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Picture this? If I said to you, what MLM business has been around since the late forties? What would immediately pop into your head? Well!… That would have to be Tupperware. Right? Of course. The brand has been operating since 1948. And is the longest-serving MLM business worldwide. In fact, the name is so synonymous, you can almost bet, there’s a piece of Tupperware, practically, in every household. That’s just how well-known the brand is. And why not? With this with Tupperware Products MLM Review, I’ll take an inside look at the company and what makes these products such a popular household name. And, whether it’s worth your while having a dash at selling them.

Who is Tupperware?

Before I begin, Let’s take a quick stroll down memory lane. Enjoy.

Way back in 1938 Earl Silas Tupper developed plastic containers and burping seals, for use in the household. But, it wasn’t until 1948, at a presentation party plan where the Tupperware brand gained its fame.

Tupperware Logo

In 1951 Brownie Wise (a successful sales representative) was appointed to the Vice President Role. And was given the task of heading up and developing the party plan concept. Some 70 plus years on, still remains known as the Tupperware Party Plan.

What an accomplishment, for an MLM company to have withstood the test of time?

Tupperware headquarters located in Orlando.

How Tupperware Began

Earl Tucker worked one year (1937-1938), for Du Pont. And that’s where he became intrigued with the possibilities of plastic. Using polythene waste. Commonly called “Slag”. He experimented with these offcuts of polythene. And, that is how Tupperware was created.

Tucker disliked the word plastic, so he called his inventions Poly-T.

Poly-T products, at the time, we’re able to endure almost anything, except, “Sharp Knives and Boiling Water”. I understand, the same principle remains today.

Tupperware Products Are They Worth The Price?

Tupper’s sole purpose in those early days was based around developing containers. Quite a masterstroke, when you consider one single invention has blossomed into a war chest of products.

Such as:

  • Kitchen utensils
  • Storage containers of various shapes and sizes
  • An assortment of kitchen products

You and I, both know, they are renowned for durability. But, also very expensive.

Let Me Explain Why?

I went online, and in the space of a few minutes, I found storage bowls that’ll serve the same purpose. Comparing both prices, the Tupperware bowls were much dearer.

Both bowls would be considered, an everyday need in the kitchen. Aside from that, there is nothing extraordinary about them. Other than the price.

When you compare similar products that’ll serve the same purpose as Tupperware. They are pricey.

What I’m highlighting, “Is Knife and Hot Water-Resistant that vital”?

In your considered opinion? Would customers be prepared to pay almost double the price for such privilege? Most likely not.

Is Tupperware The Ideal Choice?

What’s more, and I’m sure you’ll agree. It’s hard to be sold on principle, in believing Tupperware is the ideal choice anymore.

Customers today are price-conscious, so they’ll do a spot of research, and compare pricing.

But It’s Top Quality?

  • I know, I know!… It’s high quality. And I’ve heard all that stuff before.
  • But, with such inflated prices, and given the state of the economy worldwide.
  • Can you firmly believe, you’d sell enough Tupperware to earn a decent commission?

Tupperware And The Environment

According to their marketing strategies, the Tupperware brand has a vested allegiance in helping our environment. In that case, anything that helps the environment is worthy of respect. And I fully support that.

Especially that all their products are made from plastic. (Normally very toxic).

Additionally, it’s a commitment most other MLM businesses are not in a position to make such a claim.


What Does The Tupperware Opportunity Offer?

When it, comes to the Tupperware MLM opportunity. All spiels are centered around emotions. I wonder why? Because they sense you are looking to supplement your full-time income.

So, they tug on those emotional strings.

It’s no secret they’ll trot out the words they know will attract your attention.

Such as, “sell a few products, flexible hours, a lifestyle you deserve, dump your full-time job”. And the list goes on.

What they don’t tell you, around 95% of those who try their hand at MLMs, fail without earning one dime.

In fact, most times, lose money buying stock, they were never able to sell.

Tupperware An MLM

Tupperware is another MLM business, who operate on a similar principle to Melaleuca or ARIIX.

Sure, they’ll all sweet talk you until they have your signature on paper. Then, how quickly, and dramatically, the ball game changes.

Surprise, Surprise!… They conveniently forget to tell you there’s a kit to buy? Otherwise, how can you sell without any products?

And more astonishing. There’s no mention you’ll need to have Tupperware parties and start building a network? That is until you sign on. YEP. That’s right.

Have you guessed why? Simple isn’t it. Because if they told you upfront, then more likely you’d have second thoughts.

As you can probably see, there are many things they cleverly forget to mention.

Successful TupperwarerersTupperware Successful People

Sure, there are many successful people in the Tupperware business. But no-one knows how much time and money they’ve invested in reaching such status.

If you’re looking for short term success because you need some extra cash.

It just won’t happen.

Still, not convinced? That’s OK.

Let’s look at a notional scenario.

You joined and had a few quick sales—WhooPee I’ve earned a few bucks.

Little do you realize, you’re sponsoring up-line starts pestering you about building a downline.

My!… Do I really have to? Where do I start?

And all the time you must keep generating sales for two reasons.

  • Earn Commissions
  • Stay an Active Member

Pressure, Pressure!… And more Pressure. All of a sudden, your personal space becomes the victim. That’s the name of the game with all MLM businesses.

Do you think you’re up for the challenge?

Mind you, if you are, it’s more probable than not you’ll earn zilch?

What Does It Cost To Join Tupperware?

Becoming a consultant, Tupperware requires that you must sign on through an authorized member of the Tupperware consultant team. Your application will then be checked for approval. Once that all happens, you’re all ready to go.

So now it’s time to select a starter kit, with three different lots to choose from.

  1. Basic Kit $60+ Tax
  2. Starter Kit $110+ Tax
  3. Accelerator Starter Kit $349+ Tax

They have what is called a “Say Yes Offer” and is offered every month, according to information from Tupperware. What that means, they are saying to consultants, “Thank You, For Joining”. And provide a small bonus sometimes for FREE.

While other times a fraction of the retail cost.

The bonus changes every month.

Are You Able To Earn Money With Tupperware?

Any MLM is hard to earn a decent income, irrespective of how enticing the business opportunity may look.

Why I say that? Some possess the craft of selling. While others are not quite as fortunate. It’s only when you give it a try, do you really and truly realize your situation.

But again, it’s like most things, isn’t it?

It doesn’t have to be, “Try And See Approach” though.

If only you commit yourself in following a few simple steps way before connecting.

Such as:

  • Am I able to directly sell?
  • Can I conduct house parties?
  • What are my chances of being a success in recruiting?
  • Are the hours as flexible as they suggest?
  • What happens if I Fail?
  • Do I possess the ability to manage a downline?
  • Do I have the temperament to cope with stress?

They are just a few ideas that require serious consideration.

And, way ahead of any thoughts about joining.

Tupperware Lunch Box

Tupperware Brand Name

Given, Tupperware carries a significant brand name synonymous with many people. Doesn’t mean selling the products will be an easy sell.

And well, you may ask, why is that?

Tupperware products carry a hefty price tag.

It’s not unreasonable in suggesting identical products are available in all top retail outlets, at a much lower price.

Running A Business

You are running a business when selling Tupperware.

So, prudent business decisions are in high demand.

No matter what, all business outcomes need to be in favor of you and your business aspirations. Otherwise, you’re on a slippery slide to nowhere.

For example:

  • You know the products have quality, but do your potential customers really care about quality?
  • Especially if a similar item can be purchased cheaper elsewhere.
  • Are customers prepared to pay a premium just for the sake of the name?

What I’m saying, selling Tupperware, will be no “Walk In The Park”. In fact, and more than likely, be a very tuff sell.

Tupperware Running Your Own Business


So, you’ve invested money into this business; therefore, you want it to work, and earn you some cash.

If it doesn’t, then you are left being a broken person, in debt, and with a room full of products.

Tupperware Make Money Time To Celebrate

Let’s look at on the positive side. You’re off to a flier, made some quick sales. And by month’s end, you have had a reasonably profitable selling month.

That puts you into “Active Consultant Bracket”. You now have the privilege of re-stocking with a 35% discount. Not bad Hah?

Not So Fast

What do You mean not so fast? Just before you start celebrating, your sponsor gets wind of your quick-start and applies some recruiting pressure. Like I said earlier. MLM businesses are all geared toward recruitment. Then selling.

I’ll bet you know why? Recruitment is where all the money is earned.


So you get the message and hire one person. Now, it’s time to sit back and put your feet up. Well!… I don’t think so.

More Pressure is put on you to recruit even more. This is a standard practice used rampantly throughout the MLM industry.

By this time, you have gotten a few consultants in your downline, and you’re beginning to earn some passive income from their sales.

Do you know what? The recruitment wheel has just taken a little turn? What do you mean?

That same vicious recruiting cycle starts all over again. But, this time it’s you, who applies the recruitment pressure to your downline.

So, away, the wheel goes again.

This scenario looks good on paper, wouldn’t you agree?

But, let’s be honest here, it’s not so easy in practice. Right?

And Do you know why that is?

Recruiting is damn hard. It’s a bit like selling there is an art to it.


Sales Levels

Even though Tupperware is an MLM business, they do offer a reasonable sales target in maintaining your consultant status. Sales need to exceed $600 over six months. Taking that into account provides some breathing space, especially if you have a couple of down months. As there is sufficient time for you in reaching the required target.

Assortment of Products

The product range is extensive but has a strong focus on kitchen storage. According to the catalogue, the list is rather comprehensive, offering customers a wide range of choice.

All Tupperware Products Are BPA FREE

Pre, 2010 most household plastics contained a toxic ingredient (BPA). Since 2010, Tupperware has taken the steps in removing this harmful ingredient from all their manufacturing processes. Not only that, but all products are also fully recyclable. That is a substantial boost and a high selling point. Given that people, today, are environmentally savvy.

Tupperware Parties

From a selling perspective, there is a couple of extra strings to your bow.

  • Selling online
  • Catalogue handouts

Being able to sell online adds an extra dimension to your sales armory. What I mean by that?

For instance, you can have a party using Facebook. That seems to be catching with lots of other MLMs today.

Also, you can use a catalogue handout method.

What that requires, you insert an order form into each catalogue and hand out to friends or workmates.

They become another two potential income streams.


Customer Complaints

There are several complaints lodged with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). The core seems to focus around late delivery, return refunds, incorrect items sent, shipping issues with many others relating to warranty. Tupperware claims that all products carry a lifetime warranty. Yet many customers dispute that and have lodged a complaint with the BBB.

With 3 complaints, remain unresolved, BBB has given Tupperware a Two Star – A rating. That is below the top rank of A+.

Steep Shipping Charges

There is a myriad of consultant and customer complaints relating to the shipping charges.

In one instance, a customer ordered plastic drinking mugs. Only to realize shipping was more expensive than the cups.

Being a consultant, these are the types of customer hassles, you would have to put up with every day.

That’s not to mention customer order cancellations. They are also very high.

Customers are hit with a 10% shipping cost based on the total value of the order.

With a further 5% if the order is sent directly to the customer.

Once customers realize the shipping charges are way over the top. Adds up to a questionable sell.

Erosion of Commissions

Tupperware is upfront in mentioning the lucrative commission of 35% per sale. But not when it comes to the shipping, handling and any out-of-pocket expenses. As I said, earlier, all such costs are your responsibility.

Quickly doing some sums by factoring charges against sales. That 35% doesn’t look so attractive.

In fact, there may be instances where you’ve made some sales, but have a debt due to all the hidden charges.

Is Tupperware a Scam?

I consider that to be a bit harsh, to say that Tupperware is a scam.

Just because Tupperware operate on the same platform as all other MLMs. Doesn’t mean it’s a scam.

What do you mean by the same platform as other MLMs?

They all require an assortment of upfront charges before you hit the hustings. You know? Things like membership, product kits, and so forth.

While some will even charge for specialized training. There’s no doubt about it, you’ll be in debt before you have the opportunity to make a sale.

Ask Yourself Is This Business Right For me?

What happens if you plan to do this as a part-time business? Well!… “YES”, there is the possibility you may make a few dollars. But will it be enough?

More importantly, if you intend this being your primary source of income. Challenge yourself way before making any final decision.

Because success in this type of volatile market hinges around selling and recruiting.

Final Thoughts

I suppose, looking at the MLM environment, and all things being equal. Then Tupperware isn’t all that bad given the terrible image the MLM industry portrays.

Over many years, MLMs have wrecked many thousands of unsuspecting people lives and life savings—the primary reason why they carry an enormous stigma.

Why waste your time with MLMs?

There are so many upfront costs, hidden away from you until you sign up—the Pressure to sell and recruit just to stay active in the business.

I challenge you. Do you want to be another victim when there are alternatives? Or, perhaps you’re looking to start your own business that has the flexibility to suit your timetable?

If you are earnestly dedicated to wanting making some money while having a flexible schedule. A schedule that suits your lifestyle. Why then not consider starting your own online business? That way, you’re totally in control.

You make all the decisions in what you want to promote as opposed to having someone standing over you, telling you what you must inspire.

Check out my #number one recommendation, you’ll have all the tools, and support you need to be dynamic, including a website, hosting, training and 24/7 help. A support system that is transparent and offers enormous opportunity.

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What Is Tupperware Products MLM Review






Quality Overall



  • Sales Targets Very Reasonable
  • Great Choice Of Products
  • BPA Free All Products


  • Many Customer Complaints
  • Shipping Charges Quite Expensive
  • Many Hidden Charges

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