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With the Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp, there is no limit as to who benefits from the training as it has been designed to cater from the beginner through to the advanced marketer with training and personal guidance course all wrapped up into one easy to follow a tutorial. In my say, I will explain the facts, and how it can be of benefit to you.

The Real Deal Affiliate


What Is Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp – How Does It work?

It is an online training course for those who are looking at trying their hand at affiliate marketing. All the training has been set up in a straight forward easy to follow lessons, including help and support along the way.

Generally speaking, there are many ways in which you can earn money. They are all configured in a way that allows you to promote a product/service by redirecting visitors to the site being supported, and in return, you get paid a commission when the visitor buys.

There is a seven day free trial period, where you are given full access to the member’s suite, and you are welcome to test drive the training lessons during that period; All without costing you one cent; So that allows you to be in complete control during the free period. We like to call it a try-before-you-buy, because we don’t want you to buy something that’s not suited to you. Besides, we realize the importance of standing behind our word, because weren’t not about ripping you off.

The Real Deal Affiliate
During the seven-day trial period, you have the option to become a premium member; But, that’s entirely up to you as you will not be pestered to take up the offer.

Is Wealthy Affiliate A Get Rich Scheme?

I say with reason that it’s not a scam or a get-rich-scheme, because there is none of that having to sign up your friends or go and sell the idea to your family. Or, for that matter, you are not asked to get your credit card ready in having to pay some ridiculous upfront fee. “NO” none of those things because you can try for free and keep your money in your pocket.

I can attest to this as I have been a member for some three years: So, I believe that I have  sufficient understanding in saying this is a very legitimate platform; No Scam – No-Get-Rich-Quick-Scheme; In fact, it’s just the opposite as the training will demonstrate why.

I realize that everyone won’t be suited to the concept, and that’s understandable; That is why we have made you a seven-day trial offer for free. All that will be asked of you is a little piece of your time and effort.

After the seven-day trial, you find that it isn’t for you, then you’ve not been loaded with some phoney out-of-date, totally useless software nor has your credit card taken a hit; So, the only thing that it has cost you is your time.

On-the-other-hand, if you believe that after the free trial, that it’s for you; Then, there’s really no telling how far you can go, or how much you can make online.

Seven Training Modules – Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp

Each of the seven training modules, there are ten lessons. As you progress through each lesson, there are tasks that you are asked to complete.

Each lesson contains information on how you can implement it into the development of your web pages. Furthermore, there is a video included with each lesson showing you how to input the information into your site. And, the beauty with each lesson, you are able to move along at your own pace;

That allows you the time and space to fully understand each experience before moving forward; Training of this nature cements a solid foundation in understanding affiliate marketing.

Module 1.

This is all relates to how, to begin with, the first stage of developing a website. The topic is based around the utilizing of a free website that is included with a free membership and the custom domain.

Thereupon, you will be shown what to do in setting this up and into your site; Including what do with installing WordPress; And “YES’ it will all happen in around 30 seconds.

After that, You’ll be shown the setting up of a theme page including on how to start writing content and inputting onto your blank canvas.

Module 2.

Writing content and why it is crucial in creating a successful blog. The more quality content you can produce the better is your chances of success. Similarly, the training will talk about “Keywords”, why they are an essential part of your content, and why using them strategically enhances your overall content.

Just-in-the-same-way, you’ll learn about affiliate links, and where and how to insert into your content. Relationships play an essential role by redirecting your visitors to your sponsor’s home page; They are called external links.

There is also another link called; Internal Links, this is used for redirecting visitors to other pages on your site without them actually leaving your site; All of this is covered in phase two of the training.

Writing content is vital to your survival, so you will be encouraged to continue writing content and adding to your pages;

Also, you will be taken on a video tour on how to use Jaaxy for keyword research.

Jaaxy is a potent “Keyword Search Tool”, and its use takes away all the hard work of manually doing a search that otherwise would be required. You will be shown how to use Jaaxy, and how to optimize the keywords best suited to your site content; This type of information is priceless.

Module 3.

The next step is basically learning the fundamentals of social media and how to get started. Writing content for social media has a different application from that of your blog. Having-said-that, the training will walk you through what best suits the social media and how to engage them with your blog pages;

Social media is a good source of attracting visitors to your site and becomes another avenue to utilize apart from the three search engines: Google-Bing-Yahoo.

Also, you will be guided through the set up on how to optimize your website by using the search engine optimization (SEO); And, the setting of Google Analytics.

By this stage, you’ll more than likely, have a pretty good understanding and have gained sufficient knowledge of what’s involved; And, how to go about establishing a successful online business.

Module 4.

You’re moving long and beginning to get into the meaty stuff, and what it all represents. This module is focused on the branding of your site; plus, how to insert images and videos into your content pages.

Branding, in essence, means that you are putting a footprint on your content, and over time become recognizable with both the search engines and visitors.

Not to mention the branding is your logo no matter where you leave the material, i.e. social media or Pinterest; When I say your footprint, what that means, using the same logo on every bit of content.

You will understand more clearly if you take a look at my site, https://www.therealdealaffiliate.com – You’ll see that my branding as “T” in the real deal affiliate.

Module 5.

We are moving along quite nicely by now; We have our website up and running, inserted a theme – we have written some content into pages – optimized our site and branded our logos. With each lesson, you will learn a little more and more, and what that does, increases your knowledge and boost your confidence.

Generally speaking, this module is more about the reflection of the previous four modules. Going back over and making sure that everything is laid out as you would like; Or, is there some fine-tuning needed here and there; And, more than likely that will be the case, speaking from my own experiences.

Even today I continually re-assess all my work and do some adjusting here and there. Because let’s face it, nobody is perfect as we all have a tendency to overlook things, especially when writing content, inserting images into your pages or forgetting those all-important external links.

Module 6.

You are now to a point where you can opt for using the search engines in various forms; For instance, what you are currently using is “Free”. However, there is another popular option, pay to advertise, pay-per-click (PPC). This is something that I would probably suggest not to do at this stage, as there is a lot to understand; And, quite frankly, you could without knowing or understanding the outcome, get badly burnt.

I personally don’t use PPC never have, because my belief, if you write good quality content and be consistent with your writing your success rate will be just as effective, and without shelling out any money. However, the choice is yours

Module 7.

By this stage, we have almost nailed the affiliate marketing processes, even though my summation is a broad brush affair. Which leads me to suggest becoming a free member and going over the training in full, your understanding will be much clearer to that of what I have portrayed here.

Is Wealthy affiliate For Me?

Look at it from this viewpoint, and as I illustrated from the outset; It’s no scamming site, no get rich scheme just good honest facts on what is required in getting started.

You are more than welcome to take a cruise around the site; Test drive for seven days and decide for yourself whether the Bootcamp training or Wealthy Affiliate for that matter is meant for you. I don’t know of any other platform has such an offer.

That’s right, No Credit Card – No Upfront Buys – No Useless Software to Purchase; None of that, instead, I’m asking you to test drive the system for seven days; A try before you buy and all for nothing.

This is why Wealth Affiliate stands head and shoulder above the rest.

There is no other platform on this planet that comes anywhere close to what we offer. Everything is transparent so that you go in with your eyes wide open and with a full understanding of what is on offer.

Membership Breakdown

Basically, there are three options; FREE seven-day trial where you can test drive the training on the platform, or there are two other options available; Monthly $49.00 or yearly, $359.00. With the yearly offer, you receive a saving of $229.00.

Becoming a premium member opens up many other avenues within the training which includes, websites, keyword research, WordPress, website support and community help.

Nothing To Hide You Decide If Wealthy Affiliate Is For You

You are informed upfront what the prices are, and what you can expect, because we have nothing to hide; And, then we leave it up to you; You’re in the driver’s seat on your own.


Thank your for taking the time to read my post. if there is something you wish to ask, or you wish to offer. Then please leave a comment below and I will reply.

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