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Apart from a pram, the next most important item in your baby collection, most likely, will be a stroller. So, accessing crucial information that’ll put you in the driver’s seat for getting the right decision first up. Will undoubtedly be pivotal. So then, what is the best baby stroller? In this review, I’ll run the measure over the most sort after, Milkbe Lullaby Stroller, crafted with an innovative B-touch auto braking system technology, along with other advanced features.

Auto Brake Technology

The latest stroller in the Milkbe stable is the Milkbe Lullaby Stroller fitted with a world-first self-stopping sensor fitted along the handlebar. This technology, as attested by the manufacturer, is the first of its kind anywhere in the world.

In practical terms, the innovation ensures that the stroller only moves when someone is holding on to the stroller.

Once hands leave the handlebar, the stroller will automatically apply the brakes giving certainty the stroller doesn’t roll away—a long-overdue innovation.

This revolutionary B-touch technology, adds an exceptional class of styling, with a splash of trendiness to it. You could say it’s where technology meets safety.

Usable From Birth 

Such is this versatile stroller, in that it’s suitable to use soon after childbirth. However, it’s highly recommended such use be in conjunction with a carrycot, for safety reasons and cosiness, especially for a newborn’s environment.  

Reversible Handle Positions

There are two handle positions, forward, or parent-facing and the switch is a straightforward operation—an ideal feature for variable weather conditions, or when your baby is asleep. As your baby grows, the forward position allows them to explore their surroundings. 

Three Seat Positions

What a smart feature this is? Its design has three positions, and dependant of your child’s mood, they can either sit upright or lounge back into the stroller. And with a good recline for them to sleep comfortably.

Adjustable Handle And Footrest

The handle height adjustment provides a comfortable balance for correct walking posture because posture is vitally important for reducing any back injury or strain. 

Adjustable footrest eliminates the danger of feet dangling below the front of the stroller, thus reducing potential injury.

Comfortable Ride

The Milkbe Stroller has a U-shaped cab and sits on a ballast of dual shock absorbers, ensuring the perfect ride no matter the terrain. 

Underseat Storage

The under-seat storage basket has ample room to stow away everything you and baby need for the day, whilst on the move.

All In One Package

The Milkbe Lullaby arrives with all the well-appointed features, removing the necessity for additional carriers as your child grows.   

For instance, the stroller seat can be replaced with the carrycot, creating a pram environment, for when your child is at the infant stage—then replaced with the stroller seat later on.   

Universally it’s a package, all wrapped into one. For example, this is a pram, buggy, and a pushchair stroller—a unique all-in-one bundle.

Lightweight Compact Body

This stroller is compact with a lightweight body making assembling and de-assembling simple, while it reduces to a fraction of its full size. Again, movement in and out of a vehicle is an effortless chore. And, achieved within a matter of a few seconds. 

Car Seat Adaptor

Milkbe car seat adapter has some added benefits, as it’s self-stopping frame allows you to adapt to your chosen car seat. Thus effectively turning your stroller into a convenient full travel system. Whilst installing the adapter will take around 30 seconds. 

Also, it allows you to use the car seat before your baby is ready to sit upright in the stroller seat.

Plus, it can fold with the car seat attached, allowing you to carry it on transit or flights.

The car seat adapter (an optional extra) gives the added benefit of adapting with most other popular car seats, such as Nuna, Cybex, Maxi Cosy and many others. And, retails for $25.00

Milkbe Carry Cot

Safety and comfort have always got to be the top priority. Right? So, how important is transporting a newly born whether it be on foot or vehicular? Ultra essential, and that is why the all-important Milkbe carrycot should be part of your stroller package even though it comes to a reasonably hefty price, $150.00. None the less it’s an essential addition when you consider transforming your stroller into a pram. The cost pales away into insignificance.  

The padding is a foam-lined base, provides a lavish soft interior and shell, for that extra dimension of class.

Swapping from a stroller to carrycot gives the protection and comfort to your infant. And, changing from one to the other is a straightforward, simple task.

Arrives with a water-resistant wrap, and with an opening to allow ventilation and prevent overheating.

Pram Vs Stroller

Strictly speaking, it comes as no surprise that the term “Pram – Stroller’, is taken as meaning the same thing, yet individually they have very different functions. For instance, a pram predominately refers to one with a bassinet or flat sleeping surface, although these days a majority of available models offer both features.  

Whereas, strollers, in the norm, has a child seat where the infant comfortably fits into, while maintaining all the safety standards of height and weight, with a balance and comfort and manoeuvrability. 

Milkbe has taken all of that to another level by wrapping both functions up into one convenient package.


Unfolded27″L X 24.5:W X 43″H
Folded21″L X 14″W X 7″H
Total Stroller Weight25.5 lbs or 11.5 kgs
Milkbe Lullaby USB compatible charger technology for the B-tough handle sensor

Milkbe Lullaby Overview

A stroller with versatility, style, comfort and state of the art technology, all encompassed into one universally available package.

The Lullaby, designed with an innovative B-touch auto braking system, ensuring the stroller stops when hands are removed from the handlebar or even when the foot brake is not applied.

Also, it must be pleasing for parents to see that safety features have played an intricate part of the manufacturing design by Milkbe, by incorporating them into this stroller. 

Informational Facts

  • A genuinely sophisticated, groundbreaking auto braking system. First of its kind worldwide. 
  • Milkbe carry cot compatibility, newborn-infant use up to 33 lbs.
  • Compatible carrycot Optional extra $25.00
  • Reversible seat, the parent or forward-facing positions
  • Three-point recline: sit, lounge, or sleep
  • Adjustable footrest eliminates dangling feet entanglement.
  • Adjustable handle
  • Strong metal alloy frame
  • The B-Touch auto braking system automates itself when your hands leave the handlebar.
  • All-wheel shock absorber suspension giving off a more comfortable ride experience for your child
  • Removable and washable seat cushion
  • U-shape cabin
  • Adjustable skylight canopy
  • Under-seat storage space
  • Easy assembly
  • Two-year manufacturer’s warranty

Why Is The Milkbe Lullaby Stroller The Safest?

Fundamentally, why is it the safest stroller?

When safety features are at the forefront of any design during manufacture, the result then speaks for itself. 

The number of pram or stroller accidents are a result of lacking correct safety measures, mainly related to ran-aways. So, Milkbe has considered safety and developed a sensor braking system, the first of its kind worldwide. Thus, making it the safest stroller in today’s stroller market. 

Four-Wheel Stroller Vs Three Wheel Stroller

Safety features shouldn’t vary no matter the stroller type, even though parents in the past felt that a four-wheel stroller was much safer than that of a three-wheeler.

 The major problem with the three-stroller, centred mainly around its unpredictably of tipping over or moving if left unattended. 

The safety standard stipulates that it is now mandatory that strollers a fitted with a wrist strap, in preventing the stroller moving while unattended. (Why not a sensor braking system?)

However, and because of the lack of safety considerations, the stroller toppling over remains an issue of concern. So, choosing a stroller that comes with many safety features, and will best suit your ideals, must significantly, attract and deserve considerable thought during the buying process.  

Below are some comments from customers:

Final Thoughts

The Milkbe Lullaby Stroller, crafted with an innovative B-touch auto braking system technology, along with other advanced features, stands alone at the head of the stroller market.

And that is why I thoroughly recommend the Milkbe Lullaby Auto Braking Stroller. From my perspective, it’s always best to make one capital investment that will offer many more features, And, in the long run, saves spending extra cash for add ons as your child grows.

Another reason why I have chosen this stroller, the safety standards surpass anything else in its class.

And, let’s face it, the flimsy mandatory safety standards currently on products for babies and infants, is almost non-existent. So, the regulations are in desperate need of an overhaul considering the number of basics that most parents would own. 

With the few existing safety standards, an overhaul is more crucial than ever, considering the number of basics that most parents would own. 

Things like bassinets, cot mattresses, high chairs, change tables, baby bottles and teats, safety gates and barriers, backyard play equipment, baby carriers and slings and playpens. So, without labouring on the safety issue, even though the list is significant, the safety standards are in desperate need of revamping the rules to prevent injuries.

What's The Best Baby Stroller - Review






Quality Overall



  • Auto Braking Technology
  • Convertible Pram / Stroller
  • Birth To Pre-School


  • Available USA Canada Only
  • Supply Shortage

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