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Have you ever gone back over your baby stroller research and wondered what was still missing? You thought that you had everything covered. And that your analysis was complete. Even felt excited Yay. You were brimming with enthusiasm. You just somehow knew it; this was going to provide all the answers. Probably your best research so far. But, after going back over your research the next day, you felt disappointed. Only to realize your research lacked valuable information, short in detail, among other vital bits of information. With a deep sigh, you concede this parenting thing isn’t so easy after all. So then, what can you do? Let me take you through my PishPosh Baby Review, and we’ll take an in-depth look at how to overcome all your questions and answers.

Who Is PishPosh Baby?

PishPosh Baby sells an extensive range of childcare products, including a line of nursery and gifts.

A privately-owned business, founded in 2014 with its head office in Lakewood New Jersey. The current CEO, Dov Kurlander. They are renowned as a leading online retailer, providing a vast array of products, ranging from nursery to babywear—infants up to pre-school age.

What is The Product Range?

PishPosh Baby aims to equip customers with the broadest choice of products on the internet. The extent and spread of merchandise go way beyond that of the average expectation.

Baby strollers, for instance. The choice and selection with strollers are extensive, ranging from single, double, twin to off the road strollers, and lots more. Plus, the range is the most sought after brands.

Then there are car seats—a gambit of choice, size and design imaginable. No doubt there is something there, to satisfy every demand. And, that’s notwithstanding the excellent range of on the go baby carriers. Nor the superb range of nursery and bedding.

Why Is The PishPosh Baby Range Better?

The aim is to give existing and new customers, the broadest choice of top brand named products. Undoubtedly, that is what has skyrocketed them into being a leader for infant products, compared to anywhere else in the online world.

For instance, the depth and breadth of their products, extend way beyond baby strollers and accessories. When you take into account, for example, every nursery must-have, up to pre-schoolers is there, and all in one location. Is it any wonder they are recognized to be among the leaders for the infant goods.

How Is Their Product Knowledge Better?

Understanding the customer requirements, and being in a position to address their concerns confidently, is so essential in putting parents minds to rest. PishPosh staff have an extensive knowledge base to draw on. Just another reason why knowing the finer points about their products is so important.

It all comes back, directly, to customer satisfaction. There are many other instances, where other online retailers have little to no knowledge of the line of products they are selling.

Staying ahead of the kerb with the latest product innovations are also vitally important. And, it also tells a potential customer you understand, and how to address those concerns. Also, there is a vast amount of online product information, on how best to choose any one or more products, such as a baby stroller, baby jogger, or car seat etc.

PishPosh Convertible Car SeatsPishPosh Baby Carriers






PishPosh Baby-Mom Reps

No one knows PishPosh better than PishPosh moms. Sure, moms know what they want, and what’s best for their infants. But, honestly, any other objective advice about baby products. Can surely be of added benefit. That’s the reason why PishPosh Moms became. They understand, having been through the same experience themselves.

Take a deep breath and visualize.

How good would it be, if mums around your age with the combined knowledge who are also in the know about what is available today? Wouldn’t that would be like pennies from heaven, right?

After all, you just want honest to goodness advice as a mother. Not a lot to ask is it?

Guess what? PishPoshBaby Mom Rep has just that. They understand sound advice geared entirely toward you is controlling. Why? Because it is sincere and factful.

They offer that well-constructed advise. Also, they will make some suggestions. But, the final decision rests with you. Armed with priceless information of this calibre, is like striking GOLD.

And do you know why they offer advice?

Because they thrive on the greatest of pleasures in being able to share the knowledge they have accumulated over the years of the first-hand experience.

Why PishPosh Baby Is Customer Focused

The instant you make contact with PishPosh Baby, the focus is centred around helping you. It doesn’t matter whether you’re inquiring online, telephone or face to face.

PishPosh Double StrollersThe quality of service given is of paramount importance. Questions will be answered with the utmost of attention and with detail to the best outcome in suiting your needs.

Think of it like this.

How difficult can it be, trying, to arrive at a final decision, without any guidance or assistance? Overwhelming daunting. Right?

So, why wouldn’t you snap up the opportunity, and tap into a reliable knowledge base, that takes care of all those pressures for you?

Test Drive Strollers Before You Buy

Those who visit any of the PishPosh Baby stores will be able to test-drive first-hand, items of you’re interested. For example, there is a test drive stroller track, where you’re ready to try out a variety of strollers.

And get this?PishPosh Single Strollers

Test them over the type of terrain you think what you’ll need the stroller to undertake.

And that’s not all. Because it’s all in-store, you have the privilege of getting the first-hand experience. And all before you buy. How Good Is That?

Ho, by the way, when you’ve finished having fun with the original test drive stroller track. You then can test the stroller push motion, fold, and how compact it will store in the car trunk. The try Before You Buy”, ensuring you get what you want, precisely. Who said, excellent old fashion customer service is long gone?

Business Rating

The value of having a first-class business rating is vital to any business, no matter its size.

PishPosh carries an excellent rating (A+) with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). That has been the way for some considerable time. One thing is for sure, any business with such a rating is the top line. You can bet your bottom dollar. They are always the best businesses to conduct any business affair.

Returns & Exchanges

PishPosh baby wants all its customers to have a satisfying shopping experience. So they offer a full 30-day refund from the point of purchase. Provided your return purchase remains in new condition, unused and in the original packaging.

Another benefit with returns. Products that are returned and have passed the return policy procedure. You receive a full refund. There are no restocking fees. However, all cost of returning goods is the responsibility of the purchaser. Besides, that is the standard policy with most other companies. Return goods are always the responsibility of the sender.

Customer Service

Because PishPosh Baby value the importance of first-class customer service as being the most focal point of initial contact. It only stands to reason why they provide fully trained service people to handle your queries.


Quality Service

Rated among the best range of baby products on the internet. Backed up with a second to none customer service. They know how to value your business and treat you with patience, confidence, and assurance. Supported by top quality guidance.

Returns And Exchanges

After-sales satisfaction is tough to come by these days. Not so with PishPosh Baby. They offer a full 30-day return policy from date of purchase. That is something that deserves some serious consideration.

First-Class Product Knowledge

Being parents or about to be parents for the first time bring about a whole new living arrangement. And it can be daunting. Not so, if you consult PishPosh people, tell them what you think you’ll need, and they’ll put a well-balanced package that best suits you.

Business Rating

Any business with a top drawer rating has to be conducting business affairs to the satisfaction of customers. PishPosh Baby enjoys an A+ with the BBB. Ratings provided by BBB are of stringent criteria levels.


Hard Pressed to find any Cons as this company has covered every base of importance. They are leaving no stone unturned.


Unfortunately, Pish Posh Baby retail throughout America only. For purchases outside of America. You will need to use an American located third party who buys on your behalf and then on ships to your destination.

Final Word

PishPosh Baby tick all the boxes when it comes to offering an endless supply of baby products—followed with a customer service to match. Having researched lots of reviews, I struggled to find any that were in the harmful category. And, the BBB rating backs that up.

The ability to test drive the products before buying is something quite extraordinary. Not only is it unique. But, it also has enormous benefits, because it allows you to buy something that precisely suits your requirements, rather than thinking about what you might want. And find out later your purchase wasn’t right. Removes all the guesswork before buying. Not only that, but you also have the benefit of talking with an expertly trained consultant who in understanding, and ready to help in any way possible.

Buying from any company that has a high credit rating undoubtedly presents itself as a business that performs above and beyond the realms of trustworthiness. And PishPosh Baby enjoys the values of being in that category.

PishPosh Baby has been around for over six years in a very demanding market. A market that is not only hard to crack. But, much harder to stay at the top.

A business of that calibre is hard to come by not only in the product range and high customer service. But with high integrity values and customer-first mentality. If you are in the market for baby products, you’ll be hard-pressed to find, another company that can match them, in all the main areas of importance. They carry my full support as the baby company of choice.

PishPosh Baby






Quality Overall



  • Top Business Rating
  • First-Class Customer Service
  • Brilliant Product Knowledge


  • Sold In America Only

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