What Is The Thrive Theme Builder Review

Imagine This…

How aspiring would it feel to be a WordPress Theme wizard, visualize what it would do to your business? Or, perhaps, you want to fluff up your current theme, to an eye-popping, one. The Thrive WordPress Theme Builder is an excellent plugin that will do all that, and more. Propel yourself forward, supercharge your inspiration, and become the wizard of themes today. And YES, surprisingly enough, it’s not that difficult if only you follow a few simple steps. In this Thrive Theme Builder review, I’ll take a look at what all the incline is about and if it’s worth devoting your time and energy to the Thrive Builder. And if it’s the best option for your online business.

What Is Thrive Theme builder

Thrive Theme Builder first started out as Thrive Themes in early 2013, by Shane Melaugh and Paul McCarthy, with both coming from different background journies online.Thrive Theme Builder Logo

McCarthy, a guru with building software, but could not deliver his expertise to customers. While Melaugh had a wealth of marketing experience with very little to no marketing experience.

Both realized that they needed a way in which they could build and complement their skill set.

How Thrive Themes Was Born?

It was in 2013, after a skype linkup, that they stumbled across the fact by joining forces and sharing their values and principles, they could create a business, called “Thrive Themes. Soon after forming the company, and after numerous meetings, they began working on several products.

They included Hybrid Connect, Viral Quiz Builder and WP Share. The goal was to create without reservation a conversion-optimized website with value-added sales pages.

What Happened Moving Forward?

What they didn’t know at that time, soon after forming the business, the obstacles posed by WordPress themes and plugins. Realizing that the WordPress plugins were a little clunky, that hindered them from moving forward.

And believed that other users must be experiencing a similar frustration.

Thrive Theme Builder Introducing

So, they then set about creating a, “What You See Is What You Get”, (WYSIWYG) WordPress editor. Believing, that would simplify user experience with much less techy stuff. Also, allow the posting of content faster with creativity.

Hence was the beginning of the Thrive Themes editor. Since then, there have been several updated releases, with the latest being Thrive Theme Builder.

How Does The Thrive Theme Builder Work?

The Theme Builder Tool allows you to build a particular WordPress theme without having any technical know-how.

We all appreciate how difficult it is to create an eye-catching idea when you consider the many hours and days spent in building and perfecting a theme can take.

With Thrive Theme Builder, there is a walk through wizard that will walk you step by step through the setup phase. And you’ll have your site live in under 15 minutes. Now that is some peace of mind.

Typically, when you pay money for a premium WordPress theme, you get precisely that, custom-built to your needs. But, the Thrive Theme Builder is fractionally different from others.

Because you subscribe to a membership. With that, comes total access to several themes, plugins, updates and full support. Other providers offer a similar service, but each theme build is treated as a one-off flat fee.

What Makes Thrive Theme Builder That Much Better?

Standard theme builders require plugins. Theme Builder isn’t a plugin, nor is it a makeshift, “take the easy way around” Builder. It is a wholly developed WordPress theme. With a drag and drop, front-end customized power.

You have unmatched site control that gives you the freedom to create and customize headers, footers, and blog post templates. And many more functions.

Thrive Theme Builder Products

Daydream for a second. Think of what that might do to your business if you were to use the Theme Builder? Or, maybe, you want to re-energize your current theme, to one, that dances on the screen.

Let’s face of it, you get significant value for your membership. Not only that, but you’ll also receive much more, including.

Professionally Designed to Attract Conversions

A professional looking website built to help you grow and develop your business. Attracting more email subscribers

Thrive Theme Builder Subscriber Lists

Mobile Responsiveness

Built with the mobile compatibility in mind, with each element and feature to function effectively with modern web browsers.

Thrive Theme Builder Mobile Friendly


Your most popular online tools that are important to your business can be integrated. Things like email marketing, webinar platforms, zapier and much more.

Updating Your Brand

It’s only natural to manage your brand no matter your location, with the aid of one central point. Such as centralized font management and effortless control over your logos.

Or, for that matter, painlessly change brand elements everywhere with one-click, or customize every pixel to your exact needs.


Converting visitors into subscribers and customers to clients with a plugin theme that’s authoritative, trustworthy and reliable is a light bulb moment.

Imagine becoming the most liked website owner in the online world. And, most sort after by your customers and visitors.

hrive Theme Builder Conversions

Rise Theme Builder

Rise Theme Builder is a proven feature for blogging, affiliate marketers and many other online businesses.The key to what distinguishes it from others is the concept itself.

The Theme Builder offers everything you need to create a mesmerizing blog, backed by affiliate marketing and product sales. Recognized the best product if you run a blog and make money through affiliate marketing. Or selling your own products.

This might very well be what you’ve been looking forward to.

Launching A Theme

Starting a new website from scratch and incorporating an eye-catching them is tough. The learning curve will be tedious and time-consuming and can even be days or weeks.

The Theme Builder has a walk through feature that nurtures you from start to finish. And, in less than 15 minutes, you’ll have your first site up and running.


The Theme Builder provides flexibility. Flexibility in a way that it makes it easy to manage your brand from one central location with compelling global colour settings.

Including compact font management, and uncomplicated control over your logos. With ease, you can effortlessly change brand elements with one-click, or personalize pixels to your specific needs.

Search Engine Optimizing

Professional Designing gives your website breath-taking features. How is that? Because it was built with conversions in mind. And, it stands out from the crowd and leaves them in awe.

Enhances your search engine optimization (SEO), and grows your business to astonishingly new heights.

All this and more included in your Thrive Theme Builder membership.

Why Should You Choose Thrive Theme Builder?

One of the first things you need do when assembling your website, select a theme. But, when completed, did it live up to your expectation? Did it turn out as you thought? Chances are not specifically.

That’s most likely because there was no customize capability to adjust things like,

  • Headers
  • Footers
  • Core page templates
  • And more

Have you been continuously at war battling with yourself, in trying to achieve the website of your dreams? Then, don’t settle for second best if this is the type of outcome you’ve been experiencing. Instead, let thrive Theme Builder do all the work for you.

hrive Theme Builder WordPress Headers


Thrive Theme Builder Changes All That

Benefits of the Theme Builder has two important charismatics to help make life that much easier.

  • Spontaneous drag and drop editor
  • An astounding number of available templates available

What Do The Templates Libraries Offer

Pieced together, the models will quickly help create multiple pages instantly. Things like,

  • Header
  • Top area
  • Content area
  • Sidebar area
  • Bottom area
  • Footer

Thrive Theme Builder Take Full advantage of Your Footer


In the regions, you want to modify, simply click on that page in the template library lighthouse to open the page. That allows you to customize the theme template page, easily and quickly.

Thrive Theme Builder Module Set

Basic Theme Type-Setting

Changing your type-setting will take a few clicks only to complete the required task. Enter the section, of your Theme Builder Dashboard, edit the type-setting that needs adjusting, and you’re done.

Thrive Architecture

Those who already have this facility, and combining it with the Theme Builder, you’ll have some fantastic features.

Features include:

  1. Smart Color Technology
  2. Shared Styles
  3. Post List Element
  4. Custom Menu Tool

Even if you don’t have the architecture, there’s no cause for alarm. All four features have been already built into the Theme Builder.


There leaves very little doubt in my mind. The Thrive Theme Builder, asking price for the membership, offers real value. So, then, what are the pros that you can look forward to inside the member’s area.

Value For Money

Benefits for sure, outweigh the cost of membership. When you look at the number of features that come with this. It’s something rarely seen. And, they deliver more than they promise.

Professionally Designed Themes to Attract Conversions

What’s better than having a professional-looking website? Build and grow your business that will attract lots of email subscribers

Mobile Compatability 

A feature that is critical in today’s modern web browsers is mobile compatibility. And Theme Builder delivers that and more.


Accessibility to integrate valuable tools that are important to the operation of your business. Such as mail marketing, webinar platforms, zapier etc.

Rise Theme Builder 

An essential feature for blogging, affiliate marketers and other online businesses. Has a concept uniqueness. And, that allows it to stand tall over its competitors.

Considered the best product if you run a blog and are making money through affiliate marketing. Or maybe, selling your own products.

Outstanding Support To Members

With other premium WordPress themes providers, the support can, at times, be a little scarce. Especially within their back office. Many users are left without any support at all.

And those that do get a response, it isn’t constructive. Not so, with Thrive Theme Builder. Help is always readily available, either through email or site support.

Research of members comments support this. And often the comments are based on the quick and positive replies.

While there are many good points about Thrive Theme Builder, there are also a few not so good points. They are


Available To Members Only

Thrive Theme Builder is a members-only site. So, access is not open to non-members. In some ways, that is ideal if you are consistently building new themes or updating others. But, for less frequent users, it could turn out to be expensive.

Setting Up As A Beginner

If you’re a relatively new Internet marketer, setting up themes and tools, could be a little daunting until you get the hang of what is required. Even though the Builder is user friendly, some things are left to your own devices.

For instance, would you be ready, as a new affiliate marketer, to step straight into building an email list? And would you have a product available to sell?


Admittingly, the Thrive Theme Builder is packed with lots of value for the asking price. On the other hand, auto-renewal can become a catch 22. Twelve months will pass without you realizing.

Thrive Builder Membership Pricing

And, unless you change the payment method to manual. You will get billed for a further twelve months, and that maybe not what you had in mind.

 Final Thoughts

Those who are somewhat new to affiliate marketing and are still in the learning stage. Then it might be best to avoid Thrive Theme Builder. All things considered, and everything being equal in product quality, this is a remarkable site.

But, at this point in your learning, it might be a little above your head. Because, most likely, you are only in the early stages of understanding Internet Marketing.

I say that mainly because there are lots of tools and features. And they could quickly get you into a tangle in not knowing what to do. That then could develop into significant consequences.

Or, worse, could potentially cause substantial damage to your website, and that would be catastrophic.

It has no bearing on the product design, but rather, it relates to improper use. There are other areas of concern, that also could be impacted, such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

So, until you are much more inline with affiliate marketing, it’s best not to tough Thrive Builder, and you won’t get yourself into any pickle.

Once you understand the concept of internet marketing, and how it works. And by that stage, you will have put together a few blog posts. Also, maybe built yourself a couple of affiliate sites. By then, most likely, you’ll be confident in knowing what you are doing.

And now ready to take your website to another level. Then, that will be the time to venture into the more suffocated areas. Such as the Thrive Theme Builder. Having said that, if you’re a local business owner, undoubtedly, Thrive Theme Builder, will be a huge benefit.

And, may even improve conversions, whereby, reaching out to a much wider audience than at present.

If you are just beginning with Internet Marketing, numerous alternatives are more affordable. Plus, they are not anywhere near as technical as, Thrive Theme Builder, and will be more in line with your very early stages of expertise.

When you’re ready to take your Internet Marketing efforts to the next level? Have an already established website, earning you a few dollars monthly?

The Thrive Theme Builder will be the ideal choice to advance you to levels beyond what you had your sights set on.

Looking To Start Your Own Business

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What Is The Thrive Theme Builder Review






Quality Overall



  • Value For Money
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Member Support Outstanding


  • Available To members Only
  • Auto Renewal
  • Advanced Product Beginners May Struggle

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