Bugaboo Stardust Travel Cot – Review

Bugaboo Stardust Travel Cot

Parents who like to travel a lot, and have a young family, understand the importance of keeping their infants comfortable. So, more than likely, they will have a travel cot, simply because of the benefits gained. Whereby, those who have just entered the baby travel cot market, will no doubt, be sourcing what will best suit their needs. With the recent launching of the revolutionary Bugaboo Stardust Travel Cot, it’s taking the convertible travel cot market to a brand new level. 

What Does The Bugaboo Stardust Travel Cot Offer?

The Bugaboo Stardust Travel Cot offers many features, in comfort, convenience and transition, whilst on the move.   

Assembling comes down to one single straightforward action and all in a matter of a few seconds.

Folding is just as simple, you’re able to quickly de-assemble your travel cot in a matter of seconds and without any fuss.

Bugaboo Features

At a glance, key features in the latest release of the Bugaboo Stardust Travel Cot include:

All-in-one Design


Unfold in a matter of seconds

Folding quick and easy

Designed for those on the move

Padded mattress for extra comfort

Extra mesh panels for ventilation flow

Has a zipped insert for newborns

Easy to clean, warm soapy water

Lightweight for movement in and out of vehicles  

Travel bag

Three-year manufacturers warranty


Unfold in seconds

The design feature of the Bugaboo Stardust allows it to unfold in a matter of a couple of seconds. All that you need do is unclip, and it pops open, and it’s ready for use. 

Built With Comfort At The Forefront

The built-in multi-layered mattress has all the ease of comfort your child needs. Irrespective, you’re at home or on the move. 

Specifically Designed Height Adjustment

The pop-up port-a-cot has two adjustable heights, making it the ideal travel system for newborns to preschool age. 

The zip-in bed height allows you to easily lift your newborn in and out without bending over. 

Exterior Design

The exterior design’s, a breathable mesh, so your baby’s comfort is assured with an increase of airflow. The durable mesh structure comes chemical-free, high-quality fabrics.


Overall weight, 6.7 kgs or 14.8 lbs makes transporting done with much ease.


The Bugaboo Stardust is made to move, purely a result of its lightweight both folded and unfolded. A Velcro carry bay allows for compact movement and storage.

All In One Design

With an all-in-one, unique design means no assembly required no matter the situation or location, that warrants for a no-hassle movement free, unfolding and folding. Delivered to you with a travel bag. 


The zip-in bassinet has a comfortable built-in multi-layered mattress, for safety and security. Also, allows your baby to be closer to you. 

Unfold In Seconds

No assembly or special techniques, it pops open in one easy motion and is ready to go in seconds. It’s all that smooth yet straightforward.

Folding Quick And Easy

Like the unfolding, folding is just as easy, from full assembly to total fold, all done in around six seconds. And, there’s no need to remove the mattress as it folds within the zip bassinet. It’s painlessly quick and easy to store and transport.

Designed For Those On The Move

Designed in a way that it is mobile and ready for transporting, assembly and folding, whether it’s from room-to-room, travelling or visiting friends or family. Convenience is the primary focus.

Padded Mattress For Extra Comfort

Parents understand the importance of restful sleep

rt Mattress

very young children require, no matter the location.

And that’s what makes the Stardust stand out from others. Portability is unquestionably a significant benefit. But, apart from the Bugaboo’s unsurpassed portability, comfort is equally as important. 

And, with the Bugaboo Stardust peace of mind multi-layered mattress being at the forefront of technology. You have two existential benefits wrapped into one cot.

Extra Mesh Panels For Ventilation Flow

All-around mesh panels provide extra ventilation flow ideal for the summer days at the beach or even travelling into the country. 

Easy to clean with warm soapy water, drip dry, and you’re done.

Made from Polyester, measuring 35.6″ L x 38.8″ W x 33.5″ H.

Zipped Inserts For Newborns

Has two height level adjustments, especially the zipped pop-up play-yard insert which elevates the height—ideal for lifting your baby in and out without bending over. Yet still gives off all the comforts and restful sleep. Also, the mattress fits both levels perfectly.

Bugaboo Stardust Travel Cot Height Adjustments

Easy Clean 

Made from Polyester, so the fabrics are easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth, or with warm soapy water to remove any stubborn stains. Drip dry, and that’s it.


The manufactured lightweight frame allows packing and unpacking a simple task. In fact, it’s that easy the Stardust almost does all the work for you. 

And, because of its lightweight, folding and storage isn’t an issue.

Travel Bag

A premium Velcro closing bag is part of the overall package with closure straps fitted to both sides of the frame. So putting in and taking out doesn’t provide any hassles. Plus with the side straps secured, the bassinet will remain closed in a flat packed position even without the transporter bag.  

Manufacturers Warranty

Bugaboo’s warranty applies in respect to the product and covers all manufacturing defects with seams, Velcro and colourfastness. All included with a three-year manufacturers warranty.

On The Move

Most parents in today’s world live a relatively fast lifestyle, so technology advancements allow to keep pace with the way of life.

The Stardust is the latest addition to the Bugaboo family, fitted with all the latest technological advancements for keeping up with what parents expect in a travel cot today. 

They realised the importance of residing ahead of what is expected of them. So, Bugaboo developed the Stardust that fits snuggly into every corner of what can only be seen as a pipedream of what parents want in today’s modern world.  

The development of Stardust innovation combines aerospace technology with design ingenuity to create an ultra-comfortable design.

Total Weight

Apart from the many added features, they have been able to maintain the overall weight to an absolute minimum. For instance, the load in total is 6.7 kgs or 14.8 lbs. 

Folded dimensions in the storage bag are 65L X 14W X 85H. Unfolded, 64L X 98W X 85H. Dimensions are in centimetres.

Virtually, the Travel Cot, mostly, can be handled by one person for, unfolding, folding, transporting and storage.   

What’s Included With The Travel Cot

Included with the Bugaboo Stardust Travel Cot are a lightweight frame, mattress, baby zip-in bed and a premium storage bag (with Velcro closing).


Weight, Size And Dimensions

Weight: 6.7 kg or 14.8 lbs

Folded: 65L X 14W X 85 H cms, or 25.6 X 5.5 X 33.5 inchs

Unfolded: 64L X 98W X 85H cms or 25L X 38.8W X 33.5H inchs

Mattress: 91L X 51W X 3.5H cms or 35.8 X 20 1.3 inchs

Is The Travel Cot Suitable From Birth?

In a word, “YES”. Bugaboo has taken this considered concern into the development and planning stages understanding how worrisome it has been for parents in the past, especially from a safety aspect.

The all-new Travel Cot includes a baby zip-in bed, making it easy for you to lift your newborn in and out. Plus, it gives you an overwhelming degree of confidence

in appreciating your baby’s safety whilst asleep.

What Is The Recommended Age – Weight – Length using the Zip-Bed

The age depends on other factors relating to your baby. For instance, it is suitable for babies up to 8.98 kgs pr 19.8 lbs and/or until your baby is around 89 cm long.

Is It Safe For Sleeping Overnight

With Bugaboo Stardust conforming to the regulations surrounding safety standards, then “YES” it’s safe.

Nonetheless, the following of health authorities guidelines relating to safe sleeping standards are, without a doubt, totally recommended. 

Policies provide the safe practice and use of our products and to avoid issues such as SIDS.

Can The Mattress be Replaced

Before initial production, the mattress underwent rigorous testing and scaled explicitly, for the Travel Cot. That all happened as part of factory design and assembly of the Bugaboo Stardust.

So, swapping out the mattress for another may very well affect the overall safety and performance standard of the Travel Cot. And, for that reason, it’s highly recommended not repacing the inbuilt factory-supplied mattress. Not on that, it’s possible that doing so may impact the warranty.

Are There Any Accessories?

There are custom made sheets made exclusively to fit the Bugaboo Stardust mattress. Made from 100% natural cotton, so fitting and safety measures have been taken into consideration during the making process.

Innovation Teams Up Technology

It’s incredible what can be achieved with modern technology. And the Bugaboo Stardust Travel Cot becomes a glaring exponent of that.

A matter of a few years back such innovations would have been only a mirage. In a sense, you could say it’s where today’s design meets up with technology and creates one modern-day cot.  

Below Is A Sprinkle Of Customer Reviews

Bugaboo Stardust Travel Cot Customer Ratings

Final Thoughts

During the initial stages of research and development, the latest technological features, benefits, and enhancements were at the forefront of the planning process. With the final draft being gorged into the manufacture of Bugaboo Stardust Travel Cot. 

And it’s no secret the end result is nothing less than astonishingly first-class play-yard made to move.  

Play-yard Made To Move

For instance, the travel cot is an all-in-one blueprint of merging two cots into one with two specific height adjustments, catering for newborns to preschool age.

Not only that, the mattress has been included as an essential portion of the planning process, whereby it remains part of the cot’s fold and unfold process. A feature that’s a first of its kind, making it a unique all in one travel cot. 

Paired with a lightweight, durable frame, presents unfolding, folding and transporting an absolute breeze. And, it’s a one-person task. That’s how easy it is.

The updated features I believe was, in fact, focused around the mums who in the past have found moving the standard cot, somewhat of a challenge. 

Not any more with The Bugaboo Stardust Travel Cot, those days are now something of the past, especially choosing this magnificent cot as your first preference. 

What’s The Best Baby Stroller – review

Milkbe Lullaby Auto Braking Stroller Feature Image

Apart from a pram, the next most important item in your baby collection, most likely, will be a stroller. So, accessing crucial information that’ll put you in the driver’s seat for getting the right decision first up. Will undoubtedly be pivotal. So then, what is the best baby stroller? In this review, I’ll run the measure over the most sort after, Milkbe Lullaby Stroller, crafted with an innovative B-touch auto braking system technology, along with other advanced features.

Auto Brake Technology

The latest stroller in the Milkbe stable is the Milkbe Lullaby Stroller fitted with a world-first self-stopping sensor fitted along the handlebar. This technology, as attested by the manufacturer, is the first of its kind anywhere in the world.

In practical terms, the innovation ensures that the stroller only moves when someone is holding on to the stroller.

Once hands leave the handlebar, the stroller will automatically apply the brakes giving certainty the stroller doesn’t roll away—a long-overdue innovation.

This revolutionary B-touch technology, adds an exceptional class of styling, with a splash of trendiness to it. You could say it’s where technology meets safety.

Usable From Birth 

Such is this versatile stroller, in that it’s suitable to use soon after childbirth. However, it’s highly recommended such use be in conjunction with a carrycot, for safety reasons and cosiness, especially for a newborn’s environment.  

Reversible Handle Positions

There are two handle positions, forward, or parent-facing and the switch is a straightforward operation—an ideal feature for variable weather conditions, or when your baby is asleep. As your baby grows, the forward position allows them to explore their surroundings. 

Three Seat Positions

What a smart feature this is? Its design has three positions, and dependant of your child’s mood, they can either sit upright or lounge back into the stroller. And with a good recline for them to sleep comfortably.

Adjustable Handle And Footrest

The handle height adjustment provides a comfortable balance for correct walking posture because posture is vitally important for reducing any back injury or strain. 

Adjustable footrest eliminates the danger of feet dangling below the front of the stroller, thus reducing potential injury.

Comfortable Ride

The Milkbe Stroller has a U-shaped cab and sits on a ballast of dual shock absorbers, ensuring the perfect ride no matter the terrain. 

Underseat Storage

The under-seat storage basket has ample room to stow away everything you and baby need for the day, whilst on the move.

All In One Package

The Milkbe Lullaby arrives with all the well-appointed features, removing the necessity for additional carriers as your child grows.   

For instance, the stroller seat can be replaced with the carrycot, creating a pram environment, for when your child is at the infant stage—then replaced with the stroller seat later on.   

Universally it’s a package, all wrapped into one. For example, this is a pram, buggy, and a pushchair stroller—a unique all-in-one bundle.

Lightweight Compact Body

This stroller is compact with a lightweight body making assembling and de-assembling simple, while it reduces to a fraction of its full size. Again, movement in and out of a vehicle is an effortless chore. And, achieved within a matter of a few seconds. 

Car Seat Adaptor

Milkbe car seat adapter has some added benefits, as it’s self-stopping frame allows you to adapt to your chosen car seat. Thus effectively turning your stroller into a convenient full travel system. Whilst installing the adapter will take around 30 seconds. 

Also, it allows you to use the car seat before your baby is ready to sit upright in the stroller seat.

Plus, it can fold with the car seat attached, allowing you to carry it on transit or flights.

The car seat adapter (an optional extra) gives the added benefit of adapting with most other popular car seats, such as Nuna, Cybex, Maxi Cosy and many others. And, retails for $25.00

Milkbe Carry Cot

Safety and comfort have always got to be the top priority. Right? So, how important is transporting a newly born whether it be on foot or vehicular? Ultra essential, and that is why the all-important Milkbe carrycot should be part of your stroller package even though it comes to a reasonably hefty price, $150.00. None the less it’s an essential addition when you consider transforming your stroller into a pram. The cost pales away into insignificance.  

The padding is a foam-lined base, provides a lavish soft interior and shell, for that extra dimension of class.

Swapping from a stroller to carrycot gives the protection and comfort to your infant. And, changing from one to the other is a straightforward, simple task.

Arrives with a water-resistant wrap, and with an opening to allow ventilation and prevent overheating.

Pram Vs Stroller

Strictly speaking, it comes as no surprise that the term “Pram – Stroller’, is taken as meaning the same thing, yet individually they have very different functions. For instance, a pram predominately refers to one with a bassinet or flat sleeping surface, although these days a majority of available models offer both features.  

Whereas, strollers, in the norm, has a child seat where the infant comfortably fits into, while maintaining all the safety standards of height and weight, with a balance and comfort and manoeuvrability. 

Milkbe has taken all of that to another level by wrapping both functions up into one convenient package.


Unfolded27″L X 24.5:W X 43″H
Folded21″L X 14″W X 7″H
Total Stroller Weight25.5 lbs or 11.5 kgs
Milkbe Lullaby USB compatible charger technology for the B-tough handle sensor

Milkbe Lullaby Overview

A stroller with versatility, style, comfort and state of the art technology, all encompassed into one universally available package.

The Lullaby, designed with an innovative B-touch auto braking system, ensuring the stroller stops when hands are removed from the handlebar or even when the foot brake is not applied.

Also, it must be pleasing for parents to see that safety features have played an intricate part of the manufacturing design by Milkbe, by incorporating them into this stroller. 

Informational Facts

  • A genuinely sophisticated, groundbreaking auto braking system. First of its kind worldwide. 
  • Milkbe carry cot compatibility, newborn-infant use up to 33 lbs.
  • Compatible carrycot Optional extra $25.00
  • Reversible seat, the parent or forward-facing positions
  • Three-point recline: sit, lounge, or sleep
  • Adjustable footrest eliminates dangling feet entanglement.
  • Adjustable handle
  • Strong metal alloy frame
  • The B-Touch auto braking system automates itself when your hands leave the handlebar.
  • All-wheel shock absorber suspension giving off a more comfortable ride experience for your child
  • Removable and washable seat cushion
  • U-shape cabin
  • Adjustable skylight canopy
  • Under-seat storage space
  • Easy assembly
  • Two-year manufacturer’s warranty

Why Is The Milkbe Lullaby Stroller The Safest?

Fundamentally, why is it the safest stroller?

When safety features are at the forefront of any design during manufacture, the result then speaks for itself. 

The number of pram or stroller accidents are a result of lacking correct safety measures, mainly related to ran-aways. So, Milkbe has considered safety and developed a sensor braking system, the first of its kind worldwide. Thus, making it the safest stroller in today’s stroller market. 

Four-Wheel Stroller Vs Three Wheel Stroller

Safety features shouldn’t vary no matter the stroller type, even though parents in the past felt that a four-wheel stroller was much safer than that of a three-wheeler.

 The major problem with the three-stroller, centred mainly around its unpredictably of tipping over or moving if left unattended. 

The safety standard stipulates that it is now mandatory that strollers a fitted with a wrist strap, in preventing the stroller moving while unattended. (Why not a sensor braking system?)

However, and because of the lack of safety considerations, the stroller toppling over remains an issue of concern. So, choosing a stroller that comes with many safety features, and will best suit your ideals, must significantly, attract and deserve considerable thought during the buying process.  

Below are some comments from customers:

Final Thoughts

The Milkbe Lullaby Stroller, crafted with an innovative B-touch auto braking system technology, along with other advanced features, stands alone at the head of the stroller market.

And that is why I thoroughly recommend the Milkbe Lullaby Auto Braking Stroller. From my perspective, it’s always best to make one capital investment that will offer many more features, And, in the long run, saves spending extra cash for add ons as your child grows.

Another reason why I have chosen this stroller, the safety standards surpass anything else in its class.

And, let’s face it, the flimsy mandatory safety standards currently on products for babies and infants, is almost non-existent. So, the regulations are in desperate need of an overhaul considering the number of basics that most parents would own. 

With the few existing safety standards, an overhaul is more crucial than ever, considering the number of basics that most parents would own. 

Things like bassinets, cot mattresses, high chairs, change tables, baby bottles and teats, safety gates and barriers, backyard play equipment, baby carriers and slings and playpens. So, without labouring on the safety issue, even though the list is significant, the safety standards are in desperate need of revamping the rules to prevent injuries.

Southwestern Advantage MLM – Review

Southwestern Advantage Feature

It’s no secret why college graduates are always on the lookout for how they can earn some money working a few spare hours. And why not? As an undergraduate student, any extra income is very welcome, provided it slots comfortably in with your studies. In this Southwestern Advantage MLM review, I’ll check out the company, look at how it works, and whether it suits your dream of earning a few extra dollars.

Who Is Southwestern Advantage?

Based on the company history, Southwestern Advantage was founded by Rev. Graves and heralds back to somewhere around 1855.

The business is now operating as a conglomerate private equity business, with headquarters based in Nashville, Tennessee.

Attested by the business hierarchy, the primary focus of the company is to “assist young people in developing skills and character required in accomplishing their goals in life.” Also, to build a business opportunity in selling books, and aimed mainly toward facilitating a pathway for college students.

Naturally, students attending college campuses are in large numbers, so interns are encouraged to frequent these sites by canvassing other students spread across and throughout the U.S.

Primarily, the books are tutorials based around education. Also, there are subscriptions to websites and software, but mainly as a backup to assist readers in making a buying decision.


Imposing Qualifications

Direct Selling Association

Foundation Sales Learning Experience

Maybe Life Changing


Out-Of-Pocket Expenses

Demanding Work Load

Packed With Incidents And Complaints

Deceptive Marketing Practices

Is Southwestern Advantage Worth The Price?

Books are a brand line of early learning, homework, helping resource millions of children educationally, and develop a sense of excitement about school.

However, what’s a bit scary, online research failed to turn up any pricing on single or multiple books. So it’s hard to establish whether they are real value or just a waste of money.

Revised Editions

What I was able to uncover, Amazon sells a mathematics book, $49.99, which was written and published in 2011. Schooling worldwide changes from year to year, so books older than one year would almost be rendered useless, especially for secondary school students, and a lesser degree for primary students.

Putting into context, unless Southwestern Advantage is selling revised editions every year, they most likely would be a risky proposition.

Also, it makes me believe why they don’t have a book price on their website.

Website Subscriptions

I suppose if you miss on a book sale, then you can fall back in trying to sell website subscriptions. With one in particular, Advantage4Parents, and on all accounts, the content is somewhat helpful, designed to assist with parenting problems.

MLM No Longer Financial Benefit

Southwestern Advantage Opportunity

Southwestern Advantage presents an ideal opportunity to work as a representative on a twelve-week internship.

During that time you’ll work in an unfamiliar neighborhood selling books and website subscriptions, door to door. And, in a location that is thousands of miles away from your home.

Less Distraction

The uncanny thing about this, and according to Southwestern Advantage, it’s designed so that you won’t be distracted by people you know in your community. Furthermore, the surrounds will be totally unfamiliar to you and packed with young children. They also believe this makes for the perfect place to achieve sales targets.

Living Away From Home

If you are lucky enough, you could get billeted to a host family who will rent a room over the twelve weeks. Conversely, it will be your responsibility to find yourself somewhere to live and meet all associated expenses.

Your workday will consist of 12 hours, six days a week, footslogging door to door selling these goddamn books.

Sundays, rest day, no way because you’ll be expected to front to meetings and/or training sessions, all at your own expense.

What Does It Cost To Join Southwestern Advantage

Southwestern Advantage, like most other MLM’s you’ll be dipping into your own pocket to meet all the upfront costs. Oh my, what did I just say, your own money? Just hang on a second if you were flush with cash, then you wouldn’t be looking for a crummy part-time job in the first place, would you?

OOPS, sorry, let’s get back to the story.

Letter Of Credit

Before commencing, you must supply a letter of credit to Southwestern Advantage, endorsed by two people. And, in most circumstances, it’s your parents.

The purpose of a letter of credit works on the same principle and a line of credit, whereby the endorsers guarantee to take responsibility if you fail to pay all monies owed to the company.

Usually, the letter of credit is set at $500 per guarantor.

So then, there’s $1000, and you haven’t purchased any books to make a start. Typically, a standard set will set you back a further $350. That all totals to $1350 and not including any other associated out-of-pocket expenses. Not all that hard to do the sums, is it?

Is It Possible To Earn Money With Southwestern Advantage

You’ll only have a window of twelve weeks (summer months) to sell educational books. When you think about it, it’s not long, considering the money you need to shell out to get started in the first place. And, what happens if you fail, your parents are left with a debt of $1000, and you have $350 worth of books that are basically useless to you.

Own Expenses

Also, if you’re not billeted out to a family in your designated area, you’ll need to arrange your own accommodation. Either way, you will be expected to pay all expenses out of your own pocket.

During those summer months, you’ll be required to conduct at least 30 presentations each of the six-day working week.

Ground Rules

Southwestern Advantage makes all the ground rules to suit them, even when it comes to the commission. For instance, they get 60% of all sales and you 40%. Is that fair, do you think, considering you are expected to meet with all out-of-pocket expenses, yet only get a 40% slice of sales cake? One-sided I think.


Imposing Qualifications

Mostly, we have grown up with the belief that the more qualifications we rack up, the more honorable we will be. And, during 2019, Dr Ralph Brigham received the Charles F. Kettering Award for excellence in business or government internship in education programs. Other alumni list of imposing qualifications are U.S. Secretary of Energy Rick Perry; U.S. Senator from Tennessee Marsha Blackburn and Ken Starr, an attorney.

Direct Selling Association

Since 2009, Southwestern Advantage has been a member of the Direct Selling Association, (DSA).

Foundation Sales Learning Experience

You will be expected to travel to Nashville for a one-week full-on training. However, it may be beneficial later in life, especially for interviews, once you leave college. But, you will have to meet all expenses out of your own pocket.

Maybe Life Changing

Southwestern Advantage Change The Rules Change your Life

I suppose it’s not unreasonable to suggest starting out in sales, and in a territory that’s totally unfamiliar to you, will be an incredible life-changing experience. On top of that, you will be responsible for your own destiny in understanding what it’s like being a salesperson and coping with life on your own.

Unquestionably, you will find out a lot about yourself, and also gain a first-hand understanding of what life’s all about. Plus, broaden your horizons moving forward in the challenge’s life will throw at you.


Out-Of-Pocket Expenses

You will be working in a commission-only environment, and that means all expenses connected to your work are your responsibility. No matter whether your return is zilch or five hundred dollars, you will have to pay all overheads. That will include things like living expenses, including rent, food, gas, and products at wholesale prices, out of your own pocket. Also, that consists of any company meetings seminars, and so forth, you may be required to attend. That’s why I believe the 60/40 split is more than unfair.

Demanding Work Load

There’s no beg your pardons from Southwestern Advantage, as they expect you to make a minimum of 30 presentations each day. They figure it’s your responsibility to make each and every house call a sense of purpose of always making a sale. And, that my friends are mighty tricky circumstances, especially coming from a sales background myself.

Packed With Incidents And Complaints

While Southwestern Advantage boasts about the educational benefits derived from their book library. At the same time that may be true to an extent, but, the Better Business Bureau (BBB), tell a different story entirely.

There have been 109 complaints lodged against this organization, ranging from deplorable customer service, lengthy delays with order shipment, canceling orders and in some instances misleading information. While the list goes.

Deceptive Marketing Practices

Students have reported many ambiguous or deceptive business development practices. As they feel there have, instances, where they have been misled by Southwestern Advantage representatives. In as much as believing they were working with career services of colleges in how to gain classroom access purely for recruitment objectives. When, in fact, that was the furthest from the truth.

You’re Out Of Bounds

Because of the number of complaints, some prestigious colleges the likes of Harvard, Idaho and Maryland universities forbid Southwestern Advantage going into their campuses for recruiting purposes.

In lots of cases, however, they weren’t phased by the out of bands policy because recruitment continued anyway.

Quick Calculation Of Potential Earnings

As explained by one past student of Southwestern Advantage. A typical work week starts at 8 am, ending at 9 pm, Monday through to Saturday.

In the twelve-week stint, he earned $6,000, and according to him, it was pretty tough.

12 hours x 6 days= 72 hours

72 hours x 12 weeks = 864 working hours

$6,000 by 864 hours = $6.95 per hour

Remember I mentioned earlier, all incidental charges are on you. Therefore, that $6,000 looks more like actual earnings of around $3,000, or about $3.50 per hour.

And, if that’s not bad enough, if you’re not reaching the sales targets expected, you’re grilled over your shortcomings and told to lift your game.

So, are you prepared to work for three bucks an hour and at the same time cop heaps of flack because you’re below sales targets? I’m damn sure I wouldn’t. I’d tell them to take their sales job and shove I ain’t doing this anymore.

Southwestern Advantage Is It A Scam?

It may be not a scam but, the manipulative way they operate must go horribly close.

Why would you want to sacrifice your personal holiday break away from your community working 72 hours a week for the sake of $3.00 an hour?

Not only that, breaking down the working week another step will surprise you somewhat. Working 72 hours is almost equal to combining two weeks into one. Now that makes it even scarier because, in reality, your hourly rate is less than $2.00 an hour.

Comparing their system to that of MLM scams there are lots of parallels.

Why I’m saying this? Simply because 95% of all earnings go to the top tier. And those at the grassroots who do all the work earn the other 5%.

Final Thoughts

What surprises me, why they persist with door to door selling, considering there are so many media, and technology advancements today. And, most likely, they would achieve similar sales results, using technology.

In saying that, I suppose using the MLM system gives them that extra layer of protection when things go wrong. And, according to the research that happens frequently. Also, there is no upfront cost using the door to door approach.

I also understand that the promise of earning thousands of dollars in a 12-week internship can be a pretty tantalizing carrot. But, make no mistake, this “opportunity” is not for the fainthearted.

And in the end, you may not earn what you expect.

Serious about starting your own home-based business, then check out my #1 recommendation. Build an online marketing business that is suitable to your liking.

You’ll get everything you need, including a website, hosting, training, 24/7 support and a ton of great tools.

What Is Plexus Worldwide – MLM Review

Plesus Worldwide Feature Image

Has direct selling lost all its puff? Crafting a decent income selling products seems to have disappeared. So, can you still earn a respectful income selling them, or not? With this Plexus Worldwide MLM Review, I’ll take an in-depth look at the company, explore the line of products, including the payment plan and establish if Plexus Worldwide is for you.

Who Is Plexus Worldwide?

Plexus Worldwide is an MLM business, founded in 2006, by Tarl Robinson and Alfred Petterson. Headquarters are located in Scottsdale, Arizona.

The range of products includes skincare, weight loss, vitamins, protein drinks and bars. And, sold in only three countries, Canada, Mexico and Australia.

The year 2017, estimated revenue was around $562 million. At the time, the company was listed as a top 30 business within the Direct Selling News. Also, believed to be among the highest-ranking companies to work (top 12), with over 7000.000 Ambassadors.


Preferred Customer Program

Product Guarantee 60-Day Money-Back

Redeemable Commissions On Returns


Deceptive Supplement Claims

Product Health Warnings

Consumer Complaints

What Are The Plexus Worldwide Products

As Attested By Plexus, products are at the cutting edge in health science, offering a range that focuses on health and happiness. What’s more, claiming, products are manufactured of the highest quality with zero GMO, gluten-free and vegetarian 100%.

From my research, one of the more famous lines is the weight loss product, Plexus Slim.

The objective with Plexus Slim is to make you feel full,

therefore, eat less food, thus, reducing your food intake.

You drink one serving 30-60 minutes, twice a day, before mealtime.

Are Plexus Worldwide Products Worth Their Price

The Plexus Slim comes in a 30 sachet container. So, each box is equal to a 15-day supply, costing $90, or $180 for a month supply.

The ultimate aim, according to Plexus, is to help users, feel better, improved eating habits. And, while living a quality lifestyle.

Sachet ingredients contain Polydextrose, an appetite suppressant, Chromium Polynicotinate, green coffee bean extract, Garcinia Cambogia, citric acid, Stevia, and beetroot extract. Consisting of 20 calories per sachet.

Plexus Worldwide Slim Control

Plus, they have a range of products from, nutrition, weight management, skincare and even vitamins for kids.

There is a substantial price label connected to the full product range, and that could well be a stumbling block. Considering other closely aligned products are available elsewhere. And, so much cheaper.

For instance, Amazon sells a similar 30 packet line, and both the products offer appetite suppression ingredients.

The Amazon product sells at $60 p/m, as opposed to Plexus, $180 p/m. That’s a 66% saving month on month, or $1450 over twelve months. Such are the differences in pricing, it’s easy to see Plexus products are far from being competitive in pricing.

FDA Approval

There is no Certified Approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the Plexus range.

Therefore, any health claims relating to the safety and effectiveness of the products have been asserted by Plexus themselves.

What Does ThePlexus Worldwide Opportunity Offer?

Naturally, there will be lots of you reading this review who are passionate vitamin believers. Mind you, there is nothing wrong with that either.

And, with Plexus placing an enormous amount of weight on health, selling their vitamin range could relatively quickly turn out to be a sizable market for you. More significantly, for those who are already vitamin minded savvy.

However, to take advantage of the 25% discount, you first need to become a Plexus Ambassador. Then, you’ll have rights to the discounted privileges, and selling benefits.

None the less that will pose a significant barrier to overcome, considering the high selling price to the customer. Plus, it’s something that requires a level of selling expertise.

I fully understand these products may be exclusive, but that doesn’t take away the fact that other products of a similar, are a lot cheaper. And that is where the Challenge lies no matter which way its viewed.

What Does It Cost To Join Plexus Worldwide?

Signing on with Plexus, you’ll first need to invest in a membership, $39.95, which needs to be renewed annually.

According to Plexus, starter kits, are not compulsory.

So, it gets back to how you view the prospect of not having to purchase a kit of products. However, if you don’t have any product, then you have nothing to sell, and you’re not in a position to earn any money. So in reality, your options are limited, aren’t they?

Starter Packages

From the viewpoint of the packages, let’s take a look. The range starts from $99 – $199, per starter pack, with a choice of 25 different parcels.

Listed as follows, are only a small sample of the various choices available.

Plexus Worldwide Starter packs

After you have chosen your package, you’ll be given a dedicated website for promotional purposes. By then, you’re all good to go.

Monthly Orders

All monthly orders are at wholesale prices, but, failing to log an order month on month, will affect commissions. Because qualifying commissions are only paid to current members, who have submitted an order.

Every MLM business I have reviewed use this type of policy, so it’s best to have the auto-ship option activated.

Auto Shipment

Auto-shipments, however, have many downsides, especially for those finding it tuff getting sales. Because every month a shipment will automatically be sent out to you, and you’ll be billed accordingly.

On the other hand, it will be beneficial for those who are selling plenty of products. Because it removes the worry of missing in placing your order and losing monthly commissions. So, just starting, would require a careful eye on the situation. Otherwise, you could quickly end up with lots of unsold stock. And, be out-of-pocket to a considerable sum of money.

Out-of-Pocket Expenses

Monthly out-of-pocket expenses are not reimbursed by Plexus. So, that must be deducted from any monthly income, as it will impact the bottom line.

Deductions can be, day to day business expenses, phone calls and travel expenses.

Are You Able To Earn Money With Plexus Worldwide?

Plexus has eight levels of hierarchy, starting with the Ambassador to the highest level Diamond. Mind you getting to the Diamond level will be no mean feat, as significantly few rise to that level.

Plexus Worldwide Ambassador Income Statement

Not suggesting it’s impossible, but, what I’m saying it will require a helluva lot of recruiting and many long and persistent hours if you’re any chance of making it.

Sure there are six other pit stops along the way, and they also offer some generous benefits. So you may find yourself somewhere between bottom and top.

Fast Start Program

If you’re an ambitious type, then the fast start might be right up your alley.

Starting with the 30-Day Challenge

You will earn a $100 bonus sponsoring three new Ambassadors in your first thirty days

Followed By The 60 – 90 Challenge

With the 60 and 90-day challenge, all the products have an associated P.V. (Personal Volume).

So, you’ll need to be acutely aware, you don’t earn any commissions on 0-99 PV.

So, commissions will only kick in after you have reached the milestone of 100 PV and above.

The retail commissions are determined on the following basis:

Earnings $100 to $499.99 are calculated at the rate of 15%, based on remaining P.V. once the first 100 PV has been deducted.

Sales that reach $500 and over will be calculated 25% less the first 100 PV

Below is an example of how it all works and taken from the Plexus compensation plan.

Plexus Compensation Plan


Preferred Customer Program

Establishing a solid core of customers has its benefits, especially with the Preferred Customers Program. Those customers who elect to be part of the program receive a discount on all purchases, and you receive a commission based on their sales.

Product Guarantee 60-Day Money-Back

With a 60-day money-back guarantee, it becomes an enormous selling tool. However, there’s an explicit requirement the customer needs to follow to receive a refund. Provided all the necessary documentation is fully completed, the refund will be automatic. However, refunds will be delayed if the proper process hasn’t been followed.

Redeemable Commissions On Returns

If you have already received the commission for a particular sale and the customer returns the product, then you don’t need to pay back the commission, nor is it deducted from your next commission payment.


Deceptive Supplement Claims

According to tina.org, Plexus has been marketing a combo of supplements for kids. And, as attested by tina, Plexus Ambassadors, in a hasty manner, were selling the products, with claims that it will boost their immune system, and may also help in keeping them virus free.

Product Health Warnings

As claimed by a Californian not-for-profit business, which places its full focus at the misuse of hazardous and toxic chemicals. Has lodged a lawsuit, alleging that Plexus failed in its duty of care by failing to clearly warn consumers that the 96 Protein Go-Pack Chocolate and Fast Relief were found to contain lead.

As attested by the plaintiff, Plexus was warned by the Environmental Research Center about claims that the products being safe and beneficial. Even though, Plexus was fully aware of lead in the Covered Products. They, instead, chose to ignore the warning by failing to address the issue.

Consumer Complaints

The alarming number of complaints lodged with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), against Plexus is staggering more than 800 in fact. What’s more concerning over three quarters were from consumers who claimed Plexus consistently charged them for unwanted shipments.

Plexus Worldwide FTC Complaints

They included things like lack of customer service, poor handling of shipment cancellation, among many others, and requests repeatedly ignored.

More damming was that Plexus refused to honour their money-back guarantee, even though consumers had experienced an adverse reaction, or the product didn’t do as specified.

Plexus Ambassadors

There were also, lots of complaints lodged with the FTC by Ambassadors regarding product return and refunds. Plexus claimed, because they were Ambassadors to the company, their product return time frame was much shorter than that of customers. But, when trying to return products, they too experienced the same problem as customers, in not being able to contact the customer service.

Ambassador Income

If you were to take notice of all social media banter, then you would have good reason to believe that earning a sustainable income selling Plexus products is real.

But, in truth, it’s a different story: the only thing that is a fact, your dream of becoming financially secure won’t happen.

Plexus Worldwide Ambassador Income Statement

Figures disclose, less than one per cent of Ambassadors reach the six-figure bracket. The company disclosure statement identifies that over three quarters earn less than $500 p.a. More revealing, it says that 99 per cent earn less than the average U.S. income of $28,500.

Is Plexus A Scam

Plexus has a most unusual commission scale, something that I’ve never come across before. Such as, to qualify, and before you earn anything for yourself, you must sell enough products to reach 100 PV.

That is significant, especially for those just starting.

I deem this tactic irregular and highly unfair. You’ve put every effort into selling but just fall short of the cutoff, and you earn a zilch commission.

Come on, give me a break. It’s gotta be worth something, surely to goodness.

Just the same, Plexus isn’t a scam, but, appears to regularly come under the microscope of the regulators.

Plexus Worldwide Is It A Scam

Something else that I have noticed, Plexus claim so long as you pay the yearly membership you’re not forced to buy products.

So, Plexus, if I don’t have any items, then what am I going to sell.

Blind Freddy knows that customers like to see, feel, smell and try out the products before committing to a purchase. So, YES, you do need a bag of products.

Another thing, potential customers are very savvy these days, about allergic reaction. So, they like to read up on what ingredients have been used.

Final Thoughts

Plexus is an MLM business where those at the top benefit most while others at the bottom struggle. And, many negatives suggest, Plexus may not be the most ideal work from home option available. Customer complaints support my theory.

Serious about starting your own home-based business, then check out my #1 recommendation where you can build an online marketing company that is suitable to your liking.

You’ll get everything you need, including a website, hosting, training, 24/7 support and a ton of great tools.

Plexus Worldwide Call To Action

Cybex Eternis S SensorSafe Car Seat

Cybex Eternis S SensorSafe Car Seat

First Convertible Car Seat to Feature an innovative 360° Rotatable Seat

First into the U.S. baby seat market, the new Cybex Sirona S Convertible Car Seat. Not only that, but it’s also the first of its kind to be approved in North America. Cybex has taken the convertible baby car seat market to a brand new level. 

The Cybex seat, features a leg load stabilizer, revolving 360° centre, changing around from rear face to forwarding face. And, all with one single, comfortable and straightforward action. Also, you’re able to quickly get your child in and out with little to no fuss.

The Sirona S load leg stabilizes the core and may appreciably limit force in crashes. And, combined with an EasyLock bar for swift, secure and effortless installation. Affords the most advanced safety protection for your child with peace of mind that undoubtedly is priceless. 

For instance, a new design feature, that allows the convertible seat to pivot left or right giving you much more room to manipulate loading or unloading. Why is that possible? Simply because, installing, is done through the base and that allows movement swing left or right without having to re-install.

And, it’s fitted with Sensorsafe safety clip, that alerts you your child’s safely buckled in the seat. Plus, it also draws your attention to the inside car temperature, as to whether it’s too hot or cold. 

Besides, the Sirona S has the same linear side impact protection, that will absorb around 25% of the crash force in the event of a near side-impact collision. The same, impact protection fitted on all Cybex car seats.

A Car Seat Fitted With Many Safety Features 

The new CYBEX Eternis S offers protection that grows with your child, a one only seat required from infant to school-age booster. Such as the rear-facing position from 4 lbs to 50 lbs, with the front-facing, 22 lbs. To 65 lbs. And, a seat belt booster, 40 lbs. To 120 lbs.

Another benefit, the in-seat recline allows your child to ride rear-facing for longer, and safely.

So, the brand will quickly become the all-in-one convertible car seat, designed for use from birth up to 120 lbs and integrated with all the smart, yet And, all in-store in the chest clip of the car seat—the technology, designed to incorporate through a vehicle receiver and or, minders smartphone. Also, the driver receives a warning if, by accident, the child gets left still secured in the car seat. Or, if the child unbuckles the chest clip, whilst the vehicle is in motion.

Includes a patented, three positional reclining headrest.

Designed in a way to prevent the child’s head from falling forward whilst asleep, guiding the head and neck into a safe position. 

And, all combined with a steel-reinforced frame for strength and durability.

Cybex Eternis S SensorSafe Car Seat -  Functions

Seven Advanced Features

Cybex Eternis S SensorSafe Car Seat - In-Seat Recline

In-Seat Recline

The Eternis S, in-seat recline feature, is adjustable to many positions, offers the correct ergonomic positioning, a snugger fit, with extra legroom.

Rear-facing, 4 lbs to 50 lbs, allows your child to ride safely and sleep longer.  

And, will comfortably angle your child’s head to minimize head slump and keep airways open, for a custom, cradled fit.

 Integrated Linear Side-Impact Protection

Cybex Eternis S SensorSafe Car Seat - Intregrated Linear Side-Impact Protection

The sides protection system of the car seat, extend out on both vehicle door sides, thus offering heightened side-impact collision safety protection. 

In the likelihood of a side-impact collision, the system diminishes impact force by around 25%. That’s significant when comparing similar car seat without the extended side intrusions.

Three Positional Reclining Head Rest

Cybex Eternis S SensorSafe Car Seat - Three Positional Reclining Head Rest

The Cybex S reclining headrest has another revolutionary technological patented feature, and, it’s a safety feature long overdue and relates to child head movement and protection in the possibility of a side-impact collision.  

Reduction of head movement is especially crucial in any collision, and this new technology safely moves the child’s head balance point, slightly back, preventing the head from lurching forward when in sleep mode. In contrast, the head remains within the safety zone of the seat. 

And, that is a pivotal advancement, ensuring optimal protection of your child’s neck in a case of accidental emergency.  

What’s more, the headrest allows a more comfortable and peaceful sleep, making any journey that much more pleasant. 

Adjustable Head Rest Twelve Position

Cybex Eternis S SensorSafe Car Seat - Adjustable Head Rest Twelve Position

Once your child begins to move up in the seat, there’s no need to reconfigure the harness, because the integrated no-rethread harness adjusts with the headrest movement.

As your child continues to grow the twelve positions, height-adjustable headrest will also grow with your child.

Sensor Safe Technology

With the advanced sensor, safe technology, when unsafe conditions appear, alerts are raised, such as unbuckling of the seat belt by your child, whilst the vehicle is moving. 

Or, will alert if your child has been in the car seat for a lengthy period and becomes too hot or cold. 

Cybex Eternis S SensorSafe Car Seat - Sensor Safe Technology

And, if the child has been accidentally left unattended in a stationary vehicle. That, in my opinion, has to be the best innovation ever, because it’s something done without realizing. 

All this is possible using an installed vehicle receiver, connected through a smartphone sensor safe App. Also, the same App has the ability in walking you through the full installation, if required. 

Cybex Eternis S SensorSafe Car Seat - Cup Holder

Cup Holder

Included with the Cybex Eternis S, is a removable cup holder, that’s locatable either side of the car seat. Also, the cup is easy to clean or dishwasher safe.  

Cybex Eternis S SensorSafe Car Seat- Effortless Removal

Effortless Removal

Fitted with an advanced one single pull latch removal, making the transition an effortless chore.

Cybex Eternis S SensorSafe Car Seat - Eternis S All-In-One Car Seat



Width, 17.3″

Length, 26.”

Height, 22.25.”

Head Height, 30″

Weight: 25 lbs.

Rear Facing, 0 – 40 lbs.

Weight Capacity: 

Recline: 10 Positional recline


  • In-Seat Recline: correct ergonomic position – snug fit – extra legroom
  • Integrated Linear Side-Impact Protection: heightened side-impact safety protection
  • Three Positional Reclining Headrests: head movement protection from collision impact
  • 12 Position Adjustable Headrest: height adjustments – grows with your child
  • Sensor Safe Technology: Seat unbuckled alert – in-vehicle temperature alert – child unattended in-vehicle alert
  • Cup holder Left or Right: removable cup holder – dishwasher safe
  • Effortless Removal: one single pull latch removal

Final Thoughts

A great car seat, full of all-encompassing safety features imaginable. Parents will most welcome the benefit of the quick and easy installation and removal feature. 

Cybex Eternis S SensorSafe Car Seat - Safety Base

With an anti-rebound design, to reduce car seat rebound movement.

The car seat, installed through the base, therefore removes the need to undo and reinstall when turning your child around. 

And a one-time vehicle belt installation for both rear-facing and forward-facing mode.

Side impact protection increases your child’s safety in an emergency, adding an extra layer of child protection. 

 Sensorsafe clip alert technology becomes that second back up for parents, especially when the safety belt becomes unbuckled whilst the vehicle is in motion. 

Cybex Eternis S SensorSafe Car Seat - Sensor Clip - Linear Sip Impact Protection

Sirona S is the first convertible car seat, with a 360° rotatable innovative feature. At the same time, the load leg makes switching between rear-facing and forward-facing positions quick and easy.

The Sirona S load leg stabilizes the core and can significantly reduce crash forces.

Combined with an EasyLock™ bar for swift, secure and straightforward installation, offer advanced safety protection for children — and greater peace of mind for parents.

Dual-level indicators help ensure the proper car seat angle.

 Steel reinforced frame for strength and durability with dual-level hands, help ensure the appropriate car seat angle. Plus, 3-position padded buckle and harness pads for extra comfort. And, the removable newborn insert provides support for small babies.

Cybex Eternis S SensorSafe Car Seat - Adjustable Headrest Magnetic Buckle Holders

It’s the car seat with the lot, and, in my opinion, it’s the ultimate choice for parents.

What Is Javita Coffee – MLM Review

Javita Feature Image

Does earning some extra money selling coffee products in your spare time sounds groovy, and seems like a good idea? Maybe so. But, wouldn’t it be wise to first check the earning potential? Because, it’s equally important as the opportunity itself. Especially with so many Multi-level marketing companies offering the best chance ever, with a so-called streamlined gateway for earning a stable income in your free time. Javita is one of the many coffee businesses, selling an online opportunity. And, by chance, you may have, in the past, been invited to attend a coffee party. Javita makes the bold claim, their product will assist with losing weight. So, in this Javita MLM Review, I’ll delve into the company, look at the products and uncover the weight loss assertion, and what are your possibilities of earning a reliable income.

Who Is Javita

Javita was founded by Stan Cherelstein in 2004. Headquarters are located in Boca Raton Florida.

The products consist of, green tea, protein and fiber shake, cocoa drinks, among a few other supplements. But, the primary line is the weight loss coffee.

Research demonstrates the company hasn’t been performing at all well, with revenue declining steadily year over year. For instance, income in 2015, was around $50, million. By year-end 2019, the reported revenue had taken a massive hit down by $30 million.

Are Javita Products Worth Their Price?

Javita claims to have a unique plan in distinguishing their coffee from all other coffee blends by creating a distinctive gourmet coffee brand. By exclusively infusing herbs, and other natural ingredients into 100% South American produced coffee beans.

Javita also attest, by infusing the beans with herbs,

provides a unique taste, and offers health benefits to coffee drinkers. Such are the derived benefits, weight loss, focus, and appetite control. Indications suggest the more popular is the coffee drinks. Even though teas and powdered drinks do attract a share of popularity.

Also, and of course, there is a sprinkling of supplements in tablet form or powdered drink formula.

Coffee Blends

Burns + Control Coffee – This is a slow-roasted, and blended with specific botanicals considered to be effective in weight loss if combined with a regular exercise regime and healthy eating. The herbal ingredients are Yerba Mate, Garcinia Cambogia, which are said to be of significant benefit in assisting with a balance of food intake and weight control. While at the same time, are very satisfying and refreshing to your tastebuds. Regular price, $35 but on sale for $25.

Energy + Focus Coffee – South American beans infused with Bacopa Monnieri, an Indian herb seen as a potent cognitive enhancer, for stress relief and brain shield. Gotu Kola, traditional Indian medicine, has a long-standing history in assisting with mental fatigue, anxiety and memory loss. Regular price, $35 but on sale for $25.

Each of the blended coffee boxes contains 24 sachets. And, you need to drink 30 minutes before meals two times a day.

A quick calculation reveals, over one month, you would use around 2.5 boxes. At the cost of $75 p/m.

Should you want to go the whole deal, by investing in the two coffee offerings, that would run out to a whopping $150 p/m. Now that is expensive.

However, if you are to go by, and take notice of customer reviews. The coffee holds its own with lots who swear by the benefits derived from consuming the coffee, especially in the weight loss department.

There is the possibility of mild side effects, such as headache, upset stomach, and nausea, more likely from coffee, if you’re not a regular coffee drinker.

A quick search in Amazon revealed that the products are available on their website. But, no reviews were offered.

Majority of online reviews, interestingly enough, were very positive.

Naturally, others claimed the products tasted awful, nor did it do as reported.

Squandering $25 for a coffee drink to help with losing weight seems excessive to me. And additionally, products are not exclusive, as they are readily available on Amazon.

The bottom line, in my opinion, good regular exercise and watching what you eat will most likely offer similar benefits without the coffee anyway.

Javita MLM Opportunity

You have the option of working a few spare hours a week with the Javita business. Or, you’re able to use it as a part-time job. Even at a full-time level, provided, you have the required hours available to commit.

Indeed, the coffee drinks are most sought after, of all the product range, with, the overall number one selection being Burns + Control coffee with the Yerba Mate and Garcinia Cambogia herbs. And, according to Javita, helps with the suppression of appetite and the burning of excess fat. And, believed to also help with energy levels.

Notwithstanding the fact, their other product lines are also marketable, such as green tea, cocoa, weight loss capsules, and other supplements. The benefit of having a top-line product bolsters the selling potential of different lines.

What Does It Cost to Join Javita MLM?

Joining Javita isn’t cheap, that’s for sure, with three options available:

  1. Basic Membership, $99 which includes two boxes of coffee.
  2. Business Pack will set you back a staggering $599, and that consists of 16 packs of coffee, entitlement into the Star Bonus, along with the eligibility into the Car Bonus scheme.
  3. Elite Business Kit, will set you back a lazy $999, and it consists of 34 boxes of coffee.

All three memberships, qualify you for a free online website for promotional marketing purposes.

Be aware, though, if you opt for the Basic Membership, you’ll have minimal stock availability. So, what you don’t want, promoting products that are not in your stock holding.

Why? Because there’ll be no way you’ll be able to fulfill the order straight away and that could be most embarrassing or worse, do untold damage to your reputation.

Can You Make Money with Javita MLM?

Essentially, the best possible way to earn some money is direct selling of products. It gives you immediate access to some cash because your profit margin is the difference between the wholesale and retail price for everything you sell. But, strangely, and for whatever reason, there’s no commission on the first 200 PCV (Personal Customer Volume)

Recruitment is another aspect to consider, as it will be a central part of your business moving forward. Because the real money is made from recruiting others into the business and very little from personal sales.

That’s fine, but a lot easier said than done. And, for that reason, will toss up many challenges along the way.

But, if you want to create a substantial income stream, then building a downline will be your only option.

Recruits first Order Placement

When your recruits place their first order for one of the starter packages, you’ll be eligible for commissions on that sale.

Those commissions on each level of membership taken out by a new recruit, are:

  • Option 1 Membership: $99; bonus $20 (20% commission)
  • Option 2 Membership: $499; bonus $100 (20% commission)
  • Option 3 Membership 3: $999; bonus $250 (25% commission)

Qualifying Monthly Personal Volume

There is a qualifying monthly personal volume, (PV) that must be maintained month on month. The requirement volume is dependent on your personal PV level.

Another option for earning income is through the auto-ship offer. When one or more of your customers sign on to the Coffee club auto-ship and place a monthly order over $75, they will receive FREE shipping. And you earn a residual income from the sales.

This can be of enormous value when dealing with a new customer. More significantly, using a well-thought-out plan and strategically applied.

By the way, this also applies to distributors in your downline, who need to maintain a certain PV level.


Weekly Pay

Javita has a distinctive advantage over many other MLM businesses, with their weekly payment plan. The stunning benefit with this plan. If your previous week was a high sales week, you’d get paid the next week, rather than having to sit it out for a whole month.

Bonus Options A Plenty

There’s no doubting it, there are lots of bonuses available, such as:

  • Bonus
  • STAR Bonus Program
  • Team Development
  • Infinity Bonus
  • Top Enrollers
  • BMW Car Bonus
  • Team Commissions
  • Diamond Global Infinity Bonus
  • Diamond Rank Advancement Bonus

“YES” they are all achievable but be assured more than 96% don’t even make a commission. So, reaching the dizzy bonus levels may well be just a pipe dream.

Acceptable Return Policy

The full refund policy of 30 days from date of purchase, has its benefits, and apart from that, gives the customer peace of mind. Also, customers have the option of a replacement product where applicable.


Auto Shipments

Auto-shipments have more downsides than advantages, more so if you’re struggling to make any sales of any consistency. And, to add to that, it has the potential to quickly eat into your savings, leaving you in debt, just to remain an active member.

On the flip side, doing really well with sales, then auto-shipment becomes your best friend by not having to worry about monthly order placement. And, knowing that your commissions’ payments are all covered.

Minimum Qualifying Commissions Very High

It’s hard enough selling products in any MLM business, but when there’s a high qualifying criterion, it gets all that much harder.

For instance, you will not receive any commissions for your first 300 PCV. In reality, for you to earn any commission, sales need to first pass the 300 criteria. Now that is a pretty steep level. And, more so for those just starting out.

Scant Reviews

Reviews for this business are very few and far between, and that to me is a real worry. With hunting down reviews being so tricky, I suspect, selling the products will be equally problematic. This could be a reflection of their sliding revenue base over the past 4 years, down 30 million dollars.

Javita MLM Is It A Scam

Surprising as it may sound, the Better Business Bureau, (BBB), website claims this business is not rated by the BBB, but, still gives it an A rating. However, there is a perfect reason behind this. There was only one review left on the BBB website, and that isn’t enough to generate any rating.

HempWorx How To Make Quick Money Scam

Arriving at a decision whether the Javita business has a quality reputation, or not was somewhat tricky.

Just the same, I don’t believe it to be a scam. It does, however, appear to clearly be operating only marginally inside the scam level.

Final Thoughts

Many times over, I’ve touched on how difficult it is for anyone to earn, let alone, sustain a decent income from any MLM business. That is the core reason why the failure edges up very close to the 100% mark.

Starting a business venture with Javita will leave you out-of-pocket by many dollars, even before you hit the hustings. That, to me, is a sure RED FLAG. And shouldn’t be ignored.

For goodnes’s sake, fancy having to buy a starter kit that will set you back almost $1000. That is just ludicrous.

Because when you think about it, you’re not even sure that you’ll ever get your money back? So, that in itself is an enormous gamble.

Therefore, to be serious about building a business means investing a substantial amount of money in something that is really shaky at best.

Because the basic starter kit doesn’t give you enough product to make any decent sales.

If you are earnest and committed to wanting to start your own business, with little to no risk. Why then would you consider settling in an industry that carries an awful amount of stigma? You owe to yourself in having something more worthwhile.

Check out my #1 recommendation. You’ll seriously understand the fundamentals of setting up and running a successful business. And all with no risk. Also, all the training tools website and hosting with a 24/7 support, ensuring you’ll set yourself up for a most successful future.

What Is Zurvita Zeal – MLM Review

Zurvita Featured Image

Has someone ever made a sales pitch to you about a company called Zurvita? And how they are living a healthy lifestyle, as well as generating a few extra dollars. Usually, it comes from a family member or a very close friend. They’ll start, by mentioning how they are running a home-based business, working flexible hours and maintaining a good standard of living. In my Zurvita Zeal MLM Review, I’ll take an inside look at the company and products, look at the MLM business opportunity and see if it’s right for you,

Who is Zuriva Zeal?

The Zurvita company was founded in 2008, by Mark and Tracy Jarvis and Jay Shafer, with headquarters in Houston Texas.

The Zurvita mission aims for the empowerment of people by encouraging them to believe and have faith in themselves through health and wellness products. Currently, distributed and sold in the US, Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rica by independent consultants.


Zurvita Products Are They Worth The Price?

Nutritional supplement products are experiencing rapid growth, and the Zurvita Zeal is no expectation.

The lineup of products in their organization is impressive. For instance, take the Zeal 6-pack, a concentrated blend of whole food concentrates. It provides a balance of antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients, likely to restore cellular levels in your body.

Zurvita Zeal Combo Pak

Even though the vitamins are not organic, according to Zurvita, they are packed with every day commonly used household named vitamins.

The available six flavours are Wild Berry, Bold Grape, Wild Berry Classic, Tropical Dream and 2 types of Mango.

But then again, Wild Berry and Mango are not gluten, vegan and kosher FREE.

Vegan drinks contain a different level, of ingredients, to conform with kosher, vegan certification standard.

As specified in the Zurvita catalogue, energy and focus drinks, Nutrition and Supplements, Health – Wellness and Performance – Fitness, is contained in many other lines apart from the Zeal line.

None the less, and indeed, the range of products is comprehensive, but, just the same, they all maintain a hefty price tag. More significantly, the combo packs.

So, be prepared to part with a fair bit of money.

Energy Drinks

Most definitely, Zurvita hangs their hat on the Zeal line, especially the energy drinks, and that’s fair enough too.

With so many people exercising and looking to replenish energy during and after finishing, energy drinks have become very popular.

So, it’s easy to see why their prime focus is aimed at this popular niche—zeal energy drinks. And, considered by most users, being value for money.

Zurvita Zeal+ Combo

What Does Zurvita Opportunity Offer?

As a Zurvita consultant, you have an enormous advantage because products can only be purchased through Zurvita representatives.

Apart from that, I uncovered, on Amazon, where they are being sold with the price being identical. The products are being sold by a company called IServe, who is entirely separate. And, not sold by Amazon.

Joining up will signal that you are agreeable to the riggers in pursuit of recruiting. On the other hand, if you have an extensive network of people and are quite comfortable having to hire, then this company may sit well with you.

What Does It Cost To Join Zurvita?

There is a joining fee of $35.00, in becoming a consultant with Zurvita. From there on, you’ll need to buy a Starter Pack, and they range from $274.95 – $549.95.

Also, there is an annual renew membership of $25.00 on the anniversary date of your acceptance.

Quickstart Pak

The QuickStart Wellness Pak will set you back $274.95,

and it contains two Zeal canisters, 96 Zeal single-serving bottles in three varieties.

Are You Able To Earn Money With Zurvita?

According to the Zurvita YouTube snippet, you have three opportunities of earning a commission.

  1. Thirty Day Program Designed to get you started by finding at least three customers each month. Then the following month, your products are free. Also, they will allow you with a free website and a mobile back-office app.
  2. Recruiting You’ll be encouraged to recruit 2 new consultants each month, then teach them to do the same. And when you hire three in any one month the following month, your order is free. Zurvita believe, continually finding new recruits from the start will help you with building a substantial business, and move you through the levels by recruiting.
  3. 30 Day All-Star Plan Find your first three preferred customers who sign up and buy a loyalty pack, and you’ll earn $20 for each loyalty pack.
Zurvita Zeal for Life

Retention Bonus

You’re now eligible for the continued retention bonus, months 2 through 12. The customer satisfaction bonus is $10 plus 20% commission ($9.00) for each month they place an order.

Making a few estimations, you sign up 10 in one calendar month, who buy a loyalty pack you earn $300. Given they all reorder the following months up to 12 months, you will receive a monthly loyalty bonus $190.00.

Team Bonus Plan

This one kicks up a notch when you begin building your business. Mostly it’s all focused around recruiting consultants who then will help you increase you’re downline. As I’ve said in other MLM reports, this is far more difficult than it sounds.

None the less, this is what you need do, recruit as many new consultants as possible.

Surprisingly though, Zurvita realizes this as a significant challenge, so, they suggest, that, as a starting point, find two, and build from there.

Two mightn’t sound much of a big deal, and to some, it won’t be. But that’ll be the exception, not the norm.

There’ll be a heck of a lot more Nos before there is ONE YES.

Rejection for some people be terribly hard to handle, and with getting continuous refusals, it will start to take its toll. So, for you to push through the rejection barrier will require a lot of inner searching of your soul.

With the likelihood, you’ll draw back into your shell finding it much too confronting.

But, just the same, success is only born from perseverance and persistence.

And, it goes with saying, more people you enlist into your business the higher your monthly payment will be.

Business Structure

From all my research, it is strikingly obvious, the whole business structure is focused toward recruitment.

Mind you, there is nothing wrong with recruiting people into a business. But in my opinion, Zurvita business plan is on a much grander scale than that.

No matter where you look every bit of their business plan focuses on recruitment and continually building a team, with minimal mention of the products.

Of course, you will for sure, earn good commissions having a strong and reliable  down-line. But,  that can only happen by constantly recruiting people.

Zurvita Business Structure


Exclusive Rights

Zurvita Independent Consultants have the only exclusive right in selling the Zurvita products. That provides them with the overwhelming hand of distribution. Not only that, for you to become a part of the Zurvita team, joining can also only be done through an existing consultant member.

Money-Back Guarantee

There is a full 30-day money-back guarantee with all products. Even so, this seems to be a standard procedure with most other MLM businesses, and more significantly in the Health and Wellness industry.

Product Return

All products being returned, it is the full responsibility of all consultants to arrange the returns. Also, you are responsible for all associated shipping charges. Plus Zurvita stipulates, they take no liability whatsoever for any loss or damage and therefore recommends using a company who has tracking facilities, such as FedEx or UPS.

Buy Back Procedure

Any Independent Consultant who decides that the Zurvita business isn’t for them, and wishes to give up. There is a stock buyback in place for any unused stock, provided they haven’t passed their use-by-date and in reusable condition.

All charges relating to the return of stock must be paid by the consultant. And, this is a standard process used by other online businesses.


FDA Approval

All products are not endorsed by the FDA (Federal Drug Administration). From my research, I understand that the FDA has no controlling power with the manufacture of any Health and Wellness products. That though doesn’t give Zurvita and leeway in claiming that the products are FDA approved.


Are the Zurvita products natural or not? According to them, they are. But, Organic means, all ingredients are naturally sourced, and these products are not. So, that, could be misleading by having end users believe something that isn’t strictly true.

Opportunity Only Available In A Handful of Countries

Zurvita has been in business for over 12 years, yet the products are only available in 6 countries with the most significant push being the USA. So, that, indicates that the company isn’t as famous as what Zurvita would make you believe. The limiting factor with this, less money available for distribution among Consultants. And so much more challenging to earn a reasonable income from the

Limited Potential

The most common thread with all MLMs is the potential of earning any decent income.

By the Income Disclosure Statement, 78% of Zurvita Consultants, on average earn $618 P.A. (per Annam). With, a further 11% make around $136 P.A. That represents a whopping 89% of their Consultants.

On this basis, possibilities of making any decent money look very slim

Misleading Health Claims

As reported by Truth In Advertising, Zurvita is making health claims concerning the benefits derived from their supplements, without any verification. Independent Consultants continue to make assertions without any evidence to support these claims.

Is Zurvita A Scam

Zurvita, market and sell real products; therefore, I don’t consider the business as being a scam.

The separation between a business operating as a scam and one that works within the goodwill of business ethos, distinguish the difference.

For instance, Zurvita is a current member of the Direct Selling Association, (DSA), who have a code of conduct where all members are obliged to operate within the framework. Whereas, companies are so far removed from any code of conduct.

None the less, Zurvita is still a Multi-level marketing company where generating revenue is heavily weighed toward recruitment, in conjunction with real sales to real customers. And Zurvita does combine both into their business marketing plan. That is why I believe they are not a scam company.

Zurvita Is It Worth The Investment

While products appear to offer benefits, which is excellent. Zurvita places much more emphasis on the recruitment side of the business. Why? I’m not sure why.

But, you would think having real products that appear to hold their own in the market place. The shift, you would think, would be directed more toward the products.

Because of the product range, and sales volume, suggest to me they are operating a legitimate MLM business.

The other point that raises concern, they have, in the past, been exposed for misrepresenting income potential for Consultants.

But, then again, it’s something that seems to go arm in arm with the MLM industry.

Many times over I’ve seen where they offer you everything under the sun, but, deliver nothing. In fact, leave you heartbroken, and in debt.

Final Thoughts

Earning good money with any MLM is a tuff gig.

Sure, some have made a decent living, but, what we don’t know is how much they have spent getting themselves to that level.

MLM businesses are always quick in letting you know about a few success stories. But, never mention anything about the many failures that occur daily.

Zurvita does have a checkered record relating to false FDA claims and, misrepresenting potential income. So, for mine, you can do much better.

A countless number of people can only dream of having a flexible work style, with a purposeful income. Yet it is achievable. Check out my #1 recommendation, it’s how I got my start. So why not you?

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Bentley 6-1 Stroller Trike

Bentley Stroller Trike Feature Image

Who says you have to be old enough before you can get your very own Bentley? Not anymore.

In 2017, Bentley Motors designed and built a stroller-trike for babies from six months old, through to 4 years of age.

Bentley Motor Company

Bentley Logo

Forged in conjunction with the Bentley Motor Company this groundbreaking licenced Stroller has reached unprecedented market demand for parents and kids.

Full of everything, it’s a stroller of rarity, unique in style, and combined with loads of, out of this world fun and joy.

The very first of its kind, in design and feature, no wonder it’s grabbed the attention of parents around the world.

Anniversary Model

This limited-edition anniversary model is no ordinary stroller. With uniqueness and classy difference stands alone in distinction, and has been released to coincide with Bentley Motors centennial anniversary.

The 6-in-1 Stroller – Tricycle is the perfect connection between elegance and sophistication with stylish features identical to the Bentley Continental GT. The
Bentley Trike is even down to replica wheels made from rubber compound, and filled with air, ensuring a sort after, comfortable experience for every child.

A cup holder and storage basket that can be attached magnetically are part of the package, designed to make every parent-child outing a much less stressful experience. Also, guaranteed with a five-point harness, nonslip pedals, and a safety guard. As always, safety continues to be the most critical consideration, and the Stroller – Trike is no exception.

Tricycle frame finished in a Matte Black colour with Golden Stitching, including a GT replica seat, satin detailing, touchpoints in eco-leather. And, the gold Bentley branding and the Bentley logo on the frame.

Other features include reclining and swivel seat, several footrest positions, adjustable handle positions, including a freewheel and handle function. They are combined with superior quality in craftsmanship during production, by ensuring a fun and enjoyable experience for several years. Get 10% off when you sign up for our newsletter!

Balance And Co-ordination

Just the same, it’s not all about the looks. The Trike offers better quality in balance and co-ordination and is a cut above the rest with a smooth ride, in contrast to other strollers.

A by-product of the replica GT, and with rubber wheels.

Apart from it looking and feeling like a top-line Stroller-Trike, the quality finish, is with class distinction.

Bentley Innovative Stroller – Trike

Undoubtedly, Bentley has designed an innovative Stroller-Trike that transforms as your child grows. A design never is seen before and has taken the Stroller market by surprise.

From the infant age of 6 months, you have the most up-to-date Stroller, providing comfort, security and assurance. And, as your child grows, it converts from a stroller into a trike. I suppose it’s a bit like getting two items for the price of one.

It’s easy to understand why this ultra-modern Stroller-Trike, has taken the world by storm, with its versatility and features speaks for itself.

Assemble the most spot-on fit that’s enjoyable for your child, starting from six months, through to 4 plus years old.

And, all by accommodating the four-stage process.

Truly, When it comes to Strollers, this one, offers the full package, catering for infants, a few months old up to four-plus years of age. Receive a free decorsoft rug when you purchase a Bentley Trike!

Stage one

Six Months Up To 18 Months

The back support has reclining points.

Parents are in full control of all adjustments, including parental removable push handle.

The seat may also be rotated, up to 180 degrees. So your child is facing your person.

These functions, including the additional footrests, are ideal for infants to start familiarising themselves with the Stroller.

The Stroller has quite a large canopy, with settings adjustable in two positions. And, it’s a waterproof UPF-50 fabric—ideal for all weather conditions.

Stage Two

18 Months To 24 Months 

Depending upon your situation, either or both the necessary footrest and canopy are removable.

Luxury Bentley Trike for Kids

When your child starts to place their feet on the pedals, you’re able to use the freewheel functionally. That gives them self-confidence even though they won’t be controlling the wheels.

Also, the free handlebar function can be enabled, allowing them to move the handlebar, but not in control of the tricycle.

Benefits of this nature give them the feeling of self-control and adventure. Anything that offers an exciting fun-packed stroll that has a rewarding outcome for both of you is priceless.

Stage Three

24 Months To 36 Months

Once they have gained the confidence to pedal by themselves, then most of the control accessories can be removed.

Stage Four 

36 Months To Age Four/Five

By now, they will be controlling the Trike under their own steam. So, it’s time to remove the remaining accessories, so as they can have lots of fun and enjoyment.

Added Benefits

  • Freewheel function for safe parental control
  • Rear brake for safe stops; 5-point seat belts for extra security
  • Rotating ergonomic seat for precious eye contact Adjustable back support for different sitting positions
  • Detachable safety guard for comfort sitting process Air wheels (Front 12″, Back 10″) for a smooth ride
  • Wheel Fenders to protect for dirt and dust
  • Foldable canopy for all weather conditions
  • The window for parental supervision
  • Additional footrests for the smallest passengers
  • Anti-Slip Pedals to prevent any slippery accidents
  • Age recommended: 6 months to 5 years

Product description

Designed in partnership with Bentley Motors and your toddler’s needs in mind, the Bentley 6 In 1 Stroller – Tricycle is the perfect combination of elegance and function. Not only that, but it’s also a Stroller that will grow with your child.

The Trike, proudly displays the world-famous Bentley badge of honour, embedding a commitment to quality and craftsmanship.

An honour that the Bentley Motor Company has so dearly and proudly upheld over many years. And is the same distinction, with the Bentley name.

The Stroller – Trike displays some of the many features synonymous with the Bentley style. such as:

Self Stopping Milkbe Stroller

Identical features to the Bentley Continental GT. Even down to replica wheels made from rubber compound, and filled with air, for a smoother ride.

The Trike, finished, in a stylish Black Matte colour corresponding to the Bentley Continental cars. And attached, to the Trike’s metal frame is the Chrome Bentley logo.

Dual-purpose Stroller, transforming into a Trike as your child grows.

It was manufactured, with an er of expertise for now and into the future, with so much functionality mind.

A rare one of its kind, ensuring your infant or toddler is safe and comfortable with every experience.

A Stroller-Trike with a rare piece of history to behold. Something you’ll both reminisce as the years pass by.

Customer Questions

Following are a few Q and A’s from customers.

Bentley Q & A


Freewheel functionality for safe regulation by parents

Foldable all-weather canopy no matter the conditions

Detachable safety guard for light sitting

Luxury Bentley Trike for Kids

Additional footrest for the smallest passengers

Rotating ergonomic seat for visual eye contact

Air wheels (front 12″, back 10″)for a smoother ride

Anti-slip pedals preventing any slippery mishap

Window to be on the alert for any required supervision

Protective wheel fenders to protect from dirt and dust

Rear brake for safe stops

Adjustable back support for sweet naps on-the-go

5-points seat belt to secure the baby

Final Word

All in all, this Stroller-Trike has been thoroughly researched well before manufacture.

And what I like about the Stroller overall, is how designers have thought up the unique idea of developing a Stroller and Trike and wrap it all up into one single package.

Apart from that, they have included futuristic features, making it one only of its kind anywhere in the world.

Not only that, but you can also be assured that if Bentley Motors have put their name to this Stroller-Trike, then everything associated with the manufacture will take worldwide first class.

Sure you’ll initially pay more, and that you would expect, considering you’re not just buying a stroller.

The Bentley has your, baby, from six months old to four-plus years old covered. You see, if you purchase the Bentley Stroller-Trike, then you don’t have to rush out and buy an infant tricycle once your child gets older. And that is why? Buying the Bentley, you’re not just buying for the moment, but instead for the future as well.

So, if you pause and take a few moments to reflect what you’re getting, it will soon become apparent that the price doesn’t reflect all the value, you’ll get.

So, now you ask where I can get my hands on a Bentley Stroller-Trike. I’ve got you covered there as well. All you need do is follow this link, Bentley Trike  and you’re on your way to arriving in style with a Stroller success story.

What Is Usana Products – MLM Review

Usana Feature Image

With the health industry literally booming, how do you choose, what’s the best health supplements? It’s a bit like a minefield, wouldn’t you agree? I know that’s how I see it anyway. Perhaps these days, people just haven’t enough time, with so much packed into their awake hours. They settle for vitamins as an alternative supplement, saving them time by not having to visit a doctor. Ouch!!… So, I’m guessing that’s why Usana vitamins are popular among many consumers. With this Usana Product MLM Review, we’ll look into the company, explore the products and see if it’s a right fit for you.

Who Is Usana?

Usana Logo

Usana, science-based health products. Marketing nutritional supplements, weight management, energy and personal care.

Established by Dr Myron Wentz PhD, in 1992.

Headquarters in Utah.

Company is part of the Multi-level marketing industry (MLM).

Who Is Dr Wentz?

Dr Wentz is an accomplished scientist who specialised in the study of micro-organisms and their effects on humans. Also, Dr Wentz specialises in the body’s immune system.

Besides, he pioneered the development of infectious disease diagnosis and human cell culture technology and human cell culture technology. Has a record that is extensive and distinguished.

During his many studies in science, he detected the value of antioxidants and free radicals to the human body.

Products Sold Worldwide

Since Usana launched in 1992, they have extended their market expansion into 24 countries worldwide.

Together with an extensive range of products, catering for almost every need a busy family requires.

Products are only obtainable through an Usana associate.

Usana Products Worldwide

This, however, isn’t anything new, because it’s a common practice used throughout the MLM industry.

All products are developed, tested and manufactured at the Usana headquarters in Utah.

During 2007, they experienced some strong headwinds having been investigated by the (Securities and Exchange Commission), for operating a dodgy business. However, the allegations were proven to be unfounded with no action taken against Usana.

In 2015, Usana was listed as the 24th biggest MLM company worldwide. Sure, it’s a long while ago, but just the same, some achievement. Wouldn’t you agree?

Are Usana Products Worth Their Price?

Usana market a variety of products from, wellness, nutrition, weight, vitamins skin-care and many others.

The Nutritional line seems to be the most popular.

More notably, the Usana Health Pak.

For example, there is a choice of body supplements, packaged in daily doses that contain a potent mixture of nutrition, including advanced formulas for healthy aging.

The package has 336 tabs, in convenient daily packets.

That’s a 28-day supply and will set you back $145.15.

Usana claims they’ll cut through the biochemical clash that, naturally occurs, from lifestyle, even the environment.

The company also claims, they will supposedly, activate your body capability in supporting vibrant health.

It could be argued that they are expensive. However, if the results are there, as Usana asserts. Then maybe they are good value for money.

What Does The Usana Opportunity Offer?

Starting your Usana MLM business, you’ll need to register online through the Usana sign-up page. After your application has been approved, you’re ready to start.


Usana provides many online educational training tools, with a full rundown on the company, products, and direct selling ethics.

Even if you have no previous experience, there’s plenty of training available, to get you started.

Usana Online Training

Usana also provides weekly Facebook & Zoom training to all associates.

Usana claims out rightly, the opportunity is not easy to master, nor is it any “Any Get Rich Quick Scheme”.

So, suppose you’re considering, Usana, as your business opportunity. In that case, you’ll need to allow yourself a severe block of time to learn everything.

And without the possibility of earning any commission.

Now Ready To Start Selling

So, I’ve done all that, so now I’m ready to begin my Usana journey. Not Really. Why not? Well!… You’ll need to purchase some products, of course.

Rule of thumb suggests you will need to buy around $300 worth, to at least get you started.

Associates Preferred Price

Associates buy products at 10% below the recommended retail price. But, you’re allowed to set your selling price, somewhere between preferred price and retail price. That’s all up to you, as Usana leaves you to make that decision.

I must add, that is a little different from other MLMs as they set the selling price.

Usana products are not available in retail outlets, including other online stores.

Usana Essentials

The only way customers can get products is through a registered Usana associate.

Anywhere else could be considered as counterfeit.

Being an associate, that breathes some life into selling, knowing all sales must go through associates.

The general consensus affirms Usana products are well accepted by customers new and old. That will also help, for sure.

Even though products are not what you would call cheap. Customer loyalty does come as a surprise.

Just the same, high prices, may impact on creating new sales, especially for new associates.

Unless of course, you’re able to demonstrate, benefits far outweigh the cost.

What Does It Cost To Join Usana?

When signing up as a new associate, you must purchase a starter kit, $29.95, which contains material, some brochures, a DVD, newspapers and more.

Moreover, the package clearly, is only for familiarisation purposes and doesn’t provide any products.

From there on, an annual renewal of $29.95 will be required.

At this point, you’ve only just got your foot in the door. How come? If you don’t have any products, you have nothing to sell.

So, what Usana suggest, you start with a minimum of around $300 in stock.

Maintaining Associate Status

Best I can come to a conclusion on, there isn’t any hard and fast rule to keep your associate status. But, what they do expect, you buy products for personal use and share your experience with potential customers. They believe that builds trust and will help build a trustworthy business relationship.

Are You Able To Earn Money With Usana?

The only way that you’ll make any money is selling products. And how much you earn, will be centered around your selling price. Usana, recommends you add an extra 10% to the preferred buying price. But, as I said earlier, that’s no hard and fast rule.

So, your selling price will definitely determine your commission.

The example below shows the yearly compensation from 2017 earned from the Associate downline.

Usana Compensation Chart

Preferred Customers

The trendy word within the MLM hub seems to be “Preferred Customer”. So who are preferred customers, and what role do they play in the overall scheme of things?

Preferred customers mostly have no interest in building a business. Still, they do like the products, so, they join, and receive a discount on all purchases.

Some MLM businesses will provide Free Shipping to their preferred customers. But, generally speaking, all shipping charges are tacked onto the end of the buying price.

Usually, the discount is around 10%, but there again it varies from MLM to MLM.



Drug Establishment Registration

It’s challenging to establish any MLM business that has the full backing of the FDA. However, Usana has been granted the approval of “Drug Establishment Registration”. That means they are authorised to manufacture over the counter supplements.

According to Usana, this raises their standard way above the average requirement for the manufacture of dietary supplements.

With over 90% of products produced in house, that is a massive tick for the manufacturing part of the business. Any MLM business prepared to go to this length, says a lot about commitment to the products.

BBB Rating

The Better Business Bureau, (BBB), has no listed customer complaints against Usana. According to the BBB website, they have been accredited since 2011. With an A+ Rating.

Incidentally, that is the highest rating given out by the BBB.

Customer Complaints

I have researched many customer forums, yet unable to uncover any customer complaints. That suggests to me, they have a lot of happy customers.

Oddly enough, there was a single complaint found on the Amazon site attesting that products were bogus as they failed to work as they were supposed to.

I found that quite strange considering Usana clearly says, that products can only be purchased through an authorised representative. Outside of that, they are counterfeit.

And besides, they are definitely not for sale on Amazon.

A Happy Lot Of Customers

Like I mentioned earlier reports indicate that customers are quite happy with the products. And, generally, are well accepted by existing and new customers. The research shows, they are particularly satisfied with the benefits obtained from the vitamins.

Basically, customers appear to be happy with all the products.


Associates Success Payment

The following statement released by Usana relating to associate earnings for 2017. Based on these figures, more than 53% failed to register any income. While those who earned more than $20,00 was less than 1%. Now they are pretty scary numbers.


Usana was, in 2007, embroiled in a lawsuit by two former associates. Claims ranged from,

  • Overstating the business opportunity
  • Non-disclosure that 87% of associates were losing money
  • And basically operating a pyramid scheme

The claim also stated they lost money in products that we’re unable to sell, with a similar class-action suit filed on behalf of shareholders.

Wrongful Dismissal

In 2008 two former associates received $7 million compensation for wrongful dismissal in 2003. At the time Usana claimed they were dismissed for a violation of the company policies and procedures.

Associate Success Or Failure

According to a Pyramid Scheme Expert, the Usana sales compensation plan is untenable. His viewpoint indicated associates were to find new recruits, and the program went 26 levels. The number of recruits would be higher than the number of households in the USA. He went on to say the success of Usana is dependent on a failure rate of tens upon tens of thousands of recruits.

Is Usana A Scam?

Although Usana has faced some pretty strong winds over the years (Pyramid Scheme Allegations), it has managed to pull through. And today, remain an active MLM business. On the other hand, they do hold the approval of the Drug Establishment Registration from the FDA. That alone bolsters the Usana creditability.

Are The Products Overpriced?

YES. Products are excessively overpriced, and it’s debatable they are any better than those much cheaper.

As I have demonstrated with anecdotal evidence that it is almost impossible to earn sufficient money for a sustainable lifestyle.

Usana Products Expensive

Final Thoughts

Not for one moment am I implying Usana is squeaky clean. Far from it. But, in fairness, the business model is above many other MLMs that I have reviewed.

MLM Opportunity

No matter which MLM opportunity you look at, they are all loaded upfront with memberships and purchasing stock. That simply means you’re out-of-pocket well before any sales. And who’s to know that you will make a sale?

Monthly Stock Purchases

Then you are committed to monthly stock purchasing to remain active. And be eligible for any commissions that might be owed to you. There are so many hidden charges, it’s difficult to know how what the real costs are until you’ve joined.

There’ll be heaps of pressure to sell and recruit because that is the core of the business ethic.

I Ask You This?

Are you happy being another victim? Or are you prepared in looking at alternatives?

Perhaps you’re eager in wanting to start your own business that has the flexibility to suit your timetable and lifestyle?

Looking To Earn A Real Income

If you are earnestly dedicated, and eager to know how you can make some money while having a flexible schedule, with a lifestyle to suit.

Has starting your own business been on your bucket list for yonks? And is it something you’d like to try?

It’s possible, and you’re not too late to start.

Running a business all on your own puts you in the driver’s seat.

You’ll be in control of all decision-making, what you wish to promote, without having somebody standing there telling you to do.

Does this sound like you? Then hit up my # number one recommendation? Everything you need to get started is there, such as tools and total support. Which also includes website hosting, full training with 24/7 tech support, and a transparent system with enormous opportunity.

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What is HempWorx About – MLM Review

Many online marketing opportunities appear today—yet gone tomorrow. Why is that so? In a word, lots of them chase new social trends. It’s a bit like a young child chasing the mythical rainbow. “First There Gets The Pot Of Gold”. For example, a company called HempWorx not that long ago burst onto the online scene. And, fast-tracked its way toward the gold mine. But, is the HempWorx an ideal business for you, given all the frenzy it’s attracting? Or would it be much wiser to give it second thoughts? Let me explain why, with this HempWorx MLM Review. We’ll look at the business, products and the opportunity, to see if it’s a right fit for you.

Who is HempWorx?

HempWorx is a Multi-Level marketing company selling health and wellness CBD Oils. The company, founded in 2017, by Josh and Jenna Zwagil. Headquarters located in Las Vagas.

In 2014, Josh began searching the online market for a business that he could call his own. But without success. So he decided to build his own.

Finally, he established a company called MyDailyChoice.

The business bubbled along for the next three years. And by 2017, Josh had settled on medicinal oils as being the primary product.

In that same year, MyDailyChoice was renamed, HempWorx and aligned it to the MLM business model selling CBD Oils.

What Are CBD Oils

CDB oils, made from cannabidiol. A natural lubricant used for a variety of ailment conditions.

CBD oils have become an alternative option with people looking pain relief, among other symptoms.

You could say, it’s becoming a medicinal substitute for Western Medicine.

HempWorx Relief And Renew


How Is It Made

By extracting the CBD from the cannabis plant using a mixture of carbon dioxide and drying. Then blended with other oils. Usually from hemp seed or coconut.

Pain Relief

Scientific studies indicate CBD Oils may help to ease symptoms for chronic pain. So, long term pain sufferers, looking for relief, are slowly switching to CBD Oils in preference to prescribed drugs.

According to the health and wellness industry, aspects of CBD Oils, are encouraging.

HempWorx CBD Oils

HempWorx Oils

Primarily, HempWorx oils are CBD hemp extract, blended with secondary oils.

The HempWorx line of products that have the CBD Oil extract are:

  1. CBD Creams for Anti-Aging and Pain Relief
  2. CBD Oils
  3. CBD Pet Oils
  4. CBD Infused Dog Treats

What Does The HempWorx MLM Opportunity Offer?

Will the HempWorx MLM opportunity give you financial freedom? Most likely not.

Companies are attracted to the MLM platform, mainly because the ideals suit the way they wish to conduct their business.

Furthermore, those at the top of any MLM hierarchy are those who become very profitable.

Whereas, those at the grassroots tend to struggle.

That, however, doesn’t suggest the business is a scam.

Fast-Growing Industry

As reported on HempWorx website, be part of a rapidly growing industry as the cannabis business may grow exponentially.

If you can believe the anticipated prediction. The growth

will be around 700% by 2020/1.

HempWorx MLM

Business In A Box

HempWorx says they will help you get started with what they call, “Business in a Box”. Once you sign-on, they’ll supply you with a pre-made website copy. Plus for good measure, you’ll get a phone app, including a few tracking tools.

All sounds good, but is it? Many other MLM businesses do the same. So, it’s nothing out of the ordinary.

Businesses And The MLM System

Companies join the MLM system because of financial benefits to be had. Things where they save money, cheap running costs for production, and no advertising expenses. Whereby conventional business spends lots in hiring staff and heaps of money advertising and promotion.

Building A Network Of Believers

Instead of going down the conventional path, they create a network of loyal believers. What’s more, believers are willing to pay extravagant amounts of money. Believing that they too will become financially independent.


The term “Affiliates”, used by HempWorx, is a word not used in the MLM industry.

Is it a trick designed to have people believe it’s an Affiliate Marketing business? I’m not sure, but it is different.

Maybe it has a substance related to the founder’s background. Just the same, it raises all the red flags.

Don’t be sucked in by such a cheap glitz and glamour masquerade because it’s just another MLM opportunity.

If you are considering the HempWorx business, do so with extreme caution.

What Does It Cost To Join HempWorx?

Joining, you will need to pay a once only joining fee, $20. HempWorx, claim the charge is for setup and linking you into their systems. And you’ll also get a success starter kit.

But, parting with your money doesn’t stop there. Oh, no, don’t tell me I’ll have to buy products. Yep, that’s right. How much money you can afford will determine the size of your starter pack. Kits start at $69 up to $599.

Like always they’ll encourage you, buy the higher priced starter kit as that will increase your business value (BV). A quick start to your business.

What Is Jump Start Bonus

The jump start bonus is an incentive payment for orders lodged in your first month as an affiliate.

HempWorx says the bonus goes down to 10 levels, with the rewards adding up to 85% of the BV.

Maybe so, in reality, though, 85% of your personal BV will be distributed among your upline in your first month.

Why would that be? Because, that’s’s what the “Jump Start Bonus” means, recruit new people to the business.


HempWorx Affiliate Packs

Persistent Recruitment of New Members

Soon after joining, your sponsor will start badgering you into recruiting people. And, they’ll also drive you into increasing your product holding and claiming that you’ll be setting yourself up from the start.

At a glance, it may appear they are looking after your interest and your business. But is that the real intention? Not at all!…

What they are not telling you, they earn a commission on all your purchases.

New Affiliates

The affiliates you recruit need to be either placed on the left or right of your downline.

That’s strange, why would I need to do that, why can’t I put them underneath me? The second tier of recruits will fill the inner section for you. Now that’s a bit cagey.

Pay To Keep In The Game

Your commissions are locked and loaded into a monthly minimum BV.

What does that mean? You’ll need to place an order every month, totalling up to 40 BV to qualify for any bonuses..

HempWorx Pay To Play

If you intend being part of the game, you cannot afford any slip-ups or poor monthly sales figures. Otherwise, it could work out to be very costly.

Now that’s staggering.

Let’s recap you’ll need to buy product every month equal to or more than 40 BV. If not, you will be out in the cold.

Another red flag, “PAY TO PLAY”.

Rightie oh, so you have sold some products, but is it enough to cover next months order? Probably not. So what do you do? Lose the commission, or place another order.

Can you see why I’m drawing your attention to this? Things like this are typical examples of how to become trapped in a vicious MLM cycle.


Are You Able To Make Money With HempWorx?

You’ve likely heard some HempWorx affiliates are earning a reasonable monthly commission. And that is possibly true. However, they are in the MINORITY, not the MAJORITY. You see, the numbers of people who earn very little or nothing is staggering. And in many cases (more than 65%), never reach one year with HempWorx.

Furthermore, over 95% of those earning a commission, is way less than full-time employment.

Who Is Making Lots Of Profit?

HempWorx turns over enormous sales and profits because of its success. But that doesn’t mean those at the grassroots level will make lots of money with this opportunity. I’d go as far as to say you’ll make no money at all.

All MLM businesses treat you as just another customer, and not a partner of the company. And, HempWorx is no different.

Look At It Like This

You sign-on to be an HempWorx affiliate, and you place an order equal to your chosen monthly BV.

So, what are you doing? Purchasing products from HempWorx.

Immediately your order gets processed, HempWorx has made a profit without having to do any work other than prepare, pack and send out the request. Their benefit is guaranteed.

You, well, that’s a different story. You’ve got the products that you need to sell before you earn any money. And the crux of the matter is, you will only make money if you are experienced in marketing and recruiting.

Hempworx Losing Money

That is why the affiliate drop-off rate is exceptionally high.

Is it any wonder, building and maintaining a downline is an endless task. Therefore, selling and recruiting need to work in tandem if you are going to have any success. One of the two on its own, won’t cut the mustard.

Growing Your Business

Before your business can continue building. You will need first to replace those that you’ve lost, month on month.

And by the way lets not lose sight, while all this recruiting is happening you’re not making any sales. So, it’s a dog chase tail situation.

Ponder for a moment, and think of it like this.

Someone offered you a position in their company and said to you that around 14/20 employees quit each year. Would you take on the role or not? That’s the type of situation you’ll face if you join HempWorx.

Who Is Making All The Money?

Generally, those who get involved in the very early stages of any NEW MLM business are more likely to earn significant money.

Primarily, as a new MLM business grows, so does their business. In essence, they become passive, fat cats.

Is it any wonder why those at the grassroots level feed those at the top rung of the business.

HempWorx Making Money

MLM Opportunity And A Pyramid Scheme

History has shown over and over, MLM businesses who operate outside the MLM guidelines, run the gauntlet until they are detected. And, in some instances can be several years. They have no concern about affiliates; they apply the churn and burn principle. Focus entirely on recruitment or out you go.

Genuine MLMs

Genuine affiliate programs are contrary to the Pyramid schemes. They base their business structure around sales and products.

On-the-other-hand, a Pyramid Scheme is built around recruitment first. And products as a blind cover. Why is that? Because, that’s is where most of the quick money is earnt.



Popularity for CBD oil continues to gather momentum mainly because of the continual research and development. The oil Etis hailed as being the next generation of natural medicine. However, they are questioning surrounding the purity of HempWorx oil

HempWorx haid And Body Lotion

Startup Cost

The initial joining fee is relatively cheap. Including the basic kit, you can set up for under $100. Mind you. The basic package is the soup bones of the products. So when you consider the monthly BV and re-stocking of products, costs could climb rather quickly.

HempWorx Only Three Years Old

For sure, it is easier to make an MLM business profitable if you can jump on board early on. And that much harder for those fully established. None-the-less, there appear to be contentious issues surrounding the HempWorx opportunity. Whether founded or not. Time will only tell.


Lose Money Very Quickly

HempWorx will sell the story that it’s only meagre few dollars to join. That isn’t the issue. Like other MLMs buying products is where the cost is. HempWorx has a strict monthly buying policy. So staying in the game, you’ll need to comply. And, that will quickly run into sizable sums of money.

Parent Company

The parent company who owns and operates HempWorx is, My Daily Choice Inc. From all accounts, MDC has been around quite some time (Reddit Post). And from my understanding appears to have an unpopular record from several quarters.

New To The Market

CBD oils are a bit like a new kid on the block. There is little understanding of the oils or the benefits derived from it.

And research is a process yet to be completed,

leaves unequivocal evidence unfinished.

Being relatively new, and a by-product of the hemp family. There are lots of cautionary hype around CBD oils. So, it is attracting lots of discussion through the media.

Signing on with HempWorx will require skill and perseverance, until such time there is sufficient evidence to support the real benefits from the oil. Without scientific proof, potential customers may be a little suspicious, cutting you off, without hearing you through.

Is HempWorx A Scam

Not necessarily so. Research indicates the business operates within the confines of MLM fair trading. Similar to Arbonne and Nerium MLM Businesses. However, there are Grey areas with CBD oils and its legality in some parts of the world. So, in my candid opinion, it does appear to be a risk.

For instance, it’s incredible the number of people who are under the illusion that CBD oils are OK to possess. Not so, according to this report. With many caught up in a web of the policing authorities.

HempWorx How To Make Quick Money Scam

They believe that it is hemp, and that is an illegal substance and carries a prison term if proven.

For whatever reason HempWorx is acting under the delusion the oils are 100% legal throughout the world. That is a dangerous precedent.

For example, they quickly stopped selling into the Canadian market because the government deemed it an illegal substance.

Imagine, you’ve set yourself up somewhere around the world and invested heavily in your HempWorx business. Only to realize a short time later you’ll be arrested if you make one attempt to sell products in their jurisdiction.

For instance, many US States consider CBD oils a Grey area of an operative of legal and illegal.

Dependent on how the law views individual instances remains a mystery.

Marijuana, for instance, considered a hazardous substance, so, you stand a chance you’ll be arrested taken to court.

With a consequence of losing everything, you stand for in life. Is that what you want?

So I strongly suggest, tread with extreme caution.

Final Thoughts

My final thoughts, this company carries a lot of critical questions that remain unanswered, with many doubts hanging over it.

Therefore, I believe other opportunities offer much more than HempWorx.

Think of it like this? Are you seriously willing to take such a huge risk of facing prosecution? I’m damn sure I wouldn’t.

Own Your Own Business

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It’s your business you make all the decisions without having someone breathing down your neck telling you what to do. Sound good? Well!… It is good. And you know what? They even provide the tools and resources to help you build a business that will thrive forever.

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