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Has someone ever made a sales pitch to you about a company called Zurvita? And how they are living a healthy lifestyle, as well as generating a few extra dollars. Usually, it comes from a family member or a very close friend. They’ll start, by mentioning how they are running a home-based business, working flexible hours and maintaining a good standard of living. In my Zurvita Zeal MLM Review, I’ll take an inside look at the company and products, look at the MLM business opportunity and see if it’s right for you,

Who is Zuriva Zeal?

The Zurvita company was founded in 2008, by Mark and Tracy Jarvis and Jay Shafer, with headquarters in Houston Texas.

The Zurvita mission aims for the empowerment of people by encouraging them to believe and have faith in themselves through health and wellness products. Currently, distributed and sold in the US, Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rica by independent consultants.


Zurvita Products Are They Worth The Price?

Nutritional supplement products are experiencing rapid growth, and the Zurvita Zeal is no expectation.

The lineup of products in their organization is impressive. For instance, take the Zeal 6-pack, a concentrated blend of whole food concentrates. It provides a balance of antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients, likely to restore cellular levels in your body.

Zurvita Zeal Combo Pak

Even though the vitamins are not organic, according to Zurvita, they are packed with every day commonly used household named vitamins.

The available six flavours are Wild Berry, Bold Grape, Wild Berry Classic, Tropical Dream and 2 types of Mango.

But then again, Wild Berry and Mango are not gluten, vegan and kosher FREE.

Vegan drinks contain a different level, of ingredients, to conform with kosher, vegan certification standard.

As specified in the Zurvita catalogue, energy and focus drinks, Nutrition and Supplements, Health – Wellness and Performance – Fitness, is contained in many other lines apart from the Zeal line.

None the less, and indeed, the range of products is comprehensive, but, just the same, they all maintain a hefty price tag. More significantly, the combo packs.

So, be prepared to part with a fair bit of money.

Energy Drinks

Most definitely, Zurvita hangs their hat on the Zeal line, especially the energy drinks, and that’s fair enough too.

With so many people exercising and looking to replenish energy during and after finishing, energy drinks have become very popular.

So, it’s easy to see why their prime focus is aimed at this popular niche—zeal energy drinks. And, considered by most users, being value for money.

Zurvita Zeal+ Combo

What Does Zurvita Opportunity Offer?

As a Zurvita consultant, you have an enormous advantage because products can only be purchased through Zurvita representatives.

Apart from that, I uncovered, on Amazon, where they are being sold with the price being identical. The products are being sold by a company called IServe, who is entirely separate. And, not sold by Amazon.

Joining up will signal that you are agreeable to the riggers in pursuit of recruiting. On the other hand, if you have an extensive network of people and are quite comfortable having to hire, then this company may sit well with you.

What Does It Cost To Join Zurvita?

There is a joining fee of $35.00, in becoming a consultant with Zurvita. From there on, you’ll need to buy a Starter Pack, and they range from $274.95 – $549.95.

Also, there is an annual renew membership of $25.00 on the anniversary date of your acceptance.

Quickstart Pak

The QuickStart Wellness Pak will set you back $274.95,

and it contains two Zeal canisters, 96 Zeal single-serving bottles in three varieties.

Are You Able To Earn Money With Zurvita?

According to the Zurvita YouTube snippet, you have three opportunities of earning a commission.

  1. Thirty Day Program Designed to get you started by finding at least three customers each month. Then the following month, your products are free. Also, they will allow you with a free website and a mobile back-office app.
  2. Recruiting You’ll be encouraged to recruit 2 new consultants each month, then teach them to do the same. And when you hire three in any one month the following month, your order is free. Zurvita believe, continually finding new recruits from the start will help you with building a substantial business, and move you through the levels by recruiting.
  3. 30 Day All-Star Plan Find your first three preferred customers who sign up and buy a loyalty pack, and you’ll earn $20 for each loyalty pack.
Zurvita Zeal for Life

Retention Bonus

You’re now eligible for the continued retention bonus, months 2 through 12. The customer satisfaction bonus is $10 plus 20% commission ($9.00) for each month they place an order.

Making a few estimations, you sign up 10 in one calendar month, who buy a loyalty pack you earn $300. Given they all reorder the following months up to 12 months, you will receive a monthly loyalty bonus $190.00.

Team Bonus Plan

This one kicks up a notch when you begin building your business. Mostly it’s all focused around recruiting consultants who then will help you increase you’re downline. As I’ve said in other MLM reports, this is far more difficult than it sounds.

None the less, this is what you need do, recruit as many new consultants as possible.

Surprisingly though, Zurvita realizes this as a significant challenge, so, they suggest, that, as a starting point, find two, and build from there.

Two mightn’t sound much of a big deal, and to some, it won’t be. But that’ll be the exception, not the norm.

There’ll be a heck of a lot more Nos before there is ONE YES.

Rejection for some people be terribly hard to handle, and with getting continuous refusals, it will start to take its toll. So, for you to push through the rejection barrier will require a lot of inner searching of your soul.

With the likelihood, you’ll draw back into your shell finding it much too confronting.

But, just the same, success is only born from perseverance and persistence.

And, it goes with saying, more people you enlist into your business the higher your monthly payment will be.

Business Structure

From all my research, it is strikingly obvious, the whole business structure is focused toward recruitment.

Mind you, there is nothing wrong with recruiting people into a business. But in my opinion, Zurvita business plan is on a much grander scale than that.

No matter where you look every bit of their business plan focuses on recruitment and continually building a team, with minimal mention of the products.

Of course, you will for sure, earn good commissions having a strong and reliable  down-line. But,  that can only happen by constantly recruiting people.

Zurvita Business Structure


Exclusive Rights

Zurvita Independent Consultants have the only exclusive right in selling the Zurvita products. That provides them with the overwhelming hand of distribution. Not only that, for you to become a part of the Zurvita team, joining can also only be done through an existing consultant member.

Money-Back Guarantee

There is a full 30-day money-back guarantee with all products. Even so, this seems to be a standard procedure with most other MLM businesses, and more significantly in the Health and Wellness industry.

Product Return

All products being returned, it is the full responsibility of all consultants to arrange the returns. Also, you are responsible for all associated shipping charges. Plus Zurvita stipulates, they take no liability whatsoever for any loss or damage and therefore recommends using a company who has tracking facilities, such as FedEx or UPS.

Buy Back Procedure

Any Independent Consultant who decides that the Zurvita business isn’t for them, and wishes to give up. There is a stock buyback in place for any unused stock, provided they haven’t passed their use-by-date and in reusable condition.

All charges relating to the return of stock must be paid by the consultant. And, this is a standard process used by other online businesses.


FDA Approval

All products are not endorsed by the FDA (Federal Drug Administration). From my research, I understand that the FDA has no controlling power with the manufacture of any Health and Wellness products. That though doesn’t give Zurvita and leeway in claiming that the products are FDA approved.


Are the Zurvita products natural or not? According to them, they are. But, Organic means, all ingredients are naturally sourced, and these products are not. So, that, could be misleading by having end users believe something that isn’t strictly true.

Opportunity Only Available In A Handful of Countries

Zurvita has been in business for over 12 years, yet the products are only available in 6 countries with the most significant push being the USA. So, that, indicates that the company isn’t as famous as what Zurvita would make you believe. The limiting factor with this, less money available for distribution among Consultants. And so much more challenging to earn a reasonable income from the

Limited Potential

The most common thread with all MLMs is the potential of earning any decent income.

By the Income Disclosure Statement, 78% of Zurvita Consultants, on average earn $618 P.A. (per Annam). With, a further 11% make around $136 P.A. That represents a whopping 89% of their Consultants.

On this basis, possibilities of making any decent money look very slim

Misleading Health Claims

As reported by Truth In Advertising, Zurvita is making health claims concerning the benefits derived from their supplements, without any verification. Independent Consultants continue to make assertions without any evidence to support these claims.

Is Zurvita A Scam

Zurvita, market and sell real products; therefore, I don’t consider the business as being a scam.

The separation between a business operating as a scam and one that works within the goodwill of business ethos, distinguish the difference.

For instance, Zurvita is a current member of the Direct Selling Association, (DSA), who have a code of conduct where all members are obliged to operate within the framework. Whereas, companies are so far removed from any code of conduct.

None the less, Zurvita is still a Multi-level marketing company where generating revenue is heavily weighed toward recruitment, in conjunction with real sales to real customers. And Zurvita does combine both into their business marketing plan. That is why I believe they are not a scam company.

Zurvita Is It Worth The Investment

While products appear to offer benefits, which is excellent. Zurvita places much more emphasis on the recruitment side of the business. Why? I’m not sure why.

But, you would think having real products that appear to hold their own in the market place. The shift, you would think, would be directed more toward the products.

Because of the product range, and sales volume, suggest to me they are operating a legitimate MLM business.

The other point that raises concern, they have, in the past, been exposed for misrepresenting income potential for Consultants.

But, then again, it’s something that seems to go arm in arm with the MLM industry.

Many times over I’ve seen where they offer you everything under the sun, but, deliver nothing. In fact, leave you heartbroken, and in debt.

Final Thoughts

Earning good money with any MLM is a tuff gig.

Sure, some have made a decent living, but, what we don’t know is how much they have spent getting themselves to that level.

MLM businesses are always quick in letting you know about a few success stories. But, never mention anything about the many failures that occur daily.

Zurvita does have a checkered record relating to false FDA claims and, misrepresenting potential income. So, for mine, you can do much better.

A countless number of people can only dream of having a flexible work style, with a purposeful income. Yet it is achievable. Check out my #1 recommendation, it’s how I got my start. So why not you?

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What Is Zurvita Zeal - MLM Review






Quality Overall



  • Exclusive Rights
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • Product Buy-Back


  • No FDA Approval
  • Not Available Worldwide
  • Limited Potential
  • Misleading Health Claims

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