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With the health industry literally booming, how do you choose, what’s the best health supplements? It’s a bit like a minefield, wouldn’t you agree? I know that’s how I see it anyway. Perhaps these days, people just haven’t enough time, with so much packed into their awake hours. They settle for vitamins as an alternative supplement, saving them time by not having to visit a doctor. Ouch!!… So, I’m guessing that’s why Usana vitamins are popular among many consumers. With this Usana Product MLM Review, we’ll look into the company, explore the products and see if it’s a right fit for you.

Who Is Usana?

Usana Logo

Usana, science-based health products. Marketing nutritional supplements, weight management, energy and personal care.

Established by Dr Myron Wentz PhD, in 1992.

Headquarters in Utah.

Company is part of the Multi-level marketing industry (MLM).

Who Is Dr Wentz?

Dr Wentz is an accomplished scientist who specialised in the study of micro-organisms and their effects on humans. Also, Dr Wentz specialises in the body’s immune system.

Besides, he pioneered the development of infectious disease diagnosis and human cell culture technology and human cell culture technology. Has a record that is extensive and distinguished.

During his many studies in science, he detected the value of antioxidants and free radicals to the human body.

Products Sold Worldwide

Since Usana launched in 1992, they have extended their market expansion into 24 countries worldwide.

Together with an extensive range of products, catering for almost every need a busy family requires.

Products are only obtainable through an Usana associate.

Usana Products Worldwide

This, however, isn’t anything new, because it’s a common practice used throughout the MLM industry.

All products are developed, tested and manufactured at the Usana headquarters in Utah.

During 2007, they experienced some strong headwinds having been investigated by the (Securities and Exchange Commission), for operating a dodgy business. However, the allegations were proven to be unfounded with no action taken against Usana.

In 2015, Usana was listed as the 24th biggest MLM company worldwide. Sure, it’s a long while ago, but just the same, some achievement. Wouldn’t you agree?

Are Usana Products Worth Their Price?

Usana market a variety of products from, wellness, nutrition, weight, vitamins skin-care and many others.

The Nutritional line seems to be the most popular.

More notably, the Usana Health Pak.

For example, there is a choice of body supplements, packaged in daily doses that contain a potent mixture of nutrition, including advanced formulas for healthy aging.

The package has 336 tabs, in convenient daily packets.

That’s a 28-day supply and will set you back $145.15.

Usana claims they’ll cut through the biochemical clash that, naturally occurs, from lifestyle, even the environment.

The company also claims, they will supposedly, activate your body capability in supporting vibrant health.

It could be argued that they are expensive. However, if the results are there, as Usana asserts. Then maybe they are good value for money.

What Does The Usana Opportunity Offer?

Starting your Usana MLM business, you’ll need to register online through the Usana sign-up page. After your application has been approved, you’re ready to start.


Usana provides many online educational training tools, with a full rundown on the company, products, and direct selling ethics.

Even if you have no previous experience, there’s plenty of training available, to get you started.

Usana Online Training

Usana also provides weekly Facebook & Zoom training to all associates.

Usana claims out rightly, the opportunity is not easy to master, nor is it any “Any Get Rich Quick Scheme”.

So, suppose you’re considering, Usana, as your business opportunity. In that case, you’ll need to allow yourself a severe block of time to learn everything.

And without the possibility of earning any commission.

Now Ready To Start Selling

So, I’ve done all that, so now I’m ready to begin my Usana journey. Not Really. Why not? Well!… You’ll need to purchase some products, of course.

Rule of thumb suggests you will need to buy around $300 worth, to at least get you started.

Associates Preferred Price

Associates buy products at 10% below the recommended retail price. But, you’re allowed to set your selling price, somewhere between preferred price and retail price. That’s all up to you, as Usana leaves you to make that decision.

I must add, that is a little different from other MLMs as they set the selling price.

Usana products are not available in retail outlets, including other online stores.

Usana Essentials

The only way customers can get products is through a registered Usana associate.

Anywhere else could be considered as counterfeit.

Being an associate, that breathes some life into selling, knowing all sales must go through associates.

The general consensus affirms Usana products are well accepted by customers new and old. That will also help, for sure.

Even though products are not what you would call cheap. Customer loyalty does come as a surprise.

Just the same, high prices, may impact on creating new sales, especially for new associates.

Unless of course, you’re able to demonstrate, benefits far outweigh the cost.

What Does It Cost To Join Usana?

When signing up as a new associate, you must purchase a starter kit, $29.95, which contains material, some brochures, a DVD, newspapers and more.

Moreover, the package clearly, is only for familiarisation purposes and doesn’t provide any products.

From there on, an annual renewal of $29.95 will be required.

At this point, you’ve only just got your foot in the door. How come? If you don’t have any products, you have nothing to sell.

So, what Usana suggest, you start with a minimum of around $300 in stock.

Maintaining Associate Status

Best I can come to a conclusion on, there isn’t any hard and fast rule to keep your associate status. But, what they do expect, you buy products for personal use and share your experience with potential customers. They believe that builds trust and will help build a trustworthy business relationship.

Are You Able To Earn Money With Usana?

The only way that you’ll make any money is selling products. And how much you earn, will be centered around your selling price. Usana, recommends you add an extra 10% to the preferred buying price. But, as I said earlier, that’s no hard and fast rule.

So, your selling price will definitely determine your commission.

The example below shows the yearly compensation from 2017 earned from the Associate downline.

Usana Compensation Chart

Preferred Customers

The trendy word within the MLM hub seems to be “Preferred Customer”. So who are preferred customers, and what role do they play in the overall scheme of things?

Preferred customers mostly have no interest in building a business. Still, they do like the products, so, they join, and receive a discount on all purchases.

Some MLM businesses will provide Free Shipping to their preferred customers. But, generally speaking, all shipping charges are tacked onto the end of the buying price.

Usually, the discount is around 10%, but there again it varies from MLM to MLM.



Drug Establishment Registration

It’s challenging to establish any MLM business that has the full backing of the FDA. However, Usana has been granted the approval of “Drug Establishment Registration”. That means they are authorised to manufacture over the counter supplements.

According to Usana, this raises their standard way above the average requirement for the manufacture of dietary supplements.

With over 90% of products produced in house, that is a massive tick for the manufacturing part of the business. Any MLM business prepared to go to this length, says a lot about commitment to the products.

BBB Rating

The Better Business Bureau, (BBB), has no listed customer complaints against Usana. According to the BBB website, they have been accredited since 2011. With an A+ Rating.

Incidentally, that is the highest rating given out by the BBB.

Customer Complaints

I have researched many customer forums, yet unable to uncover any customer complaints. That suggests to me, they have a lot of happy customers.

Oddly enough, there was a single complaint found on the Amazon site attesting that products were bogus as they failed to work as they were supposed to.

I found that quite strange considering Usana clearly says, that products can only be purchased through an authorised representative. Outside of that, they are counterfeit.

And besides, they are definitely not for sale on Amazon.

A Happy Lot Of Customers

Like I mentioned earlier reports indicate that customers are quite happy with the products. And, generally, are well accepted by existing and new customers. The research shows, they are particularly satisfied with the benefits obtained from the vitamins.

Basically, customers appear to be happy with all the products.


Associates Success Payment

The following statement released by Usana relating to associate earnings for 2017. Based on these figures, more than 53% failed to register any income. While those who earned more than $20,00 was less than 1%. Now they are pretty scary numbers.


Usana was, in 2007, embroiled in a lawsuit by two former associates. Claims ranged from,

  • Overstating the business opportunity
  • Non-disclosure that 87% of associates were losing money
  • And basically operating a pyramid scheme

The claim also stated they lost money in products that we’re unable to sell, with a similar class-action suit filed on behalf of shareholders.

Wrongful Dismissal

In 2008 two former associates received $7 million compensation for wrongful dismissal in 2003. At the time Usana claimed they were dismissed for a violation of the company policies and procedures.

Associate Success Or Failure

According to a Pyramid Scheme Expert, the Usana sales compensation plan is untenable. His viewpoint indicated associates were to find new recruits, and the program went 26 levels. The number of recruits would be higher than the number of households in the USA. He went on to say the success of Usana is dependent on a failure rate of tens upon tens of thousands of recruits.

Is Usana A Scam?

Although Usana has faced some pretty strong winds over the years (Pyramid Scheme Allegations), it has managed to pull through. And today, remain an active MLM business. On the other hand, they do hold the approval of the Drug Establishment Registration from the FDA. That alone bolsters the Usana creditability.

Are The Products Overpriced?

YES. Products are excessively overpriced, and it’s debatable they are any better than those much cheaper.

As I have demonstrated with anecdotal evidence that it is almost impossible to earn sufficient money for a sustainable lifestyle.

Usana Products Expensive

Final Thoughts

Not for one moment am I implying Usana is squeaky clean. Far from it. But, in fairness, the business model is above many other MLMs that I have reviewed.

MLM Opportunity

No matter which MLM opportunity you look at, they are all loaded upfront with memberships and purchasing stock. That simply means you’re out-of-pocket well before any sales. And who’s to know that you will make a sale?

Monthly Stock Purchases

Then you are committed to monthly stock purchasing to remain active. And be eligible for any commissions that might be owed to you. There are so many hidden charges, it’s difficult to know how what the real costs are until you’ve joined.

There’ll be heaps of pressure to sell and recruit because that is the core of the business ethic.

I Ask You This?

Are you happy being another victim? Or are you prepared in looking at alternatives?

Perhaps you’re eager in wanting to start your own business that has the flexibility to suit your timetable and lifestyle?

Looking To Earn A Real Income

If you are earnestly dedicated, and eager to know how you can make some money while having a flexible schedule, with a lifestyle to suit.

Has starting your own business been on your bucket list for yonks? And is it something you’d like to try?

It’s possible, and you’re not too late to start.

Running a business all on your own puts you in the driver’s seat.

You’ll be in control of all decision-making, what you wish to promote, without having somebody standing there telling you to do.

Does this sound like you? Then hit up my # number one recommendation? Everything you need to get started is there, such as tools and total support. Which also includes website hosting, full training with 24/7 tech support, and a transparent system with enormous opportunity.

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What is Usana Products - MLM Review






Quality Overall



  • FDA Drug Establishment Registration
  • Top BBB Rating
  • No Customer Complaints


  • Associates Poor Success Rate
  • Lawsuit
  • Wrongful Dismissal

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