Experience
SEO provides many benefits that will offer the best outcomes for your visitors. Your site should be easy to navigate including some internal linking. While your content must relate to your prime keyword and easy on the eye with short paragraphs;

Because if the sections are too long visitors tend to move on to another site. Content needs to be attractive to the point where your visitor has a thirst in wanting to continue exploring your site.

. Speed of Your Site
Speed rate of your website is also crucial to your ranking. Google looks at how long it takes to load up pages through their search engines. Moreover, and just recently they now test your site for mobile phone efficiency. So, if your website doesn’t measure up to their cellular standard, then your ranking is adversely affected.

. Compatibility of Content And Imagery
Verifying that your content and images are both efficiently optimised to suit any device or screen. This is also important for the responsiveness of all mobile phones, and something that Google has said is their preferred method of mobile optimisation.

. Linking Internally
I have indicated the benefits of producing top quality navigation friendly content so that it will enhance your visitor experience. Well, and additionally, providing internal links so that visitors can quickly move around your site, does create a sense of trustworthiness with Google.

Through internal links, your visitors are given extra options of looking at other content within your site that is relevant to the page they are viewing. Furthermore, when using anchor text that is the highlighted words you are using as the anchor text make sure that it is relevant and it flows on from where they are within the current page.

The Real Deal AffiliateFor instance, if you were writing about football helmets, then you would use an internal link where the anchor text comfortably fits and flows into the referring content. The other aspect of using internal links it lets Google know your post is relevant to what people are searching, “Football Helmets”. Also, this has a rebound effect as will help reduce the bounce rate; And, improve your keyword ranking.

. Website Authority
When your website is authority rated means that your site can be trusted by users, industry and other websites including search engines. Historically, having an authority website is seen as an expression of confidence.

That is why producing very high-quality content with a sense of visitor expectation then the more likely your site will be seen as an authority site; And, that is so precious.

. Meta and Title Tag Descriptions
Even though there is every chance, they won’t affect your rankings one way or the other. Just-the-same, it’s advisable that they are completed because that is what Google uses underneath your title. Below I have provided a snapshot of Football helmets, showing why meta and tag descriptions are essential.

. Title Tag
The purpose of a title tag is letting search engines and visitors know about your site; Therefore, it’s crucial the information that you use is accurate, compact and in the best way possible; Inform visitors about your website and be keyword specific and be sure to include your brand name. Remember this will be aimed toward search engines, but, also include the human element.

. Meta Description
The meta description is a short overview of your site, and the allowable characters are 160. So best to keep around 150 to 155 characters. Once again be sure that it all gels in with your headline and the content.

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. Image Tagging
It’s incredible how many people forget to use the “Alt Feature” when they upload images. Why this is important to complete; Google is unable to recognise imagery but can identify text. Therefore, providing text into the alt tag as best you can describe, enhances your chances of the images appearing in the Google Image Search.


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Understanding SEO With A Trusted Site

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