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Lots of people are reaching out to essential oils to replace conventional chemical applications. With the exponential qualities, therapeutic benefits, and healing powers they provide, has seen substantial growth in the wellness industry. Do Terra, has built a significant and highly successful essential oil business since its beginning in 2008, also, including other wellness products. There is every likelihood, at some point,

you have come across or heard about, do Terra essential oils, or maybe, have even been given a chance to sample or purchase them. In this do Terra MLM review, we’ll look at the products and the business, and see if it’s right for you and if you can make some money.

What is doTerra MLM?

doTerra is a multi-level-marketing (MLM) company and was formed in 2008, by the then group of seven people. With three of the group being former employees of Young Living essential oils, they were David Stirling, Emily Wright, and David Hill. Do Terra headquarters are based in Utah, selling essential oils and personal care products via the MLM platform.

The do Terra business served with a lawsuit by their former employer. (Young Living essential oils). The basis of the claim formed around the theft of trade secrets. In 2014 the matter was dismissed. Since then, and moving do Terra Logoforward, the company has mushroomed into one of the largest essential oils companies worldwide, and by 2017, selling products into more than 100 countries with more than three million wellness consultants.

Are doTerra Products Worth Their Price?

Processed essential oils claimed to be 100%, are subject to a specific testing procedure, ensuring the quality and purities well before they are available for use, and that makes an impact on the selling price. Even so, comparing the advertised purity of two identical oils, there are substantial price variations. Those sold through the MLM platform are more expensive than those available in conventional retail stores.

For example, doTerra Rosemary Essential Oil 15 ml bottle sells for $28.68 and wholesale price $21.50. From a quick search on the Walmart website, I found a USDA Organic 100% Rosemary Oil, 15 ml bottle almost half the price at $14.49.

doTerra Rosemary Oil

There is a considerable price difference in the two oils, yet they both appear to have similar qualities. How is it that, do Terra charge much more, when the Walmart Rosemary oil is USDA Organic? Below is a snippet of the term USDA Organic, that I found in an online search.

USDA Organic Oils

Potential customers who search for essential oil, and in particular, the Rosemary product line would have to ask. Why is there a substantial price difference, and what makes, the, do Terra more expensive? Is it just price, or is it better quality?

The doTerra MLM Opportunity

Considering that you now have an insight into the doTerra, and what the products offer. It’s now time to look at the doTerra MLM opportunity. doTerra doesn’t use an approved screening process similar to most other MLMs, especially in the wellness industry. With the doTerra chance, becoming a sponsor can be as simple as signing up online. Purchase a membership, and buy yourself a kit, and you’re ready to go. It’s that easy.

From there, being a registered Wellness Advocate, you can engage in all the monthly training, social activities and any other events that will keep you informed about the company updates etc.

How Much Will It Cost to Join doTerra?

Your initial yearly membership as a Wellness Advocate will set you back $35.00, and that allows you the privilege of purchasing products at a 25% discount off RRP (recommended retail price). Also, it will be necessary for you to buy a kit to get started.

doTerra Enrollment Kits

Renewing your membership, every year, after that, will be $25.00. And, the renewal comes with a free bottle Peppermint Oil. According to doTerra, this is one of their more popular lines and retails for $27.33.

doTERRA Sales Certification Course

Here is a bird’s eye view, what to expect from the course.

The certification course trains all Wellness Advocates in understanding the fundamentals of essential oils, such as, where oils come from, the science behind them, and using them with effectiveness. And how to use them most effectively. You will also get shown how to handle questions when asked, and, how to respond with authority and confidence. Also, included, are text examples, videos and quiz questions with in-depth guidance on information retention. When you have completed the certification course, you will be a doTERRA-certified essential oil specialist.

doTerra Certification Certificate


The principle behind the course is to help you be effective in promoting doTerra products and also protect you from offering in-correct information, relating to the products. While at the same time, pass off your knowledge and understanding of each product with the fullest of confidence.

All doTerra Wellness Advocates are responsible for paying all their out of pocket expenses. Such as phone calls, gas to/from customers, etc. As they are not reimbursable expenses by doTerra.

Can You Make Money with doTerra?

Becoming a doTerra Wellness Advocate provides you with few ways to earn some money. But, the easiest when starting, is to organise a group where you can display the products and hopefully sell a few essential oils. Also, carrying a few products either in your purse or pocket at all times can be an advantage, especially for those impromptu meets, you never know what others are looking or thinking. Or even have them available for social gatherings etc.

doTerra Three Oils

Having products readily available allows you to display them, and also discuss the business prospects. doTerra encourages the Wellness Advocates to carry them no matter where you’re going.

Apart from that, it will also help, with fine-tuning, and sharpening up your presentation and selling skills moving forward.

And the other way is to sell through an online website. That may be a little awkward if you haven’t a blog or social media accounts.

There isn’t any cost with setting up a social media account; however, there will be costs associated with setting yourself up with a website. So to begin with social media would be the best, and if everything goes well, then you can think about arranging a website.

Retail purchase to customers will earn you a 25% commission, so every sale that you can make will soon add up.

How To Become A doTerra Wellness Advocate

Once you have become a Wellness Advocate, you receive an allotted wholesale membership number, and you are then able to place an order. You have two options,

  • Standard Order

With the wholesale order system, you will receive 25% off your order.

  • Loyalty Rewards Program 

Is an auto-shipment setup with the 25% discount off your order, plus it allows you the opportunity to earn an additional 10 – 30% of reward points off your total purchase.


How Does Loyalty Work?

With the loyalty program, the reward points are incremental, so the longer you are a Wellness Advocate, your point percentage will increase up to a maximum of 30%, as shown below.

doTerra Loyalty Rewards Program

As an additional incentive order totalling 125PV or more, and processed on or before the 15th of each month will attract a free product.

Both loyalty advocates and wholesale customers will receive a 50% off shipping charges.

Why Recruitment?

Then there is that dreaded word, “RECRUITMENT”, doTerra operates no differently to any other MLM business, with the core of the company based around recruitment, and also is a crucial element of success for their consultants.

Your ability to recruit a downline determines your success, for a couple of reasons.

  1. You’ll earn a residual income.
  2. And help your chances of progressing up the hierarchy levels.

Of course, it will also be expected you help and train new members within your team, and in your time as well as reaching monthly sales targets for your required personal sales.

Once your team begin to develop and are making sales, then you will earn a passive income and bonuses through the varied doTerra compensation-plan system. And that will ultimately get you ranked to higher levels within the organisation.


doTerra Business Name Acceptance

The doTerra business has been around for several years, and like most other businesses has had its share of complaints. Based on customers concerns on the BBB (Better Business Bureau), all issues raised have been settled satisfactorily and to the satisfaction of all parties.

Pocket-Sized Products  

Most of the products are small in size, so carrying in your purse or pocket is convenient, especially casually meeting people. That provides a slight edge in being able to sell to almost anyone you come into contact.

Wellness Advocate Certification Training

Although the certification training will be an additional cost, the benefits will be of substantial use in the selling process. Plus, you will come away with a valuable understanding of essential oils, and know what you are talking about in this regard. That generates authority and trustworthiness.

CPTG Quality Testing

doTERRA created the CPTG (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade) protocol, to ensure that all of their products are of the purest of oils, contamination-free, and no synthetic filler. Products go through a rigorous examination, including third-party testing, to guarantee transparency.


Therapeutic Grade vs Organic

Pure grade therapeutic oils don’t always mean that the class is of the highest quality. The term therapeutic grade permits that anyone can use it regardless if they’re selling the right products or not.

USDA certified organic oils are a controlled industry to protect consumers. To obtain the Organic seal industries must prove to the USDA that the product is of Organic quality. That is something that doTerra cannot claim.

You’ve Been Demoted?

As a Wellness Advocate, you must, on your anniversary date, renew your membership to stay an active member.

During the membership period, it’s expected of you to recruit new members, and if you haven’t, there is a possibility you may get downgraded to Wholesale Customer. Seems a little “left field”, considering it is not something most other MLMs enter into, and nor could I locate any criteria to support the theory. So, it certainly is worth keeping in mind.

Product Misrepresentation

doTerra came under the spotlight of the Drug Administration in September 2014, and received an FDA Warning Letter, for permitting its Wellness Advocates to market its products as possible cures of severe sicknesses. A short time after that, a further check conducted to determine they are conforming to the FDA regulations. Nonetheless, some Wellness Advocates continued making such claims. It’s purported, in 2018 a few Advocates, offered personal stories to customers, claiming how their children had benefited from essential oils.

Final Word

Like other alternative medicines, the essential oil market is an unregulated industry. So, many claims based around the terms, therapeutic, pure grade, and of highest quality don’t necessarily reflect the actual quality of essential oils. On the other hand, the word “Organic” regulated by the USDA. Manufacturers need to prove to the regulating body their products conform to all requirements before receiving approval to use the term, “ORGANIC”. And, that is something doTerra cannot do.

MLM has turned itself into an enormous business and is so seductive it is attracting droves of people who are looking to make a few dollars in their spare time. Well, earning a few extra dollars might be all good in theory, but in reality, does it work? For instance, if you were to apply your hourly wage rate from your 9-5 job, and compare an MLM commission cheque on an hourly basis, more likely they will reflect a significant difference.

Given, doTerra offers flexible working hours to suit your home lifestyle; the focus seems to be around recruitment for you to retain your Wellness status. It’s also for you to advance to higher positions with more generous compensation, but that will all depend on the size of your team and the volume of sales your team produces.

If having your own business is your core focus. And looking for an opportunity that will walk you along the path to success, with flexible hours and work from home, check out my #number one recommendation, you’ll have all the tools, and support you need to be dynamic, including a website, hosting, training and 24/7 support.

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