What is The Warrior Forum War Room Review

If you’ve devoted any of your spare time at the Warrior Forum War Room, most likely then, you will have seen many persuasive threads spread throughout the forum. But, you’re not sure what the War Room is all about? It is or supposedly, an upgrade from any FREE Warrior Forum membership, where you have access to things like content, features, etc. But, in real terms, do they offer you any exclusive rights that are of significant value, considering most of what’s already there, is available elsewhere, FREE of charge. So then, that begs the question, does it, realistically, make it a reasonable offer, and is it worth the money? In this Warrior Forum War Room Review, you’ll soon see for yourself what I mean, once the red flags start popping up.

What is the Warrior Forum War Room?

By and large, the War Room is a private forum, an upgrade from the free membership, and is only available to “Premium Warrior Forum War Room Members” with granted access. The Warrior Forum company was, founded in 1997, by Allen Says. And, in 2014 was purchased by Freelancer, with a membership of over 730,000 members worldwide.

Warrior Forum is renowned for the War Room, as a private discussion group with high ranking marketers who share their knowledge with other War Room members.

How do you get access to the War Room?

Membership will set you back $97.00. That may not sound a lot of money, but, if you’re able to access the same information elsewhere, and all for free, then it is expensive. Back in the early 2000s, I was an independent member utilizing content that was available as a free member, and at that time I think from memory the War Room charge was something like $30 – $40. Because it was so far back I’m not sure, so don’t quote on that as being correct. None-the-less even then it as expensive, and now it’s more than doubled at $97.

You would expect, for that sort on money that the content to be, or almost first-class realizing value for money. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case at all. And, by the way, that $97, is renewable every twelve months.

So, you would need to ask yourself, is the War Room worth paying $97 a year?

What’s Inside the Warrior Forum War Room

The War Room sales pages promise an enormous window of opportunity where you can demonstrate the necessary expertise in kickstarting a massive online campaign. A marketing toolbox designed to place you ahead of the marketing pack whereby dominating the internet.


Sounds enticing, but, just how are they going to do that? How else? But, with the promise of full access to, one-on-one’s with marketing gurus, and other bigwig marketing celebs, through the medium of webinars etc. And, those sorts of promises come as no surprise, mainly because it’s a way of attracting the interest of those unfamiliar with online marketing.

There is another area for premium members called; Warrior Ask Me Anything, (WAMA) section. The WAMA is where you have access to the webinars prepared by the Internet Marketing Superstars, and there are, for sure, a few respectable snippets of knowledge that will be of benefit. None the less, I must add they also, are scanty and hard to find.

Warrior Forum Super Charge Your Online Business

The single most crucial point with this, if you do dig out some gold nuggets, in most instances, the information, is either about to be outdated or, is already obsolete. That’s because marketing and technology change so rapidly, and if the War Room isn’t keeping pace with the constant change, you need to ask, is the $97 worth the price tag. Another thing, most of the webinars are unhelpful because they are based mainly around marketing trends that were here today gone tomorrow theory.

In other words, old technology, with most of them running for approximately 90 minutes. I then, in that case, ask the question, why would you want to give up about 90 minutes of your time listening to a Q/A, session, in the hope of latching onto one small snippet of information that may turn out to be useless to you anyway? And, let’s face it that’s going to set you back $97, and for one full year only. So, again I ask, are you prepared to part with $97 and get information that most likely will be of no benefit.

What Other Benefits Does The War Room Offer?

As emphasized by Warrior Forum, the war room is the ultimate marketing war chest in helping members dominate the internet marketing platform. With things like expert talks with the biggest names in marketing, unique digital courses with E-book strategies, and be automatically upgraded to “Premium Member Status”.

The Warrior Forum sales page also states that you’ll enjoy the membership privileges of having access to “Hundreds Of Internet Marketing Tools And Resources”.

Such as,

War Room _ Warrior Forum

The majority of these benefits are readily available on the internet, with some completely free, while others carry a far lesser price tag than the Warrior Forum $97 asking price. Apart from that, most of the War Room guest marketers have their business websites where you can listen to FREE podcasts. So, if it’s free why the heck would you want to pay $97? There are, however, some benefits the WAMA sessions offer, But, $97 a Year, is it worth that much?

They also claim that the platform will teach many other things that will help kick start your affiliate campaigns. And they are things like:

  • product launches
  • list building
  • affiliate marketing
  • growth hacking
  • email marketing
  • landing pages
  • sales funnels
  • etc.

Given the list looks full of opportunity, and that is fair enough. But, sifting through that list in the hope of finding products of any quality and substance isn’t quite so easy. The main reason behind that, the War Room covers a considerable amount of topics and digging out creditable information that is current in today’s market will require lots of effort. And, if you are fortunate enough to able to sift out some valuable tips, then, maybe well worth the effort.

Inside the War Room, the information is more like a sales pitch, and that’s one of the reasons finding the quality of facts you’re expecting to see will be quite scarce.

If that isn’t bad enough, you stumble across a topic of interest, something that you want to get your teeth into, only to realize you have been lead down a dead-end road, with the content being so shabby, and the advice, just awful. And, you soon start to realize, continuing, could potentially cripple your business, before it even gets off the ground.

It may sound a little over the top, maybe it is. But, people are waiting inside the War Room ready to guide you down that wrong path with horrible advice. And it gets worse. The platform has no operating governance to weed out the inaccurate information and remove the culprit from the forum.

There are many threads online, where past members, relate their experiences, and how they have notified the administrator, referring to a legitimate complaint. And the administrator’s response comes as no surprise, as they are the ones being held the victims with their access getting removed without notice. In the long term, this type of behaviour will undoubtedly harm the Warrior Forum platform.

The War Room Word Of Honour

The War Room pledges to provide access to lots of digital courses based mainly around marketing. The issue with this, “How Organic – How Current”, is the information. It’s not over the fence to suggest many of them are recyclers from the WSO (Warrior Special Offer) section. That being the case, there is a massive problem, because you need to ask how old the information they are providing is?

However, there is a sprinkle of valuable tips and tricks, but, you have to, go hunt to find them and know what you are looking for, and what you want. Given that the vast majority of them are just marketers recycling info from other websites because they are chasing a few fast dollars, at your expense.

That makes me believe, a considerable amount of product information isn’t organic and could, in some respects, plagiarised. You might be lucky, and stumbling across some helpful advice, but that may not be of any value if you are hunting for a template that will get you started with your online business. In reality, snippets of information are just that, and they will only solve minor problems every marketer faces daily.


Products And Elite Marketers

Lots of products to choose a topic and the War Room gives you full access to elite marketers

User Submitted Section

Now and then there are bits and pieces of information, you’ll come across in some threads or even within the products itself. However, it’s quite rare.

Message Storage

If you want to message people within the main forum, it can be advantageous. For example, if you see someone posting about “what is a good article writing service” and you offer article writing, then you could extend your hand to them in hiring you.


Dodgy Sellers

The Warrior Forum War Room has a litany of WSO special offers that look, feel and appear to justify the cost of your membership. But, the special offers are from shady sellers, selling information that is dated. With some of it being more than two years old.

Free Products

The War Room has you believing that you’ll have access to loads of free products, just by being a premium member. What they don’t tell you, the giveaway material is things like Ebooks, video courses and some WordPress themes and so forth. More often than not, they have just regurgitated WSO information that has passed its use-by-date.

Make Money Quick

The Warrior forum isn’t what you would call a first-class platform. Has a poor reputation for being somewhere, you go to make a few quick dollars showing others how they can make lots of money online. And, in most instances, it’s all related to building lists using solo ads. Not the ideal start for beginners, because, and unless you know what you are doing, it’s a slippery slide to losing money fast.

Final Word

Products lack so much in quality, and my opinion, it’s not my first choice forum. It’s a total waste of good money, and it’s not somewhere that I would suggest to others. If your decision to join is final, you are potentially risking the future of your online business.

The support without any doubt, is sparse, at best, so you will be left to your own devices, and most likely struggle in turning up any useful marketing resources that will be of benefit to you in helping build your online business.

And, as far as the War Room is concerned, that too, will turn out to be a disaster. With so many shady marketers it will more likely be, impossible than not, for you, trying to sort the genuine operators from the scammers and cost you a lot of money in the process.

In all honesty, you are serving yourself and your budding business justice in avoiding the Warrior Forum War Room. When you take into consideration, many other opportunities will offer much more than this platform.

Not only that, but many jigsaw pieces also make up the internet marketing platform and each of those need to be in place for you to thrive in the industry. And that is something lacking here at the Warrior Forum site.

Looking To have Your Own Business

If you are looking to having your own business, and that is your ultimate focus. An opportunity that provides a transparent support system, and will walk through the shaded path and bring you out the other side to genuine success. Check out my #number one recommendation, you’ll have all the tools, and support you need to be dynamic, including a website, hosting, training and 24/7 support.


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  • Products And Elite Marketers
  • User Submitted Section
  • Message Storage


  • Dodgy Sellers
  • Free products
  • Make Money Quick

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