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When it comes to unearthing the right keywords to use in articles or websites, and, particularly If you are wanting top results to boost your rankings within Google; Why overlook Jaaxy? It delivers results never seen before.

Most bloggers are already using a keyword research tool; But is it the most potent tool for best results?

As soon it comes to finding keywords for my content, I rely entirely upon Jaaxy and have done for the past three years.

It’s wickedly easy to use and understand, and with more relevant in-depth results than most others.

Learning to use keywords effectively, and using the power of Jaaxy, will have a profound effect on the outcome of your success online.

The online application that Jaaxy uses its adaptable to a PC or Mac with no software to download.

Jaaxy is also a versatile tool for finding quality keywords with high traffic and low competition with speed and accuracy, no matter what type of online marketing.

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Jaaxy is claimed to be by some professional online marketers as the best keyword tool when it comes to being ranked with Google. The higher you can rank in Google better are your chances of attracting traffic and converting to sales.

Are You Using The Best Tool For The Most Powerful Results?

Let’s take a look at a few examples of what it can do for you.

• Finds keyword in search volumes

• Shows the possibility of traffic potential

• Highlights difficulty of competition

• Recovers related keyword data (Additional data based on your initial research.)

• Alphabet soup research tools

• Search Engine Results Page (SERP Analysis) shows metrics of each search engine listing

• Site Rank Check – Current rankings of specific keywords and also tracks progress.

Not sure of the connection with some of the features? Basically, they serve as a purpose in helping you obtain higher rankings with Google search engines. I’ll explain in more depth later.

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Jaaxy How Does It Work?

Let’s say you want to write content for your website, and your topic is about hair makeup; But, you’re not sure what’s the best keyword that you should use.

In the keyword search box of Jaaxy, enter, “Hair Makeup”, click the magnifier icon and let Jaaxy to the crunching for you; In a matter of a few seconds, you’ll get a full list of results for the search “Hair makeup”.

With the absence of Jaaxy, it could take you many hours to find that one single keyword, just like the one above on hair makeup.

Google will also rank you for other keywords at the same time; And, that will result in even more traffic.

The Jaaxy Breakdown Of Search Results

. Avg. An average number of monthly searches for that keyword

. Traffic. Visits to your website if you achieve first-page ranking within search engines

. QSR. (Quoted Search Results). This is the number of ranked sites competing in Google for that exact word

. KQL. (Keyword Quality Indicator) Green = “Great” Yellow is “OK” Red is “Poor.”

. SEO. (Search Engine Optimisation) An overall score based on both traffic and competition. The higher the score, then the more likely you will rank for this keyword on the first page. The scale of 1-100, higher equals better.

As your site grows, it will develop authority, which generates higher QSR rankings.

The two more important things, QSR and SEO, are pivotal as they will make it that much easier to get ranked. The (QSR), helps you to identify the number of competition; With anything under 100 being OK.

Of course, the lower the number, the better. Ideally, (30 – 75) is excellent, as that gives you a higher chance of first page rankings.

And, (SEO), the quality of your keyword will attract a much better Google ranking. Usually, anything over 90 is ideal, but the higher this number, the better.

Preferring to aim for low competition keywords has a definite edge as it will help you with being ranked that much easier.

In my example below, and using Jaaxy, “hair makeup” on its own is a broad keyword with a result of, QSR 174 and SEO 73. Whereas, wedding hair makeup London, QSR 28 SEO  99. That is how powerful the Jaaxy keyword tool is, and how it works for you.

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Whereas, the one directly underneath, “Wedding Hair Makeup London”, has a QSR of 28 and SEO of 99. Clearly indicating that the difference. A clear indication of why keyword research is essential; As it steers you in the right direction.

More likely, and by using the Jaaxy research to dig deeper, there is a strong possibility that other low competition and high SEO keywords would show up.

Will Jaaxy Help You Rank In Google?

The great thing about using Jaaxy, it will help you to dig up the right keywords; It will also help you rank faster and easier than other keyword tools.

The Benefits Of Using Jaaxy

Using Jaaxy to uncover keywords that attract high traffic with low competition no matter your market type; Jaaxy has got you covered.

Additionally, finding those in-demand keywords that connect you with the right people on the search engines; Jaaxy is the only keyword tool to use.

Using the Google keyword data and then blending in with the Jaaxy tool will uncover results that you would never have dreamed possible.

If you rely on article marketing or search engine optimization (SEO) for directing lots of traffic to your site; Jaaxy is the perfect tool for you.

That’s the beaut thing about Jaaxy, it finds that one crucial keyword in seconds, along with many others just as it did with the hair makeup example.

And will do the same for every search you carry out.

Combining Jaaxy with other affiliate resources such as the Wealthy Affiliate, and you have massive leverage with your online business.

Keyword Tracking

Jaaxy will automatically track your rankings and analyse how they are performing on Google.

Another huge advantage by using the Jaaxy keyword tool; you have flexibility on how often you would like your

tracking performed; For instance, it can be daily, twice a week – weekly – twice a month or monthly. What a powerful tool. There isn’t another keyword tool that can offer anything like the depth and diversity of the Jaaxy keyword tool; And, all in the same place.

The keyword tracking is fantastic for when you have just published some new content, and you want to track its progress in the ranking search engines.

There are other ways that it is of a considerable benefit, likes, of updating some old posts or others that haven’t performed to the expectation.

Understanding where your content resides in the ranking queue, the likes of is it moving or does it remain static.

That is so valuable because you could have by accident chose the wrong keyword, or the content isn’t consistent with the keyword.

The Real Deal Affiliate

Either way, having information as powerful as this, that tells you everything you need to know, is like having gold.

Not only that, it keeps you in full control of your business;

What a powerful tool. There isn’t another keyword tool that can offer anything like the depth and diversity of the Jaaxy keyword tool; And, all in the same place.

Furthermore, you too can experience the power as it is right at your fingertips, just by clicking on this link for step by step training.

Combining Jaaxy with the Wealthy Affiliate Platform, and you have massive leverage with your online business.


Straightforward and simple to use

No information or graphs, none of that

Because Jaaxy is an online application, there is no software to be installed

Because there are proxy servers within the Jaaxy tool, there is no need for any extra costs for using precise data

Site Support is quick and very helpful

Keyword research results are VERY actual

Domain availability can be found right within Jaaxy

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The Jaaxy tool doesn’t need to be installed onto your computer and can be used by all online marketers no matter your skill level. What a magnificent keyword research tool to have as part of your marketing arsenal.

Realize The Power of Jaaxy Try It For Yourself

Jaaxy is the most comprehensive keyword tool and the versatility of its features far outreach anything else.

Without any doubt, this is the most intelligent and most powerful tool for keyword research. A must-have for every marketer if you are serious about your online success.

Unmatched compatibility, versatility and user-friendly, irrespective of your level of expertise.

I cannot think of any reason why you wouldn’t want to give it a try for yourself; And, considering it offers a free trial.

Is Jaaxy Worth It?

If you are considering taking your business to the next level, then this is an absolute no brainer.

Don’t waste valuable time figuring out what is the best keywords to use when you could be using that time on your business. Just hand that over to Jaaxy and in a matter of minutes, keywords are solved.

Think of it like this; If the entrepreneurs are using Jaaxy because they see it at the best research tool available; Then why wouldn’t you use it too.

Don’t be left behind when you can be rubbing shoulders with those in the top end of town; Try Jaaxy now, and start your online journey using the best research tool in the market place today.



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