What Is The Amway Opportunity- MLM Review

Have you ever been approached along these lines? You run into an old friend that you haven’t seen in ages. Hi, there, Joe, it’s been a long time since I’ve last talked with you. Joe Replies. “Yeah” it has been a while, I’ve been quite busy working in my business. You say, Oh, so you have a business now, what is it? Well!… It’s all about helping others start their own business just like I did and show them a way to reaching financial freedom. Joe that sounds fantastic. So, what’s the company called? Joe replies, Amway. If you have a few spare minutes, I’ll show you how it works. Such is the sort of bait they use in luring you into the MLM web. With this Amway MLM Review, I’ll look at the company, the products and see if Amway is perfect for you. Don’t be surprised at what may turn up.

Who is Amway?

Amway is acclaimed to be the largest direct-selling, multi-level marketing company selling health and beauty products worldwide.

Founded in 1953 by the then Steve Van Andel and Doug DeVos, who remain co-chairmen. Amway is a privately owned company, with headquarters in Michigan USA. BackAmway Logo in 2018, the annual revenue was a staggering 8.8 billion US Dollars.

However, there was a slight revenue drop in 2019, from 8.8 billion to 8.4 billion. You might say just a little blimp on the radar. Just the same, the revenue drop hasn’t affected their rating with the Direct Selling News. As, continue to enjoy a number ONE ranking.

Amway Vision And Values

According to their statement, they believe that working with each and every one involved in the Amway business is to help them live better lives. Also, they say that by helping these people will assist them in discovering their true potential, while achieving individual goals.

Achievement can only be a success through the offering high-quality products, with many future opportunities. And the sharing of these values with the community globally.

Amway Charity Foundation

In January 2011 a foundation was registered with the People Republic China (PRC), with an initial capital of 100 million RMB, (Renminbi Chinese Official Currency). In that time, they have helped over 3 million impoverished children get the nutrition and education they so desperately need.

MLM No Longer a Financial Option

Amway Products Are They Worth The Price?

Once, have been accepted into the Amway business. It’s then time for you to take control of your responsibility by promoting and introducing new enrolls into the Amway hub.

Don’t be surprised, by how difficult such a challenge could be. Why do you say that? Well!… I did a bit of digging around. And this is what I found out in a matter of a few minutes. To be perfectly honest, I wasn’t startled by what I uncovered. Amway’s, Nutriway Vitamin C Tablets, retail for $56.16. A similar product on Amazon was cheaper.

Amway Vitamin C Plus

The tablet was called, Nutrilite Bio C Plus 500L. Retailing for $35.00. Now that, for instance, represents a saving of around 35%. With things very tight at the moment, every cent saved is a blessing.

Especially when the products are identical and serving almost the same purpose. That is ONE item only. Multiplying that out by more significant numbers adds up to a pretty hard sell.

What Does The Amway Opportunity Offer?

Starting out with Amway, you’ll need to register with them as an Independent Business Owner (IBO). Completing an application will need to be done through an authorised Amway sponsor. Then, supposedly, and in theory, you are trained up to the sponsor level by your introducing sponsor.

You’re now ready to begin your Amway journey. Not Really. Oh why is that? Well!… I’m guessing you know what’s next? “YES” that dreaded word “Buy Some Stock”. Rule of thumb, suggests that you will need to buy around $100 worth as that will at least get you started.

Selling To Friends And Family

Amway is persuasive in advocating the best starting point is with family and friends. That may be true. But, it’s also the quickest way to alienate the closest people in your Amway Family And Friendsinner sanctum of trusted people.

There is, of course, no harm in asking them if they’re willing to host a house party. That at least, is a much softer approach and keeps all friendships intact.

Customers And Recruiting

Once, have the hang of what selling is all about, then it’s time to spread your wings and look further afield. By that I mean you’ll need to continually find new customers willing to buy from you. While at the same time, invest a percentage of your time recruiting.

This is where it all starts to get so much harder. Not everybody can successfully recruit others into the business. Why do you say that? Because selling is an art within itself and takes lots of courage and self-belief. And not everyone is cut out to face such a challenge.

Do you think Amway take that into consideration? Not in your sweet Nelly. And by the way just to add a little more pressure, you have monthly targets to reach.

Quality Products

As an Amway IBO, there is a couple of things that are in your favour.

They are:

  • The Amway business has been around for over 60 years
  • The quality of products is of a very high standard

That is a couple of things in your favour, and surely will assist with the selling. Product awareness and company standing are vital. They tend to carry compelling weight when it comes to customer acceptance new and old.

Amway Products

It’s no secret that the more sales you’re able to generate, then the more you’ll earn given that the difference between wholesale and retail is your commission. And there will be extra income from the sales of those that you have introduced into the Amway business.


What Does It Cost To Join Amway?

Amway is one of a handful of MLMs who don’t ask for a joining fee. The consensus by Amway for not asking joining fee. You’ll buy lots of products to sell, and for personal use. It seems to be, that around $100 mark is the minimum benchmark.

Personally, it’s not such a bad idea as it allows you to pick and choose your own kit of products. Given that Amway has over four hundred products in its arsenal.

That is why I said you’ll need to buy products somewhere around the $100 mark at a minimum. As you move forward, you’ll quickly identify what are top selling products, and those that move quite slowly. That way, you will be in pole position to adjust your kit along the way.

Are You Able To Earn Money With Amway?

With all what I’ve said about Amway as a result of my research. And given they are valid. Doesn’t mean you should lose sight of what they stand for.

What do you mean? For starters, they are just another of those MLM businesses that focus heavily on recruitment. And why do they do that? Because, is where the bulk of income derives from. Even though, they’ll deny this as not being entirely correct.

How else can they generate sales if they don’t continually recruiting people? Recruitment is focal to the business survival.

Without adding new people to the front line, how would they pay so many commissions? That is why recruitment is the central point of all MLM businesses.

Where was I

Oh, yeah, that’s right, can you earn money with Amway?

Simply put, “Yes” if you’re good at selling and have the craft of recruiting others into the business.

Amway Making MoneyThen you will make a reasonable living. But did you know? More than 95% of those who join an MLM business fail. Why is that? There’re not able to generate sales nor recruit, so they dry up and whither away. That’s right, more than 95%.

So, in a nutshell, for you to earn lots of money will require many hours of hard toil toward building a stable business. And that boils down to three factors.

  1. Lots of personal sales
  2. Constantly recruiting
  3. Continually building a solid downline for residual income



FDA Approval

This seems to be a regular feature with MLM businesses relating to FDA approval. It doesn’t matter how they sugarcoat the conundrum. Simply, their products don’t FDA approved.

Therefore promises that they may make about any given product cannot be supported without any FDA documentation. That then puts extra pressure of all IDO’s not making any silly promise statements about products they are promoting.

Recruiter Success

It’s damn hard work in recruiting people into the business, but it’s a sight harder keeping them motivated. So, really you have now become a teacher, motivator and a soul searcher to those beneath you. You’re kidding me, right? No, I’m not kidding.

You see their success becomes your success. And if they fail, then that puts a massive dent into your income generation, (i.e.) commissions and bonuses.

Focal Point

That brings me back to the point: “Are You Able To Earn Money With Amway”. That is something that you will need to challenge yourself on these points.

  • Do I possess the skill set that will be asked of me?
  • Do I lack in any of these areas?
  • And do I have the temperament to adjust to the challenges that will lay ahead of me?

If you feel comfortable with these points. Then “YES”, you will make some money.


Satisfaction Guarantee

Products may be returned within the 90 refund guarantee, and you’ll receive your money back less shipping and handling.

Worldwide Business

Amway is operating in more than 100 countries worldwide. Such as Korea, Southeast Asia and Europe. And very big in these countries. China, Japan, Australia and America.


Amway supports all new IBOs with free training. According to Amway, there is a vast selection of courses lined up for you to fast track your knowledge on products and the Amway system. If you really want to accelerate training beyond that offered for free.

Then you’re able to join a paid version World Wide Dream Builders. And that will set you back $112 P/M.

Product Range

With such a range of products to choose from, you could become a little overwhelmed when selecting your kit. As, are almost 400 different products to choose from. The categories also are extensive.

For instance weight management, nutrition, beauty, personal care, sports, variety of energy drinks, and much more.


Products High-Priced

The product range may be of quality, but, they have a price tag to match. Make no mistake Amway hierarchy get two slices of the product price pie. Once when you buy at wholesale and again when commissions are distributed.

That has an enormous impact on the retail price, hence the reason why they are rather expensive.

Take Vitamin C Plus tablets that I highlighted earlier.

Amway price was $56.00 Amazon price for a very comparable product was $35.00.

Shipping Charges

Again Amway applies shipping and handling charges to all orders placed by the IBOs. So, no matter how large your commission is any extra costs need to be deducted, and that will take the shine off the commission.

Especially for someone just starting or for that matter, finding it challenging making sales. In fact, once you deduct operating costs, you may find that you are losing money. Money that you can ill afford to part with.

Frantic Times May Call For Bold Measures

What happens if you’re short on family and friends. And those that you do have don’t the slight bit interested in getting involved with Amway. And your next monthly order is due to be placed.

What do you do? Hit the panic button as you have no other alternative. Because for you to qualify for any commission and/or bonuses, then you are required to log a monthly order. It becomes a rock and a hard place, so to speak.

Final Thoughts

One of the biggest turn-offs about all MLM-type businesses is the pressure that goes with it. Many people who join feel obligated into pressuring friends and family, and even neighbours to buy products. Is making a few dollars all that critical in as much you are prepared to alienate those closest to you. And for that matter destroy life long friendships? Is the weight of success all that overwhelming?

If you are earnestly dedicated to wanting making some money while having a flexible schedule. A schedule that suits your lifestyle. Why then not consider starting your own online business? That way, you’re totally in control.

You make all the decisions in what you want to promote as opposed to having someone standing over you, telling you what you must inspire.

Check out my #number one recommendation, you’ll have all the tools, and support you need to be dynamic, including a website, hosting, training and 24/7 help. A support system that is transparent and offers enormous opportunity.

What Is The Amway Opportunity - MLM Review






Quality Overall



  • Worldwide Business Presence
  • Support Training For New Recruits
  • Product Range Over 400 Products


  • Products Are Over Priced
  • Shipping Charges Expensive
  • Recruiting Friends And Family Strains Friendship

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