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The Real Deal Affiliate

Imagine this, if you could turn your passion into a thriving online business; Would you be interested?

Sick and tired of searching the internet for a reliable affiliate marketing program; And every time, you come up with a blank; Not any more with the wealthy affiliate university.

Wealthy Affiliate University

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Owners: Kyle Loudon & Carson Lim

Website: www.WealthyAffiliate.com

Who Can Use This? From beginner to an entrepreneur

Overall Ranking: 9.6/10

As it would seem, you were searching the internet for affiliate marketing opportunities when you came across my website.

Or, maybe you were told about the wealthy affiliate university program, and you were online doing some checking for yourself; Either way, it doesn’t matter, as this program really works.

A fraction over three years ago, I was in a similar situation; And, when I was introduced to the wealthy affiliate university, I was cautious about getting caught again. I had a good reason for that, as in the past I had been the subject of many scams; So, was I really sceptical? You bet I was.

How many dead ends, and how many times was I scammed? Too many to remember.

When I first started with the university, was I sceptical, of course, I was, and I’d be telling you a lie to say otherwise.

That was a bit over three years ago; And, I’m still here at the wealthy affiliate university. So, that’s all behind me now.

Why then, would you want to blow your hard-earned money on dated technology, or worse be scammed, when you too can be the next success story here at wealthy affiliate.

I’m so pleased for you in that you have found your way to my site; Because I can get you started with a wealthy affiliate university education, and set you on the right path to success.

Were my first few months pretty tuff? YEP, they sure were, as there was plenty to learn and understand, and the road ahead just seemed to keep going and going without any parking lots;

The Real Deal Affiliate

But, that’s what’s so great about wealthy affiliate they are not in the business of showing or telling you how you can earn X amounts of dollars in a short timeframe; Because it just isn’t possible; And, more so, if you have no previous background knowledge of affiliate marketing.

The founders of wealthy affiliate had to learn the hard way when they started, back in 2003; And, they have carried the philosophy through to this platform; Those who commit to learning and are prepared to understand the affiliate marketing concept fully, will be successful; Why? Because it worked then and still works today.

It’s hard to believe that such an honest, yet well-presented platform exists in the online world; Not only that, the access is there for everyone who wants to learn affiliate marketing from the grass-roots through to the entrepreneur.

When I first started, I had to pinch myself into believing this was really happening, because it was the very one thing that I had been chasing for some years.

I, know you’re probably thinking, why haven’t I came across the university before now. Sorry, I’m not in a position to address that question for you, but what I can say, you are in the right place now; So, let’s make a start.

In my wealthy affiliate university overview, I intend to tell as it is with worts and all. And, I’ll cover various opportunities, including the successful Affiliate Bootcamp, as this is an excellent way to monetise your site with different affiliate networks; And, set yourself up, on the right path.

Also, I’ll include the “good points” and, “the not so good points”. I’ll also share my personal experiences to this point; And, why I firmly believe this platform is ready-made for you.

Leadership Background

The co-founders, Kyle and Carson, established the wealthy affiliate network way back in 2005. Now it has become the university of affiliate marketing.

Having survived this long in this industry speaks volumes; Not only that, it demonstrates the quality of leadership with a proven system that has stood the test of time.

Fourteen years on and with the same owners leading a successful platform doesn’t need for me to tell you the strength and honesty of wealthy affiliate.

The Real Deal Affiliate

Kyle has a background in marketing and search engine optimisation (SEO). While Carson is the technical brains behind the operation, managing all the technical aspects that keep the service running like a Rolls Royce.

Even today, as I’m writing this post, both Kyle and Carson take an active roll in communicating, will members of the community.

With my past experiences in affiliate marketing, I can honestly say there is no other platform in the world where the owners take a hands-on approach in the day-to-day activities of every member no matter your level of success.

And to add some extra icing on top of that, there are live webinars every week, headed up by Jay Neil, who is an expert in online marketing and training.

The webinars are cutting edge stuff when it comes to affiliate marketing.

Jay’s training is second to none, and covers all things relating to the latest marketing techniques, and how best to improve your blog content.

His in-depth training on how to use Google web tools and the benefits of using analytics for the tracking of your content.

Inside tips on how best to promote the wealthy affiliate university using social media marketing strategies.

And to top it off, from time to time, he’ll critique active sites during his live weekly webinar by showing how to improve your website/blog; Stuff like this are absolute Nuggets.

This is just a sample of what you can expect here at wealthy affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate University What Is It Exactly?

Do you have a passion for wanting to have a successful online business, but you’re not sure where best to start; That’s good, but, desire is only a small part as there is much more to it than that.

The Real Deal Affiliate

The wealthy affiliate university is a platform where you can connect with an extensive community base of like-minded members who have an abundance of knowledge; The grouse thing with this, if you need help, you’re able to tap into this knowledge base at any time for support, and it’ll be there.

For instance, you’re wanting to find out how to earn money online, or, you may need help with your blog.

Maybe you just want to network with some fellow entrepreneurs; It doesn’t matter what you want to know, it’s all here at your fingertips.

Besides, you’re learning the things that are working for others, and, how that can help you improve your business at the same time.

Is this something what you have been looking for? Then you are certainly in the right place; So, let’s keep pushing on.

Do You Have A Passion?

Finding a topic one that you are passionate about, it could be a sport you have played or ideas where you have ample knowledge of its understanding; An ideal starting point is usually a hobby or something that you are quite familiar with.

Before you can start writing content, you’ll need to know what you are going to writing about. If you are a wee bit unsure of what you would like to start with; Then you can share your thoughts on the wealthy affiliate platform with other community members.

Start by keeping it as simple as you possibly can until you find your comfort zone; Then, later on, as we’ll get into the journey, on how to research other niches.

The wealthy affiliate platform could turn your passion into a successful online business, just by utilising the training tools at your disposal.

If you have got down this far, then, you are definite in wanting to know more about wealthy affiliate university.

Membership Ranking What’s That?

Wealthy affiliate uses a ranking system that ranks every community member no matter your status. I’m currently ranked 175, with the top-ranking being, number one.The Real Deal Affiliate

The system works on a reward system allocated to members who participate in the community forum, by asking questions or helping others with a problem.

There are many other ways to improve your ranking, for example, creating an internal blog post by sharing your thoughts or ideas. The opportunity to put a blog up on a “How To”, or even just to partake in a live chat; You can also post a video on things that have helped you along the journey.

In essence, the membership ranking system is there to reward you for being active in offering solutions or advice to others; And, the great thing, all your efforts are not overlooked or go unnoticed.

How much more incentive do you want than that;

Training Tools

There is a full comprehensive step-by-step instruction that will walk you through every process along the way; From a “Welcome Video”, through to the entrepreneurial level.

Learn how to set up a blog with text along with video training; Also, there is an in-depth instruction on how to structure content.

The Real Deal Affiliate

Plus, you’ll be kept up to pace will all the latest marketing strategies that are explained in a fashion for every member to understand.

Training that caters for everyone, no matter your level of expertise the university has you covered;

The tools and services at the wealthy affiliate university enable you to achieve your quest for success by using the research tools for your writing and website creation.

If you are a beginner, and unfamiliar to affiliate marketing; Start here then, with the wealthy affiliate university, because it has everything you’ll need to get started and all on the one platform.

Simply put, this is top-class stuff; And, it doesn’t get any better than this;

Keyword Research Using Jaaxy

Using the best keyword tool when researching for quality keywords for the search engine optimisation (SEO) will turn average blogs or websites into a profitable business;

The Jaaxy keyword tool is among the best search tools in the field of research. So, using the best keyword tool when researching for your niche is vital.

For example, research is a bit like digging for gold: If you’re not in the right place, then you won’t find what you are looking for; Not using the best keyword tool you’ll more likely experience the same result.

When you enter keywords, it will go through the big three search engines and come up with a list of related keywords.

How many people are searching that keyword over a month, the number of competitors using the exact same keyword, and it will give you the SEO percentage ranking for that keyword; and lots of other useful stuff.

The power of this tool is unbelievable, and it reduces your research time down to a bare minimum.

What Is A Niche

A niche has a five-step formula that will work for any niche that you may be considering.

For you to earn an income online, then, you need to consider this 5 step approach as it will help you find a niche that’s both lucrative and something you can feel passionate about.

1. Identify your interests and passions. This may be something you’ve already done

2. Identify problems you can solve

3. Research your competition

4. Determine the profitability of your niche

5. Test your idea

Uncovering an area that you have some knowledgable about or something that you love is the perfect opening in identifying your ideal niche.

There are, of course, some exceptions; For example, selling Easter Eggs, leading into the Easter period. Is something that you maybe passionate about; But, it will hardly turn you into running a successful full-time business, with something seasonal; However, what it would do is give your audience a perfect choice at that time in the year.

So, the idea of what I’m illustrating here; If you can grasp the Easter Egg concept and turn it into a niche that is evergreen that you are on your way to freedom.

And, guess what you can master each of these five steps just by utilising the Jaaxy Keyword Platform.

That’s why the Jaaxy keyword tool is so valuable.


WordPress is the more popular hosting platforms, with more than 33% of the web runs on WordPress.

WordPress is ideal for new bloggers through to entrepreneurs, to major brands like wealthy affiliate university. Simply because of its user-friendly approach.

You have the flexibility in being able to write your own content without having to worry about losing it, as all content gets backed up every few seconds.

Create designer-worthy photo galleries.

Images, embed audio, videos, upload with the drag-and-drop into posts and pages.

Customised themes, there are hundreds that you are can choose from with extras regularly added.

The Real Deal Affiliate

By using a, (.com) domain name, whenever you create content, you own all of that content, it’s yours to keep; And, you can export your content at any time — wherever life takes you, your content follows.

Furthermore, when it comes to building and managing a website or a blog, WordPress is undoubtedly is one of the first sites that will strike a chord with most users.

Wealthy affiliate university use a mobile-friendly site that is in line with WordPress mobile-friendly site so that there is never any slow loading times; This is crucial to the outcome of your blogging success.

These are some of the reasons why wealthy affiliate has teamed up with WordPress. When you consider there are so many options available to choose from, yet wealthy affiliate chose this; Why/ because it’s the best platform for its members.

From 2005, when wealthy affiliate started, it has grown enormously, and has gained extensive recognition; Has also now developed into one of the most extensively used content platforms in the world.

It caters for all needs of both beginners as well as the seasoned professional. It certainly makes sense to achieve success with your website, then starting with a reliable and robust platform is so essential.

What Wealthy Affiliate University Offers

There are 3 types of offers, namely.

1.) The community.

Log a question in live chat and the issue will be addressed by the community members within a few minutes.

The great thing about the support it’s there for you on a 24/7 basis. Because of the global status, there will always be someone available to assist, and more than willing to help.

And do you know? You’re not having to rely on, or hope that someone will come to your rescue; Or for that matter, there’s no such a thing as a support ticketing system, because help is immediate.

2.) Site support, are fantastic, if you need help with a website issue, then the support guys are pretty quick in sorting your problem; And they always will get back pretty quick smart soon after addressing your question, or they will provide you with the solution in rectifying it.

3.) Like I said earlier, Kyle and Carson are always open to answer any queries within the community; Something unheard of in this industry;

Why then do they help? Because when they both started, there was no help on offer; What they know today had to be learnt the hard way, and that was something they didn’t want on this platform. That alone is very rare in this industry.

The Good Bits

Have you been seeking a successful online business, but not quite sure what you are really looking for?

The good news is, you’ve no need to look any further. The wealthy affiliate university is the ideal launching pad for anyone who wants to start an affiliate marketing business regardless of background, online experience or any techy know-how; The university has you covered with everything you need to get moving.

How Come? Let Me Explain.

Zero startup membership; Yep, that’s right, Zero.


The try before you buy approach, that’s how confident the wealthy affiliate university values your interest in affiliate marketing.

In fact, it’s the only affiliate marketing platform in the world that offers anything like this: I know, and I can hear you thinking? It sounds too good to be accurate; Don’t just take my word for it, go check it out for yourself. Click Here.

A comprehensive 50 plus module of text and video training. Starting from NO understanding through to entrepreneurial level.

Weekly webinar training calls, with a different topic, covered each week; And, the great thing, this is all recorded and available to all premium members for the life of their membership.

Community support where you can ask questions or help, and within minutes, you’ll receive a response.

Fast and efficient hosting; and, this is all part of the premium membership.

Also, free SSL (https://) encrypted and data safe protection for your visitors.

Full access to industry experts within the community network.

Completely FREE to get you rolling!

Having been associated with wealthy affiliate university for some years; I can honestly say, there is an enormous knowledge base, with lots of experience that can assist you along the way; And, more especially, with just starting out, as that’s when you need help most.

Not So Good Bits; Crickey Are There Any?

Well, there is one; But, it really isn’t a, not so good bit, it has more to do with commitment.

Learning, affiliate marketing, and fully understanding the principles, takes time and effort, and that requires commitment.

Starting out with the training may seem a little overwhelming; however, those who commit to learning and are prepared to sacrifice, reap the rewards later.

The key is just to work through each of the steps in the order they have been laid out. Rinse and repeat, and you’ll be fine.


There are two membership options

Free Starter Membership

Premium Membership

Breakdown Of The Two Memberships

The Starter Membership offers a look at what the wealthy affiliate university provides. You will be given full access to all the training modules (50) plus. Complete access to the community and access to live chats. Plus you are given 2 FREE websites along with other benefits.

Starter Membership, $0 – get started CLICK HERE.


Premium Membership

Full access to everything on the platform, which includes, everything in the free membership. Plus website setup of 25 Siterubix.com sites (free); And, up to 25 (.com) websites at $13.99 each paid annually.

All websites are fully maintained, which includes all the set up with full integration into WordPress and hosting.

Full access into the Jaaxy keyword search tool, site support 24/7 and community access 24/7.

All this and much more, are all included in your (one cost only), yearly membership.

No Costly Upsells Once You Join.

Premium Membership, $359 per year (A Saving Of $229), or

$49 per month. Why not snap up the $229 saving, and Click Here

Referral Plan

The Wealthy Affiliate University has what I consider the most exciting affiliate program available anywhere online; You can earn consistent revenue monthly; Merely by just referring others people just like yourself to the university.

Commission referrals are $8 for the first month $19 special offer, then $23.50 after that.

Also, there is a starter member (the free membership) can earn $4 for an exclusive offer to the referral plan, then an $11.75 monthly and $87.50 yearly commissions.

Why would anyone wanna listen to me? Go check out the free membership for yourself; See firsthand, what is covered in more detail.

Free Membership

Full access to all the training modules (50) plus; Total access to the community and access to live chats. Plus you are given 2 FREE websites along with other benefits.

Premium Membership

Full access to everything on the platform

Training modules (50)

Weekly Webinars with internet goo roo

25 Siterubix.com sites (free)

25 websites, (.com) $13.99 P/A

Full integration into WordPress and hosting

Total access into the Jaaxy keyword search tool

Full access to the community 24/7

Access to live chats 24/7

Help centre 24/7

Referral Plan

$359 P/A or $49 Monthly

Once you join, there are no upsells, no surprises.

Have you ever wondered why people would listen to someone else’s advice? I used to feel the same way. So go take a look for yourself. Click Here Now

Just One QuickReminder Before You Hit The Button

I know that you’ve read plenty and you are ready to sign up, but, let’s once more quickly go over what’s in store by becoming a premium member.

Full access to everything on the platform

Training modules over (50)

Weekly Webinars with internet entrepreneur

25 Siterubix.com sites (free)

25 websites, (.com) $13.99 P/A

Full integration into WordPress and hosting

Total access into the Jaaxy keyword search tool

Full access to the community 24/7

Access to live chats 24/7

Help centre 24/7

Referral Plan

$359 P/A or $49 Monthly

Once You Join, There Are No Nasty Upsells, No Surprises.

If you have any queries about the Wealthy Affilite University, or you would like to offer up some further advise that you apply in your business. Then please tell me, as I will be happy to hear from you, and I recommend that you leave them below.

The Real Deal Affiliate

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