What Is Forever Living Business – Review

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How can it be? Your best friend tells you how much money he is making. And you’re stuck in a groove with no way out. So, you stop and think for a moment, if I were to use his plan, what would that do for me? Put money in my bank, pay down all those overdue bills, and YEP!… Some leftover cash. That sounds great. So, you quiz him about this wiz band fantastic idea. They are sorts of enticements most MLM businesses used to entice new recruits. And, Forever Living is no different. With this Forever Living MLM Review, I look at how the company works, including the products. Also, if the business opportunity offers as such as they claim.

Who Is Forever Living

Forever Living is a privately owned Multi-Level Marketing business (MLM). Started in 1978 by Rex Maughon, with headquarters in Scottdale, Arizona. The products of Forever Living are available in USA, Canada, England, Asia and Australia, and many other countries.

Forever Living Logo

Forever Living Resorts

In 1981, Maughon expanded his empire into vacation resorts, called “Forever Resorts”. Operating more than 65 exclusive vacation and entertainment properties. They are located nearby to many national parks, and forests spread across the USA. And a further 20 operating throughout Europe and Africa, that is situated in some most prestigious tourist locations imaginable.

Forbes Top 400

September 2006, Maughon was recognized by the Forbes Top 400 as being 360th, wealthiest person with a net worth of 600 million.

Forever Living has been operating for over 40 years. So, it’s feasible to suggest the business has withstood the test of time.


Forever Living Products Are They Worth The Price?

The range contains an assortment of products, such as weight management, personal care, nutrition, energy drinks, skincare, essential oils, Aloe Vera and Bee products.

A vast majority of products manufactured by Forever Living are Aloe Vera based, except for a handful of Bee products.

Although the brand has 4 separate authority approvals, they have no FDA approval. Therefore, without any such consent, they are substantially restricted in claims regarding any health benefits they would otherwise be able to say. However, some products may be of interest to some consumers.

Among The Most Popular Aloe LipsForever Living Products Aleo Vera Lips

Aloe Vera Lips is combined with Beeswax and Jojoba and is renowned as being a small tube of magic. Apart from its lip salve qualities. It has many other beneficial uses.

They include sunburn to dry skin, cuts – grazes, stings, cradle cap, brittle nails, and much more.

And it comes in a small tube for convenience.

Aloe Lips contains jojoba oil, a natural liquid wax that both soothes and protects lips. Jojoba, combined with a skin conditioning agent called myristyl myristate. Retails for $3.31.

Forever Royal Jelly

Forever assert, the critical ingredient in the Royal Jelly is the substance bees produce to feed the queen.

And they are:

Forever Living Products Royal Jelly• Natural energy booster

• Supports health and wellness

• All natural

• Vegetarian friendly

• Gluten-free

Supplementing your nutrition with the same type of food that fuels the queen bee, is nourishing fuel that contains 10-HDA, also known as queen bee acid.

It’s a fatty acid that’s believed to be the source of many benefits.

Royal Jelly also contains natural proteins, amino acids

mineral salts, and vitamins to help support, health and wellness. Also, being a natural source of energy. Retails for $28.51.

Fructose Intolerance

However, one of the critical ingredients is fructose based. And with many people who suffer from fructose intolerance need read the label before consuming.

Statement Revealed By Forever Living

The report below has been obtained from Forever Living website.

“These statements haven’t been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease”.

Given, Forever Living products carry a respectable reputation as being very pure and price competitive.

Many health stores sell a product similar in quality and benefits, yet are somewhat cheaper than the Forever Life Royal Jelly.

What Does The Forever Life Opportunity Offer?

Becoming A Forever Business Owner

What will, joining the Forever living plan for you? Generally speaking, it seems that most people become involved with Forever Living through the grapevine (word of mouth). And others have been invited to join following demo-parties.

There is nothing new about these types of concepts because they are standard MLM approaches. Similar to SeneGence or Younique among many others.

Possibly, you have come across one of these businesses or may have been involved. So, you’ll be familiar with the line of approach.

Forever Aloe Peaches™ Ingredients

Better Business Bureau Rating

By the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website, there are no listed complaints nor customer reviews. In the absence of any claims, BBB has rated the business as an A+ rating. The highest rating issued by BBB.

Interested In Becoming An FBO?

You’re able to join through an existing sponsor or by the person whom you brought products from.

Then again, you’d like to join but have no sponsor. Then you’d simply go to the Forever Living website, complete all the necessary details and you’ll be directed to someone in your area.

What Does It Cost To Join Forever Living?Forever Living Payment

There is no joining fee, however, be aware that you’ll need to purchase a prescribed amount of products on startup. This is something your sponsor won’t mention but will be quick in telling you that it is FREE to join.

YEP!… That’s right, buy products. And that’ll set you back quite a few dollars.

Akin to the Forever Living Terms and Conditions, you’ll need to purchase what Forever Living call, “Case Credits”. Each CC will set you back $132 wholesale price. For you to remain active, you are expected to buy a monthly minimum of 4CCs. That totals up to spending $528 every month.

No Samples

Forever Living doesn’t provide any sample products.

So that could quickly become a costly exercise for those who are just starting. Especially if you are low on ready cash.

Even more notably, if you wanted to kick start your business venture with having house parties.

In that case, what do you do? Buy lots of products and hope like hell that they sell. Or forget the opportunity altogether.

Are You Able To Earn Money With Forever Living?

You are now a business owner, so it’s your responsibility to do everything within your power in selling product for two reasons.

  • Earn a commission
  • Retain your active position in the business


Apart from whatever else, without sales, there is little chance of your business venture being a success.

Wasn’t earning lots of commission the reason you joined in the first place?

After all, quickly elevating yourself up the passive income ladder, will be the result of a fast start.

Forever Living Commissions

Remaining Active

With a benchmark of 4CCs or $528 in monthly sales, is a hefty sales threshold to remain an active member.

What do you do at month’s end if you haven’t reached sales targets? Buy more products just to remain active. And, run the risk of inflicting debt that could very quickly snowball into an unmanageable amount of money.

Especially if you are just beginning and finding it challenging pushing for sales.

A product threshold of this magnitude may cause unnecessary distress. All in the name of retaining an active member status.

Climbing The Promotional Ladder

New Distributor

Promotions give us all a nice fuzzy feeling, right? And that’s great.

But, it doesn’t come easy as there are sales criteria you’ll need to achieve before that can happen.

You’ll start out as a “New Distributor”, with the next level being, “Assistant Supervisor”.

Forever Living Climbing The Corporate Ladder

Assistant Supervisor Qualification

Moving to the first rung on the business ladder, you will need to purchase 2 case credits within a two consecutive month period.

According to the Forever Living plan, as you reach each of the four levels, you remain at the achieved level, even if you fail to reach the sales criteria. So, that’s,’s a definite plus.

Going from assistant supervisor to manager requires a further three levels, as shown in the diagram below.

Sure it would be a personal satisfaction in getting yourself to the top layer. But in reality that won’t achieve much, unless you heavily recruit along the way. What’s more, that’ll be expected of you anyway.


Discounts As An Forever Business Owner

As a registered FBO, you will receive a discount on all stock purchases. And that is terrific. But, the incentive doesn’t stop there. Because the more extensive your stock requisition, the higher the discount margins will be.

Personal Commission Bonus Income

The income incentives lie within the recruitment. In other words, generating massive commissions hinges on building a downline. Why? Because you receive a percentage of all sales, they create. Add that to the top of your own personal selling. Will make your income look much healthier.

Incentives and Awards

There are several incentives and awards you can earn as part of the company’s incentive programs. Such as recognition pins, even all-expense-paid trips. Then there are promotions, diamond rings, sculptures, and even a

handpicked tailor-made watch. Incentives are earned by working yourself up through the tiered system.


Bogus Health Claims

There is no doubting it, FBOs are under extreme pressure to makes sales. Resulting in cooking up false accusations in health claims. As I mentioned earlier, Forever Living, DO NOT HAVE FDA APPROVAL.

Resorting to this type of practice is not only extremely dangerous but also duping the public into buying supplements on false pretense. Such tactics have been identified and dealt with accordingly.

Upfront Charges Drains Your Capital

Given that signing up for the Forever Living is free, you still have to purchase products before you’re able to sell.

The suggested minimum starting point for a new distributor is 2 CCs $264. Doesn’t sound much, and neither it is. But, there’s a catch. There’s always a catch isn’t there?

Each and every month after your starting month to stay active and collect bonuses orders need to be equal in value to 4 CCs $528.

Forever Life suggests that you really should start with 4 CCs. And kick start your business straight up. Not everybody has that sort of spare money. Mind you, we’re only talking about starting your business.

Pressure Cooker Environment

I say that because the business model is based around recruiting. For sure, the expectation of you will be to develop sales growth. But the primary focus will be hiring. And that’s what I call the pressure cooker environment.

It’s an unpleasant feeling in attempting to turn customers into distributors. Apart from that, you stand the chance of being told NO. But also losing the customer in the bargain.

Is Forever Living A Scam?

My observations suggest that Forever Living isn’t a scam. Given their track record over 40+ years, and some distributors are making money from the business model.

In contrast, as a business owner, the workload will be significant, without all the other distractions that’ll go with it. And let’s not forget all out-of-pocket expenses will be costed against you and your business, such as petrol, hiring, giveaways, telephone, stationery car maintenance and many others.

Forever Living Scam

Now comes the decision part, do you join or not? That is something you’ll need to decide for yourself. However, what I strongly suggest proceed with extreme caution.

Also, try and keep in mind that Forever Living is just another of those MLM businesses that have several unsavory reputations against them, and that makes them very suspect.

Regardless of the products and the value they may offer this business has in the past made false claims. That gets around and does substantial damage to any business growth.

Final Thoughts

Rewards are there if you’re willing to commit lots of time and money toward the business. But, a substantial financial investment, upfront, is out of reach for most people.

And, there is the recruiting factor. Can you handle rejection? Lots of people find it too confronting and will always struggle. While, with others, it’s not the case. Where do you fit into that equation?

What’s more, when a pressure cooker lid is tightened, pressure starts building. And, that’s what recruitment pressure will do to you.

I have a sales background in a commission-only sales environment, and I can speak firsthand concerning sales. It works just like this. No sales, no money. No money, no food on the table. It took me quite some time in mastering the art of selling. So, make no mistake the MLM business works on the same principle.

But, do you think they care whether you’re a success or failure? No way, not in your sweet Nelly they don’t give dot about you. They use the churn and burn theory. And, that is why 95% who join wither away. And lose lots of money in the process.

I’m not suggesting that joining Forever Living is a bad idea. But, consider it with your eyes wide open. Undoubtedly, you can do better than Forever Living. And you won’t be losing heaps of money. Or will it cost you friendships that have been hard-earned over the years?

Forever Living Light Bulb Moment

Let Me Explain Why

MLM businesses are not everyone’s cup of tea, as they demand so much that it almost becomes a full-time business.

Broadly speaking, there are a lot of mums who are just looking for something where they can fill in a few hours working from home with a flexible schedule.

Like I said, high pressured MLMs are very difficult indeed. And, if you’re not cut out to their way of working. Why then, would you want to waste your time trying?

Whereas, if you have a liking toward the wellness market and would like to start your own business working from home. Somewhere you’re able to promote those types of products. Check out my #1 way to build an online business working from home.

It’s your business you make all the decisions without having someone breathing down your neck telling you what to do. Sound good? Well!… It is good. And you know what? They even provide the tools and resources to help you build a business that will thrive forever.

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What Is Tupperware Products – MLM Review

Tupperware Feature Image

Picture this? If I said to you, what MLM business has been around since the late forties? What would immediately pop into your head? Well!… That would have to be Tupperware. Right? Of course. The brand has been operating since 1948. And is the longest-serving MLM business worldwide. In fact, the name is so synonymous, you can almost bet, there’s a piece of Tupperware, practically, in every household. That’s just how well-known the brand is. And why not? With this with Tupperware Products MLM Review, I’ll take an inside look at the company and what makes these products such a popular household name. And, whether it’s worth your while having a dash at selling them.

Who is Tupperware?

Before I begin, Let’s take a quick stroll down memory lane. Enjoy.

Way back in 1938 Earl Silas Tupper developed plastic containers and burping seals, for use in the household. But, it wasn’t until 1948, at a presentation party plan where the Tupperware brand gained its fame.

In 1951 Brownie Wise (a successful sales representative) was appointed to the Vice President Role. And was given the task of heading up and developing the party plan Tupperware Logo concept. Some 70 plus years on, still remains known as the Tupperware Party Plan.

What an accomplishment, for an MLM company to have withstood the test of time?

Tupperware headquarters located in Orlando.

How Tupperware Began

Earl Tucker worked one year (1937-1938), for Du Pont. And that’s where he became intrigued with the possibilities of plastic. Using polythene waste. Commonly called “Slag”. He experimented with these offcuts of polythene. And, that is how Tupperware was created.

Tucker disliked the word plastic, so he called his inventions Poly-T.

Poly-T products, at the time, we’re able to endure almost anything, except, “Sharp Knives and Boiling Water”. I understand, the same principle remains today.

Tupperware Products Are They Worth The Price?

Tupper’s sole purpose in those early days was based around developing containers. Quite a masterstroke, when you consider one single invention has blossomed into a war chest of products.

Such as:

  • Kitchen utensils
  • Storage containers of various shapes and sizes
  • An assortment of kitchen products

You and I, both know, they are renowned for durability. But, also very expensive.

Let Me Explain Why?

I went online, and in the space of a few minutes, I found storage bowls that’ll serve the same purpose. Comparing both prices, the Tupperware bowls were much dearer.

Both bowls would be considered, an everyday need in the kitchen. Aside from that, there is nothing extraordinary about them. Other than the price.


When you compare similar products that’ll serve the same purpose as Tupperware. They are pricey.

What I’m highlighting, “Is Knife and Hot Water-Resistant that vital”?

In your considered opinion? Would customers be prepared to pay almost double the price for such privilege? Most likely not.

Is Tupperware The Ideal Choice?

What’s more, and I’m sure you’ll agree. It’s hard to be sold on principle, in believing Tupperware is the ideal choice anymore.

Customers today are price-conscious, so they’ll do a spot of research, and compare pricing.

But It’s Top Quality?

  • I know, I know!… It’s high quality. And I’ve heard all that stuff before.
  • But, with such inflated prices, and given the state of the economy worldwide.
  • Can you firmly believe, you’d sell enough Tupperware to earn a decent commission?

Tupperware And The Environment

According to their marketing strategies, the Tupperware brand has a vested allegiance in helping our environment. In that case, anything that helps the environment is worthy of respect. And I fully support that.

Especially that all their products are made from plastic. (Normally very toxic).

Additionally, it’s a commitment most other MLM businesses are not in a position to make such a claim.


What Does The Tupperware Opportunity Offer?

When it, comes to the Tupperware MLM opportunity. All spiels are centered around emotions. I wonder why? Because they sense you are looking to supplement your full-time income.

So, they tug on those emotional strings.

It’s no secret they’ll trot out the words they know will attract your attention.

Such as, “sell a few products, flexible hours, a lifestyle you deserve, dump your full-time job”. And the list goes on.

What they don’t tell you, around 95% of those who try their hand at MLMs, fail without earning one dime.

In fact, most times, lose money buying stock, they were never able to sell.

Tupperware An MLM

Tupperware is another MLM business, who operate on a similar principle to Melaleuca or ARIIX.

Sure, they’ll all sweet talk you until they have your signature on paper. Then, how quickly, and dramatically, the ball game changes.

Surprise, Surprise!… They conveniently forget to tell you there’s a kit to buy? Otherwise, how can you sell without any products?

And more astonishing. There’s no mention you’ll need to have Tupperware parties and start building a network? That is until you sign on. YEP. That’s right.

Have you guessed why? Simple isn’t it. Because if they told you upfront, then more likely you’d have second thoughts.

As you can probably see, there are many things they cleverly forget to mention.

Successful TupperwarerersTupperware Successful People

Sure, there are many successful people in the Tupperware business. But no-one knows how much time and money they’ve invested in reaching such status.

If you’re looking for short term success because you need some extra cash.

It just won’t happen.

Still, not convinced? That’s OK.

Let’s look at a notional scenario.

You joined and had a few quick sales—WhooPee I’ve earned a few bucks.

Little do you realize, you’re sponsoring up-line starts pestering you about building a downline.

My!… Do I really have to? Where do I start?

And all the time you must keep generating sales for two reasons.

  • Earn Commissions
  • Stay an Active Member

Pressure, Pressure!… And more Pressure. All of a sudden, your personal space becomes the victim. That’s the name of the game with all MLM businesses.

Do you think you’re up for the challenge?

Mind you, if you are, it’s more probable than not you’ll earn zilch?

What Does It Cost To Join Tupperware?

Becoming a consultant, Tupperware requires that you must sign on through an authorized member of the Tupperware consultant team. Your application will then be checked for approval. Once that all happens, you’re all ready to go.

So now it’s time to select a starter kit, with three different lots to choose from.

  1. Basic Kit $60+ Tax
  2. Starter Kit $110+ Tax
  3. Accelerator Starter Kit $349+ Tax

They have what is called a “Say Yes Offer” and is offered every month, according to information from Tupperware. What that means, they are saying to consultants, “Thank You, For Joining”. And provide a small bonus sometimes for FREE.

While other times a fraction of the retail cost.

The bonus changes every month.

Are You Able To Earn Money With Tupperware?

Any MLM is hard to earn a decent income, irrespective of how enticing the business opportunity may look.

Why I say that? Some possess the craft of selling. While others are not quite as fortunate. It’s only when you give it a try, do you really and truly realize your situation.

But again, it’s like most things, isn’t it?

It doesn’t have to be, “Try And See Approach” though.

If only you commit yourself in following a few simple steps way before connecting.

Such as:

  • Am I able to directly sell?
  • Can I conduct house parties?
  • What are my chances of being a success in recruiting?
  • Are the hours as flexible as they suggest?
  • What happens if I Fail?
  • Do I possess the ability to manage a downline?
  • Do I have the temperament to cope with stress?

They are just a few ideas that require serious consideration.

And, way ahead of any thoughts about joining.

Tupperware Lunch Box

Tupperware Brand Name

Given, Tupperware carries a significant brand name synonymous with many people. Doesn’t mean selling the products will be an easy sell.

And well, you may ask, why is that?

Tupperware products carry a hefty price tag.

It’s not unreasonable in suggesting identical products are available in all top retail outlets, at a much lower price.

Running A Business

You are running a business when selling Tupperware.

So, prudent business decisions are in high demand.

No matter what, all business outcomes need to be in favor of you and your business aspirations. Otherwise, you’re on a slippery slide to nowhere.

For example:

  • You know the products have quality, but do your potential customers really care about quality?
  • Especially if a similar item can be purchased cheaper elsewhere.
  • Are customers prepared to pay a premium just for the sake of the name?

What I’m saying, selling Tupperware, will be no “Walk In The Park”. In fact, and more than likely, be a very tuff sell.

Tupperware Running Your Own Business


So, you’ve invested money into this business; therefore, you want it to work, and earn you some cash.

If it doesn’t, then you are left being a broken person, in debt, and with a room full of products.

Tupperware Make Money Time To Celebrate Let’s look at on the positive side. You’re off to a flier, made some quick sales. And by month’s end, you have had a reasonably profitable selling month.

That puts you into “Active Consultant Bracket”. You now have the privilege of re-stocking with a 35% discount. Not bad Hah?

Not So Fast

What do You mean not so fast? Just before you start celebrating, your sponsor gets wind of your quick-start and applies some recruiting pressure. Like I said earlier. MLM businesses are all geared toward recruitment. Then selling.

I’ll bet you know why? Recruitment is where all the money is earned.


So you get the message and hire one person. Now, it’s time to sit back and put your feet up. Well!… I don’t think so.

More Pressure is put on you to recruit even more. This is a standard practice used rampantly throughout the MLM industry.

By this time, you have gotten a few consultants in your downline, and you’re beginning to earn some passive income from their sales.

Do you know what? The recruitment wheel has just taken a little turn? What do you mean?

That same vicious recruiting cycle starts all over again. But, this time it’s you, who applies the recruitment pressure to your downline.

So, away, the wheel goes again.

This scenario looks good on paper, wouldn’t you agree?

But, let’s be honest here, it’s not so easy in practice. Right?

And Do you know why that is?

Recruiting is damn hard. It’s a bit like selling there is an art to it.


Sales Levels

Even though Tupperware is an MLM business, they do offer a reasonable sales target in maintaining your consultant status. Sales need to exceed $600 over six months. Taking that into account provides some breathing space, especially if you have a couple of down months. As there is sufficient time for you in reaching the required target.

Assortment of Products

The product range is extensive but has a strong focus on kitchen storage. According to the catalogue, the list is rather comprehensive, offering customers a wide range of choice.

All Tupperware Products Are BPA FREE

Pre, 2010 most household plastics contained a toxic ingredient (BPA). Since 2010, Tupperware has taken the steps in removing this harmful ingredient from all their manufacturing processes. Not only that, but all products are also fully recyclable. That is a substantial boost and a high selling point. Given that people, today, are environmentally savvy.

Tupperware Parties

From a selling perspective, there is a couple of extra strings to your bow.

  • Selling online
  • Catalogue handouts

Being able to sell online adds an extra dimension to your sales armory. What I mean by that?

For instance, you can have a party using Facebook. That seems to be catching with lots of other MLMs today.

Also, you can use a catalogue handout method.

What that requires, you insert an order form into each catalogue and hand out to friends or workmates.

They become another two potential income streams.


Customer Complaints

There are several complaints lodged with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). The core seems to focus around late delivery, return refunds, incorrect items sent, shipping issues with many others relating to warranty. Tupperware claims that all products carry a lifetime warranty. Yet many customers dispute that and have lodged a complaint with the BBB.

With 3 complaints, remain unresolved, BBB has given Tupperware a Two Star – A rating. That is below the top rank of A+.

Steep Shipping Charges

There is a myriad of consultant and customer complaints relating to the shipping charges.

In one instance, a customer ordered plastic drinking mugs. Only to realize shipping was more expensive than the cups.

Being a consultant, these are the types of customer hassles, you would have to put up with every day.

That’s not to mention customer order cancellations. They are also very high.

Customers are hit with a 10% shipping cost based on the total value of the order.

With a further 5% if the order is sent directly to the customer.

Once customers realize the shipping charges are way over the top. Adds up to a questionable sell.

Erosion of Commissions

Tupperware is upfront in mentioning the lucrative commission of 35% per sale. But not when it comes to the shipping, handling and any out-of-pocket expenses. As I said, earlier, all such costs are your responsibility.

Quickly doing some sums by factoring charges against sales. That 35% doesn’t look so attractive.

In fact, there may be instances where you’ve made some sales, but have a debt due to all the hidden charges.

Is Tupperware a Scam?

I consider that to be a bit harsh, to say that Tupperware is a scam.

Just because Tupperware operate on the same platform as all other MLMs. Doesn’t mean it’s a scam.

What do you mean by the same platform as other MLMs?

They all require an assortment of upfront charges before you hit the hustings. You know? Things like membership, product kits, and so forth.

While some will even charge for specialized training. There’s no doubt about it, you’ll be in debt before you have the opportunity to make a sale.

Ask Yourself Is This Business Right For me?

What happens if you plan to do this as a part-time business? Well!… “YES”, there is the possibility you may make a few dollars. But will it be enough?

More importantly, if you intend this being your primary source of income. Challenge yourself way before making any final decision.

Because success in this type of volatile market hinges around selling and recruiting.

Final Thoughts

I suppose, looking at the MLM environment, and all things being equal. Then Tupperware isn’t all that bad given the terrible image the MLM industry portrays.

Over many years, MLMs have wrecked many thousands of unsuspecting people lives and life savings—the primary reason why they carry an enormous stigma.

Why waste your time with MLMs?

There are so many upfront costs, hidden away from you until you sign up—the Pressure to sell and recruit just to stay active in the business.

I challenge you. Do you want to be another victim when there are alternatives? Or, perhaps you’re looking to start your own business that has the flexibility to suit your timetable?

If you are earnestly dedicated to wanting making some money while having a flexible schedule. A schedule that suits your lifestyle. Why then not consider starting your own online business? That way, you’re totally in control.

You make all the decisions in what you want to promote as opposed to having someone standing over you, telling you what you must inspire.

Check out my #number one recommendation, you’ll have all the tools, and support you need to be dynamic, including a website, hosting, training and 24/7 help. A support system that is transparent and offers enormous opportunity.


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What Is The Amway Opportunity- MLM Review

Amway Feature Image

Have you ever been approached along these lines? You run into an old friend that you haven’t seen in ages. Hi, there, Joe, it’s been a long time since I’ve last talked with you. Joe Replies. “Yeah” it has been a while, I’ve been quite busy working in my business. You say, Oh, so you have a business now, what is it? Well!… It’s all about helping others start their own business just like I did and show them a way to reaching financial freedom. Joe that sounds fantastic. So, what’s the company called? Joe replies, Amway. If you have a few spare minutes, I’ll show you how it works. Such is the sort of bait they use in luring you into the MLM web. With this Amway MLM Review, I’ll look at the company, the products and see if Amway is perfect for you. Don’t be surprised at what may turn up.

Who is Amway?

Amway is acclaimed to be the largest direct-selling, multi-level marketing company selling health and beauty products worldwide.

Founded in 1953 by the then Steve Van Andel and Doug DeVos, who remain co-chairmen. Amway is a privately owned company, with headquarters in Michigan USA. BackAmway Logo in 2018, the annual revenue was a staggering 8.8 billion US Dollars.

However, there was a slight revenue drop in 2019, from 8.8 billion to 8.4 billion. You might say just a little blimp on the radar. Just the same, the revenue drop hasn’t affected their rating with the Direct Selling News. As, continue to enjoy a number ONE ranking.

Amway Vision And Values

According to their statement, they believe that working with each and every one involved in the Amway business is to help them live better lives. Also, they say that by helping these people will assist them in discovering their true potential, while achieving individual goals.

Achievement can only be a success through the offering high-quality products, with many future opportunities. And the sharing of these values with the community globally.

Amway Charity Foundation

In January 2011 a foundation was registered with the People Republic China (PRC), with an initial capital of 100 million RMB, (Renminbi Chinese Official Currency). In that time, they have helped over 3 million impoverished children get the nutrition and education they so desperately need.

MLM No Longer a Financial Option

Amway Products Are They Worth The Price?

Once, have been accepted into the Amway business. It’s then time for you to take control of your responsibility by promoting and introducing new enrolls into the Amway hub.

Don’t be surprised, by how difficult such a challenge could be. Why do you say that? Well!… I did a bit of digging around. And this is what I found out in a matter of a few minutes. To be perfectly honest, I wasn’t startled by what I uncovered. Amway’s, Nutriway Vitamin C Tablets, retail for $56.16. A similar product on Amazon was cheaper.

Amway Vitamin C Plus

The tablet was called, Nutrilite Bio C Plus 500L. Retailing for $35.00. Now that, for instance, represents a saving of around 35%. With things very tight at the moment, every cent saved is a blessing.

Especially when the products are identical and serving almost the same purpose. That is ONE item only. Multiplying that out by more significant numbers adds up to a pretty hard sell.

What Does The Amway Opportunity Offer?

Starting out with Amway, you’ll need to register with them as an Independent Business Owner (IBO). Completing an application will need to be done through an authorised Amway sponsor. Then, supposedly, and in theory, you are trained up to the sponsor level by your introducing sponsor.

You’re now ready to begin your Amway journey. Not Really. Oh why is that? Well!… I’m guessing you know what’s next? “YES” that dreaded word “Buy Some Stock”. Rule of thumb, suggests that you will need to buy around $100 worth as that will at least get you started.

Selling To Friends And Family

Amway is persuasive in advocating the best starting point is with family and friends. That may be true. But, it’s also the quickest way to alienate the closest people in your Amway Family And Friendsinner sanctum of trusted people.

There is, of course, no harm in asking them if they’re willing to host a house party. That at least, is a much softer approach and keeps all friendships intact.

Customers And Recruiting

Once, have the hang of what selling is all about, then it’s time to spread your wings and look further afield. By that I mean you’ll need to continually find new customers willing to buy from you. While at the same time, invest a percentage of your time recruiting.

This is where it all starts to get so much harder. Not everybody can successfully recruit others into the business. Why do you say that? Because selling is an art within itself and takes lots of courage and self-belief. And not everyone is cut out to face such a challenge.

Do you think Amway take that into consideration? Not in your sweet Nelly. And by the way just to add a little more pressure, you have monthly targets to reach.

Quality Products

As an Amway IBO, there is a couple of things that are in your favour.

They are:

  • The Amway business has been around for over 60 years
  • The quality of products is of a very high standard

That is a couple of things in your favour, and surely will assist with the selling. Product awareness and company standing are vital. They tend to carry compelling weight when it comes to customer acceptance new and old.

Amway Products

It’s no secret that the more sales you’re able to generate, then the more you’ll earn given that the difference between wholesale and retail is your commission. And there will be extra income from the sales of those that you have introduced into the Amway business.


What Does It Cost To Join Amway?

Amway is one of a handful of MLMs who don’t ask for a joining fee. The consensus by Amway for not asking joining fee. You’ll buy lots of products to sell, and for personal use. It seems to be, that around $100 mark is the minimum benchmark.

Personally, it’s not such a bad idea as it allows you to pick and choose your own kit of products. Given that Amway has over four hundred products in its arsenal.

That is why I said you’ll need to buy products somewhere around the $100 mark at a minimum. As you move forward, you’ll quickly identify what are top selling products, and those that move quite slowly. That way, you will be in pole position to adjust your kit along the way.

Are You Able To Earn Money With Amway?

With all what I’ve said about Amway as a result of my research. And given they are valid. Doesn’t mean you should lose sight of what they stand for.

What do you mean? For starters, they are just another of those MLM businesses that focus heavily on recruitment. And why do they do that? Because, is where the bulk of income derives from. Even though, they’ll deny this as not being entirely correct.

How else can they generate sales if they don’t continually recruiting people? Recruitment is focal to the business survival.

Without adding new people to the front line, how would they pay so many commissions? That is why recruitment is the central point of all MLM businesses.

Where was I

Oh, yeah, that’s right, can you earn money with Amway?

Simply put, “Yes” if you’re good at selling and have the craft of recruiting others into the business.

Amway Making MoneyThen you will make a reasonable living. But did you know? More than 95% of those who join an MLM business fail. Why is that? There’re not able to generate sales nor recruit, so they dry up and whither away. That’s right, more than 95%.

So, in a nutshell, for you to earn lots of money will require many hours of hard toil toward building a stable business. And that boils down to three factors.

  1. Lots of personal sales
  2. Constantly recruiting
  3. Continually building a solid downline for residual income



FDA Approval

This seems to be a regular feature with MLM businesses relating to FDA approval. It doesn’t matter how they sugarcoat the conundrum. Simply, their products don’t FDA approved.

Therefore promises that they may make about any given product cannot be supported without any FDA documentation. That then puts extra pressure of all IDO’s not making any silly promise statements about products they are promoting.

Recruiter Success

It’s damn hard work in recruiting people into the business, but it’s a sight harder keeping them motivated. So, really you have now become a teacher, motivator and a soul searcher to those beneath you. You’re kidding me, right? No, I’m not kidding.

You see their success becomes your success. And if they fail, then that puts a massive dent into your income generation, (i.e.) commissions and bonuses.

Focal Point

That brings me back to the point: “Are You Able To Earn Money With Amway”. That is something that you will need to challenge yourself on these points.

  • Do I possess the skill set that will be asked of me?
  • Do I lack in any of these areas?
  • And do I have the temperament to adjust to the challenges that will lay ahead of me?

If you feel comfortable with these points. Then “YES”, you will make some money.


Satisfaction Guarantee

Products may be returned within the 90 refund guarantee, and you’ll receive your money back less shipping and handling.

Worldwide Business

Amway is operating in more than 100 countries worldwide. Such as Korea, Southeast Asia and Europe. And very big in these countries. China, Japan, Australia and America.


Amway supports all new IBOs with free training. According to Amway, there is a vast selection of courses lined up for you to fast track your knowledge on products and the Amway system. If you really want to accelerate training beyond that offered for free.

Then you’re able to join a paid version World Wide Dream Builders. And that will set you back $112 P/M.

Product Range

With such a range of products to choose from, you could become a little overwhelmed when selecting your kit. As, are almost 400 different products to choose from. The categories also are extensive.

For instance weight management, nutrition, beauty, personal care, sports, variety of energy drinks, and much more.


Products High-Priced

The product range may be of quality, but, they have a price tag to match. Make no mistake Amway hierarchy get two slices of the product price pie. Once when you buy at wholesale and again when commissions are distributed.

That has an enormous impact on the retail price, hence the reason why they are rather expensive.

Take Vitamin C Plus tablets that I highlighted earlier.

Amway price was $56.00 Amazon price for a very comparable product was $35.00.

Shipping Charges

Again Amway applies shipping and handling charges to all orders placed by the IBOs. So, no matter how large your commission is any extra costs need to be deducted, and that will take the shine off the commission.

Especially for someone just starting or for that matter, finding it challenging making sales. In fact, once you deduct operating costs, you may find that you are losing money. Money that you can ill afford to part with.

Frantic Times May Call For Bold Measures

What happens if you’re short on family and friends. And those that you do have don’t the slight bit interested in getting involved with Amway. And your next monthly order is due to be placed.

What do you do? Hit the panic button as you have no other alternative. Because for you to qualify for any commission and/or bonuses, then you are required to log a monthly order. It becomes a rock and a hard place, so to speak.

Final Thoughts

One of the biggest turn-offs about all MLM-type businesses is the pressure that goes with it. Many people who join feel obligated into pressuring friends and family, and even neighbours to buy products. Is making a few dollars all that critical in as much you are prepared to alienate those closest to you. And for that matter destroy life long friendships? Is the weight of success all that overwhelming?

If you are earnestly dedicated to wanting making some money while having a flexible schedule. A schedule that suits your lifestyle. Why then not consider starting your own online business? That way, you’re totally in control.

You make all the decisions in what you want to promote as opposed to having someone standing over you, telling you what you must inspire.

Check out my #number one recommendation, you’ll have all the tools, and support you need to be dynamic, including a website, hosting, training and 24/7 help. A support system that is transparent and offers enormous opportunity.

What Is Melaleuca.com MLM Review

Melaleuca Feature Image

Has it happened to you too? You know, things like work a few flexible hours, sell the odd few products and earn the occasional dollar. And hey, bingo! That’s about it. Well, it doesn’t work like that. But if we don’t know any different, then we tend to believe what they are saying. Since you like the products and respect them. What’s the next logical thing you do? You join, and it just so happens to be the Melaleuca wellness business. And you’re pinning all you hopes in being a success. With this Melaleuca.com MLM review, we’ll delve into the company explore the products and see if it’s a right fit for you.

Who is Melaleuca?

Melaleuca, the wellness company, more significantly known only as Melaleuca.com. Founded in 1985, By Frank VanderSloot, with headquarters in Idaho Falls and is a privately owned company.

The Melaleuca line of products is expansive, with over 450 lines of wellness and household products. Ranging from essential oils, cosmetics, vitamins . And a variety of household goods among many others.

It’s attested by Melaleuca that the product range is eco-friendly, affordable and that they are all safe for families to use.

Over many years the company has grown into a worldwide organization selling into several countries.

Melaleuca Products Are They Worth The Price?

Whether they are a value for money or not is very tricky to sort out.

In light of the fact there being no pricing available to the general public. It’s impossible to determine if they are overpriced or not. And taking that into account with pricing shrouded by secrecy. Therein remains a mystery. So, whether they are a value for money or not is very tricky to sort out.

The only way of finding their price, is by taking out a monthly membership. That will give you 35 points and will set you back $25+ taxes paid annually.

Melaleuca Bath And Body

Melaleuca Alternifolia

As the  name suggests, Melaleuca Alternifolia, is a native Tea Tree plant from Australia. And a very close relation to the Eucalyptus Tree. Where the oil from both plants is extracted from the leaves and used in many medicinal products, and sensitive products.

Such as, facial cleansers, moisturizers, face soaps and shampoos, to name a few. The cleansing power of the oil contains the most potent ant-bacterial properties. Yet quite safe to be used in many products.    Melaleuca, Feature Image

From what I’m able to establish Melaleuca is the flagship company for the distribution of products manufactured from the native Tea Tree.

What Does The Melaleuca Opportunity Offer?

Before moving onto the Melaleuca offer, it’s reasonable to inform you of the understanding of defining the more honest MLM’s and those that are. Well!… not so realistic. Such as Roden & Fields, including many others.

After a little research, I uncovered the following, that relates to all Multi-Level Marketing companies. And issued by the Federal Trade Commission.

Melaleuca Opportunity“Traditionally, MLM compliance of FTC act analyzes and evaluates MLM’s sustainability that relates to their structured compensation plan. Also, requiring members to pay a fee to that company for the right to sell that company’s products. And whether they have the right to gain a financial return for any recruitment. When recruiting doesn’t relate to the selling of products to end-users”.

Clearly, the wording by the FTC defines a genuine MLM company and those that are Pyramid Scheme.

Now then, that brings me back to the question regarding Melaleuca. Do they place a substantial amount of emphasis on the recruiting aspect of their business? To me, and I’m sure to you too, it looks awfully like they do.

Yet it will be argued, they have no field staff selling to the general public. While that may be true, what they do have in principle, is precisely the same. But, it’s all done online rather than out in the field.

Oddly enough having searched the Melaleuca FAQ section, this is what they say about new customer enrollments.

Enrolling New Customers?

“Consistent enrolments make your organization expand. You’ll secure a Home Conversion Commission on your customers’ first order. Plus a Personal Customer Commission each month after that. 

To qualify for the conversion commission, enrollers must shop within the first month”.

What do you make of that? To me, it’s quite evident that they definitely sway toward recruitment being an essential part of the business.

Also, I uncovered another section relating to customer enrollment. Melaleuca FAQ

The Benefits Of Enrolling New Customers?

Consistent enrolments make your organization larger. You’ll receive a Home Conversion Commission on your customers’ first order and a Personal Customer Commission each month after that. The customer needs to place an order in the first month for enrollees to qualify for the commission.

I‘m sure you’ll agree, recruitment is the core of the business.

In their favour though. Definitely no mention of having to buy a kit, like most other MLM businesses. But, you do have to pay a monthly fee to remain an active member of the company. Hence the reason why they claim not to be just another one of those MLM businesses.

Membership Status

Those who join the monthly program to buy products are classed as being on the same level. And if you enrol others into the business, you’ll be able to start a downline for yourself. This has some benefits if that is what your long term goal is. Because the more you enrol, the higher up the pecking order you’ll go. Ultimately reaching the level of a “Director”. But there is one little catch to reach that level, you will need to climb nine levels to get there. And that won’t be an easy task.

Take a look at the income statics, and you’ll see what I mean. Melaleuce Income Statics

What Does It Cost To Join Melaleuca?

There are two ways of becoming involved with Melaleuca. Your personal preference will determine which you think suits you best.

Direct Customer Only: When you enrol as a Direct Customer, you have no monthly commitment, and you pay the regular product price with limited access to the Melaleuca Business Centre.

Preferred Member: There is a $25 membership required and is automatically renewed on an annual basis. The fee provides you with the full suite of benefits. One of the advantages of being a preferred member, you’re able to enrol customers and start building a downline. Plus you’ll get full access to over 300 products, 30%–40% off regular product prices. Also, there is a loyalty rewards program where you’re able to purchase FREE products.

The fee entitles you to all benefits by being a Melaleuca Customer. Also, the chance of referring and enrolling customers to build a Business for yourself.

What Happens Being A Preferred Customer?

Being a preferred customer will require lots of learning about the product range. While familiarising and educating yourself about the Melaleuca system.

I suppose if there are any good points. Not having to host house parties or any get-togethers is a distinct advantage.

Are You Able To Earn Money With Melaleuca?

That is a bit of a vexed question. As there is very little information suggesting that you will earn any money with the Melaleuca system. It seems that their main revenue stream comes from customer sales. So, that undoubtedly puts extra pressure on personal sales and recruitment.Melaleuca Confused people

Navigating Melaleuca Site

Before we quickly move on. Navigating around the Melaleuca site isn’t easy. (Another turnoff point). However, I was able to muster together this little snippet of information that explains the definition of a “Direct Customer”.

Summarising, Direct Customers: There is no entry fee, but you pay full price for all products. According to Melaleuca statics, the majority of these customers are happy buying products monthly, at total retail price. And therefore, are not interested in pursuing the business opportunity. They represent 81% of the business. And I guess, for those customers especially, there is a sense of contentment knowing that Melaleuca products are not available at any retail outlet. And can only be purchased online. Either through a representative or directly through Melaleuca.

Product Advocates: There are three categories in this level.

Product Advocate 1. Refer at least ONE customer to Melaleuca.

Product Advocate 2. Refers to at least TWO customers to Melaleuca.

Product Advocate 3. Referred at least FOUR customers to Melaleuca.

All three levels receive a small commission for each of the referrals to Melaleuca.

Beginning A Director Business

The early steps of becoming a director are rather steep. According to Melaleuca, they will spend at least 50 hours or more, developing their leadership aspirations to the level of director. In that period, they will have managed to produce at least 8 customers. “YES”, there are strings attached. You must maintain those eight customers to be considered for the director title.

Initial Leadership Status

There are four levels.

Director 3. Referred customers minimum of 11

Director 4. A minimum of 13 customers

Director 6. The minimum of 16 customers

Director 8. And a minimum of 22 customers

You will have reached leadership status by not only investing lots of time. But also inviting several customers to the Melaleuca business. You will have also helped some of those customers start a business and become Marketing Executives. Those Marketing Executives have, in turn, referred additional customers who purchase Melaleuca products each month.

Loyalty Shopping Dollars 

Shopping dollars are rewarded to customers who shop month on month. For you to be eligible for the loyalty offer. Product purchases need to attract at least 35 loyalty Points.Melaleuca Loyalty Dollars

However, and like always, there is another little string attached. You will be expected to watch a few short videos and be able to answer a few simple questions relating to the business. Get this. The loyalty program is based for over five months. So it’s just this month, and maybe again in the next couple of months. Sorry, but you won’t qualify. It’s a sweet little dangling carrot to persuade you into joining the business as a marketing executive.


Direct Customers Are Not Required to Buy Membership 

Latching on to folks who love the products, but are not at all a bit interested in joining. Is still OK. Because you’ll at least earn a small commission on their purchase. And that all adds up month on month.

First Class Products

The quality of Melaleuca’s products is convincing, considering it is tough to find any complaints. When you come across, people heralding their value. It’s hard to ignore their quality.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Melaleuca ensures the quality of every product with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. If for whatever reason you’re not happy with your purchase.

You may return your product/s within 90 days from purchase date, including purchase documentation, for exchange, refund, or a credit on your Melaleuca order. There will be a deduction fee applied for shipping and handling. (Satisfaction guarantee is distinctly different to a Money-Back Guarantee)


Product Autoship To maintain your membership, you are forced into auto-ship to buy products. And each month you will be billed $50. Whether you like it or not, just too bad because there are no IFs or BUTs that encircle auto-shipping.

Membership Cancellation (Be Careful)

Cancelling isn’t as straight forward as you might think. For you to cancel you need to complete and submit a cancellation form. Now Get This!… you’re then required to use snail mail or fax the form. WOW WEE, what century do they live in. Nobody today uses either system as almost everything is done online. But I get their theory behind their reasoning. They already have all your Credit Card details, so they just keep deducting money from that account even though you have already quit.

Purchasing Products 

Should you decide that buying a few products here and there, basically is all your interested in. That’s fine. But do you know what? It’s not possible to buy direct as you must go through a sponsor. Do you know why? Because it gives that sponsor the opportunity of introducing you into the business. Typical HA? A well thought out recruitment scheme if ever there was one. And, remember people in this category represent 81% of their business.

Product Pricing

No matter where you search online, there’s no pricing associated with their products. Not even for one single item. I wonder why? Just another convoluted way of forcing you to buy through a sponsor. As Maxwell Smart would say, “Just another one of those shrewd MLM tricks 99”.

Monthly Subscription Cancellation

As I write the post. There are currently, 115 complaints lodged with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), and they are all centred around monthly orders. The bulk of claims seem to focus on the area of monthly order cancellations. Also, many of these complaints were about not being adequately informed when signing up.

Is Melaleuca Scam?

It goes without saying the business and products are shrouded by secrecy. And that begs the question. How legitimate is Melaleuca? If the track record is good as what they claim. Then why some much secrecy? I’m sure that you can see with so much information being hidden from you. Should raise all the RED FLAGS. Another fascinating point made by Melaleuca, who vehemently claim they are not an MLM company. So what are they then? From my reckoning, most of the methods used by Melaleuca are similar, or if not the same as any other MLM business applies. Conceding the fact that there is no startup kit to purchase does slightly move them away from the traditional MLM business principle. But not by much.

Final Thoughts

Selling products, whether part-time or full time, can be impossible unless you really love the products and are outgoing enough to sell them.

Generally speaking, products are well-liked. But, can you make any money selling them is another story. Look at this way, convincing people to look at a business where all the finer details are kept under wraps. And questions you may ask the enroller will get referred to the Melaleuca.com website. Why is that? Because all the enrollers are told, they mustn’t engage in answering questions.

Melaleuca, like other MLMs, is an enormous risk, given that there is no guarantee you’ll earn any money. And the fact with Melaleuca, many of the details are hidden. Makes it even higher risk. Also, the founder Frank VanderSloot, admits himself it’s a really tough gig. Surely that’s enough to suggest there are better possibilities elsewhere.

Looking To Start Your Own Business

If you are looking to having your own business, and if that is your eventual goal. Check out my #number one recommendation, you’ll have all the tools, and support you need to be dynamic, including a website, hosting, training and 24/7 help. A support system that is transparent and offers enormous opportunity.


ARIIX Opportunity MLM Review

ARIIX Feature Image

Why is MLMs so screwy?  Because every MLM business tells the same story. But in all different ways. You’ve all heard the same catchphrases before. So, you know what I mean. Things like, earn extra money, work your own hours and say to the boss to shove his job. They that all sound familiar. Right? I thought so. And do you know what else? They all beat the same drum. But, with just a different drummer. So, why are they so desirable to people. Well, lots of people have the need to earn some extra cash. And selling a few products with flexible work hours is the ideal solution. And that is why they are drawn to MLMs. But, is it the answer? I don’t think so. Be that as it may. ARIIX is another of those MLM company’s that prey on your tender spot. With this ARIIX MLM review, we’ll delve into the company background. Look at the products, and see whether it’s an ideal choice for you. But, don’t be surprised what we may uncover.


The company was founded in 2011, by ex-senior executives of USANA Health sciences. The company has a presence in over 23 countries worldwide. And are based in Utah.

ARIIX is somewhat unique, in as much, that they don’t create any of their own products. And that is very different from the standard MLM model. Over time they acquire other MLM businesses, rebrand the products for onselling. That provides a variety of choices for their presenters.

Oddly enough they brand themselves as being the “Opportunity Company”.

They are astute in the sense of making sure every product that finds its way onto the consumer market. Has gone through an exhaustive amount of product testing. Such practices have earnt them an enormous amount of respect. And are highly regarded by consumers.

Rebranded products include the likes of, Nutrifii, Priime Jouve, Puritii, Reviive, Nucerity and Slenderiiz.

ARIIX Superior Products

ARIIX has for the past 4 years been included in the top 5000 Companies by Inc. magazine. And considered one of the fastest-growing companies in terms of revenue.

In 2019, Inc magazine estimated its turnover to be around $219.8 million and therefore ranked them in position 3,629 of the top 5000 companies.

A cursory search of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) reveals that ARIIX has an A+ rating with no listed complaints.

ARIIX Products Are They Worth The Price?

ARIIX has a lot of product brands, with no particular one that stands out. So, that makes it hard to say one way or the other. What this does do though. Allows you to diversify. So, you can customize your portfolio line of products that you think will best suit you and your business.

Product Range

The product range is quite diverse, such as

  • Nutritional Supplements, energy booster drinks, calcium therapy, mineral support, and heart and brain support.
  • Weight Loss Management is understood to control appetite and increase metabolism.
  • Air And Water Filters, including individual water bottles,
  • Hygiene Products, that include, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and toothpaste.
  • Essential Oils, likes of Pure Heaven or YL.
  • Skincare asserted by ARIIX to help with dark spot correction and colour brightening. Plus many other skincare products.


MLM businesses where their products are somewhat a little below market expectation may find it hard to penetrate the market. Let alone create repeat business. And, history supports that theory.

So, the distributor can only be as good as the quality of the products. But, it is pleasing to say that ARIIX products are right up with some of the best on the market today.

Independent Advisory Board

Why are ARIIX products considered among the best on the market?

Because ARIIX, top personnel, are much aware of the value in quality products. So, what they have done is set up and independent advisory board, consisting of four members. They have the task of testing and approving all products.

As claimed by ARIIX each and every product must pass the advisory board inspection, before it receives the stamp of approval. That way they know categorially, every catalogued product is of the highest quality.

Are They Real Value For Their Selling Price?

Gee, that’s a tough question to answer. Considering, there are many factors to be taken into account. And, what makes it even harder, they have such a diverse range of products. So, I did comprehensive research and was unable to come up with anything to substantiate the pricing one way or the other.

FDA Approval

What I did uncover though, all products, ARE NOT FDA approved as nutritional supplements. So that is something worth remembering. Because products that have been approved by the FDA does help with sales.

 OTC Approval

However, ARIIX has successfully achieved a higher ranking. Over The Counter Standard (OTC). That means that ARIIX products are manufactured to the same standard as over the counter medicines.

What Does The ARIIX Opportunity Offer?

Becoming a member of the ARIIX business isn’t cheap. For instance, just to sign up will set you back… Well, to be completely truthful, I’m not sure. So I’ll leave you to judge for yourself. But, this is what’s stipulated on the ARIIX compensation plan.

From that, it appears that you would need to purchase a Business Orientation System – for $29.95. As the orientation system is required to be an Ariix Independent Representative.

Then spend a further $150.00. That will double all ARIIX bonuses for life.

And that’s just for starters. So now you’re a member, what’s next? Guess what you have to spend some more money buying a business kit. They are all listed here.

Once you have decided, and chose a package that suits you, and have it activated. You’re ready to go.

This is the Points Value (PV) attached to each of the packages.

Member Pack 200-499 PV (Base Package)

Business Pack 500-999PV

Elite Pack 1000-1499 PV

Ultimate Pack 1500+ PV.

Enrollment packages start at $240, Base Package minimum requirement, up to, $1,310 Elite Package.

Also, to retain your income standing and be eligible for commission status. There is a sell or purchase requirement, for each level of the package. For instance,

Member Pack, rated at 150PV

Business Pack, rated at 500PV

Elite Pack, rated at 1000PV

Now here is the catch, to retain your commission eligibility on each cycle you must sell 75% of PV in the first week of each monthly period.

And here’s another twist, you’re able to sign up with another active representative, and still retain your position with whoever you first joined up with. I suppose you could say it’s a dual membership with the same organization. Whether that’s good or bad, I’m not sure.


Soon as your membership has been accepted, you can set up your eCommerce store. And start advertising products to generate retail sales. I also believe direct selling is available through Amazon.

What Does It Cost To join ARIIX

As I mentioned earlier, with each of the four packages has a minimum monthly PV requirement. So if you’re considering joining it would be in your own best interest to familiarise yourself with the different PV levels.

Launching your business compensation plan has a bit of a queer connotation to it. But, this is how it works.

Launching Your Business

  • 200 PV – Sell, use or purchase 150PV to activate your income position
  •  100PV – Sell, use or buy 75PV every for weeks to keep your income position commission eligible

ARIIX Launch Your Business Comp Plan

Reaching Your Business Level In Four Weeks

Achieve your Business Level based on your accumulative sales within your first four weeks.

ARIIX Launch Your Business Comp Plan

This is just another one of those stereotype MLM models.


One day will need to be set aside for orientation training. And you will be required to attend. And, YES, there is a training fee you’ll have to pay.

Are You Able To Earn Money With ARIIX?

The compensation plan ARIIX use is called ACTIVE8. Given that the program has a generous payment system, and that is great. But, your position with them remains precisely the same as any other MLM business.

Sell products and continuously recruit. And, above all else, reach your weekly/ monthly sales targets to obtain a commission. Sure, there are some decent bonuses to be had with fast sales.

But in reality, it’s just the carrot being dangled in front of you to encourage sales. Besides, the real money undoubtedly is linked to recruitment. Why is that?

ARIIX has no seal on how wide you can go. And what that means the wider your downline becomes, the more significant is the possibility of infinite width.

Then ultimately, that will over time create enormous depth to your downline. And That’s where the real money is earnt.


Independent Advisory Board

Quality products require strict production controls. ARIIX has taken the unusual steps of enlisting an independent advisory board to oversee the quality control of production. That way they know categorially, every catalogued product is of the highest quality.

I understand there are no other MLM businesses who have such a stringent measure during their product production. Apart from the fact they are using a separate board. Each of the four members is highly educated, professionally trained in their particular field of expertise.

Annual Cost Of Living Allowance

Inflation affects everyone, and ARIIX has recognized it also has an impact on their representatives. Therefore have enclosed a yearly cost of living adjustment into the commissions. How it is applied coincides with the representative’s annual commission balanced against any cost of living adjustments of any upward trend.

There is no other MLM business which offers its distributors such an added benefit.

Product Range

Again they are unique with having a variety of products for which its representatives. The beauty of this, you’re in a position to select different lines of products that are in alignment with customer expectations. When you have such a variety to choose from, it gives you the flexibility to mix and match until you hit across the right combination that will consistently create sales.


 FDA Approval

ARIIX products are not FDA approved as nutritional supplements. So that is something worth remembering. Because products that have been approved by the FDA does help with sales.

Terms And Conditions

Your agreement is for one year, and if you fail to renew your ARIIX business agreement, you will automatically lose all rights as a member

Clause 16. of terms and conditions stipulated,

“You authorize ARIIX to use your name, photograph, personal story in the advertising and or promotional materials without any remuneration for such use”. This may not be too much to worry about. Therefore it’s in your best interest to understand and read all the conditions and terms for signing.

Out Of Pocket Expenses

ARIIX has the same out of pocket expenses as do all other MLMs. What that means any cost that associated with running your business is at your personal liability. So, when calculating your monthly earnings, make sure that running costs are deducted from that amount.

They will include food, accommodation, travelling, phone and office expenses, among other incidentals.

ARIIX Is It A Scam?

When all is taken into account, there many more positives than there are negatives with likes, cost of living, product range, commission plan and independent advisory board scrutinizing the quality control, then they are not an MLM scam.

As I said earlier, they have many different ways of benefiting all representatives, and that is something that lacks in most other MLMs operating within the same industry. Please don’t get me wrong, for sounding like I’m beating their drum. Because I’m not.

Fundamentally, they are an MLM business and work on precisely the same principle as any other MLM Selling and Recruiting. And for that reason, it’s hard for me to suggest that financially this is a viable option for you to earn any stable income.

Final Thoughts

MLMs have a high demand for recruitment and sales, and not everyone has the sales or recruitment ability to match such requirements. Never lose sight, no matter what you may be told, MLMs are notoriously high-pressure businesses. Whichever way you look at it, earning some money will require selling and recruiting.

And, by the way, they go hand in hand when it comes down to the nitty-gritty of what you’ll be expected to do.

Look at it like this, they have a monthly commission qualifier. And, if you’re not able to achieve the benchmark set, then there is no commission. Not to mention you’ll be hounded to recruit.

Your membership is focused around your sales, and if you fail to maintain the minimum, they’ll have no hesitation in cancelling your membership—bottom line.

Also, getting started requires a hefty upfront expense. And there is no guarantee you will make it pay. So you stand the chance of losing a sizable chunk of money, and a whole heap of product that may be of no use to you. Should you be contemplating the opportunity, go in with your eyes wide open.

Check everything out, read the terms and conditions, challenge yourself. Ask yourself, would I be able to reach all the expectation that will be expected of me. Study the compensation plan and understand what’s on offer. And most important ask lots of questions.

If you are uncertain or feel uneasy about any one of these points. Then the opportunity is definitely not for you.

Looking To Start Your Own Business

If you are looking to having your own business, and if that is your eventual goal. Check out my #number one recommendation, you’ll have all the tools, and support you need to be dynamic, including a website, hosting, training and 24/7 help. A support system that is transparent and offers enormous opportunity.

Younique Call To Action


Who Is Younique – MLM Review

How many times have you heard these magical words?

Earn money direct selling, work hours that are flexible to your personal life. And that’s it. But that isn’t true? Is it. You know in your own heart that there is something smelly about such a statement. Guess what? There is something smelly, for sure. Younique, like many MLM’s, uses the time and money freedom snare all the time. And do you know why? Because it’s persuasive, and works. In this Younique Products Review, I’ll nudge out the bad points. Look at the good points and the company, including their range of products. It could reveal this opportunity doesn’t fit too well into your making any money.

Who Is Younique?

Younique was founded in 2012, by Derick Maxfield and his sister Melanie Huscroft. It’s a direct selling cosmetics company. Head Office is situated in Utah, employing over 200 people. Younique concentrates its products range in the cosmetics arena. It is aimed, generally, toward women.Younique Logo

The values of the company imply they have a mission toward creating women’s self-esteem and spiritual enlightenment. Also claiming, they are lifting the inner and outer beauty of women. So, it comes as no surprise the products include, makeup, skincare and many different types of fragrances.


The annual revenue turnover in 2016 was $400 million. But, by the year ending 2019 that had slipped to $350 million. There are around 200 million presenters, and selling into 12 countries worldwide. With a significant presence in Australia.


During 2017, Coty Inc. indicated that it would buy 60% of the Younique business for something like $600 million. Sighting the reasons for the acquisition is that it will reduce the dependence if its ailing fragrance line. Maxfield and Huscroft have retained the remaining 40%.

Coty Inc. is no stranger to the cosmetics industry. Coty Inc. considered as being one of the major players in the global cosmetics scene.

A few of the lines already part of their portfolio, CoverGirl, Clairol, OPI, Calvin Klein and Marc Jacobs.

Coty Inc. declared they would continue with the Younique Brand name, and maintain the Line of products.

Are Younique Products Worth Their Price?

A high influence standard, in any business, is paramount and must be backed up with quality products. And, it’s fair to say that Younique is right up there with the likes of Avon, and the Mary Kay product line.

Younique – Uplift Products

Even so, a quick scan revealed a litany of complaints from many customers. They focused on customer service, and items missing from orders sent to customers.

In one instance, it took over three months for a customer to receive her order And then the order was incomplete. Another, where a customer received a mascara, but it was dry. A replacement was issued, and “YES” it was also dry. Also, there were several credit card complaints.

Presenters of the Younique business may find, with so many customer-related complaints, generating sales could be so much harder.

That you would think, could severely impact on business outcomes. When you consider, without a constant flow of sales, generally leads to a lack of enthusiasm and interest. Eventually, you give up.

That’s all because Younique doesn’t support their product guarantee stipulated on their website. So, you fail, and through no fault of your own.

Class Action Lawsuit

Younique, in 2017, became embroiled in a class-action lawsuit. The class-action started by customers who are seeking a settlement of $3.25 million. Claiming that Younique mascara wasn’t made from natural Fibre as stated on the website. That leads me back to the vital question, “Are Younique Products Worth The Asking Price”. From my viewpoint, probably not.

No FDA Approval

Since the FDA has not tested the products, they are unable to verify any of the ingredients included in the products independently. Apart from that, cosmetic products of a similar are readily available at any of your local drugstores. And much cheaper.

The Younique MLM Opportunity

Now that we’ve laid out the foundations of Younique. It’s time to delve into the prospect of whether it’s the right choice for you.

Once you have gone through the signing procedure, you then will be a registered Younique presenter. From there forward is when you’ll begin to feel the riggers of an MLM operation. It will be all the usual pressure points. Such as, buy products to generate sales and encourage other people also to become “PRESENTERS”. Just like you. That is the typical run of the mill MLM business operation.

Younique Foundation

Selling On Social Media

Younique encourages all new presenters, selling cosmetic makeup on social media outlets can be an ideal way of making sales and creating a sound customer base. There are, of course, the face to face home demonstrations as well.

Product Exclusivity

Are the sale of Younique products exclusive to their presenters? Not really. I searched both eBay and Amazon, and blow me down they were for sale on each of these platforms. So, in essence, there is no exclusivity. Similar to that of Monet Products.

Younique How Much Will It Cost To Come On Board?

For you to become a Younique Presenter, you’ll need to fork out $99.00. and starts you off at the White Status Level, and includes a kit. The kit contains 17 assorted items, chosen from the company’s range of products.

Kit Updated

Younique released an updated kit as of June 1, 2020. They say the updated package provides you with access to your e-commerce site. With world-class online training, digital business management tools as well as membership in Younique Presenter-only Facebook groups.

Younique You-Ology

NO Exchange

If you joined the Younique business just before the new release, guess what? There’s “NO” exchange. That right, no exchange? Here is what their website says,

“Welcome to the Younique Family! We apologize for the inconvenience, but the YOUNIQUE Presenter Kit is not eligible for exchange”. 

Can You Make Money With Younique?

There is a significant advantage of becoming a Younique Presenter, as you can host virtual online parties. All from the comfort of your lounge room. Without having the annoying inconvenience of having to drive to a friend’s house set up product displays and pack it all up afterwards.

Presenters Commission

Presenters earn commissions from personal retail sales.

Younique Status Comensation Plan

Plus, they also receive a commission from the sales of any of the recruits they introduce into the business. And further commissions from the lower levels recruited into your downline. For example, below is a hierarchy chart of how all works.

Younique Royalties Compensation Plan


Prompt Payment Of Commissions

Younique claim that after every sale you generate from the website. You will receive your commission within 3 hours after the purchase. They also claim that you are entitled to receiving your commission as quickly as possible. That has to be a plus for current and future presenters.

Personal Website

Every person who signs on with Younique gets issued with an individually built storefront homepage. And, it is ready for you almost immediately after signing up. So, you can start selling the Younique range straight-away.


There is a training academy called Youniversity. The academy is a weekly session covering Younique training, marketing tips. And, ways how to connect with Facebook group pages.

Can be a valuable tool for those who see the need for how to sharpen their marketing skills. Or, even fine-tune what they already know.

Global Market

Being able to market products to the world is a distinct advantage. And, is an enormous benefit for Younique presenters as many other businesses, who operate in a similar market restrict sales to the USA.


Bit of a tricky one. Typically, and in most other party plans, the hostess receives a bonus gift from the sales. And the bonus value is usually calculated by the total dollar volume of sales.

The Y-Cash system that Younique use is a credit system. Calculated on the same basis as the bonus system. But instead of receiving a bonus or gift your given credits that can be used only on Younique products.

That may be a distraction for those hostesses who would much prefer the bonus gift rather than credit points. And what if, there aren’t sufficient sales. Then the hostess gets nothing as total sales haven’t qualified for Y-Cash credits.

And, if you’re wondering what the qualifying bar is? Every One Dollar spent earns One Y-Cash point. So, for the hostess to qualify, sales need to reach a minimum of $200. That’s the qualifying benchmark.

So, to qualify, and receive your 10% discount. Party sales must reach $200, or beyond. Example Below.


Fast Money Back Guarantee – Is It?

Although, Younique, boast of having a fast money-back customer guarantee. That seems to differ from a log of complaints registered by dissatisfied customers.

The company is a registered member of, Better Business Bureau (BBB), and with a rating level of, A+. But, complaints lodged with BBB disagree with the fast money back policy where a majority of claims centred around Products and the Money-Back-Guarantee.

In one instance, a customer placed an order and received the goods 12 days later. But some of her order was incorrect—contacted customer service to arrange a replacement. Three weeks later, replacement order remained unfulfilled. So, she requested a refund. However, and because the money-back guarantee is for 14 days on an issue of products, her request was outside company policy.

Funny that isn’t it? It seems as if they, (Younique) made errors, and yet the customer was held to the strict 14 money-back guarantees.

Here’s the Return Policy/Guarantee information.

Younique Product Exchange Policy











Be Mindful Of Complaints 

Although Younique rating, (A+) with BBB is of a satisfactory standard. The many complaints must be of concern. When you take into account the claims listed against them by unhappy customers.

And that must signal to you there are plenty of red flags of concern. When red flags come up with any MLM business, it’s always in your best interest to dig deeper into the company’s history before making any decision. And that is the case here with Younique.

Misinforming Advertising

A class action filed against Younique about false claims relating to their Moodstuck 3D Lashes as natural and containing “100 Natural Green Tea Fibres.” Claimants alleged that the ingredients were in fact “Unnatural”. That was back in 2017. Since that date, Younique has paid out $3.25 million settlement.

Recruitment And Sales 

Nothing new about the shabby tactics used by Younique. No matter what MLM business you look at, they are all the same. With recruitment at the forefront of their business and pressure sales tactics. On the cover, they make everything look shiny and attractive. Underneath, it’s a much different story, as that’s where their true identity comes through. No wonder those who get hooked realize shortly after, what they have let themselves into, a maze of uncertainty.

Remaining An Active Member  

Younique presenters are required to continue buying products whether they sell them or not. Otherwise, they will lose the ability to retain their buying status within the company. Do you think they give a dot about your being able to sell? No, not at all. They are only driven by two things, recruitment and sales month on month. And if you’re not up to that standard and lapse in maintaining your buying status, then they will have no qualms in gutting you lose.

Younique Is It A Scam?

Researching presenters views regarding how they feel about Younique is a bit of a mixed bag. Sure, some swear by the company and claim they are making money. That may be true but, out of pocket expenses are not factored into those earnings. On the flip side, it’s a much different story told by those who have become a victim.

Now, I’m not suggesting for one moment they all can be taken seriously. But, when you see so many and backed up with customer complaints, then, one can only assume that Younique is an untrustworthy business.

Final Thoughts

Choosing to work in any MLM business isn’t any walk in the park. The environment is lousy, and the tactics used are gut-wrenching. Never allow yourself to get lured toward all the glossary. They use it as a masquerade to suck you into joining. Of the many thousands upon thousands who join MLM companies, there are only hundreds who make any sort of decent living from it. That now brings me to Younique. Are they any different from the others? NO.

Younique presenters face the same principle as the rest of the MLM’s. Keep selling, keep recruiting, and you’ll retain your status. Drop below the required expectation, and there goes your standing, just Like that. Because they don’t give a damn about how much you sell. Why? They are only interested you recruiting new people into their system—bottom Line.

Looking To Start Your Own Business

If you are looking to having your own business, and if that is your eventual goal. Check out my #number one recommendation, you’ll have all the tools, and support you need to be dynamic, including a website, hosting, training and 24/7 help. A support system that is transparent and offers enormous opportunity.

Younique Call To Action



About PishPosh Baby – Review

Is This You!

Have you ever gone back over your baby stroller research and wondered what was still missing? You thought that you had everything covered. And that your analysis was complete. Even felt excited Yay. You were brimming with enthusiasm. You just somehow knew it; this was going to provide all the answers. Probably your best research so far. But, after going back over your research the next day, you felt disappointed. Only to realize your research lacked valuable information, short in detail, among other vital bits of information. With a deep sigh, you concede this parenting thing isn’t so easy after all. So then, what can you do? Let me take you through my PishPosh Baby Review, and we’ll take an in-depth look at how to overcome all your questions and answers.

Who Is PishPosh Baby?

PishPosh Baby sells an extensive range of childcare products, including a line of nursery and gifts.

A privately-owned business, founded in 2014 with its head office in Lakewood New Jersey. The current CEO, Dov Kurlander. They are renowned as a leading online retailer, providing a vast array of products, ranging from nursery to babywear—infants up to pre-school age.

What is The Product Range?

PishPosh Baby aims to equip customers with the broadest choice of products on the internet. The extent and spread of merchandise go way beyond that of the average expectation.

Baby strollers, for instance. The choice and selection with strollers are extensive, ranging from single, double, twin to off the road strollers, and lots more. Plus, the range is the most sought after brands.

Then there are car seats—a gambit of choice, size and design imaginable. No doubt there is something there, to satisfy every demand. And, that’s notwithstanding the excellent range of on the go baby carriers. Nor the superb range of nursery and bedding.

Why Is The PishPosh Baby Range Better?

The aim is to give existing and new customers, the broadest choice of top brand named products. Undoubtedly, that is what has skyrocketed them into being a leader for infant products, compared to anywhere else in the online world.

For instance, the depth and breadth of their products, extend way beyond baby strollers and accessories. When you take into account, for example, every nursery must-have, up to pre-schoolers is there, and all in one location. Is it any wonder they are recognized to be among the leaders for the infant goods.

How Is Their Product Knowledge Better?

Understanding the customer requirements, and being in a position to address their concerns confidently, is so essential in putting parents minds to rest. PishPosh staff have an extensive knowledge base to draw on. Just another reason why knowing the finer points about their products is so important.

It all comes back, directly, to customer satisfaction. There are many other instances, where other online retailers have little to no knowledge of the line of products they are selling.

Staying ahead of the kerb with the latest product innovations are also vitally important. And, it also tells a potential customer you understand, and how to address those concerns. Also, there is a vast amount of online product information, on how best to choose any one or more products, such as a baby stroller, baby jogger, or car seat etc.

PishPosh Convertible Car SeatsPishPosh Baby Carriers



PishPosh Baby-Mom Reps

No one knows PishPosh better than PishPosh moms. Sure, moms know what they want, and what’s best for their infants. But, honestly, any other objective advice about baby products. Can surely be of added benefit. That’s the reason why PishPosh Moms became. They understand, having been through the same experience themselves.

Take a deep breath and visualize.

How good would it be, if mums around your age with the combined knowledge who are also in the know about what is available today? Wouldn’t that would be like pennies from heaven, right?

After all, you just want honest to goodness advice as a mother. Not a lot to ask is it?

Guess what? PishPoshBaby Mom Rep has just that. They understand sound advice geared entirely toward you is controlling. Why? Because it is sincere and factful.

They offer that well-constructed advise. Also, they will make some suggestions. But, the final decision rests with you. Armed with priceless information of this calibre, is like striking GOLD.

And do you know why they offer advice?

Because they thrive on the greatest of pleasures in being able to share the knowledge they have accumulated over the years of the first-hand experience.

Why PishPosh Baby Is Customer Focused

The instant you make contact with PishPosh Baby, the focus is centred around helping you. It doesn’t matter whether you’re inquiring online, telephone or face to face.

PishPosh Double StrollersThe quality of service given is of paramount importance. Questions will be answered with the utmost of attention and with detail to the best outcome in suiting your needs.

Think of it like this.

How difficult can it be, trying, to arrive at a final decision, without any guidance or assistance? Overwhelming daunting. Right?

So, why wouldn’t you snap up the opportunity, and tap into a reliable knowledge base, that takes care of all those pressures for you?

Test Drive Strollers Before You Buy

Those who visit any of the PishPosh Baby stores will be able to test-drive first-hand, items of you’re interested. For example, there is a test drive stroller track, where you’re ready to try out a variety of strollers.

And get this?PishPosh Single Strollers

Test them over the type of terrain you think what you’ll need the stroller to undertake.

And that’s not all. Because it’s all in-store, you have the privilege of getting the first-hand experience. And all before you buy. How Good Is That?

Ho, by the way, when you’ve finished having fun with the original test drive stroller track. You then can test the stroller push motion, fold, and how compact it will store in the car trunk. The try Before You Buy”, ensuring you get what you want, precisely. Who said, excellent old fashion customer service is long gone?

Business Rating

The value of having a first-class business rating is vital to any business, no matter its size.

PishPosh carries an excellent rating (A+) with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). That has been the way for some considerable time. One thing is for sure, any business with such a rating is the top line. You can bet your bottom dollar. They are always the best businesses to conduct any business affair.


Returns & Exchanges

PishPosh baby wants all its customers to have a satisfying shopping experience. So they offer a full 30-day refund from the point of purchase. Provided your return purchase remains in new condition, unused and in the original packaging.

Another benefit with returns. Products that are returned and have passed the return policy procedure. You receive a full refund. There are no restocking fees. However, all cost of returning goods is the responsibility of the purchaser. Besides, that is the standard policy with most other companies. Return goods are always the responsibility of the sender.

Customer Service

Because PishPosh Baby value the importance of first-class customer service as being the most focal point of initial contact. It only stands to reason why they provide fully trained service people to handle your queries.


Quality Service

Rated among the best range of baby products on the internet. Backed up with a second to none customer service. They know how to value your business and treat you with patience, confidence, and assurance. Supported by top quality guidance.

Returns And Exchanges

After-sales satisfaction is tough to come by these days. Not so with PishPosh Baby. They offer a full 30-day return policy from date of purchase. That is something that deserves some serious consideration.

First-Class Product Knowledge

Being parents or about to be parents for the first time bring about a whole new living arrangement. And it can be daunting. Not so, if you consult PishPosh people, tell them what you think you’ll need, and they’ll put a well-balanced package that best suits you.

Business Rating

Any business with a top drawer rating has to be conducting business affairs to the satisfaction of customers. PishPosh Baby enjoys an A+ with the BBB. Ratings provided by BBB are of stringent criteria levels.


Hard Pressed to find any Cons as this company has covered every base of importance. They are leaving no stone unturned.


Unfortunately, Pish Posh Baby retail throughout America only. For purchases outside of America. You will need to use an American located third party who buys on your behalf and then on ships to your destination.

Final Word

PishPosh Baby tick all the boxes when it comes to offering an endless supply of baby products—followed with a customer service to match. Having researched lots of reviews, I struggled to find any that were in the harmful category. And, the BBB rating backs that up.

The ability to test drive the products before buying is something quite extraordinary. Not only is it unique. But, it also has enormous benefits, because it allows you to buy something that precisely suits your requirements, rather than thinking about what you might want. And find out later your purchase wasn’t right. Removes all the guesswork before buying. Not only that, but you also have the benefit of talking with an expertly trained consultant who in understanding, and ready to help in any way possible.

Buying from any company that has a high credit rating undoubtedly presents itself as a business that performs above and beyond the realms of trustworthiness. And PishPosh Baby enjoys the values of being in that category.

PishPosh Baby has been around for over six years in a very demanding market. A market that is not only hard to crack. But, much harder to stay at the top.

A business of that calibre is hard to come by not only in the product range and high customer service. But with high integrity values and customer-first mentality. If you are in the market for baby products, you’ll be hard-pressed to find, another company that can match them, in all the main areas of importance. They carry my full support as the baby company of choice.

What Is ShareASale About – Review

Confused about Affiliate Networks? So are most other marketers. Networks at times can be hard to understand, and there’s no denying that. So then, is there any benefit in you being a member of an affiliate network? And, what role do they take in the affiliate marketer – merchant relationship? In my review, we’ll have an in-depth look at, What Share A Sale is all about and if it can help you.

What is The Share A Sale Network?

It’s an affiliate marketing network which acts as the go-between for affiliate marketers and merchants. Founded by Brian Littleton, in, 2000, and is based in Chicago, Illinois. Affiliate marketers use Share A Sale to help find products to promote on their website, blogs or social media and a mix of other avenues.

Fundamentally, it provides a link where marketers promote merchant’s products and earn a commission for referral sales.

How Do You Get Access To Share A Sale?

You will need to apply to be accepted, and, provided you have correctly completed the application. Typically, it takes only a day or so.

The process is rather simple to complete. But, all questions need to be completed and answered honestly.

  • Select a username and password including your home country
  • Supply your domain website name, as this is how Share A Sale will verify your account and communicate with you
  • Provide an Email address where you are easily contactable
  • Fill in all personal details, including where, and how you want your commission paid
  • Finally, read the Terms and Conditions, then agree and submit your application

ShareASale Log In


How Does Share A Sale Work?

Shareasale has a vigorous search mechanism which allows your filtering, of categories. Such as keywords, and sales commission structure of merchants’ Or, even the length of time they have been with the Share A Sale Network.

Plus, access to the entire platform of merchant programs hosted on its network. Including the top 100 merchants, where you can compare your niche for Compatability to their line of products.

Once you have chosen a merchant and have obtained merchant approval, which, in most cases, is just a formality, you have total access to all links, banners and videos to use in your website promotions. All links are a copy and paste into your content.

All commission payments are monthly. However to receive a refund your commission sales must be above the $50.00, Share A Sale threshold.

Upon the acceptance of your application, you’re able to start adding and using all the affiliate links inside the member’s area.


They host over 3900 merchants on the network platform, with a primary focus centred around small to medium-size merchants.

ShareASale Family And Kids

Network Advertisers

They are recognized to be amongst the largest affiliate networks based on the volume of advertisers who use the platform to manage their affiliate programs.


They are understood to be over 700,000 affiliates, using Share A Sale as their most preferred network. With more than 85% of members, are using Share A Sale as the first choice network.

What Makes Share A Sale That Much Better?

The Share A Sale network has been in business for over 20 years, exclusively as an Affiliate Marketing platform.

And they have a reputation and track record, that speaks for itself. Also, have a technology base that always gets showered with kudos for efficiency, speed and accuracy. Why? Because of their character of being a good and honest business within the affiliate industry.

Straightforward Access For Multiple User Affiliates

Affiliate marketers with quite a few websites and looking to fashion them. Share A Sale can cater to such demand. Not only that, but the process is also rather simple to implement.

And, if you want to assign some, or all of your websites, and prioritize in order of preference. The network can cope with such requirements.

Setting up this feature takes away the tedious work of individually applying to join merchants. Also, every site will be active within the parameters you have assigned them.

ShareASale Popular Merchants

Dynamic Search Operation

Share A Sale search options are aplenty. For instance, there is a search filter connected to keywords, category, sales commission, merchant earnings per click (EPC). Plus you’re able to see the length of time they have been with Share A Sale. Find a sponsor for your web site. Learn how we can increase your sales, develop your brand, and generate interest in your site.
Power Rank

This feature allows you to sort merchants grading in the network. And the beauty of this, you quickly can determine the top 100 merchants in defining their suitability to your niche.

Customer Support

They have genuine customer support investment with marketers and merchants. With Online Help 24/7. Reliable phone support Mon – Fri 9 am – 6 pm CST. And Email. Plus “Getting Started” videos that walk you through the set form go to the finish. Including, comprehensive FAQ for troubleshooting problems.

Monthly Payment System

Joining Share A Sale is a FREE sign up process, that is relatively straightforward with a prompt application response. After your application gets approved you, then may select merchants of your choice that are suitable and in line with your niche.

The payment gets calculated on sales generated during each month. And, by the way, you can track all sales activity inside the Share A Sale back office.

There is a “Payment Setting Section” on your toolbar that allows you to choose how you wish to receive your monthly commission. You can also request to be paid by direct deposit or wire transfer.

Getting Your Monthly Payment

All payments are processed and forwarded to you account on the 20th of every month. And, of course, that payment will represent the previous month sales. There are exceptions; however, your merchant may have opted for an extended cut off date. In that case, payment dates will alter according to the merchant payment time frame.

Either way, your payments will always be a month behind.

Non Payment Report

There will be occasions where errors will occur. And Share A Sale have an icon in your back office, “Rejected Payment Report”. If you haven’t received your payment, you’re able to check your payment status easily and quickly using the payment report area.

Also, there is a “Help Centre” for all issues relating to matters that may be of concern to you.


Choosing A Merchant

A remarkable affiliate network, with thousands of merchants, so, selecting a preferred merchant partner, is wide-ranging. Also, it is FREE to join.


Undoubtedly, there is a merchant with a product that sits well with your niche. Also, regularly, new merchants and many new products are frequently introduced. Therefore, being able to source, and link up with a merchant is time-saving, convenient and compact.

Especially for those who are just starting. Because hunting and sorting through affiliate networks may be daunting to some affiliates.

Site Navigation

There are several features which are reasonably straightforward and user friendly. So, navigating your way around the dashboard, you’ll feel quite comfortable.

From a vitally important user perspective, there is nothing worse than trying to navigate a dashboard that is complicated and difficult to follow.


Completing the acceptance application is uncomplicated with an approval response reply prompt. Usually, you’ll receive an answer within a few hours. Whereas, with others, that can be a day or two. How frustrating is that?

You’ve having to wait a day or more. Only to find that the affiliate network has rejected your application. So, that is why a quick and prompt reply is so essential.

Commission Payment

Share A Sale, have a fairly good record when it comes to paying affiliate marketers on time. There may be instances where a delay may occur. However, there is a facility where you can investigate why a non-payment happened.

Also, Share A Sale will keep the non-payment status, open for 90 days, giving you ample time to study and rectify the problem.


Payment Threshold

Share A Sale do have a reasonably high commission threshold of $50.00 when comparing it to other networks. Although seasoned marketers won’t see this as being an issue. With those who are just beginning, they may find that it’s a little steep.

Merchant Approval

Some merchants are somewhat lax in responding, and that may be a drawback if you’re waiting for a response before preparing content. That is one area that could do with a shakeup from the network.

Final Word

Choosing The Best Affiliate Network

Selecting the right network may be a challenge for those attempting it for the first time. Even to the point of it is a daunting task.

But, it need not be that way, if you link with a network that has stood the test of time. They are the networks that will serve your needs best. That is why I have no hesitation in placing Share A Sale into that category.

Founded in 2000, and over that time have forged a partnership with some of the most recognized merchants worldwide. They hold conduct of empathy, toward the merchant and marketer, while providing support and guidance along the way.

ShareASale Popular Merchants

And that is why they remain the priority of choice among their partners.

Since their establishment, they have carried this line of business relationship through until today. They undoubtedly work hard in delivering innovative and constant marketing ideals that are fresh and at the cutting edge of technology.

Depending on the level of affiliate marking you’re currently at, and the challenges faced thus far is all a learning kerb. But, having the right resources at your side moving forward, will be fun.

New Affiliate Marketers

Beginners are most anxious to understand how much and how quickly they will start earning some income. But, of course, there is no precise answer to that question. With many factors that will determine the outcome. Even the most seasoned entrepreneurs will attest to that.

For instance, the level of your marketing experience, the niche you choose, commission, etc. and the list goes on. Then, there is the number of hours you’re prepared to invest in your business, and how brave you are in making your business a success. Will, determine your outcome.

For those who are prepared to stick to the program, knuckle down and follow insightful training will be those who reach success. It is worth mentioning; affiliate marketing isn’t any get rich quick scheme; however, it provides enormous potential for those who stay the distance.

Affiliate marketing, like most other businesses, has its ups and downs. But, I can say this, there is nothing more exhilarating than making sales, that virtually has no cap. It’s a buzz, like no other. More to the reason why choosing a network likes of, Share A Sale will simply make life in the online world an absolute pleasure.

Choosing The Best Affiliate Network

Selecting the right network may be a challenge for those attempting it for the first time. Even to the point where it becomes a daunting task.

But, it need not be that way, if you link with a network that has stood the test of time. They are the networks that will serve your needs best. That is why I have no hesitation in placing Share A Sale into that category.

Founded in 2000, and over that time have forged a partnership with some of the most recognized merchants worldwide. They hold conduct of empathy, toward the merchant and marketer, while providing support and guidance along the way. And that is why they remain the priority of choice among their partners.

Since their establishment, they have carried this line of business relationship through until today. They undoubtedly work hard in delivering innovative and constant marketing ideals that are fresh and at the cutting edge of technology.

Depending on the level of affiliate marking you’re currently at, and the challenges faced thus far is all a learning kerb. But, having the right resources at your side moving forward, will be fun.

Given there are a plethora of networks to choose from, deciding can be rather tricky. None the less, there’s a lot to be said about Share A Sale’s simplicity, network benefits, quality of merchants and a user-friendly platform, in comparison to other services. That makes me believe that Share A Sale is the ideal network choice.

And because the overall balance of weight goes in their favour sums it up. And for those reasons, that has swayed me toward supporting the Share A Sale Network.

What Is The Thrive Theme Builder Review

Thrive Theme Builder Feature Image

Imagine This…

How aspiring would it feel to be a WordPress Theme wizard, visualize what it would do to your business? Or, perhaps, you want to fluff up your current theme, to an eye-popping, one. The Thrive WordPress Theme Builder is an excellent plugin that will do all that, and more. Propel yourself forward, supercharge your inspiration, and become the wizard of themes today. And YES, surprisingly enough, it’s not that difficult if only you follow a few simple steps. In this Thrive Theme Builder review, I’ll take a look at what all the incline is about and if it’s worth devoting your time and energy to the Thrive Builder. And if it’s the best option for your online business.

What Is Thrive Theme builder

Thrive Theme Builder first started out as Thrive Themes in early 2013, by Shane Melaugh and Paul McCarthy, with both coming from different background journies online.Thrive Theme Builder Logo

McCarthy, a guru with building software, but could not deliver his expertise to customers. While Melaugh had a wealth of marketing experience with very little to no marketing experience.

Both realized that they needed a way in which they could build and complement their skill set.

How Thrive Themes Was Born?

It was in 2013, after a skype linkup, that they stumbled across the fact by joining forces and sharing their values and principles, they could create a business, called “Thrive Themes. Soon after forming the company, and after numerous meetings, they began working on several products.

They included Hybrid Connect, Viral Quiz Builder and WP Share. The goal was to create without reservation a conversion-optimized website with value-added sales pages.

What Happened Moving Forward?

What they didn’t know at that time, soon after forming the business, the obstacles posed by WordPress themes and plugins. Realizing that the WordPress plugins were a little clunky, that hindered them from moving forward.

And believed that other users must be experiencing a similar frustration.

Thrive Theme Builder Introducing

So, they then set about creating a, “What You See Is What You Get”, (WYSIWYG) WordPress editor. Believing, that would simplify user experience with much less techy stuff. Also, allow the posting of content faster with creativity.

Hence was the beginning of the Thrive Themes editor. Since then, there have been several updated releases, with the latest being Thrive Theme Builder.

How Does The Thrive Theme Builder Work?

The Theme Builder Tool allows you to build a particular WordPress theme without having any technical know-how.

We all appreciate how difficult it is to create an eye-catching idea when you consider the many hours and days spent in building and perfecting a theme can take.

With Thrive Theme Builder, there is a walk through wizard that will walk you step by step through the setup phase. And you’ll have your site live in under 15 minutes. Now that is some peace of mind.

Typically, when you pay money for a premium WordPress theme, you get precisely that, custom-built to your needs. But, the Thrive Theme Builder is fractionally different from others.

Because you subscribe to a membership. With that, comes total access to several themes, plugins, updates and full support. Other providers offer a similar service, but each theme build is treated as a one-off flat fee.

What Makes Thrive Theme Builder That Much Better?

Standard theme builders require plugins. Theme Builder isn’t a plugin, nor is it a makeshift, “take the easy way around” Builder. It is a wholly developed WordPress theme. With a drag and drop, front-end customized power.

You have unmatched site control that gives you the freedom to create and customize headers, footers, and blog post templates. And many more functions.

Thrive Theme Builder Products

Daydream for a second. Think of what that might do to your business if you were to use the Theme Builder? Or, maybe, you want to re-energize your current theme, to one, that dances on the screen.

Let’s face of it, you get significant value for your membership. Not only that, but you’ll also receive much more, including.

Professionally Designed to Attract Conversions

A professional looking website built to help you grow and develop your business. Attracting more email subscribers

Thrive Theme Builder Subscriber Lists

Mobile Responsiveness

Built with the mobile compatibility in mind, with each element and feature to function effectively with modern web browsers.

Thrive Theme Builder Mobile Friendly


Your most popular online tools that are important to your business can be integrated. Things like email marketing, webinar platforms, zapier and much more.

Updating Your Brand

It’s only natural to manage your brand no matter your location, with the aid of one central point. Such as centralized font management and effortless control over your logos.

Or, for that matter, painlessly change brand elements everywhere with one-click, or customize every pixel to your exact needs.


Converting visitors into subscribers and customers to clients with a plugin theme that’s authoritative, trustworthy and reliable is a light bulb moment.

Imagine becoming the most liked website owner in the online world. And, most sort after by your customers and visitors.

hrive Theme Builder Conversions

Rise Theme Builder

Rise Theme Builder is a proven feature for blogging, affiliate marketers and many other online businesses.The key to what distinguishes it from others is the concept itself.

The Theme Builder offers everything you need to create a mesmerizing blog, backed by affiliate marketing and product sales. Recognized the best product if you run a blog and make money through affiliate marketing. Or selling your own products.

This might very well be what you’ve been looking forward to.

Launching A Theme

Starting a new website from scratch and incorporating an eye-catching them is tough. The learning curve will be tedious and time-consuming and can even be days or weeks.

The Theme Builder has a walk through feature that nurtures you from start to finish. And, in less than 15 minutes, you’ll have your first site up and running.


The Theme Builder provides flexibility. Flexibility in a way that it makes it easy to manage your brand from one central location with compelling global colour settings.

Including compact font management, and uncomplicated control over your logos. With ease, you can effortlessly change brand elements with one-click, or personalize pixels to your specific needs.

Search Engine Optimizing

Professional Designing gives your website breath-taking features. How is that? Because it was built with conversions in mind. And, it stands out from the crowd and leaves them in awe.

Enhances your search engine optimization (SEO), and grows your business to astonishingly new heights.

All this and more included in your Thrive Theme Builder membership.

Why Should You Choose Thrive Theme Builder?

One of the first things you need do when assembling your website, select a theme. But, when completed, did it live up to your expectation? Did it turn out as you thought? Chances are not specifically.

That’s most likely because there was no customize capability to adjust things like,

  • Headers
  • Footers
  • Core page templates
  • And more

Have you been continuously at war battling with yourself, in trying to achieve the website of your dreams? Then, don’t settle for second best if this is the type of outcome you’ve been experiencing. Instead, let thrive Theme Builder do all the work for you.

hrive Theme Builder WordPress Headers


Thrive Theme Builder Changes All That

Benefits of the Theme Builder has two important charismatics to help make life that much easier.

  • Spontaneous drag and drop editor
  • An astounding number of available templates available

What Do The Templates Libraries Offer

Pieced together, the models will quickly help create multiple pages instantly. Things like,

  • Header
  • Top area
  • Content area
  • Sidebar area
  • Bottom area
  • Footer

Thrive Theme Builder Take Full advantage of Your Footer


In the regions, you want to modify, simply click on that page in the template library lighthouse to open the page. That allows you to customize the theme template page, easily and quickly.

Thrive Theme Builder Module Set

Basic Theme Type-Setting

Changing your type-setting will take a few clicks only to complete the required task. Enter the section, of your Theme Builder Dashboard, edit the type-setting that needs adjusting, and you’re done.

Thrive Architecture

Those who already have this facility, and combining it with the Theme Builder, you’ll have some fantastic features.

Features include:

  1. Smart Color Technology
  2. Shared Styles
  3. Post List Element
  4. Custom Menu Tool

Even if you don’t have the architecture, there’s no cause for alarm. All four features have been already built into the Theme Builder.


There leaves very little doubt in my mind. The Thrive Theme Builder, asking price for the membership, offers real value. So, then, what are the pros that you can look forward to inside the member’s area.

Value For Money

Benefits for sure, outweigh the cost of membership. When you look at the number of features that come with this. It’s something rarely seen. And, they deliver more than they promise.

Professionally Designed Themes to Attract Conversions

What’s better than having a professional-looking website? Build and grow your business that will attract lots of email subscribers

Mobile Compatability 

A feature that is critical in today’s modern web browsers is mobile compatibility. And Theme Builder delivers that and more.


Accessibility to integrate valuable tools that are important to the operation of your business. Such as mail marketing, webinar platforms, zapier etc.

Rise Theme Builder 

An essential feature for blogging, affiliate marketers and other online businesses. Has a concept uniqueness. And, that allows it to stand tall over its competitors.

Considered the best product if you run a blog and are making money through affiliate marketing. Or maybe, selling your own products.

Outstanding Support To Members

With other premium WordPress themes providers, the support can, at times, be a little scarce. Especially within their back office. Many users are left without any support at all.

And those that do get a response, it isn’t constructive. Not so, with Thrive Theme Builder. Help is always readily available, either through email or site support.

Research of members comments support this. And often the comments are based on the quick and positive replies.

While there are many good points about Thrive Theme Builder, there are also a few not so good points. They are


Available To Members Only

Thrive Theme Builder is a members-only site. So, access is not open to non-members. In some ways, that is ideal if you are consistently building new themes or updating others. But, for less frequent users, it could turn out to be expensive.

Setting Up As A Beginner

If you’re a relatively new Internet marketer, setting up themes and tools, could be a little daunting until you get the hang of what is required. Even though the Builder is user friendly, some things are left to your own devices.

For instance, would you be ready, as a new affiliate marketer, to step straight into building an email list? And would you have a product available to sell?


Admittingly, the Thrive Theme Builder is packed with lots of value for the asking price. On the other hand, auto-renewal can become a catch 22. Twelve months will pass without you realizing.

Thrive Builder Membership Pricing

And, unless you change the payment method to manual. You will get billed for a further twelve months, and that maybe not what you had in mind.

 Final Thoughts

Those who are somewhat new to affiliate marketing and are still in the learning stage. Then it might be best to avoid Thrive Theme Builder. All things considered, and everything being equal in product quality, this is a remarkable site.

But, at this point in your learning, it might be a little above your head. Because, most likely, you are only in the early stages of understanding Internet Marketing.

I say that mainly because there are lots of tools and features. And they could quickly get you into a tangle in not knowing what to do. That then could develop into significant consequences.

Or, worse, could potentially cause substantial damage to your website, and that would be catastrophic.

It has no bearing on the product design, but rather, it relates to improper use. There are other areas of concern, that also could be impacted, such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

So, until you are much more inline with affiliate marketing, it’s best not to tough Thrive Builder, and you won’t get yourself into any pickle.

Once you understand the concept of internet marketing, and how it works. And by that stage, you will have put together a few blog posts. Also, maybe built yourself a couple of affiliate sites. By then, most likely, you’ll be confident in knowing what you are doing.

And now ready to take your website to another level. Then, that will be the time to venture into the more suffocated areas. Such as the Thrive Theme Builder. Having said that, if you’re a local business owner, undoubtedly, Thrive Theme Builder, will be a huge benefit.

And, may even improve conversions, whereby, reaching out to a much wider audience than at present.

If you are just beginning with Internet Marketing, numerous alternatives are more affordable. Plus, they are not anywhere near as technical as, Thrive Theme Builder, and will be more in line with your very early stages of expertise.

When you’re ready to take your Internet Marketing efforts to the next level? Have an already established website, earning you a few dollars monthly?

The Thrive Theme Builder will be the ideal choice to advance you to levels beyond what you had your sights set on.

Looking To Start Your Own Business

If you are looking to having your own business, and that is your eventual goal. An opportunity that offers a transparent support system. Check out my #number one recommendation, you’ll have all the tools, and support you need to be dynamic, including a website, hosting, training and 24/7 support.Call To Action

What is The Warrior Forum War Room Review

If you’ve devoted any of your spare time at the Warrior Forum War Room, most likely then, you will have seen many persuasive threads spread throughout the forum. But, you’re not sure what the War Room is all about? It is or supposedly, an upgrade from any FREE Warrior Forum membership, where you have access to things like content, features, etc. But, in real terms, do they offer you any exclusive rights that are of significant value, considering most of what’s already there, is available elsewhere, FREE of charge. So then, that begs the question, does it, realistically, make it a reasonable offer, and is it worth the money? In this Warrior Forum War Room Review, you’ll soon see for yourself what I mean, once the red flags start popping up.

What is the Warrior Forum War Room?

By and large, the War Room is a private forum, an upgrade from the free membership, and is only available to “Premium Warrior Forum War Room Members” with granted access. The Warrior Forum company was, founded in 1997, by Allen Says. And, in 2014 was purchased by Freelancer, with a membership of over 730,000 members worldwide.

Warrior Forum is renowned for the War Room, as a private discussion group with high ranking marketers who share their knowledge with other War Room members.

How do you get access to the War Room?

Membership will set you back $97.00. That may not sound a lot of money, but, if you’re able to access the same information elsewhere, and all for free, then it is expensive. Back in the early 2000s, I was an independent member utilizing content that was available as a free member, and at that time I think from memory the War Room charge was something like $30 – $40. Because it was so far back I’m not sure, so don’t quote on that as being correct. None-the-less even then it as expensive, and now it’s more than doubled at $97.

You would expect, for that sort on money that the content to be, or almost first-class realizing value for money. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case at all. And, by the way, that $97, is renewable every twelve months.

So, you would need to ask yourself, is the War Room worth paying $97 a year?

What’s Inside the Warrior Forum War Room

The War Room sales pages promise an enormous window of opportunity where you can demonstrate the necessary expertise in kickstarting a massive online campaign. A marketing toolbox designed to place you ahead of the marketing pack whereby dominating the internet.


Sounds enticing, but, just how are they going to do that? How else? But, with the promise of full access to, one-on-one’s with marketing gurus, and other bigwig marketing celebs, through the medium of webinars etc. And, those sorts of promises come as no surprise, mainly because it’s a way of attracting the interest of those unfamiliar with online marketing.

There is another area for premium members called; Warrior Ask Me Anything, (WAMA) section. The WAMA is where you have access to the webinars prepared by the Internet Marketing Superstars, and there are, for sure, a few respectable snippets of knowledge that will be of benefit. None the less, I must add they also, are scanty and hard to find.

Warrior Forum Super Charge Your Online Business

The single most crucial point with this, if you do dig out some gold nuggets, in most instances, the information, is either about to be outdated or, is already obsolete. That’s because marketing and technology change so rapidly, and if the War Room isn’t keeping pace with the constant change, you need to ask, is the $97 worth the price tag. Another thing, most of the webinars are unhelpful because they are based mainly around marketing trends that were here today gone tomorrow theory.

In other words, old technology, with most of them running for approximately 90 minutes. I then, in that case, ask the question, why would you want to give up about 90 minutes of your time listening to a Q/A, session, in the hope of latching onto one small snippet of information that may turn out to be useless to you anyway? And, let’s face it that’s going to set you back $97, and for one full year only. So, again I ask, are you prepared to part with $97 and get information that most likely will be of no benefit.

What Other Benefits Does The War Room Offer?

As emphasized by Warrior Forum, the war room is the ultimate marketing war chest in helping members dominate the internet marketing platform. With things like expert talks with the biggest names in marketing, unique digital courses with E-book strategies, and be automatically upgraded to “Premium Member Status”.

The Warrior Forum sales page also states that you’ll enjoy the membership privileges of having access to “Hundreds Of Internet Marketing Tools And Resources”.

Such as,

War Room _ Warrior Forum

The majority of these benefits are readily available on the internet, with some completely free, while others carry a far lesser price tag than the Warrior Forum $97 asking price. Apart from that, most of the War Room guest marketers have their business websites where you can listen to FREE podcasts. So, if it’s free why the heck would you want to pay $97? There are, however, some benefits the WAMA sessions offer, But, $97 a Year, is it worth that much?

They also claim that the platform will teach many other things that will help kick start your affiliate campaigns. And they are things like:

  • product launches
  • list building
  • affiliate marketing
  • growth hacking
  • email marketing
  • landing pages
  • sales funnels
  • etc.

Given the list looks full of opportunity, and that is fair enough. But, sifting through that list in the hope of finding products of any quality and substance isn’t quite so easy. The main reason behind that, the War Room covers a considerable amount of topics and digging out creditable information that is current in today’s market will require lots of effort. And, if you are fortunate enough to able to sift out some valuable tips, then, maybe well worth the effort.

Inside the War Room, the information is more like a sales pitch, and that’s one of the reasons finding the quality of facts you’re expecting to see will be quite scarce.

If that isn’t bad enough, you stumble across a topic of interest, something that you want to get your teeth into, only to realize you have been lead down a dead-end road, with the content being so shabby, and the advice, just awful. And, you soon start to realize, continuing, could potentially cripple your business, before it even gets off the ground.

It may sound a little over the top, maybe it is. But, people are waiting inside the War Room ready to guide you down that wrong path with horrible advice. And it gets worse. The platform has no operating governance to weed out the inaccurate information and remove the culprit from the forum.

There are many threads online, where past members, relate their experiences, and how they have notified the administrator, referring to a legitimate complaint. And the administrator’s response comes as no surprise, as they are the ones being held the victims with their access getting removed without notice. In the long term, this type of behaviour will undoubtedly harm the Warrior Forum platform.

The War Room Word Of Honour

The War Room pledges to provide access to lots of digital courses based mainly around marketing. The issue with this, “How Organic – How Current”, is the information. It’s not over the fence to suggest many of them are recyclers from the WSO (Warrior Special Offer) section. That being the case, there is a massive problem, because you need to ask how old the information they are providing is?

However, there is a sprinkle of valuable tips and tricks, but, you have to, go hunt to find them and know what you are looking for, and what you want. Given that the vast majority of them are just marketers recycling info from other websites because they are chasing a few fast dollars, at your expense.

That makes me believe, a considerable amount of product information isn’t organic and could, in some respects, plagiarised. You might be lucky, and stumbling across some helpful advice, but that may not be of any value if you are hunting for a template that will get you started with your online business. In reality, snippets of information are just that, and they will only solve minor problems every marketer faces daily.


Products And Elite Marketers

Lots of products to choose a topic and the War Room gives you full access to elite marketers

User Submitted Section

Now and then there are bits and pieces of information, you’ll come across in some threads or even within the products itself. However, it’s quite rare.

Message Storage

If you want to message people within the main forum, it can be advantageous. For example, if you see someone posting about “what is a good article writing service” and you offer article writing, then you could extend your hand to them in hiring you.


Dodgy Sellers

The Warrior Forum War Room has a litany of WSO special offers that look, feel and appear to justify the cost of your membership. But, the special offers are from shady sellers, selling information that is dated. With some of it being more than two years old.

Free Products

The War Room has you believing that you’ll have access to loads of free products, just by being a premium member. What they don’t tell you, the giveaway material is things like Ebooks, video courses and some WordPress themes and so forth. More often than not, they have just regurgitated WSO information that has passed its use-by-date.

Make Money Quick

The Warrior forum isn’t what you would call a first-class platform. Has a poor reputation for being somewhere, you go to make a few quick dollars showing others how they can make lots of money online. And, in most instances, it’s all related to building lists using solo ads. Not the ideal start for beginners, because, and unless you know what you are doing, it’s a slippery slide to losing money fast.

Final Word

Products lack so much in quality, and my opinion, it’s not my first choice forum. It’s a total waste of good money, and it’s not somewhere that I would suggest to others. If your decision to join is final, you are potentially risking the future of your online business.

The support without any doubt, is sparse, at best, so you will be left to your own devices, and most likely struggle in turning up any useful marketing resources that will be of benefit to you in helping build your online business.

And, as far as the War Room is concerned, that too, will turn out to be a disaster. With so many shady marketers it will more likely be, impossible than not, for you, trying to sort the genuine operators from the scammers and cost you a lot of money in the process.

In all honesty, you are serving yourself and your budding business justice in avoiding the Warrior Forum War Room. When you take into consideration, many other opportunities will offer much more than this platform.

Not only that, but many jigsaw pieces also make up the internet marketing platform and each of those need to be in place for you to thrive in the industry. And that is something lacking here at the Warrior Forum site.

Looking To have Your Own Business

If you are looking to having your own business, and that is your ultimate focus. An opportunity that provides a transparent support system, and will walk through the shaded path and bring you out the other side to genuine success. Check out my #number one recommendation, you’ll have all the tools, and support you need to be dynamic, including a website, hosting, training and 24/7 support.


Call To Action


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