Who Is Younique – MLM Review

How many times have you heard these magical words?

Earn money direct selling, work hours that are flexible to your personal life. And that’s it. But that isn’t true? Is it. You know in your own heart that there is something smelly about such a statement. Guess what? There is something smelly, for sure. Younique, like many MLM’s, uses the time and money freedom snare all the time. And do you know why? Because it’s persuasive, and works. In this Younique Products Review, I’ll nudge out the bad points. Look at the good points and the company, including their range of products. It could reveal this opportunity doesn’t fit too well into your making any money.

Who Is Younique?

Younique was founded in 2012, by Derick Maxfield and his sister Melanie Huscroft. It’s a direct selling cosmetics company. Head Office is situated in Utah, employing over 200 people. Younique concentrates its products range in the cosmetics arena. It is aimed, generally, toward women.Younique Logo

The values of the company imply they have a mission toward creating women’s self-esteem and spiritual enlightenment. Also claiming, they are lifting the inner and outer beauty of women. So, it comes as no surprise the products include, makeup, skincare and many different types of fragrances.


The annual revenue turnover in 2016 was $400 million. But, by the year ending 2019 that had slipped to $350 million. There are around 200 million presenters, and selling into 12 countries worldwide. With a significant presence in Australia.


During 2017, Coty Inc. indicated that it would buy 60% of the Younique business for something like $600 million. Sighting the reasons for the acquisition is that it will reduce the dependence if its ailing fragrance line. Maxfield and Huscroft have retained the remaining 40%.

Coty Inc. is no stranger to the cosmetics industry. Coty Inc. considered as being one of the major players in the global cosmetics scene.

A few of the lines already part of their portfolio, CoverGirl, Clairol, OPI, Calvin Klein and Marc Jacobs.

Coty Inc. declared they would continue with the Younique Brand name, and maintain the Line of products.

Are Younique Products Worth Their Price?

A high influence standard, in any business, is paramount and must be backed up with quality products. And, it’s fair to say that Younique is right up there with the likes of Avon, and the Mary Kay product line.

Younique – Uplift Products

Even so, a quick scan revealed a litany of complaints from many customers. They focused on customer service, and items missing from orders sent to customers.

In one instance, it took over three months for a customer to receive her order And then the order was incomplete. Another, where a customer received a mascara, but it was dry. A replacement was issued, and “YES” it was also dry. Also, there were several credit card complaints.

Presenters of the Younique business may find, with so many customer-related complaints, generating sales could be so much harder.

That you would think, could severely impact on business outcomes. When you consider, without a constant flow of sales, generally leads to a lack of enthusiasm and interest. Eventually, you give up.

That’s all because Younique doesn’t support their product guarantee stipulated on their website. So, you fail, and through no fault of your own.

Class Action Lawsuit

Younique, in 2017, became embroiled in a class-action lawsuit. The class-action started by customers who are seeking a settlement of $3.25 million. Claiming that Younique mascara wasn’t made from natural Fibre as stated on the website. That leads me back to the vital question, “Are Younique Products Worth The Asking Price”. From my viewpoint, probably not.

No FDA Approval

Since the FDA has not tested the products, they are unable to verify any of the ingredients included in the products independently. Apart from that, cosmetic products of a similar are readily available at any of your local drugstores. And much cheaper.

The Younique MLM Opportunity

Now that we’ve laid out the foundations of Younique. It’s time to delve into the prospect of whether it’s the right choice for you.

Once you have gone through the signing procedure, you then will be a registered Younique presenter. From there forward is when you’ll begin to feel the riggers of an MLM operation. It will be all the usual pressure points. Such as, buy products to generate sales and encourage other people also to become “PRESENTERS”. Just like you. That is the typical run of the mill MLM business operation.

Younique Foundation

Selling On Social Media

Younique encourages all new presenters, selling cosmetic makeup on social media outlets can be an ideal way of making sales and creating a sound customer base. There are, of course, the face to face home demonstrations as well.

Product Exclusivity

Are the sale of Younique products exclusive to their presenters? Not really. I searched both eBay and Amazon, and blow me down they were for sale on each of these platforms. So, in essence, there is no exclusivity. Similar to that of Monet Products.

Younique How Much Will It Cost To Come On Board?

For you to become a Younique Presenter, you’ll need to fork out $99.00. and starts you off at the White Status Level, and includes a kit. The kit contains 17 assorted items, chosen from the company’s range of products.

Kit Updated

Younique released an updated kit as of June 1, 2020. They say the updated package provides you with access to your e-commerce site. With world-class online training, digital business management tools as well as membership in Younique Presenter-only Facebook groups.

Younique You-Ology

NO Exchange

If you joined the Younique business just before the new release, guess what? There’s “NO” exchange. That right, no exchange? Here is what their website says,

“Welcome to the Younique Family! We apologize for the inconvenience, but the YOUNIQUE Presenter Kit is not eligible for exchange”. 

Can You Make Money With Younique?

There is a significant advantage of becoming a Younique Presenter, as you can host virtual online parties. All from the comfort of your lounge room. Without having the annoying inconvenience of having to drive to a friend’s house set up product displays and pack it all up afterwards.

Presenters Commission

Presenters earn commissions from personal retail sales.

Younique Status Comensation Plan

Plus, they also receive a commission from the sales of any of the recruits they introduce into the business. And further commissions from the lower levels recruited into your downline. For example, below is a hierarchy chart of how all works.

Younique Royalties Compensation Plan


Prompt Payment Of Commissions

Younique claim that after every sale you generate from the website. You will receive your commission within 3 hours after the purchase. They also claim that you are entitled to receiving your commission as quickly as possible. That has to be a plus for current and future presenters.

Personal Website

Every person who signs on with Younique gets issued with an individually built storefront homepage. And, it is ready for you almost immediately after signing up. So, you can start selling the Younique range straight-away.


There is a training academy called Youniversity. The academy is a weekly session covering Younique training, marketing tips. And, ways how to connect with Facebook group pages.

Can be a valuable tool for those who see the need for how to sharpen their marketing skills. Or, even fine-tune what they already know.

Global Market

Being able to market products to the world is a distinct advantage. And, is an enormous benefit for Younique presenters as many other businesses, who operate in a similar market restrict sales to the USA.


Bit of a tricky one. Typically, and in most other party plans, the hostess receives a bonus gift from the sales. And the bonus value is usually calculated by the total dollar volume of sales.

The Y-Cash system that Younique use is a credit system. Calculated on the same basis as the bonus system. But instead of receiving a bonus or gift your given credits that can be used only on Younique products.

That may be a distraction for those hostesses who would much prefer the bonus gift rather than credit points. And what if, there aren’t sufficient sales. Then the hostess gets nothing as total sales haven’t qualified for Y-Cash credits.

And, if you’re wondering what the qualifying bar is? Every One Dollar spent earns One Y-Cash point. So, for the hostess to qualify, sales need to reach a minimum of $200. That’s the qualifying benchmark.

So, to qualify, and receive your 10% discount. Party sales must reach $200, or beyond. Example Below.


Fast Money Back Guarantee – Is It?

Although, Younique, boast of having a fast money-back customer guarantee. That seems to differ from a log of complaints registered by dissatisfied customers.

The company is a registered member of, Better Business Bureau (BBB), and with a rating level of, A+. But, complaints lodged with BBB disagree with the fast money back policy where a majority of claims centred around Products and the Money-Back-Guarantee.

In one instance, a customer placed an order and received the goods 12 days later. But some of her order was incorrect—contacted customer service to arrange a replacement. Three weeks later, replacement order remained unfulfilled. So, she requested a refund. However, and because the money-back guarantee is for 14 days on an issue of products, her request was outside company policy.

Funny that isn’t it? It seems as if they, (Younique) made errors, and yet the customer was held to the strict 14 money-back guarantees.

Here’s the Return Policy/Guarantee information.

Younique Product Exchange Policy











Be Mindful Of Complaints 

Although Younique rating, (A+) with BBB is of a satisfactory standard. The many complaints must be of concern. When you take into account the claims listed against them by unhappy customers.

And that must signal to you there are plenty of red flags of concern. When red flags come up with any MLM business, it’s always in your best interest to dig deeper into the company’s history before making any decision. And that is the case here with Younique.

Misinforming Advertising

A class action filed against Younique about false claims relating to their Moodstuck 3D Lashes as natural and containing “100 Natural Green Tea Fibres.” Claimants alleged that the ingredients were in fact “Unnatural”. That was back in 2017. Since that date, Younique has paid out $3.25 million settlement.

Recruitment And Sales 

Nothing new about the shabby tactics used by Younique. No matter what MLM business you look at, they are all the same. With recruitment at the forefront of their business and pressure sales tactics. On the cover, they make everything look shiny and attractive. Underneath, it’s a much different story, as that’s where their true identity comes through. No wonder those who get hooked realize shortly after, what they have let themselves into, a maze of uncertainty.

Remaining An Active Member  

Younique presenters are required to continue buying products whether they sell them or not. Otherwise, they will lose the ability to retain their buying status within the company. Do you think they give a dot about your being able to sell? No, not at all. They are only driven by two things, recruitment and sales month on month. And if you’re not up to that standard and lapse in maintaining your buying status, then they will have no qualms in gutting you lose.

Younique Is It A Scam?

Researching presenters views regarding how they feel about Younique is a bit of a mixed bag. Sure, some swear by the company and claim they are making money. That may be true but, out of pocket expenses are not factored into those earnings. On the flip side, it’s a much different story told by those who have become a victim.

Now, I’m not suggesting for one moment they all can be taken seriously. But, when you see so many and backed up with customer complaints, then, one can only assume that Younique is an untrustworthy business.

Final Thoughts

Choosing to work in any MLM business isn’t any walk in the park. The environment is lousy, and the tactics used are gut-wrenching. Never allow yourself to get lured toward all the glossary. They use it as a masquerade to suck you into joining. Of the many thousands upon thousands who join MLM companies, there are only hundreds who make any sort of decent living from it. That now brings me to Younique. Are they any different from the others? NO.

Younique presenters face the same principle as the rest of the MLM’s. Keep selling, keep recruiting, and you’ll retain your status. Drop below the required expectation, and there goes your standing, just Like that. Because they don’t give a damn about how much you sell. Why? They are only interested you recruiting new people into their system—bottom Line.

Looking To Start Your Own Business

If you are looking to having your own business, and if that is your eventual goal. Check out my #number one recommendation, you’ll have all the tools, and support you need to be dynamic, including a website, hosting, training and 24/7 help. A support system that is transparent and offers enormous opportunity.

Younique Call To Action



Who Is Younique MLM Review






Quality Overall



  • Personal Website
  • Prompt Commission Payments
  • Y-Cash Credits


  • False Advertising
  • Strong Focus on Recruitment
  • Product Refund Complaints

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